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Episode # 516   The 4 Sacred Gifts - Anita Sanchez

About The Episode:

Did you know the average person is exposed to over 5,000 advertisements in a day? Modern life bombards us with unending information. Yet how much of it is wisdom that truly fulfills and enlightens us? And why, despite the constant communication, do many of us feel more disconnected than ever from each other? According to my friend Dr. Anita Sanchez, the solution to our modern overwhelm and isolation is to simply reconnect with our true nature. Join us on today's episode as she reveals how 4 'Sacred Gifts', passed on to her from a group of indigenous leaders, can help you rediscover deeper meaning, wisdom and connection in your life.

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Episode # 516 The 4 Sacred Gifts - Anita Sanchez

NL: Hi everyone! My name is Natalie Ledwell and this is The Inspiration Show. Today on the show I’m speaking with a good friend of mine, who is also the author of a new book called The Four Sacred Gifts. It’s all about ancient, or indigenous wisdom, and how we can use that wisdom to really move forward in a time of what seems to be called a “tumultuous time”- but how to use this wisdom to be able to move forward with ease and grace, and with peace and love. Now, before I introduce my special guest today, I just want to remind you that after you finished watching the show, if you’re watching this live on Facebook, or if you’re watching on our YouTube Channel later, don’t forget to click the link below this video after you watched the show so you can take my 30 second quiz and we could figure out what’s holding you back from success. So please help me introduce and welcome my special guest, Dr. Anita Sanchez. Hi, Anita. How are you?

AS: Hi, nice to see you!

NL: Yes, so great to see you and always fantastic to talk to you. As I mentioned before, you’ve just finished a book called The Four Sacred Gifts, which to me is like the - seems to be in this new feminine era and it seems to be like the new feminine version of the Four Agreements by Don Miguel Ruiz. Again, we’re talking about ancient wisdom and indigenous wisdom that’s really, I think, what we need to go back to because we just seem to be in such a crazy time right now. There’s all this craziness happening on the planet. But, before we get into talking about the book, why don’t we- can I get you just share your story in your history and how you got to be writing such an important book.

AS:  Yes, well I am Mexican-American and I’m also indigenous Aztec as my tribe. So you might say it was a lifetime of learning from elders and loving that because my life wasn’t always wonderful like I see it. Initially, I had a lot of struggle in terms of poverty as a small child, sexual abuse and then also the loss and the murder of my father in a racial- related issue. So the indigenous wisdom has always spoken to me. As an adult, it began calling harder, further and further, and I got these gifts that helped me so much. And, after 21 years it’s time to share them with everyone.

NL: Yes. Now I know that you actually interviewed and talked to indigenous elders from all over the world. So tell me some of the conversations and the different tribes and things that you were talking about.

AS:  Yes, I talk to people from 43 different elders from around the world. They have, of course different traditions. Some use fire to do their healing and their community gathering, others water, and all different kinds of traditions. So there are so many stories that are so beautiful, but I think one of the really key ones is how connected each one of those elders - what makes them indigenous elders= is that, regardless of what they were sharing their wisdom, there is always a clear connection that we all are part of the earth. We are part of each other and we are our body and spirit. So the fullness of that- no matter what language, accent- was a unifying theme throughout.

NL: Yeah and they all have a common theme in talking about this time in history at the moment. What are some of the similarities between the different prophecies?

AS: Yes, in different ways what came through in all of them is that we are in a time now where we- call it the great mystery, spirit, God, Allah whatever language you used to call that, or consciousness- we’re in a time that these gifts from all the different directions -we call them the four directions, four different rays- these gifts are meant, and always have been connected, but now in a conscious way, we get to bring them all together because we’ve been in a great winter time. Now it’s spring and we have to prepare for the spring. So whether the spring is next week, or years from now, we got to get busy, bringing us all together, understanding how we impact each other and that we can be really life-giving people to each other, rather than causing suffering and turmoil- and all of that.

NL: Yeah. Absolutely. So I think we all agree that we’re in an interesting time, whether you’re looking at our political system, if you’re looking at our currency system, if you’re looking at the way that we place value on things. Like, the fact that we will take gold out of the ground, and then stick it in a safe, and put all that value on it… But then, a sequoia tree is worth more 4x4 then it is as a natural tree… So having a look at all of that. I understand that the wisdom that you’re sharing in the book does address a whole lot of these things. So why don’t we start with the first gift, which is actually my favorite- which is forgiving the unforgivable. So tell us a story about how you wrote that chapter.

AS: Yes. Well, I have a lot of experience forgiving the unforgivable. So I have experience in that because, as I already explained, some of the poverties and growing up in Missouri in Kansas City. I saw lots of mistreatment of people because of the color of their skin. I experienced a lot of that. Also, I also grew up and for nine years I was abused sexually. So I had all of that to try to make sense of it and to forgive. Then my father’s murder when I was 13. He was mistaken for a black man, where earlier black and white men were having a fight. So this whole area of forgiveness- I say all that not necessary to bring it all up, but to let your viewers know that it is possible to forgive those things that we call unforgivable. It’s a choice; it truly is a choice. It is a way that I have found in working with the other people to really true freedom and happiness. That’s what makes it worthwhile. You’re doing it as much- actually most for you. However, in the forgiving process you actually allow the possibility of the other to come fully into their humanity, too.

NL: Yeah. When we’re talking about forgiveness, we’re not talking about forgetting incidents or anything like that. We’re talking about really forgiving from a place that we can free ourselves.

AS: Yes. We only have so much energy. So you think about that. If I’m going to use this energy holding on to a grudge, or anxiousness, hurts, mistreatment for something didn’t happen, if I can free that up, I can use that to love myself more, love other people more, create whatever vision I’m doing in creating in the world, my contributions. Forgiving doesn’t mean, like you said, doesn’t mean forgetting. It doesn’t mean that you don’t try to repair, or right the wrongs, seeking justice, but it means you’re not filled with all of that. That’s just the same kind of force of energy that’s going to cause more hurt and suffering.

NL: Yeah and you’re also getting to change the story.

AS: Yes. Change the story is key. And that’s what it did for me. I’m like my story is- I never thought I would say this, but even all those horrible things that happened to me young, I would not change any of them if it was going to change my life now. I wouldn’t change them. However, when I say that, that doesn’t mean that I don’t spend my time bringing together groups of people across race to learn, to love and care for each other, or that I don’t do my part to end violence against women, girls, boys, men all of that. But, it means that there’s a freedom. There’s choiceful-ness that I have to create a story that I know, “Hey.” It all created these muscles that I have, which you can’t see very well there, to do what I’m meant to do in the world.

NL: Yeah, absolutely. So the second gift is the one of unity- the power of unity. So explain what that means.

AS: Yeah. That means it’s an illusion to think that we’re separate, that we do anything alone. So even sitting here talking, breathing- we’ve got the oxygen. It was cleaned from the trees. I’m here and I’m in a healthy way because I ate breakfast. I had lunch, whatever the meal you had, and you’re digesting that- everything. When we’re creating at work, when we’re working, there’s always unity. When we gather together, when we’re conscious of that unity, it exponentially allows us to be even more effective, productive, creating what it is we want to do in the world and making that wonderful story.

NL: Yeah, absolutely. So then we have…  The next gift is the power of healing, right?

AS: Yeah, I love healing. I don’t know about you, but I always like- if somebody could give me that shot, I’ll take a minute and we’re all done. Yeah, well. You know there are some great shots out there that stop things- immunizations for things. However, healing is a process and that’s how indigenous people look at it. So the wonderful thing… Why it’s a gift is because with any kind of hurt that happens to us, or anything, we get to heal it. We have everything we need right here to do that. It’s all here. So we can heal at the spiritual, mental, psychological, physical level and all those levels. When those are healed, or in alignment, then we’re in right relationship with each other.

NL: Yeah, because you actually do lot of healing. We were talking earlier about - with the law enforcement officers and so forth. I mean, you’ve done a lot of healing and in the corporate world, as well.

AS: Yes. Yes, we use a little bit different language. In some places we are calling it healing, but the reality, it is. That’s what we do with one another. If we’re wanting to make an effective business team then we’re doing healing work with each other to be able to do that, to be able to see each other’s gifts, and forgive each other for when we messed up, or forgot to name someone on a project, or whatever it was. So, yes, I do healing. I also do it in an energetic way, as well as guided imagery- many different forms. I know a lot of great elders and others who have all their different methodologies that they’ve learned over the years- many traditions.

NL: Yeah and I know that you share a lot of them in the book, which is just amazing. Then we come into our final sacred gift, which is the power of hope.

AS: Yes, hope. I love hope. Hope in action… Hope is an energy source. It is something. Some folks say, “Oh, don’t waste your time on that hope”. Well, however, if you don’t do that then- that’s what hope is… A dream. Hope is a vision. Hope is the energy that pulls you rather pushing; it just pulls you to that. So I know in my life and working with business leaders, and community leaders, that sometimes what the senses see… When they would go, “facts to the country”. Yet these amazing things happen because they had the vision, the hope in action, which they took to make that happen.

NL: Yeah, and we were talking a little before about this- how maybe there’s… I mean, there’s so many things going on in the world right now. You go, “Okay this is…” … You know. There is Standing Rock, and then the things that happen at Charlottesville, the violence on the streets, and what’s happening politically- all these things that are going on. So rather than looking at the mountain of “oh my God”…. And, it’s difficult. Like every morning- I had this conversation earlier- I have Huff post send through a newsletter and it’s the highlights. The thing is this is at the beginning of my day- not the very beginning, but at a starting point of my day. I don’t want to not know because I want to be aware, but I have to go through this practice of, “Okay, this I find outrageous and atrocious” and I have my emotional reaction to it. But then, I’m like, “Okay. How am I choosing- if I’m choosing to look at this through compassion and love and empathy- how am I choosing to see this? How does this change how I show up and how does this change what my message is? So it’s a daily practice every day for me to do that. But I think this is also a part of what you’re talking about. It’s hope in action- like, choose something that speaks to you and then what can you do about it? Even if it’s just influencing the people around you.

AS: Yes, absolutely it is a practice. It’s a wonderful thing. It sounds difficult at times, but the reality is when you take that away, that’s the difficult part. So these gifts are all in us, all four of these. If we use those and this hope, it is an energy source. That is the best way I can name it and that’s the way, or how my elders are talking about it, too.

NL: Yeah. So how many different groups did you speak to contribute to the book?

AS: Okay, so elders…  There are 43 elders in my book. Yeah and they’re from all over, so they’re just oh- so- amazing. It’s just incredible. Then, of course, the stories are of not just elders of each of the gifts, we go into stories of everyday people. So some you’ve never heard of and then we have Bishop Tutu in there. We have CEO’s of corporations. So it’s all of us. And so these gifts were meant just as spirit gave it to these 27 indigenous owners. It is for every one of us. Every one of us matters.

NL: Yeah and it’s very timely… The message right now. Anita, I want to thank you so much for joining me today and for all- I know the effort that went into to getting this book together and collecting all these wisdom into one teeny tiny book, which I highly recommend. So if people want to connect with you, Darling, and get their hands on the book, where can we send them to do that?

AS: Yes, just go to Then they can also get a free download of a song that was made for my book-  so

NL: Yeah, perfect. So, we will have a banner, or link, here as well that you can just click on and go directly through to Anita’s site. Connect with her and, please, I encourage you to get your hands on that book. I’ve read the book. It’s powerful and some of the stories- I can feel the energy coming through. It has brought me to tears; it’s just so incredible. So thank you for everything, darling. Awesome speaking to you. So I encourage you to share this video. Please use the Facebook and the Twitter share buttons on this page. Don’t forget to click on the banner or the link to go through to Anita’s website. Also, once the show is over, click on the link below this video so that you can take my 30-second quiz, so we can figure out what’s holding you back from success. So, until next time- remember to live large, choose courageously and love without limits. We’ll see you soon.  

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