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Episode # 113   Shawn Stevenson

About The Episode:

Nutrition expert Shawn Stevenson stops by The Inspiration Show today to talk about health, and the importance of the type of food we put in our body. After battling a severe spine disease for years, Shawn laid in bed one night and decided to change his health, and his life for good. In 6 weeks he lost 22 pounds and cut his body fat percentage in half. His personal battle has led him to help tens of thousands of people get healthy, and happy.

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Episode # 113 Shawn Stevenson

Natalie: Today on the show, I'm speaking with expert nutritionist, Shawn Stevenson who shares his inspiring stories of how he overcome a degenerate back condition through nutrition and through the mind to be now following his passion and helping people all around the world. So stay tuned.

Hi I'm Natalie Ledwell and this is the inspiration show, and today I have with me a special guest is the fabulous, Mr. Shawn Stevenson. Hi Shawn, How are you?

Shawn: Hi Natalie, How are you?

Natalie: I'm good, I'm Excellent. Now, the reason I have you here is because you have an exceptionally inspiring story after, you know of you've been able to get through after you had a pretty bad diagnosis back when you were quite young. So we might start off with a little bit about your background and about this story of yours.

Shawn: Okay, well I'm coming from a traditional standard American family and I went to the standard traditional university to get my education and always going well and I was an inspiring athlete and all of a sudden I had a hard time holding my left leg, for whatever reason. And I thought it was some kind of a nagging injury from training or something worst. And eventually I went to see the doctor and I felt the strange he haven't going quite MRI at my spine when thing was in my leg. So we had that procedure done and actually took look at my spine and put it put for me to see and he said Shawn you have a spine an eighty years old. And it was this time like it was devastating to see it, my disk and my spine we're hanging at the back and you know it was just really unsettling for me and I ask him what do we need to do to fix me and he look at me of this kind of piddling look and said I'm sorry son there's nothing we can do. And there it will register to my brain that he could say that to me. So I ask him again ?What do we need to do to fix me up?? And he said.. Shawn, like I sad you have a spine of an eighty year old. We can manage this, we can give you medication.? And you'll ask him ?should I change my way of eating, should I exercise differently?? he said. No, no there's nothing to do what you're eating, there's nothing what you're putting in your mouth. You know, so that's the paradigm I was dealing with. You know, just me be, not really owning, not having that sovereignty I just pass my help for him and I listen to him and that extra years I was in Trammel's mark pay and looking back I was kind a talk about, I'm kind of choke up now, actually, I can't believe that that was me in my life. For two years I spent, and I had to medicate myself. With prescription medication, every night just to sleep at night because the pain by shifted the position would wake me up. Alright to make a long story short, not to get to much the sad part, I was one very transformational moment. I was one night I was about to take my medication and go to bed and I thought about all my family members who had so many hopes for me who thought about all my family members who had so many hopes for me who thought I was such a great person and that I was gonna achieve so much and I really thought of my grandmother and I just, I couldn't believe that my life had turned out this way and I was done, I couldn't believe that it takes it anymore. I made decision that night that wasn't going to settle for less than I can be, do, or have for that moment forward, I'm going to get well, come what may and that the first night I slept through the night for in two years. I slept eight hours, woke up the next day and I had this new energy about me and this is the kind of time around my introduction of the law of attraction and I set out that day and I script it out-plan for my self. I basically started to move my body to exercise but again to make the long story shorter, six weeks, I've lost thirty pounds. I went from about twenty-two percent body fat around nine percent body fat at that time which is just completely unheard of. It was like 21.6 % body fat but my energy came back, my vitality, all the pain was gone and I went beck to get check out to have X-rays and all stuff done and the doctor just he couldn't even explain what happened and he begin to consume all of the health and wellness materials I could get on and shifted my degree so I shifted books with biology and bio-chemistry in school and from there, people saw the transformation that happen and started asking questions that led to my profession and since I've literally impacted the life of tens of thousands of people and their health and I've seen so amazing things and my life being so tremendous blessing. I went through the dark part, you know, most heroes kinda get their story and now I'm just so grateful. I admit the tremendous life of abundance and success that I never thought it was possible.

Natalie: You know when I hear that story you talk about that time when you set your intention, you know how important it is to go. You know what now I decide, now this is my new life now I'm choosing to make different choices and do different things and so since then I know that you've got your degree and everything but you become a quite of expert in nutrition. And I know that you've work like tens of thousands of people, I've see you on T.V., I've see you on radio shows and so what are the type of people you are working with? Like what ailments that do people have when they normally to come seeing you?

Shawn: Okay, well I see it all; I mean I've seen you know of course the standard traditional cancer of the brain, of the breast. I just finish with my clients today with dealing with fibers and tumors today, a breast cancer situation. I even rare stuff like rocky mountain fever, you know all kinds of rare stuff and we've been. Our success record is so great and that's what I most really inspire by eating up in the morning, it's being able to provide people with solutions. My big mantra is to go natural first. Do everything that you could possibly do, tell to create the conditions in your body where your body does what you normally does, which is to heal and a big part of underlying cause of disease is basically you know some kind of a blockage in a flowing system. As you know, working the field that you do, everything is about vibration, everything is about frequency. We have this subtle energy around us and this thing get glided. You know not just with our thoughts and our feeling and also the food that we eat is very important. What I like to tell people is that food is not just food, is information.. So it's asking the question, What kind of information am I programming my genes to do, my cells going to express once I eat this Twinkie, you know this fried snickers bar or whatever that random thing is or versus you know that powerful food in the world that I like to share with people, I'm about not about speaking thing of people I'm about introducing things to people that they never had before, you know all pundits that have access to but you have to free your mind, you have to free yourself form that kind of run the meal, standard American you know western diet and actually get your self expose to all these abundance that we have access to.

Natalie: You know and that's the thing? Do you find its lack of information like I know like a lot of people realize that McDonald's are not good for you for you, French fries are not good for you. But are there food out there we are not really aware are doing is dangerous?

Shawn: Absolutely, I can just share with everyone; one of the big ones is coming head out. I'm just with my client, she just told me they have... She's a kindergarten teacher. Peanut free rooms now at the school. Like you could never bring a peanut you should never cross that door way and also there's a lot of children now that are gluten sensitive or?uhm excuse me they are gluten allergies and this is something I've never see before and why this is that when I went to school to talk food pyramid at the university. I was told by my client he consume 6-11 servings a day, a particular whole wheat now it has a particular protein called gluten and we know it can be inflammatory but also has a compound called leptons and leptons, they actually bypass in your small intestines where they actually absorbs your nutrients. They can basically board their way into your intestine. Lumen and get into your blood exiting protein, Now that's sounds kinda French to everybody but what that means is those extra proteins get into your blood it's kinda incite an inflammatory response while a neural. What is in your body's gonna attack it. It should be all good; we could eat our entire wheat bagel. We could eat our whole wheat bread. I mean there's no big problem, but not so because our immune system is hyper intelligent it that anything that looks like that protein, I need to go and destroy it. So see the protein sequence is BBAB your thyroid might be DBBADB so there's a part of your thyroid that has the same sequence and your immune system go and start to destroy your thyroid that's how homino... For example. It's been happening in your part of hope you need, you know so? It's not that... You know people are just there not trying, it's just we've kind got bad information and we're eating a lot of times of food that we are told are healthy that are just not healthy. We really want to refer to is eating real foods. I like Jacqueline quote she says ?If man made it, don't eat it? It is the process food, you know. See you understand it's not I can't ever have bread, It's just please understand the effects gonna have in your system especially somebody has a disposition towards it's immunity. It can really set that off and I talk about this stuff. You know this the robust, typecast and nearly going death so I was trying to make it small and small that meets the system right.

Natalie: Well wanted to go back just a little bit when you talk about your journey and how then months to able lose weight to deal better and you know and for back to be better state. Were you using law of attraction then? Like what's the relationship between that and that of the power of your mind?

Shawn: Well, first of all is like what I said, everything is about frequency and vibration and mines are just this amazing ocean of atom that constantly vibrating and we don't think about the fact that our food is the same thing it carries a certain frequency or vibration. This stuck a middle of regret and say we so to you an inspiring event and get really motivated and very excited and then we go from there right to the buffet and get our selves low vibration foods. Well there we not carry that wattage, were not able to carry that energy that we pick up our environment because we're carrying these lower energy vibrational foods in our bodies. So what I encourage people to do is especially there interested in extracting the most powerful and abundant wife possible is to really be consensus of their food choices and start to really stack conditions in their favorite bring most powerful food in their body and watch the magic that could happen there. That was my personal bridge. You know. I don't know any of this stuff. I could really care less but true food is very easily higher vibration intelligence, higher vibration messages. We have all genius within us. You know but it's really? I can get tampered because everything you eat affects the way you think immediately and then immediately affect the way you feel and it also affect? you know the literal solidness of your brain; for example you eat a particular food, it's going an inheriting affect?you know your dermas and is not declassing your brain all those speak fancy words but this is not a joke but we just we kinda got through life in an unconscious state, it's kind of consuming and I encourage people from that level 1 of unconscious so level 2 which is semi-conscious from where we know that these stuff is not good for us and got to work of it, we were thinking about it. Eventually you've gone all through a state of consciousness to where you just attract the best food ever all the time. That what a button I push. So it's not even a question for me, it just inherently shows up in my life and it's through? you know the law and actually making a decision about what is it that I want, What my standard is and then of course feeling it and then of course going of world in acting part.

Natalie: Shawn you are so passionate about nutrition and helping people in this role it's just it come through so much in the video today. Your story is so inspiring and you and Larry are well be might go to guys when it comes to this aboard information. So what What I like to do with it?if you click on that banner to the side you actually go to a site, we have been? a form an alliance. We will be bust and with you Shawn and if you want to find out all about that exciting project that we've been working on, just click to the banner to the side there. Shawn, Thank you so much for joining me today; you are amazing.

Shawn: Natalie, I appreciated so much. Thank you.

Natalie: Now guys I encourage you to share this video and all of the information in it by clicking the Facebook and the Swishy buttons above. And if you haven't done so already may you actually e-mail in the box above here because we'll send you? We actually gonna send?I would like to send you my manifesting with the masters video a course it's dated $87 and I like to send it to you for free. And the masters including in this course are people like Bob Proctor, Massi Schiemoff, myself, John Asaraf. So actually you put your e-mail in the boxes I can send that to you for free. So until next time remember to life large, choose courageously and love without limits, We'll see you soon.

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