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Episode # 46   Stickability Nik Halik

About The Episode:

Natalie got to be a fly on the wall during an interview with fellow Aussie Nik Halik about what motivates him. After a rough start in life, Nik has managed to tick the following things off his list? he's became a self-made multi-millionaire by his late 20's, he's had lunch on the Titanic (the one 5 miles beneath the surface of the ocean), he has flown to the edge of space...

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Episode # 46 Stickability Nik Halik

Natalie: Hi, I'm Natalie Ledwell and this is the inspiration show. Now today if you are watching the shows, you might already know about the stickability project that I'm involve in, along with my friend Brick Bred is a film maker, a speaker and an author of many books including the number one best seller 3 Feet from Gold. Now, Brick is being commissioned by the Napoleon Foundation to interview the latest about time for a book of the movie stickability. Now, the cool thing is I have the amazing opportunity to be flying in the world for interviews and I can share these experiences and take a ways with you even before the book is established. Now, one of the amazing interviews was with fellow Aussie Nik Halik. Now, Nik had a very shaky life and he stop in various elements while he is confined on his home at the age of 8, he wrote himself a bucket list of the things he wanted to accomplish in his life. Now these are no ordinary list, now so far Nik has taking up his list his becoming a rock star he read a multi-millionaire status in this like 20's he had lunch at the balcony of the titanic and I do actually mean the titanic that is 5miles beneath the surface of the ocean, he summated some of the highest peaks in the world and actually near his birthday he parachuted near at the top of the Mt. Everest which is just incredible. He's flown at the edge of space on the soviet era mid 25 to view the cover of the earth and he was a back up crew in 2008 for Richard Gariot for the Russian space mission. So, basically he's an all around helman which is, what can I say breathing pretty tough in this area but even so, even Nik had this life, I think we could agree that Nik has been able to challenge himself of more than most of human beings have. So, in this interview when Nik was ask what keeps him going when things gets tough his answer was very interesting firstly he responded with a question and his question was well why quit, I was so like, he never say the sense in quitting anything what he is endeavor to do there is always a way to get through it now this seems to be the common thing with many of the immensely successful people that been interview in the book and this movie. They don't just accept failure as an option and always accept a challenge with the thought of, okay it's a bit of road block how do I get around this and never oh my god it's all over now Nik's advice to make yourself accountable to someone to help you to push through when things are getting tough because when you're accountable and you verbalize what you want to achieve it will commit you and motivate you to keep doing now Nik feels sorry from himself, he just basically compares himself to the disadvantaged people around the world and basically he tells himself to snap out of it because there is always something that is worst onto you and this helps to keep you more positive when things around you instead of all negative and working against you that my favorite answer of Nik when he was ask what motivates him to keep setting goals for himself, let's face it he already face a lot already but his answer was really interesting again he said he makes satisfaction works for him you see once he dissatisfied with anything in this life he seeks away to improve it. Now, this is very interesting just think about it just wondering if you would satisfy anything in your life I think this could be the great place to identifying what it can improve for that you know when you improve for yourself coz' remember when you focus on one goal at a time you have a greater chance of success. So, identify where you are most dissatisfy and focus on improving that area first. So, if you're wondering what's left in the spotted list what his focusing on now, what's focusing on this amongst other things, the big one that is left on the list is walking on the moon and knowing Nik I have no doubt that he'll achieve it. Well, I hope you enjoy the today's show and take the ways that I have from Nik Halik and I'm hoping on having him on the show very soon. So, look out for that video but in the mean time if you found any information here and useful and interesting you'd love to share the love just click the facebook and share the twitter buttons above well you know you can share that with friends and family. If you haven't done so already make sure to put your email on the box above there and we'll send you the 6 pre-made mind movies and we'll also help you up to date with all the upcoming shows. So, guys hope you enjoy the video. Until next time remember to live large, choose courageously and love without limits. I'll see you soon.

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