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Episode # 526   The Power of Qigong - Master Teresa Yeung

About The Episode:

Do you suspect there’s an energetic block sabotaging your personal growth or healing? Then hop on today’s fascinating episode of The Inspiration Show as we explore a 2,500-year-old practice that will set you free. Joining me is special guest and Qigong master Teresa Yeung as she reveals how Qigong has helped her heal not only herself, but thousands of others from ailments like high blood pressure, stress, allergies, and physical and emotional imbalances - all by performing a simple form of energy work that anyone can do. So if you’re in need of some energetic loving - join us right now and let’s get you back on track.

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Episode # 526 The Power of Qigong - Master Teresa Yeung

NL: Hi everyone! My name is Natalie Ledwell and this is the Inspiration Show. Today on the show, I actually have a really good friend of mine coming to talk about her new book which is called Unlocking the Happiness Within. She is a Qui Gong Master. A female master in a world full of male masters. I’m looking forward to having her share her story and all about her book but before I get into that, don’t forget that if you are watching this show live on Facebook or if you’re watching it on a YouTube channel a little bit later on, well after the show is over make sure that you click the link below the video, take our 30-second quiz so we can figure out what’s blocking you from success. So, please help me introduce my good friend, Master Theresa Yang. How are you Theresa?

TY: Wow just my pleasure to be here.

NL: I know. I’m so happy that you’re here. We actually have, honestly behind the scenes, we’ve tried this a few times, so I’m so happy that we finally got to do this. What we might do is get you to start to tell us a little bit about your story because you know like I was mentioning before Qui Gong is normally a male dominated area especially if you become a master. So I’m so interested to hear what that story is for you.

TY: OH, awesome. I can’t wait to say more. I started off doing the Qui Gong just an ordinary woman 20 years ago and the journey is in one year my allergies to cats is gone. Well it’s not all gone I could actually stay with them for four hours before I only have two minutes with them. Wow and I just thought something is amazing. And that’s how the story started and then later on I have different traumas happening to my life too and they have really helped me.

NL: So for those people who aren’t familiar, what is Qui Gong?

TY: You can actually look at it as like I’m a mindful meditation. It could be with movements or no movements. Really meditating with breathing, visualization. It’s like you’re trying to tell the body what you want to do what you want and then you visualize about the breath and then you just make a life force energy. You feel a tingling, warm. It’s just something like that.

NL: So who are the types of people that do Qui Gong? Can anyone do it?

TY:  Yeah. Any age can do it. My children started when they were five six years old with me. And then people can do it until the end of their life to bring them easier to cross to the other side because the Chi is the light wherein the light they have to follow to the other side. So when they actually are provided that Chi in like the luster of the light, it really can be impactful.

NL: Right. Exactly. So what motivated you to become a Master in Qui Gong?

TY: Ahhh, it is not my idea really. I was just really put on the plate to take over. My teacher cross and he just handed it to me and then I say “Am I gonna do it?” and I just “okay let me see how to do this really just like that, really. Has been doing them all these years. I would say I took over the torch like now about close to ten years now.

NL: Wow. So awesome. And so I know you mentioned before you could have realized you lost your allergy to cats but what are the benefits of doing Qui Gong? Like why would someone take it up?

TY: Well the recent benefit is for myself, I just turned 60 years on September 13 and I appreciate how I look because I just looked at the pictures I was 20 even 30 years ago when I was in my 30s, I actually look better now than then. Then with health benefits my blood pressure’s normal, my weight is good, my health is pretty good. I have very flexible body. The thing is it’s not even the health right, health many people can achieve it in different ways. It’s that peace you get in your practice that is not able to achieve otherwise. Sometimes practice of Qui Gong is like you are on a dose of like a very say a high vibration drug sort of but it’s just that you were so at peace with yourself then you actually just lost the time really. It’s no time anymore. You’re very present. It’s just fun.

NL: Yeah, well you do look amazing, not just at your age, you do look amazing. Obviously that’s a great side benefit. So what does a daily practice of Qui Gong look like? Is it like hours of meditative movement or.

TY: Well I love to show you how you can do some right away if that

NL: Yeah. That’s nice. Yeah.

TY: So let’s go for it.

NL: Let’s go for it.

TY: Okay. So okay that’s great. So we oh you can close your eyes, you can half close eyes. Let’s quiet down for a minute. So the first thing that we like to do is to ground the energy. So grounding the energy means from the head down the body itself you know you we have the stress, the anxiety, the feelings, the nervous feeling the worries. The energy is all rising up right. So when we start to realize that we actually have to like ground them right grounding them that they all go down to the ground. So it shows everyone can do right away. So we can think about relaxing your head and lighten up so we can breathe in breathing out and then you apply that to all parts of you right. So I will help you by giving you a sound like a mantra, it’s soong like S-O-O-N-G. soong like this. So I will not go to give you the instruction how to relax so I just give you the sound to help you to relax then you just think through from head down yourself and see what happens.

Breathe in…

Say relax your head …soong

neck breathe in … soong

chest breathe in… soong

abdomen breathe in…soong

back relax breathe in… soong

arms relax breathe in… soong

legs relax breathe in… soong

So we will continue to do, I will do some more soong for you and then you focus yourself on the part that you feel stressed or you feel tight.

Breathe in …soong….

Breathe in…soong …

so breathe in.. soong…

so you say about relaxing all the way from the head to the floor to the feet 

breathe in.. soong

breathe in …soong

So you are visualizing where you want to help yourself, you visualize the good energy. It could be coming from the universe even coming from your car to go to where you want it to go, it’s really love right. It’s being kind to yourself and that if you do more than we actually can do different visualization to do different things even about emptying some difficult feelings, trapped feelings, anger that I talk about in my book Unlocking Your happiness Within. And just practice some Qui Gong. And I’ll show you how to practice in the book.

NL: Right. And so how do you tap into happiness? How does that happen?

TY: Oh, well happiness is really a vibration that we feel inside us but sometimes we cannot feel it anymore with all the things happening around life, could be business, relationships, health, parents, children, the list goes on. And then we have there actually to go to figure out how to get that vibration back. So if you look at energy is really a vibration right so the resentment is a vibration, the worry is a vibration, being sad is a vibration, and then the Chi energy which is just a life force operation everyone has, it’s no secret really it’s but how can I have more right. So when we actually connect more like giving the time to do the connections through steps right then you just bring yourself closer to the good vibration and then when you keep doing it ah, just like your mind movie right, that works.

NL: Well that’s it. Everything has a frequency. Happiness has a frequency, abundance has a frequency and I think that when we can become that frequency or get ourselves to that frequency then that’s what we’re feeling at that time. We can’t feel sadness when we are the vibration of happiness. So I think that’s what you’re talking about here and so in the book you take people through different like breathing or steps they can do.

TY: Yeah. How to do, there’s a workbook, too. My realization about the urgency of finishing the book is because when about 20 years ago actually even starting 30 years ago I had big traumas in my life. I was really sick at that time right. And at that time I did not even know what it is to have trapped emotions. I just very young I was just 20 years old and then after the sickness, my family left me and then I was left in Hong Kong to fix my diseases, I have lung diseases at that time and then now right it’s about 38 years now and then I have different traumas in my life like the marriage broke down, I lost everything, with children to take care. Basically went back to nothing really from zero and I start again as a mother, a single mother. The beautiful thing is I didn’t actually really feel any difficult emotions anymore. What the Qui Gong I do is almost I cannot even ask that down and then something happened when I was going to the Global Influential Summit, the Evolutionary Business Council have a summer in Florida and then something happened on the airplane it was so traumatic. And then after that it woke up my feelings and then I was crying on my God, was crying for four days in a row and I hardly cry actually and I just realizing there’s an urgency to tell people what to do with himself when something came out right, it just came out by surprise on me right and I just felt wow I got so much and I just want to show people what to do with difficult emotions.

NL: Yeah .Because that’s the thing, I mean there is so many catalysts around us right now that are bringing up negative emotions, that’s like frustration or anger or whatever that is. I mean there are so many things happening on the planet right now that we really need to know how to manage our emotions. I mean yes I think we should feel them but then you know we don’t want to stay there and I know that through the steps and everything that you detail in your book that you can really help people navigate through that so that they can like you said it like when you always give a positive meaning for something then you don’t see all these things that come up as challenges or you don’t see them as negative things you just you go oh look at that I’m gonna respond to that and then you really [inaudible words]

TY: Exactly that’s what aligned with what people need is what do I do with all these feelings now. It’s really so overwhelming. I can’t actually even function at work anymore. I’m lost, what should I do. They are aware. People are very aware, it’s not good for them but what can I do for myself. Now all I want is give you the steps.

NL: Yeah. Wonderful. So if people want to get their hands on the book Theresa, where can we send them to do that?

TY: Oh, thank you. So I want to launch it November 11th and there will be pre-order big discount for just $2 Canadian with the workbook. I just like people to just support this.

NL: Ya. And you’re through this book supporting a specific charity as well, is that right?

TY: Yeah it’s my wish to support the children like sexually abused, becoming adults. There’s a charity in Toronto. I love them along I walk there and then they, I just want to give them love as Christmas is coming in December. I even wish to give a $1 of the Kindle launch to them. [unintelligible words] and then after that I wish the hard copy, well it will be more than a few dollars there maybe 16. If some people wish to support this meaningful thing I want to do to just donate books to them really. Just give love for Christmas right.

NL: Yeah. Absolutely. Well darling you personify love and I want to thank you for your time today. It’s been awesome chatting to you.

TY: Yeah. It’s my pleasure. It’s an honor to be here.

NL: That’s it. I’m glad that we finally got to do this. [unintelligible words] a few times but I’m glad that we’re here. So guys I encourage you to share this video. You can do that by clicking the Facebook and the Twitter share buttons on this page. Don’t forget to either click the link below or the banner to the side so you can go straight through to Theresa’s website you can order the book like she said the Kindle version will be $2 and then the hard copy is coming out as well. But this is a fantastic how-to manual to be able to navigate through some very trying emotions and of course coming up to Christmas we always have the wonderful family situations as well. So I’m sure it can help you and your family as well. And yes don’t forget that after the show’s over click the button that link below so you can take my 30-second so you can see what’s holding you back from success. So until next time, remember to live large, choose courageously and love without limits. We’ll see you soon everyone.

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