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Episode # 154   Special 'Gratitude Week' Edition: Gratitude Journals

About The Episode:

Mind Movies co-founder Natalie Ledwell invites students from her Ultimate Success Master Class on The Inspiration Show to discuss the positive affects that newfound appreciation and gratitude have had on their lives. As an exercise in her training program, Ledwell asked each student to create a journal and write down five things that they are thankful for each day. In honor of gratitude week, Ledwell speaks with each student on The Inspiration Show, to discuss the changes the student's have felt since starting a gratitude journal. Each individual shares the positive affect they have experienced from becoming consciously aware of daily blessings. Ledwell also explains how Mind Movies is supporting the families and animals affected by Hurricane Sandy.

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Episode # 154 Special 'Gratitude Week' Edition: Gratitude Journals

Natalie : Hi I'm Natalie Ledwell and welcome to day 4 of Gratitude week and the Inspiration Show. It's amazing to have you here so as you probably know this entire week has been dedicated to expressing gratitude for all that we have in our lives. Now we've received an incredible response on our blog, on our Facebook pages, buzzing with gratitude statements of people all over the world, I absolutely love it so thank you so much for joining in on the fun this week, I really hoped that you've been enjoying the free videos that I've been releasing as well.

Now today I have a very show plan for you; we'll all be bringing some of the students from my new ultimate master class success school. And they're going to share their personal gratitude journal experiences. But first, if you'd like to find out more information about how we giving back this week to the victims of hurricane Sandy, as well as allowing you access to some of their greatest products that up to 75% off, just click on the banner to the side there. Thanks in advance if you decide to come together with us and support those in need.

What are some of the changes or benefits that you've seen since you've been filling up your journal?

Person 1 : I definitely noticed that, I noticed more of the things that I'm happy about of my life and the things that are going well in my life. Sometimes in a busy days you forget to do that and so the Gratitude Journal really gives me an opportunity to reflect the really positive things that had been happening.

Person 2 : Well the changes are that you're more positive, you're appreciating the little things that are happening so of course that makes you happy over all. And what I found the biggest change is that once you've had experienced several experiences you've got going that you're not sure so you go step above of just not just yourself, agenda sharing it for others and trying to think of the daily basis what will think that you do to give someone else that experience, to give them that special moment in their day, maybe it was a bad day for them, or just a regular day or something special for them and so things like just giving a compliment, we all have thoughts of other people cheating, that dress looks great on her, or you know she looks specially pretty today but we keep it to ourselves. And we shouldn't. Why not share that? And it doesn't matter if it's a stranger or friend, especially if it's a friend, don't be afraid to open up and say something nice to someone, you don't know, just passing the street.

Person 3 : My thing that has found that was that gratitude, really positivity in like supports, and my actions, and my opportunity day to day, I guess thing is because you're focusing in positive and such array, it turn to explain the unhappiness and the negativity because you're really focusing on the positivity and to me that just encourages away forward and little, small steps. I guess I help to develop the mental strengths to overcome problems.

Person 4 : I think one of the biggest change has been that I'm taking that space every night just for me, so you sit down at the end of the day and think about what's really going well in my life today? What's what have I enjoyed? And taking that space every night is not necessarily a real pleasure but you end up appreciating so much in your life. It's not just the big things like the car, the home, and you know family and stuff like that, it's the really finest little things that it becomes a face that it's the secret space that capture falling in love with your life. And it makes such a difference because this, I mean we raise pack up in Indonesia, and we still have some friends out there and to me it's been a real quite in you. You know you used to be so intense but now you're so calm so I just think that it's helped me fall in love with my life so it changes everything.

Person 5 : You know I feel as if I have more blessing, it might just be that I'm noticing them more but I really do feel and noticed these blessings so it gives me more security and more happiness and really more faith actually, so that's the change on the inside. But you know there have been some changes on the outside too, I feel and it stills from the inside, I feel like I have more courage to investigate a business idea that I have and so I've taken some actions and before this I would have never done that. I have lots of ideas in my life, but I just haven't acted and now I'm at a point where I'm just ready to act. I feel like I've been paying attention, I've been blessed in the past, I'm okay now, you know despite having circumstances, I'm okay. And so why wouldn't I be okay to try something new you know. I'm trying and I hope that you know my business idea will help other people.

Natalie : So how hard is it for you to come up with 5 new things every day?

Person 2 : It's easier because you get more aware of thinking of the little things. You know I had great lunch with my girlfriend who really enjoyed it or my husband made an amazing supper. The other times, you might like it you might appreciate it but you don't really give the acknowledgement that you could and feel the gratefulness that you can have and that's an opportunity. So you get better as more you do it.

Natalie : Has have been hard to come up with 5 new things every day?

Person 1 : No, there are times I end up writing them 5 easily. It only takes about a half or so.

Person 3 : Sometimes, I had. Especially when you're tired when you come home. I felt some days... some days you're feeling more open to things than others and when I'm tired I found that... I got to think about this, I find that it just comes.

Person 4 : well at first it feels a bit clunky and a bit manufactured because you come "what am I doing this for?". I started at by doing the things that's obvious things like home, family, husband, friends, things like that but like I said you get to the point where you get into really tiny little things that really matter like I'm really grateful this morning I got to brush my teeth, in water out of the tap. Thank God! You know and I really I'm really grateful for that. So you get to appreciate not just the big things but the little things and I think everybody got little things in their life that they can appreciate, blue sky, sunshine, you know having this meal, having the opportunity to go out and go for a walk...

Person 5 : Sometimes it is, but I find that when I focused on actually my 5 senses and like I can appreciate every day. It feel like, it feels like the whole world has conspired to bring me my you know hot shower, running hot cold water, and you know it rains, the raindrops sort of sneaking me out here they come through purification system and you know just thinking about all that it takes to get anything into my hands. A pear, you know all the people who worked trim the trees, and fertilize them and spray them and pick the stuff and packaging, you know you just start think that all goes into this blessing. Small small things can fill up the whole world is conspiring in the center of this wonderful world.

Natalie : And so what's something that you're grateful for today?

Person 1 : I'm always grateful for my son, he's really the inspiration for me to do well in life and to meet the goals that I have set up for myself. I'm always grateful for that and in general just my family and friends, just the people in my life.

Person 2 : I am very grateful you Natalie. I am so thankful that crossed paths and get to learn these extra skills from you but also I met amazing people through you, you don't even know about. And form an ultimate success master class, I'm actually gonna be meeting with some of them, we're planning in doing some great things in charities together and that is to be a part of that youth like how could this have never happened? And it's amazing, the changes and help that you could do to other people.

Person 5 : Well you know I've said taken some action steps, I realized that I would need some business counsel, some business advice. So in I don't think every stay, we have the service core of retired executives and I went and asked them if I could have a mentor and they said "yes of course" and I went and saw him today and he has helped me, he's just phenomenal, he was a--in USA I.D. way up there somewhere, he's very wise, very reasonable and he knows just what I need to do to continue taking these actions that's in the right direction. So I went and saw him today and I just feel so grateful. That's a free service you know, that's just give it to me on my plate and wow!

Person 3 : I'm grateful to have this opportunity, to talk to you because it's really lovely to see you face to face after all this time. Or is this face to face anyways. And I think I'm grateful for the opportunity to actually have this, this one on one with you. Also I'd like to really thank you personally for this videos that has made already to my life and I feel that to you I am participating in is really sending me forward and leaped some bounds and I'm not that now, I'm 64 so to this feel so there's still so much in front of you for and I really loved this program, I hope that I will well I'm pretty sure I'm gonna use it again and again because I've have quite a few of the goals I want to attain and you just find us some really good reason to taking us through so step by step and a little become some adjustment the longer.

Natalie : Well I hope you enjoyed this special edition of the inspiration show. Remember to find out how you can access some of the greatest life changing systems and help the people and the animals who were devastatingly affected by hurricane Sandy, you just need to click on the banner to the side there. And remember to practice gratitude by posting what you're grateful for below. So until next time, remember to live large, choose courageously, and love without limits. We'll see you soon.

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