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Episode # 36   Spirit Junkie Book Review

About The Episode:

In Episode 36, Natalie travels to New York to interview Gabrielle Bernstein about her recent book "Spirit Junkie". Gabrielle explains how this book is a response to requests from readers of her first book, "Add More -ing To Your Life". Gabrielle wants listeners to know how important it is to look at all past experiences as divine prescriptions for spiritual growth, which is why she wrote "Spirit Junkie" about her own life.

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Episode # 36 Spirit Junkie Book Review

Natalie: Hi I'm Natalie Ledwell and this is The Inspiration Show. As you can see, we're not in the studio today, I'm actually in New York with my friend Gabrielle Bernstein, welcome to the show.

Gabrielle: Thanks, thanks for having me.

Natalie: And today we'll gonna be talking about Gabrielle's book Spirit Junkie which you are actually doing the book to enlighten up women.

Gabrielle: Yep, yep.

Natalie: I actually had the chance to read it on the plane on the way in here from San Diego and absolutely, thoroughly enjoyed it. now you are also the author of another book called...

Gabrielle: Add More --ing to Your Life.

Natalie: Add More --ing to your Life exactly. So what's different about this book? Why did you write this book?

Gabrielle: Add More --ing to Your Life is a much more prescriptive book, it's really 3 steps, 30 days, and it's all about making change and seeing change really happen fast, whereas this book was a response to many of --ing readers' request. Many of my --ing readers ask me to tell them more about my experience, tell them more about my story and be much more forthcoming about how I have transcended my fears and so I had to listen to my fans and say. Okay, this is what's gonna come next. And as a result to really following their request, I created a book which is my memoir but it's also a guide book and gives all the tools with which I have transformed my own perceptions as a student, a teacher for course in miracles. So I'm teaching the message of a course in miracles, through my own story and then giving the reader their own beautiful tools to take home immediately.

Natalie: Yep, you brought and found really awesome about this book is that you have what everything out there, you've actually been able to look back at past, businesses, past relationships, and being able to unemotionally, obviously it took you a wall to get there, look at that situation and understand the situation for what it was the part that you play, the part that the other person play, so how did you get to that point because that is so difficult for a lot of people to achieve?

Gabrielle: Yeah, that's really the practice of being a student of a course in miracles which is really welcoming all of your life experiences as divine assignments for spiritual growth. And so I've been able to look at all of my past experiences as, as difficult as they may have been, whether they'd be recovering from drug addiction or dealing with court dependency all of the fearful experiences that I had showed to believe in and use the principles of a course in miracles to help me transcend those old beliefs, and most importantly, they helped me forgive myself and others so that I can let go of the past and re-create a new present. Because over-holding on to that resentment and that all the way of being, we are just taking our pure-based projections from the past and bringing them to the present and enjoy.

Natalie: Yeah, the other thing I love about this book is that you talked about, you know, making spirituality a part of your day, you know I have certain spiritual beliefs, and you know, when I do Passion Peeps videos, one of the things that comes up all the time with people having their daily routine is connection to souls, so what are some things that you can tell people watching the video today that's in the book of how they can apply spirituality to their daily life?

Gabrielle: Yes, so this book is not a book on how to take my principles and make them yours, but rather it's a book to crack you open so that you can create a spiritual relationship of your own understanding. And so I'm here to just open up, tell my story, be part of example and give guidelines and tools so that the rear can create their own relationships to spirit. And so for me I talk about all the way the spirit has been intervening in my life through inspiration, through people, through intuition, through energetic feelings, through energy coming through my body, through riding, through all the different ways I received guidance and that's not necessarily say that's gonna be the same for every person, we are all different view calls and messengers and we were all challenged to receive in different ways and so this book is really just here to help the reader crack open so that they can allow that receptivity to occur, allow the connection to occur.

Natalie: Yep and like you've said in the book; You just have to make it human, that you're going to get life to it.

Gabrielle: that's right.

Natalie: And that's the first step to start it up. Now can you share a little bit love about the section with all the effort? Can you share a little bit about what you discussed about the effort?

Gabrielle: Yes, so this effort is forgiveness, and the process of forgiveness is really a spiritual practice, it's also the bed rock of the course in miracles; it's the primary principle that will help us restore our thoughts to love. And so as a woman practicing the effort, we have to become more man, we have to become conscious of those people and those experiences that we have been holding on to, all the resentments that we've been unwilling to let go of and first and foremost we don't want to put ourselves into the top of that list. And then we become open to receiving guidance; that means through prayer, through meditation, just setting the intention that you are willing to forgive, and through that daily commitment of willingness, that's when the guidance can step in. that's when you can receive all of the ultimate divine assignments that you need so that you can really show up for the practice of forgiveness and you may not exactly know how it's gonna happen but there's plan greater than yours and forgiveness will set in.

Natalie: Yes, so what are some of the feedback that you've been getting about the book?

Gabrielle: tremendous feedback, people all over the internet are emailing me, posting on twitter, posting on Facebook, saying that they ?re reading the book in the night and they are reading the book twice in a row, that they cannot put it down, it's become like a bible, and this is in 2 weeks of launching, so I know that there is a divine energy behind this book that is just wrapping the books out of the shelves and just getting books into people's boxes, and so the feedback has been tremendous, I expect miracles, I know that this is a New York Times best seller, and mark my words.

Natalie: Exactly, so if there's one thing that people walk away, walk from you know as a changing from reading this book, what do you think that would be?

Gabrielle: I hope... my intention for this book is that the reader can walk away knowing that there is a better way, knowing that there is a gentle ways of the way to live your life, that you can let go of all that controlling, manipulating and really allow yourself to be guided.

Natalie: Yep, you know the thing I love about the book is when you talked about the connection to spirit, how that just opens up a portal to love and once you have that regular connection, all the grays, all the drama, all the little bits and pieces of your life seem to melt away because you realized, it's just something important. Cause love is really all there is. And you were really able to articulate that over the book. I really enjoyed reading it. then guys, a highly recommended, and if you like to purchase Gabrielle's book, click on the banner to the side then you'll go through to the Amazon site and you could purchase it there, a bit high, highly recommended. Thanks for joining us again Gabrielle.

Gabrielle: Thank you, thank you all.

Natalie: And guys again, thanks for joining. Now remember, if you have any questions, please make sure that you leave them in the comment box below. And if you haven't done so already, just leave your email in the box above there, and we will offer you 6 pre made Mind Movies, and we will send you an email when the show is coming out, each time the show is coming out, so you can see what's coming up for the show. So until the next year, in the meantime, remember to live large, choose courageously and love without limits. We'll see you soon.

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