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Episode # 115   The Benefits of Hypnosis

About The Episode:

Natalie Ledwell speaks with the incredibly intelligent Tellman Knudson, whose mission is to give people the power of accelerated learning using hypnosis techniques. After studying brainwaves, altered states of consciousness, and peak performance in college, Tellman Knudson became interested in brain sciences such as Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) and eventually Hypnosis. Tellman hypnotized his whole class (including his two teachers) only halfway through his first hypnosis course, and that was just the beginning...

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Episode # 115 The Benefits of Hypnosis

Natalie: Today on the show I'm speaking with Tellman Knudson when he goes through and explains all the benefits from hypnosis and goes to some amazing success stories that will absolutely blow your mind. So stay tuned. Hi, I'm Natalie Ledwell and this is the inspiration show and today my special guest is Mr Tellman Knudson. How are you Tellman, how are you today?

Tellmen: I am awesome. How are you?

Natalie: Great. Where are having to us from?

Tellman: I am in Darmont in southern part of Darmont that is where I live, I am in my home office at the moment.

Natalie: And lovely offices like the artwork behind you there very explosive and colorful.

Tellman: yeah. I love super girls.

Natalie: now, the reason I have you here is that you are somewhat an expert in hypnosis and I actually had an email from somebody out there saying that there are a lot of benefits in hypnosis and suggested that I do a show, so here we are. So, let's just start a little bit about your background, what's your story.

Tellman: Sure. Well, in college I was studying brain waves and alter change of consciousness in performance and I practice different types of summons from round the world and I was studying brain science in binary-bits and stumbled on and fell in programming and ultimately hypnosis and my father very unexpectedly called it a triple upper which is not a good thing at all ? I complement single after all very dangerous and actually he was flat line twice that day and still say come out there's a miracle. However, he healed up from a chemical comma about a month and a half while his body has recovered from emergency surgery and enhanced it and we thought he'll gonna die and he's been divorce for quite some time and so I made it and jump in and made in his house in that kind of stuff while his in and so at the end of my junior years and I stop going to school and focus on something to my academics and what I decided to do is take a hypno therapy certification and so I straight every last that I think that I knew is watching dollars on the left of my before I paid on this thing like a 2 thousand dollars course or something like that and that was that and I think that was maybe 15 hundred bucks and the certification course is about 20 other students and half way into the class I hypnotize the whole room and we have to do the anti-hypnotize session I had hypnotize the entire room and the 2 teachers, just imagine sitting there and then a big semi-circle of lazy boy terrace around about 20 folks on a lazy boy chairs and then what ends up happening is I gotta do the call back to wake everyone at the end of the hypnosis session to wake everyone up and no one moves. Like crap, and I did it again and no one moves and it's like everyone is stuck on what hypnosis is what's going on here and so I got a little louder and I got a little more excited and I called everybody back and I everybody opens their eyes and simultaneously both of my teachers reply y they both stand up like a unison and said do you want a job because everyone was just so relax that they didn't want to come out on that wonderfully relaxed simultaneous state, they just want to stay in there which is so wonderful, it's like taking a nap in the middle of the day.

Natalie: So you're certified in hypnosis and originally to help your dad but so what are the benefits of hypnosis, you know what I think of hypnosis and they get people do crazy stuff and other on stage but that's not what we are talking about, right?

Tellman: we are when and we are right? So, hypnosis is a very big industry for entertainment, right? It's not what I do. A lot of hypnotism both entertainment and therapeutic hypnosis, I was specialize on therapeutic hypnosis especially on mind and so a number or a five types of uses of hypnosis in the world the number one wait your loss, number two stress, number three smoking, number 4 insomnia and number 5 is pain and then there's a new one that we found to be the most popular which is a wealth in an abandoned mindset type. So basically everyone can use hypnosis to get their brain to do what they wanted to do but they doesn't necessarily do naturally and so I just came back from a run and let's say. So, basically hypnosis is really a tool that you can used to recharge your brain to be more effective whatever is you want of it but those are one of the biggest uses of hypnosis in the world and I saw thousands and thousands of people one on one for several years while on private practice for a month where I live I have 6 offices and after that I realize hey I don't want to be limited to my local area to people I could to really expensed the south. So, I ended up going and really good at building my business online and is almost seven years of getting my attention to be really, really, really good of building an online business for the purpose of turning around and really expanding my hypnosis practice which is actually what we've done, so it's very, very cool for hypnotizing people every single day.

Natalie: Awesome, How does it work? Specifically, how does hypnosis help people?

Tellman: So, hypnosis is basically a accelerated learning, so normally people learn how to do something new will power and something to do in a regular basis and say it takes a thirty days in order to establish a new habit, right? Is that true, that it can take everyone to take 30 days for every habit, no, it's a rule of thought and so the problem is when you are doing something over, and over and over again you just keep it up until you're bored until your mind keeps up on thinking about something else and that's the point about that habit and that's the point where automatically and you can do it without even thinking about it, that's why we're having bits, right?

Natalie: Right.

Tellman: So, if people establish good habits that turn around as bad habits or good habits become stronger or better the good habits that you have think of it a developing new skills, right? Normally you've got to go through that level of repetition for over and over, no systems are really great because they allows you to bypass the conscious minds why it takes so long, why you have to do it over and over and going to that twilight state the meditation state that we use in so many angles areas everything from standard meditation to, I know you guys have a really cool binary-bits that these binary-bits helps you get you into those meditate brain state as well, the question is what are you gonna do once you dare. So, anyway the meditate state is the state you can get into very naturally, very easily but you can do through standard meditation but binary-bits are in prayer in hypnosis. So, hypnosis allows you to use in practical means, a very practical means what are those habits and skills you wanted to develop, wanna start eating really healthy do want to start truly excited, do you want to start naturally for a little bit more yet naturally going out the way to find ways in making more money without even thinking about it or being stressful you know those are the type of things you are looking for and hypnosis can give you a huge shortcut to automatically cut down the morning curve and literally learn your habits and thinking patterns for tonight in any area you wanted to improve.

Natalie: that's incredible. So, what's we're saying is you know what we talk about law of attraction on a person development is one you have a habit with success to people but you wanna start like successful people, so the real thing about hypnosis is you can get very much faster?

Tellman: wave faster, wave faster and combined with something when your awake and producing something like mind movies and we just have a day time and a night routine and make the changes so much faster.

Natalie: So, if you are in a hypnotic stage or you can call that a pick learning stage and then you act like something a mind movie you know and read affirmation and then they would be absorb faster.

Tellman: yeah, they don't conflicted all over if anything that can really build up each other exactly and you just gonna learn on how you got on that stage it's so much easier and so much faster and whatever changes you are looking to me.

Natalie: Excellent. So, can you tell us some like a great success story that you've worked with.

Tellman: Sure. So, I'll tell you, now this is a controversial story to the extreme story and I make no medical claims, I just wanna tell you, no medical claims because it's just an amazing story about one person and he was probably not your average individual. So, I remember I had this office in Cliche for month and Cliche is up near in dark colleges and this guy is a med student going to PhD the type A that top this class and the football team, the star athlete you know, in stray days whatever this guy is a powerhouse he decided to become a doctor and while he was in school and his training for triathlon and winning them and all this crazy stuff end up in getting a mess multiple osteoporosis and the basic behind multiple osteoporosis is your spine is you have your spine is a power cord more like a telephone cord and a rubber layer on the outside and like that cord keep it up and signed it and in the spine that is called million sheet and this multiple osteoporosis is basically an immune disease and your immune system for whatever reason is that the million sheet is bad and attacks it and makes whole in it like the cheese, us then makes the power coming through your nervous system weaker, that means that all of the muscles in your body is stop working and your fingers move and your fingers don't move, it's not like paralysis, it's like power is reduce and system and he came to me because of desperation he tried everything in standard model western student and people with his personality type is actually is strangely enough and is very, very uncommon they just push their systems to be absolute in everything that they do. So, very interesting so why don't we try very experimental here, and why just tell you brains, tell your body to knock and stop on attacking at my million sheet and lean back to rebuild it and when we start working together he could not walk on the stairs on bottomless stairs and shoulder on the up up the stairs but the time when we were dying, he was training on triathlon and that last for a 6 month period and nothing all the critical change no and I take complete responsibilities on it and your running to medical to prove it was hypnosis no but I'll tell you that he gave me one big thank you that was an interesting one and one more that was really interesting was this woman that was about 380 lbs so she was 3 8 380lbs more bigly obese and she had to have knee replacement and she couldn't walk more than 5 minutes without exhaustion thing because hardly all is gone just round it down because she weighs so much she couldn't exercise, she couldn't do sit-ups because she was so big she's not strong enough to do push ups, so walking is the only way in doing an exercise for someone like that is walk and no current left and this was an horrible situation so you're modifying your diet, help reduce weights work but she couldn't work fast enough coz' literally couldn't move her body around and again let's try again experimental and do what happen, this is not I'm not giving any promises here and this is not and we decided to the problem is she doesn't have any nerves right? That's why it doesn't hurt when bones are needed right? And because there is no nerves there nowhere to tell the brain that it's hot, and by that point the area is starting to get implant so there nothing to tell the brain to increase the cartilage right? So, we just use hypnosis to it, let's bring that cartilage back and again within 3 months she's walking half an hour every single day and that was getting better and getting healthy and we really have to use to have a lot of weight we just made all the difference in the world.

Natalie: Well it's amazing how powerful the mind can be so, if this people are getting this type of results, imagine what it's like when you're looking to in the other way and increase your health to have a wealth mentality or to stop walking or anything like that, it's amazing what the mind can be it's actually to control our bodies and our lives it's awesome. Well Tellman, thank you so much for joining here today you've been a wonderful wealth of information, if people wanna know more about you, where can we send them?

Tellman: So, here is something pretty cool that we'll gonna do we're expanding our hypnosis practice globally which is using online hypnosis it's a thing that really is doing in anyone out there I'm aware of and so what I would like you to do is give all of your viewers a pre-hypnosis session online on specifically wealth and abundance and I charge 25$ on an one session would be or stat right. So, 25hundred dollar there and you can register a couple of spot and you can schedule it in and then we'll do an hypnosis session together with wealth and abundance to super charge your mind for it, that would be awesome.

Natalie: Right? What is the URL for that?

Tellman: So, the new hypnotists .com / mind movies T-H-E-N-E-W-H-Y-P-N-O-T-I-S-T-S .com/mindmovies

Natalie: if you click on the banners on the side there you can go straight to that site. So, you can take advantage of that coming amazing offer. So, thank Tellman, thank for joining us today.

Tellman: It's okay, it's so great.

Natalie: guys I encourage you to share this video and the information in it by clicking on the facebook and twitter share buttons above and if you haven't done so already make sure that you put your email on the box above there, I would like to send you my manifesting with the masters video equals and it include the masters like Bob Proctor, John Massiraf, Massy Shineoff, Joe Bartaly paid for 87$ and I would like to give that to you for free, so you put your email on the box above and I will send it to you. So, until next time, remember to live large, choose courageously and love without limits. We'll see you soon.

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