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Episode # 301   Terri and Robert LIVE

About The Episode:

Today on the show, Natalie speaks with best-selling authors, peace advocates and world-renowned recording artists, Robert and Terri Lynn TallTree. Robert and Terri join Natalie on the show to discuss their powerful vision, which is to teach people how to respect themselves, the earth and all living things, through traditional and contemporary American Indian music and stories. During the show, Robert and Terri share some simple, yet extremely powerful life advice from indigenous elders. Plus, they reveal how you can explore your authentic nature and welcome unlimited possibilities into your own life.

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Episode # 301 Terri and Robert LIVE

Natalie: Hi, everyone! My name is Natalie Ledwell and this is the Inspiration Show. This is one of the live editions of the Inspiration Show, so you have the opportunity to ask questions live of my special guests I have on for tonight. We are going to be talking to an amazing couple who have been doing some incredible work for the last 20 to 30 years. Spreading the wisdom of native American courage and wisdom not just in schools and individuals but to corporations, as well. And they have quite an interesting and an inspiring story to share. So, let me introduce you to the Talltrees, how are you guys? Robert & Terri: So great to be here, Natalie. Thank you.

N: It's a pleasure to have you both here, Robert and Terri. Now, what we might do, as we do in this show is to start with your journey and how you got into doing this incredibly motivating and inspiring work?

T: Perfect.

R: First, I'd like to take an honour in my hands, and this is the way that I've been taught (1:08 ' 1:15).

T: Well, to translate for you, my husband just spoke to you very, very respectfully in our language (1:22) language, what he said was hello to all my relatives. Hello my friends. My name is Tree, reaching and growing toward the sky and (1:33) and today is a good day.

R: That language is over a thousand years and it wasn't even a written language until about 80 to 90 years ago. We used some of today's alphabet to phonetically write our language but it's actually a unique language and the way we used to write it was more pictographs rather than these symbols today to write it. My great grandmother and many native American elders were also my teachers to help guide me from where I was to where I am today.

N: Excellent. So guys, as I was alluding to before, you teach native American wisdom and how to live a life on purpose. So tell me Terri, how did, I know that you have a corporate background, so how did you fall into this kind of work?

T: That's such a great question. I have to say destiny. From the time I was very small, I was raised in a kind of a family of a dominate culture. And my father, throughout his life, have been told by many people that he was native and he always said, not that I know of, not that I'm aware of. His family had been adopted and many years later in my life, I had an elder come and find me and say, I've been told by the (2:58), the grandfathers to bring you back to the circle. And so, my journey began walking the red road, and many years later, I met my husband. We actually met in a ceremony. We were brought together from over a thousand miles apart in a ceremony, than we were brought to do the work and as I see it in our traditional sign language like this (gestures), and we walk side by side and love and respect for one another. And so, when we first came together, he had been doing this work for many, many years, as a young man, the elders used to come and help him and he was in training pretty much when he was very young, for me, I was raised in a dominant society, and then as a young adult brought in to the red road. So, as we met, I was just in the background, I'm actually pretty shy, Natalie. So if I have something I am very passionate about, watch out, I'll keep going. But in general, I don't do circus chat. I'm not great at parties and things like that, with superficial chat. I'm pretty shy. When we met, he would do these presentations and programs with native wisdom that (4:16) has done from his elders and from their elders before them and so on, and I would always go and support, and one day, he woke up with meningitis, no voice. He looked at me and he said, you're going to have to do the program today. And of course, I had them every step of the way. And that's what started our work together. When we were married, I don't know if you can see the dress behind us, there is a traditional buck skin dress behind us, Robert's mother is the clan matriarch and as he has said 'up' clan, her name is (4:52) this is her dress, when we married she gave me her own buckskin dress and she said, you are now one of us. Go teach with your husband. And so, we've been together 24/7, and we have just been given the great honour and privilege to share the teaching, some of the teachings that the elders have given us to share with the world, in hopes with restoring the balance, mending the sacred hoop and getting people back in harmony with who they are, who they truly are, their purpose and reason for being here and their connection with our sacred mother earth, all directions.

N: Yeah, I know. I find it so refreshing and amazing, and as you've said you've been doing this work for 20 to 30 years, how does native American wisdom play into a corporate environment?

T: (5:50) like, there is this ancient wisdom and here we are in a modern technology, look at us, we are on a google hangout with you.

R: You know, that's an awesome question. The thing is that people forget that people are people. My elders, they said, when they teach sometimes in public venues, they were at the park and as young boy I would sit there and as I sit there and listen to them, to their songs, their stories and their wisdom, other children would come and sit there, other nations would come sit near me. They smell something unique and interesting (6:21) and I would kind of look at them and they would look at him and I'll be just very quiet and when the children got up and play and when he's ready to leave and stand up, I knew it's time intuitively and he said, I saw you looking at the other children, and I said, yes, grandfather and that's how we call our elders, grandfather and grandmother or auntie and uncle, and I said, yes grandfather, and I saw this (facial expression) and he goes, ah, who am I to question the great mystery, the creator, maybe he put this lesson within their hearts for them to come and sit. So wisdom is not defined by the culture or a nation, but it's defined by the moment. And so when we talk of the aspects of what you just asked about the corporate world, it is the moment on how we teach. And I don't, I set a specific agenda in place first, just a few things that wish to intertwine in the same moment and the foundation but then, I, intuitively, use what have been taught me over the many years and it always work out perfect. And so, so many people think from here (gestures to the head) and not from here (gestures to the heart) and that's where they get into trouble when they don't think from their heart, when they think from the heart, that's usually the best guide.

N: Absolutely, absolutely. Now, you know, what you teach a lot is helping people to live their life on purpose. So what is your definition of the purpose of our lives?

R: Ah. Again, I give credit to Chief (7:51), they started that by saying, every grain of sand has a purpose. Every blade of grass has a purpose. Every raindrop and every tear has a purpose. And so when we talk about integration of purpose, it's relevant for people to follow the (8:12) of their nature, and they said, if every human being followed their nature, there would be no wars, there would be no hunger but there would be a lot of laughter and a lot of happiness and the migration of humanity would rise beyond our own ability to take them in kind of like, the world will be brighter. That is my vision, to be able to take and continue on their words, their stories, their songs because this is the opportunity to heal the sacred hoop to heal. That means all beings are within the sacred hoop. The sacred hoop is what they call the medicine wheel. It is a circle that is divided equally into four equal segments and originally, according to our teachings, there are four basic colours of humanity, and they're both lift on their own lands, their own turtle islands. And then something happened, because of whatever happened, a catastrophe, something in the nature happened we became farther apart. And now, we have the opportunity to bring our wisdom, our song, and our stories and move (9:15) words that are common, when I was speaking to some people in Asia, they were saying about a word that they hardly use which is very, very sacred and when they said it, I said that is the same meaning for that word that we use from our language. So, we have known about each other for thousands of years and we know that it is time to heal the hoop and realize that we are all here for a purpose, for a reason. But again, as the father (9:43) nature, may be you have to sing, may be you have to write, may be you love numbers, may be you love building things with your hands, whatever it is that is given to you by the great mystery, by the creator, by God, to be able to take and expand upon, to explore, to intertwine it in your life. When people say, I don't know my purpose in my life, I say, your purpose is to take it and embrace it. How you find joy is by taking and following the bent of your nature, which means that the God-given gifts, which you are given is relative to that joy.

N: Yeah. It's basically, and may be you have witnessed it yourself, my observation is that, we are now becoming aware that we need to operate more from the heart, you know, more from love than from our heads like you were saying before. So it's, unconditional love or operating from this heart center, this is a lot of what you teach as well?

R: Absolutely, the vibration is very, very hot and when people have a tendency of realizing that in really experiencing (10:54) the journey, that's the total life thrust, the change they start realizing that when they're on purpose, everything seems to fall naturally into place. Nothing has to be pushed. Nothing has to be put hurriedly together. It just flows, just like a river flows, so can a person's life.

T: When we are guided by our instinct and intuition rather than just our logical mind, this is a primary difference between a dominant culture and indigenous culture and it is significant to note because it fits to your first question, how does this work in the corporate setting, how does this work into my life today? I live in the modern world, how can this ancient wisdom benefit me and improve the world conditions. And it's because of this, in the dominant society we are trained to view things in a logical, linear mile. Everything goes in a straight line. In indigenous culture, Natalie, everything is connected. Everything is based on relationship. We say (12:05). We are related. And because we are related, we have a deep respect for all living things everywhere. And we honour everyone. You have a purpose, everyone has a purpose and we honour that, because of that things move in a circle rather than in compartments. So, when instead of feeling the stress that comes from compartmentalizing your life as you start to bring everything into harmonious flow, suddenly you're healthier, you're happier, abundance is your natural state of being. You live in a place of joy and great service because you see, I look at you and I see we are sisters. This is a natural order of things. We are connected. So in our culture, we say the biggest journey you'll ever walk in your life is only 18 inches, and that is the connection between the heart and the mind, and keeping them both open, but leading first with the heart. So in our ceremonies, we get on our knees and bow our head so that our head is below our heart in humility. And so, when we come to any situation, we stand in the center of that medicinal wheel, that very center is humility. Humility doesn't mean, oh I'm not being at peace, I am no lesser than nor any greater than any being. I have great love and compassion and recognize with great respect.

R: And the best thing to recognizing that the heart and the mind are connected is when you can speak your truth and most people don't realize it. That's just about this journey, and this has been very important for us, to be able to take and utilize these particular skills, these particular tools to get people to heed and rise and take their power back. One of the first lessons the elders taught me was every human being was born with three arrows. Now, these arrows you can't hold them in your hand, you hold them in your heart and in your mind. They said the first arrow is the thoughts that you think. He said, the thoughts are more powerful than an atomic weapon. And he said, the second arrow is the word that you speak. Words can harm, words can heal. And the third arrow are the actions that you take. These are your three arrows. But people give one, two or all three of their arrows away and it changes the course of their life.

N: Now, I think the word flow kind of really sums it up. When you are in your authentic place, when your heart, when you're talking from your heart, you're talking from that authentic place, when you're operating from that authentic place and thinking from that authentic place, that heart place, you are in flow, whatever happens, what's happening in your life and the intentions that you said in the direction that you want to take, things are just so much easier because you are being true to who you really are, which is you know, like I was saying, so many of us now, it's like we're becoming aware that we should be operating, moving forward and that is something that we are seeking out as a way to do that. So I know you guys, you work with many people and helping them operate like this and live their purpose, if people want to find out or work with you guys, where can we send them to do that?

T: We have a site called, and there are many programs that we offer that help people find balance. As we speak of the medicine wheel, it's not just the four colours of mankind and the four seasons, and the four elements, it's the four aspects or beings that must be in total balance ' your mind, body, spirit and emotions, so you're fully integrated and you're standing in your centre. You're standing in your true authentic self. And in that way, you can live really fearlessly because you're not afraid anymore, you're not wobbling, you know, the state of people. If you feel like you're wobbling a little bit, you just need to learn very gently how to move back to center without judgement, without criticism, just lovingly step back into who you are and everything will start to fall back into place. So there's lots of opportunity for people to learn different ways, if they're working on money mastery, they're working on health and wellness, so, just simply learning to get out of overwhelm and burn out and how to heal the emotional body and bring it back to balance in your life. You can do that, Natalie.

R: And people have forgotten that to, people are human buildings and not human beings today.

T: Right.

R: And we're given the realization that they do have a choice. Everyone has a choice and this is an opportunity for them to become a human being.

N: Yeah, absolutely. So guys, if you click on the banner to the side of this video, it will actually take you straight through that website. So that you'll find all that information and connect with Robert and Terri as well. So guys, I want to thank you so much for joining me on the show. I think, sometimes I need to make this show longer because 15 minutes passes by so quickly. R&

T: (laughs)

N: Thank you again for joining me today. It's been an absolute pleasure having you here.

T: Thank you so much.

R: The closest that we can say to thank you is (17:35). Actually, what my great grandmother would have said is, all that you have given I hold in the highest regard, (17:42).

T: (17:42)

N: (17:45) Thank you. Now guys, I encourage you to share this video. You can do that by clicking on the Facebook and Twitter share buttons on this page. Download the app if you haven't done so already because you can actually watch the shows on the go now, you don't necessarily have to be on your computers. And make sure that you put your email on the box of this page as well, because I would love to send you the manifesting with the masters video e-course. It's valued at $87 and I would love to send it to you for free. So until next time, remember to live large, choose courageously and love without limits. We'll see you soon.

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