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Episode # 518   The Great Mother Bible - Mare Cromewell

About The Episode:

On today’s episode of The Inspiration Show, I speak with Gaia mystic, healer, and international speaker: Mare Cromwell. Mare joins me to share her astonishing communications with Mother Earth or Gaia. During the show, you'll discover the timely 'spiritual transmissions' Mare has received from Gaia, and she sheds some light on the important role you play in bringing wisdom, love, and compassion back to earth.

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Episode # 518 The Great Mother Bible - Mare Cromewell

NL: Hi everyone! My name is Natalie Ledwell and this is the Inspiration Show. Today on the show I have a special guest that actually has been on a previous Inspiration Show. I’m checking in with her after we introduced you to the Thousand Goddesses Movement. So we’re going to check in as to what happened with that and where we’re going as a result of the different changes that are happening on the planet right now. But before I introduce my special guest, I just want to remind you that after the show is over, if you click the link below this video- if you’re watching this on Facebook Live or on our YouTube channel- make sure you click the link to take my 30- second quiz, so we can see what’s holding you back from success. So, please help me reintroduce my special guest, Mare Cromwell. How are you, Mare?

MC: I am really good… really good, Natalie. It’s such a treat to be here again. Thank you.

NL: It is always a treat to chat to you and to be in your energy, which is fun. Now, for those people who didn’t see the last show that we did together, can you just give our viewers just a little bit background of…  it’s quite extensive, but a background of what it is that you do and the work that you are helping the planet with right now?

MC:  Well, thank you. I am a mystic, a Gaia mystic. I’ve been studying with Native American teachers for more than 21 years. One very gifted elder told me, he calls me “the voice of Earth Mother”. Another elder said that my work with mother Gaia is in the prophecies. So last time we spoke, we spoke mostly about the Thousand Goddesses Gathering. You were saying “movement” then and that was scaring me. But it is actually becoming a movement. It’s kind of amazing. So you have a lot of premonition there; good for you. So, yeah- I have surrendered to serve our planet and this is not a very normal life, whatever normal means. So my second and third books are actually conversations with Mother Gaia. A lot of people have no idea she actually exists as a powerful spiritual being. Those two books were her idea, not mine. I was diagnosed with lymphoma just four days before a ceremony with a gifted Algonquin man. In that ceremony, Earth Mother and Mother Gaia’s energy was brought into my energy body and she started talking to me like you and I are talking right now- and she hasn’t stopped basically. So she said to me, “If you surrender to me, at the level I asked you to surrender, I will help you heal from lymphoma without working with the doctors”, which is exactly what happened. I tried to find a new doctor because I didn’t have one at the time I was diagnosed. Like, all of the computers in her office fritzed out when I was there. I said, “Does this normally happen”? She goes, “No. This never happens.” I went “Oh. Okay”. Needless to say I didn’t work with her. So, last time you and I spoke it was three days after- four days after- mother woke me up at five in the morning and said wanted me to organize a Thousand Goddesses Gathering in DC on the Washington Mall, which we did. We did it and you were helpful. You helped to promote it with social media. Thank you. That event is based on the Tibetan myth that when a Thousand Goddesses, or Taras unite, it will bring compassion, or the divine feminine, back into the earth. Feel free to ask me any questions because I could just roll on for at least five hours here.

NL: Oh, that was the thing. I think that with the gathering- what was the intention of the gathering?

MC:  You know… The intention of the gathering. I didn’t even really know other than mother wanted it. I knew it needed to be a ceremony, so I asked an extraordinarily gifted high- priestess to lead a ceremony. It took a couple of hours to do. We had amazing women drummers and we apparently- according some really gifted light workers- brought in a massive amount of healing energy into DC because of the power of the ceremony that we did. So this is not the Women’s March; it’s to compliment it. It’s actually calling the spiritual planes, and to raise ourselves to our highest divine centers, and invoke spiritual beings serving the highest good to support what’s going on in the planet right now. Here is the interesting thing and a lot of people are probably not going to agree with me. But what happened- this was two weeks before the elections- what happened was the person who landed in the White House, landed in the White House. Now, a lot of people are really upset about that, but everything I hear from Mother Gaia is that this is exactly the way it’s meant to be. He was meant to land in the White House to wake people up, to rattle the cages, because there’s a new world coming in. He’s the epitome of the wounded masculine that’s been in charge for so many centuries within our Western culture. So that ugliness needs to heal and so he’s put right in front of our face with it. So my work with mother is to continue to bring these healing energies in because I have visions of this new world coming in; it’s going to be amazing. It’s going to be so much more balanced, and sustainable, and positive. You know? You and I talked about this last time. No homeless. There’d be no place for homeless because the compassion that we will have will be so huge. All of us, and the way we take care of each other, it will be so different from the individualistic society that we live in now.

NL: Yeah, you know… I also… I mean, I’m Australian. So I’m a little bit outside of the political system here. So I’ve been more of an observer of everything that’s going on. In my observation, I find that he himself has just been a catalyst because a lot of people were asleep, indifferent, apathetic, “nothing we can do”, “it’s just the system”. But now there seems to be a lot of people waking up and going, “Okay. Well the system itself is broken”. It’s really shined a light on how it can be manipulated and so forth. So it’s really helping people to try and look for a different system, which I think is something that we really need to move into. From all accounts that I’ve heard, the current system economically, politically with the way that we take all the resources from the planet, we cannot sustain this for much longer.

MC: No, and try to imagine it from the perspective of our planet, our planetary caretaker, and everything that’s been done to her- and is continuing to happen. Fracking is absolutely insane, just one example. So, Natalie, I’m a light worker. I really don’t know what to call myself- I’m an author, I have a healing practice and it’s really humbling what’s going on in my life when people come in for healing work. But I have been asked- and this is soul contract work to help bring this new world in. Within the great Mother Bible and actually the other book, it’s in both of them, are Earth Mother’s 13 love directives. First she said, “I want you to write my commandment”. So I’m like, “Whoa” when I was writing that. So we need to bring balance, sacred balance, between the masculine and the feminine, and raise it up to sacred balance between the divine masculine and the divine feminine. As I was just mentioning it before we started recording, Mother’s been asking me to do workshops for men on the divine masculine because they’re really out in left field and feeling really out of sorts. Like, where are the groups for them, how can they fit in with all the goddess groups that are forming? So not only is mother asking me to focus on the Thousand Goddesses Gatherings and when now she wants me to create a global grid of goddesses groups all over the planet linking up, so that we can be a spiritual grid of light workers. She’s like, “you need to help the men”. So, in all of these gatherings, it is encouraged -not required but encouraged- that men be there representing their divine masculine selves… Because that’s the energy we need to bring this new world forth.

NL: Yeah. I’ve always seen it as we need to be together. It’s not like women need to take over; it’s definitely not that at all. Well, there is a reason that there is male and female. We do complement each other and we need to work together towards that. So I actually have The Great Mother Bible. Thank you for sending that to me. So let’s say that someone’s watching the show right now. What is something practically they could do after they finished watching the show that can help us bring in this new view of where it is that we’re heading on the planet?

MC: Well, I guess, first of all, go get my books, please. Get your library to carry them if you don’t have the money to buy them, so then people in your community can read them too. Heal yourself. What I mean by that is do your inner work. Learn about your wounded inner child and heal it- come to love it. There’s so much shadow action afoot in our society and this is what keeps on spinning out into craziness like ak47s being purchased and being used to kill groups of people in schools, or wherever, bars. We have such woundedness in our hearts; it’s just really sad. So focus on your inner work and go connect with our sacred planet. Walk barefoot outside; hug a tree know- that tree is very aware of you hugging it. If you talk to the tree, even if you can’t hear it, that tree is responding. I mean, I am also a plant communicator. Stones talk to me, everything talks to me now. I mean, my furniture practically talks to me.

NL: I hear a bird talking to you right now.

MC: I know; it’s so crazy. It’s a cardinal outside. But, seriously, everything around us is so alive and full of consciousness and yet our society has numbed us. Everyone has the capacity to wake up. But, I would say, step number one, if you can’t afford a book, ask your library to carry it. You can go to my website, which I think will be at the bottom of this page. But, love yourself. Love yourself. That is one of the biggest things and love Mother and Father. I believe in Father too. Don’t get me wrong. Great father, great mother. It’s a great team. But, we all are here. We chose to born here at this time. If people are feeling overwhelmed, or like, “Oh my God. This is an insane world” know that you chose to be here. You can either tune out and numb out, or you can join in and be a part of this amazing birthing. Yes, the old world is crumbling; it needs to. It’s really time. I mean this is the Age of Aquarius. There are prophecies. There’s just so many things I could go into, but that would be a six-hour interview. I think that’s it in a nutshell.

NL: Well, The Great Mother Bible. I know you can get it through Amazon. What is your website so that we can send people to?

MC: It’s The book just before that with mother is called Messages from Mother Earth Mother. I should have sent you that one too- my bad. And, my book prior to that, they’re all multi award-winning books. If I gave you God’s Phone Number: Searching for Spirituality in America, which I did in my 30’s and early 40’s. For seven years I interviewed people and asked a personal question, “If I gave you God’s phone number, what would you do with it”? So I’ve kind of been on this mystical- whatever you want to call it- path, or what?

NL: What an interesting question. So what were some of the answers that you got from that question?

MC: Oh, Natalie. We could talk for a long time here.

NL: Just pick one or two for me.

MC: So I actually interviewed a death row inmate in the super max facility in Baltimore. I interviewed children, elderly. People each have their own very unique relationship with the Divine and there are a lot of people who don’t believe because of some wounding experience that they experienced in organized religion. Then there are people who really do have God’s phone number; they really have God’s number. I could tell as soon as they start talking. The energy shifted. It was like God started tuning in, or the divine, or whatever word, goddess - whatever word you want to use- Allah. But, yeah, that was a really fun seven-year project. The interviews were great, really great.

NL: Yeah, because it’s interesting. Like, if you gave me God’s phone number right now I don’t know if I would have a question. It’s like I kind of understand that everything is happening in divine timing, exactly the way it’s meant to. We are- and I think we’re in a very exciting time on the planet right now because more and more people are looking to take action. They’re looking to expand, are looking to know more and seeking out this information. For every act of violence or terrorism that you know is shoved down our throats from the media, you can find way more than that in the kindness, and the compassion, and the empathy that humans have for each other. Like, even from the bad situations that happen, straight after that I never look at that but I just look at how humanity rises as a result of that one small event so I know I think it’s just an incredible time.

MC: Yeah. It is. Can I just say one more thing very quickly? The Christ consciousness- I’m not talking about the Christ that the real fundamentalists talk about- but the Christ conscious coming in right now. We all are being invited to embody, you can call it “Krishna conscious”, “Buddha conscious”, but this is part of the new world coming in. This invitation for all of us to embody that and then sink those beautiful sacred energies into the heart of earth mother; it’s huge. We need this. Thank you.

NL: And even with you know I sometimes watch super soul Sunday and an interview with Oprah the other day and it was a Jesuit priest. I think was the person- I can’t remember what this guy’s name was. But… That’s right. She did the “best of” talks. She does the five questions at the end and she asked someone what is your definition of God. This person said, “I don’t see God as religious” or God has never been religious. “God has been God”. Then man came up with this idea of how to worship God, or how to be in favor with God. But they said, “but God really isn’t really a religious being”. But, I’m seeing that more and more that a lot of our religious leaders are now embracing that concept of love and compassion really being the basis, which really is the basis of all religion anyway.

MC: Yeah and I’ve been studying for 21 plus years with Native Americans. That’s why they call God “The Great Mystery” and they know that it’s not a religion. Their beliefs are not a religion; it’s a way of life. It’s like the Tao. One of their biggest, depending on the tribe, most believe that it’s like “walking beauty”. I mean think about it. Walking beauty. That’s so amazing. That’s what the call is… Walk in beauty.

NL: Yeah and then when you are walking in beauty… I mean when- the thing is we can see beauty in everything, or we can see God in everything. When we can get to that point… That’s when we start to … Our energy, and our love, and our compassion permeates out into everyone that we come into contact with… Yes.

MC:  Yes. I’ll say yes…  

NL: So is your website and from there people can get their hands on the book, they can find out about the Thousand Goddesses Movement- not just the gathering, but the movement. If you’re watching this show today and you’re feeling the energy of the conversation that we’re having, I really encourage you to go Mare’s website to check out all the resources and things that she has there because it could be the first step to really stepping into a really aware, and loving, and compassionate life. Thanks, Mare. Thank you for joining me today. It’s always a pleasure talking to you.

MC: I love you, Natalie. You’re the best.

NL: Wonderful. So I’ll make sure that we put the link here somewhere so you can go straight through Mare’s website. Please share the videos. Please share this interview and you can do that by clicking the Facebook and the Twitter share buttons on the page. Don’t forget after the show’s over to click that link, so you can take our 30-second quiz so we can see what’s holding you back from success. So until next time- remember to live large, choose courageously and love without limits. We’ll see you soon.

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