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Episode # 523   The Power Of Music - Craig Young

About The Episode:

Music - what a gift to mankind! You may already know how a series of consciously arranged sounds can soothe, re-center and emotionally support you - but do you know just how powerful music really is? On today’s episode, we join Mind Movies music producer Craig Young as he reveals how music can awaken higher states of consciousness, heal the body, reverse negative habits, and even connect us to the Universe itself.

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Episode # 523 The Power Of Music - Craig Young

NL: Hi everyone! My name is Natalie Ledwell and this is The Inspiration Show. Today on the show, I have a special guest who I met at a seminar about a year ago. Since then we have been communicating and he has actually been working with us. He’s added some music to our Mind Movies software. Today we’re going to be talking about the power of music and how to really follow a calling when it presents itself to you. But, before I introduce my special guest, I just want to remind you that if you are watching this show live on Facebook, or if you’re watching it later on our YouTube channel, don’t forget to click the link below this video after the show is over so you can take my 30- second quiz and we can figure out what is holding you back from success. So, please let me introduce my special guest, Mr. Craig Young. Hi, Craig. How are you?

CY: Hi, Natalie. Nice to be here on the show today. Thanks for inviting me.

NL: Yeah, absolute pleasure. Now, like I was saying, we met about a year ago sitting in a Dr. Joe Dispenza workshop.

CY: Yes.

NL: We were talking about the power of music and obviously that is one of the most important ingredients when it comes to creating a Mind Movie. But, before we get into that juicy conversation and about resonance and frequency and so forth, why don’t we talk a little bit about your story because you haven’t always been a musician, right? This is something that just popped up for you recently.

CY: I would say that I’ve always been a musician. But I haven’t truly recognized that and I’ve kept it in the background. It’s always been a part of my life. I’ve always composed, but I have another business and another career, and that has been ongoing for the last 20 years or so. It has been at the forefront, but music is now pushing to the forefront.

NL: Yeah. So, from what I understand, you were into music when you were much younger, but then it kind of went dormant for a while. But then something woke you back up again. Tell us a little bit about that story.

CY:  Yeah. The music has been dormant, but continual. So I just haven’t really been sharing the music. I’ve been composing and I’ve got hundreds of songs literally that have been composed and have just been sort of stored on my computer. It has always felt like a calling that has been just sort of pushed down. But, in recent years, life has evolved a little bit. There was something with a family member that had gone through a bit of a trauma and I started doing some reading on their behalf just trying to help. I’ve always been a reader, but it shifted from the realm of business and psychology to more of a spiritual realm just looking for healing opportunities. That led me to the work of Joe Dispenza, who you mentioned, and others. It just sort of woke up my entire reality and made me realize that there’s more going on than just our sort of physical existence and what we perceive through our senses. It was just a wake up call and through that some really good teachers came into my experience and a more regular meditation practice. I just, in a sense, woke up and that translated to more evolved musical compositions, and hearing the music, and the new pieces. It just sort of drove me to finally share and that’s where I’m at-  a point where I’m really, really pleased with what I’ve created and I want to share it with the world.

NL: Yeah. So it sounds like you have a story like a probably a lot of viewers have that are watching the show, where we fall into a life of responsibility. We have a family, we have a business, we’re doing all those kind of things, but then there is something kind of nibbling at us that needs to come through. And obviously now you’re having the courage to step into that.

CY: Yeah.

NL: Really pursue music. So tell me a little bit about your process. Like, how do you- you’re composing music. It’s not like it is playing. How, or what’s your process and how do you get into that- tapping into that creativity?

CY: Well, I think part of this sort of wake up and awareness led me to an awareness of when I’m playing the piano, or sitting at a digital keyboard. You can either compose from an analytical level and you’re thinking about the chords, and what would work with this and that. Or, you can just let go and let something come through. The latter is what’s really exciting… Getting into a state of “flow” as it’s often called, where the creation flows through you. I’m at a point now where I recognize the difference between forced creation and really letting go. I don’t consider these pieces mine. I consider the fact that I’m more of a conduit and the music is just flowing through and I’m privileged to have it come through- but that is an amazing process.

NL: Yeah.

CY: But, in order to facilitate that, it’s a matter of, for me anyway, letting go. Sometimes even just playing to the point that you’re in a meditative state; it’s like meditation for me.

NL: Hmmm.

CY: That’s where it really connects.

NL: Yeah. And that’s really when we talk about being a conduit, being in flow, we’re also talking about getting out of the way- like you’re having the ego part of us get out of the way so that can come through. But, of course, that can apply to all areas of life. It’s not just to music. But I find that when I’m speaking on stage, or if I’m doing any kind of work, I try as best I can to go, “Use me as the vessel”. Like, I want to make sure that what comes through is pertinent to this audience, or to this person, at this time in a way that they need to hear it. I think that when we can get into that place of surrender, it’s amazing what could come through. So tell me about what you think is the role of music. Is there a certain purpose to it, what do you think?

CY: I think there’s a surface level for music, what people will listen to it in the background, or they’ll listen to a pop song and it can bring up your energy. I also think there’s a deeper level that you can connect to if you truly sit and listen to a piece of music, a classical piece of music, music with headphones on, where you’re really tuning out anything else that’s in the periphery. Like anything, I guess if you’re focusing on it exclusively rather than having a barrage of stimulus coming at you, you’re going to get more from it. I think using music in that way can really help you connect to something deeper. It can block out all of that external stimulus and have you reconnect to something higher, something greater.  That’s what I find when I’m listening to my own music. Obviously I’ve got a bit of a bias, but I really feel that connection and it centers me back. I’m hoping that when others listen they feel that same sense of connection.

NL: Yeah.

CY: But, I love the way that music can just in an instant change your energy, change your frequency and get you out of a bad mood if you’re down. It can just provide that immediate shift that you sometimes need. Relating that to mind movies… If you have a vision and the music is there, and that music just creates that emotion. I find me even listening to the music without the movie at a latter point, you can reconnect to that whole vision then and live through it again, which is amazing.

NL: Yeah. Now I know, well you sent me a soul piece, a soul song that you did. I listened to it with the headphones and it was like I instantly felt my heart open up. I felt an energetic change in my body, which is really how powerful music can be.

CY: Yeah.

NL: Yeah. So I know that you have, like we said, you’ve included some music into the Mind Movies platform. So tell us a little bit about the tracks that you’ve added there and how they would really compliment a Mind Movie.

CY: They’re part of this sort of new wave of music that has come through and to me they’re very personal. So they’re there for emotional- they don’t have lyrics. So I find if somebody wants to create a mind movie and not be distracted by what somebody else is saying, they can just have the music there and tap into that. Then create their own thoughts in their own words through the text that you put into the mind movie as well. But, I find for me, the music that’s coming out right now is peaceful; it’s piano centered. So, if somebody is looking at creating a Mind Movie to help reduce stress, or anxiety, just put them in a peaceful place… I would love it if people have a listen to the music and tried it out with their Mind Movies. That would be a big big compliment for me.

NL: Yeah. It’s- the pieces that you’ve provided are just amazing. Like you said, I think for everyone it’s different, but I always try and use different styles of music in my Mind Movies as well.

CY: Yeah.

NL: If I’m doing a health and fitness one, I’m always something up- tempo because normally I’m watching it in bed trying to motivate myself to get out of bed to get to the gym.

CY: This might keep you in bed.

NL: Right. Yeah, exactly. So I need to at least be out and up and about. So tell me a little bit more about some of the stuff that you’re working on now. I know that you have a website set up that has music there. So what are the styles of music that you do? What are the types of music that people can seek out when they connect with you?

CY: I feel like I can create just about anything. I have a digital studio down here and on the computer these days it’s like having a virtual orchestra. I have choirs and symphonies and percussion. I have a grand piano over to my right, which I love creating on. That’s where I can sit and play and ideas seem to flow through best. But, what resonates most strongly to me at the moment in terms of style, are the pieces that are centered around the piano with choir, with strings. As I said before, it’s meditative; it’s soothing. So that’s what I’ve sort of put out there in the world at the moment. I’m working on a few meditation pieces at the moment with a former guest from here, Clayton Ainger. So he and I have connected and we’re working on a few things together and that’s very exciting. So that’s where I’m at at the moment, but who knows? As my life evolves, the music will evolve too as well.

NL: Exactly. Because it does. When I listen to your music, I’m like I could easily meditate to this. It’s like I could easily go into on a journey with this, which is so cool. And the fact that you’re collaborating with other people that are doing meditations, it just- it’s a kudos to you, darling. Because I know that this is something that you’ve just recently stepping into and it I suppose it takes a little bit of courage to do something like this.

CY: It does because as I said music was to me very personal. I still don’t like playing in front of people. That’s something that I am overcoming and I will. I’m sure I’ll end up performing the piano at some point within the next few years in front of groups of people but it has always been kind of personal and quiet. So for me to kind of open up and share it with everybody I mean it’s just been too long and I kind of hit that tipping point where I said to myself look this is enough and I had that vision in a mind movie back at the conference that you and I attended and then it came to fruition so that’s exciting.

NL: Yeah it is. Well, darling, if people wanted to connect with you and reach out to you, and get their hands on some of your music, where can we send them to do that?

RC: They can go to my website which is just From there, there are samples to listen to and there are links to go to iTunes if you want to purchase the pieces. They can go into their mind movie software and search for my name within the music there and try it out within a Mind Movie.

NL: Hmmm…

CY: Which would be excellent. On my website there’s an email address and I’d be happy to hear from anybody that has feedback, or is interested.

NL: Yeah. Absolutely. Well, darling, thank you so much for joining me today. I encourage everyone to, if you already have access to Mind Movies, to get in there and apply Craig’s music to your Mind Movie because it really it seems to take it to a whole other level. It’s quite beautiful. So thank you again to you, Craig, for your time today. It’s always a pleasure talking to you.

CY: Yeah, thanks for your time. Thanks everybody for listening and I hope you end up hearing my music.

NL: Yeah. Absolutely. So guys I encourage you to share this video. Let’s get the word out by clicking the Facebook and the Twitter share buttons on this page ,and click on the banner or the link underneath around the video- wherever that is- so you can go directly through Craig’s website. Don’t forget, after the show is over to click that link below the video, so you can take our 30-second quiz to figure out what’s holding you back from success. So until next time... Remember to live large, choose courageously and love without limits. We’ll see you soon.

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