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Episode # 119   Shanda Sumpter - Heart Core Woman

About The Episode:

Natalie Ledwell is excited to bring on Shanda Sumpter, the CEO of Heart Core Woman, a company dedicated to helping women entrepreneurs build a business online. Shanda Sumpter is like dynamite for blasting past whatever's stopping wanna-be entrepreneurs from starting their own online business. She explains how the number 1 challenge for many women today is lack of clarity, and then reveals a step-by-step process anyone can use to discover their true mission in life.

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Episode # 119 Shanda Sumpter - Heart Core Woman

Natalie : Today on the show, I'm speaking with Shanda Sumpter from Heartcore Women who talks about the ply of women entrepreneurs these days, what they can do to get up super procrastination, and has a wonderful announcement about a live stream she was doing on August 10, so stay tuned.

Hi I'm Natalie Ledwell and this is the Inspiration Show and today my guest is the lovely Shanda Sumpter, hi Shanda. How are you?

Shanda : I'm great Natalie. How are you?

Natalie : I'm excellent. Now we have some really exciting stuffs to talk about today. Especially towards the end of some live event that you've got coming, awesome. But before we start, can you just tell everyone what you're background is and what it is that you do?

Shanda : well, that's a big story, but what I do today is I'm the CEO and I call myself a Queen Visionary for Heartcore Women and my background really was a lot about chasing the power, chasing the money, living in corporate America. I've had 3 different careers now real estate, in the night club in the streets in Las Vegas, and now coach which is something that I always wanted to do since I was a little girl.

Natalie : Right. So you grew up in Canada, right?

Shanda : hmm. Hmm.

Natalie : But you live here in the US now.

Shanda : I do. I'm a dual citizen.

Natalie : Right. Okay. So tell us about Heartcore Women, is this like a community for women? What is this?

Shanda : Well, when I started Heartcore Women, I started really with a very general vision, which was to help women entrepreneurs, really do what they love in the world and make lot of money in doing that. But it's more find to so much more than just a business coaching school or training for women who want in to businesses. We now have a better vision and very actively seeking out other women leaders, that are up to empowering women and join venturing with them and working with them on a doable scale to create a platform so that women can tap into it and get whatever they need and what whenever lovable journey they get in.

Natalie : Awesome. Wonderful. So what you say is the number one challenge the women are facing today?

Shanda : Clearly, I think a lot of women, you know I was just talking to a friend of mine before who actually came on your show, and we're talking about the fact that a lot of women don't get that part of the journey to success is so much to do with following face, so much to do with making huge mistakes and so many matters in your life and I think a lot of women wake up and said divorce in a wrong place in my life or I've tried starting a business and I'm still not making money out of it. And so I think the huge mistake that a lot of women make is they're not making out for themselves, they're not make about you know it's part of the process, to be able to be successful, and that's a huge, it's a huge mistake in mind set, as you know is the prevalent success in our time.

Natalie : Right. So what in your opinion, what's your experience with women that are starting business, is that to me they seems to be as big, you know the wave of women coming towards entrepreneurship out of the fact that they don't have any other choice. You know what's your experience with them?

Shanda : I think it's a good time and I think that's a hundred percent on you and I think that you know I'm not a big fan to say that it's about your cunning although I do understand it's a big shift to your life. But you know honestly, some people are driving right now and some people are losing their jobs right now. And I really believed that you know what's happening in your life right now is a complete representation of what you want so deeply deep down inside. If things are falling apart around you right now, it's not happening to, it's happening for you to move on urging direction that you really wanna go and I think that I think what we really got walked up, is the fact that we start to say like it's the internal conversation that this is wrong, you start to judge it, you start to judge yourself so you know if you're losing you job right now, it's to shame probably wanna start your own business.

Natalie : Yeah. Exactly. So we would mention talking before how, when you're starting a business focusing on the money is not the one thing necessary to do.

Shanda : Yeah. So, now or so completely transparent now or so more than ever. I've been having these almost automatic experiences in my business. I think that there's two types of people, there's a creator which means that you absolute have to focus on making a certain amount of money, you need to pay your rent, you need to feed your pets, you need to take care of your bills and your responsibilities. But once you, you know, once you get that knowledge, which there's a million coaches, there's a million you know successful clues as we all know. There's ways to do that, that work and that's the easy tactical stuff to learn, then let's work on your mind set with that. But then you move in to what's call, I call, you know the innovator. You know the receiver in you. And at that point you get more innovated and more I would say what's more experiencing hard work from now. Financially, a success-wise are company build every single mind, it continues to build. And it just as the Auto-pilot, because of what we do in the world has a huge need for it. But now when I work, I'm actually thinking, with this project, how can I help life, how can I help my joint venture partners. Yes I want to help my clients a hundred and ten percent but how can I make sure that I show up for my partners as well? And that's the mantra are giving. And I think that that opportunity and that information's always been available to me but I think there's a line where you go from manipulating it to actually embodying it. That's where the shift happens in your world a hundred percent. Relationships, business, all of that.

Natalie : You told me that giving without wanting to receive. You know you told me about giving without artery life.

Shanda : Yeah. It's giving with a purpose. Like if you were building your company, there's one thing it's like you're a part of the equation and what it is that you want, and there's what it is that you're providing and you're never gonna get there unless you have an amazing network or partners around you, I mean that would be a huge success for both of us. And but all of that requires you to give to yourself, give to your clients and make sure you're taking care of your partner and I think a lot of time for your building business, or going after that relationship, you're in it a lot of times for yourself, and you treat yourself. And so if things aren't working, you need to take a step back, maybe interview some of your friends or people you've worked with before and say how'd I show up? And I guarantee you there's a level of just taking going on because you always received what it is you give. It's really hard to see sometimes. But it's the life changing moment that has everything work.

Natalie : You know my husband and I was discussing this the other day about how it's you know, we discuss about what would happen if we lost everything, you know we have this incredible life, incredible business, we're helping people around the world, we get to go San Diego in the summer, what would happen if we lost it all. And that fear is what drives my husband sometimes go right and wanna make sure that we do that but for me it's like, well I just have this trust, and it's earning through you know actually walking to talk that go I have this trust that whatever happens whether we lose it all, we will just do something else, you know and because of the work that we already done that happens already inside me, so regardless of what we are doing I would still be that to have that happiness. And I think that if you carry that through everything, you know, I think that loss of fear sometimes can be the driving fact that can hold us back.

Shanda : oh yeah. Absolutely, a hundred percent. And you are an extraordinary woman, and so that's why you and mind movies and the business that you're putting out to the world and the impact that you're having is all about that, that's a huge element as being successful but you know, we were actually just talking about this before I came here as well and I said it's all about faith isn't it?

Natalie : Exactly, trust and faith, that everything will work out.

Shanda : Yeah and a true entrepreneur so if you failed before, you probably a true entrepreneur.

Natalie : Exactly. I don't want to talk about the many businesses that Glenn and I have been involved to. Okay so let's say that you're a woman watching the video or man for that matter, he's and entrepreneur or a very known entrepreneur and the funny they kept coming across obstacles. What's something that they can do to pass those?

Shanda : What do you mean by that? They're coming across obstacles?

Natalie : Well let's just say there's something that you know whether they it's procrastination, you know lack of faith, something like that, what can I do to get themselves to more positive minds?

Shanda : Comes a lot to do with what's we were just talking about with giving, so I always say you have to know what is your selfish mission like what's in it for you, what's your business mission, and what's your client impact mission? And those three things, if you're struggling, one of those is out of the line or maybe even all three are out of the line. And so you have to know when you're going into the project, if you're procrastinating, I guarantee you there's definitely fear stopping you from moving forward, I think that's, I've given them a lot of you know a lot of our people better attracted does to understand, but the way to overcome that is to get absolutely 100% clear about what you're up to. So for instance when some of our clients cause we help women build businesses online, we help them build their client base, we help them figure out the message, get their clarity, their niche, and then how do you market that so within the next 12 months which is really realistic, you have a business that's taking care of you, your family, your dreams. And so when you're literally you know in a process of building that out, procrastination is a huge thing that comes out for a client and so I always have them check back, okay watch your selfish mission on this, watch your business mission on this, if you're doing like a client build, you know any sort of a teleconference or something like that or you're putting out a project in the world that you're helping people but your business mission is to build a client list that you're going to serve later and you bring on experts that have no following, it's completely off your mission. And so I see that a lot of times, I see that I see women not being, and men, not being very clear about what they're doing and so you know an old spiritual friend of mine always said 'Shanda, if you don't stand for something, you're gonna fall for everything'. And that's exactly what happens, so procrastination is a sister to perfectionism, so you can always find that you're trying to get perfect someone, which is leading back to childhood belief that you're not good enough for something that's going on. So just get clear, the only way to go procrastination is to do it.

Natalie : I love it. Okay. Let's talk about the live stream cause this is very exciting. 'Coz the one thing that you do to Heartcore women is just incredible, the support, the community, that you built. So tell us about the live stream.

Shanda : So the live stream has a lot of components too, but I think the most important thing is that 3 hours of co-created content, and if you're a woman you'll love this idea, we co-created this over the last few months where I joint venture, it's like the view, like the view for women entrepreneur so I wanted to be a show I didn't wanted to be all content I wanted it to have a level of entertainment and a level of inspiring stories 'coz we need that sometimes and like a structure of strategy as well, on the top things that really made a difference in our business that were applying today in today's economy. And so we co-created it, it's 3 hours, it's broken up into 3 hours so it's segmented and I co-created it with, I don't know if you know Valerie Young, she wrote a book on it's called the impostor syndrome, it's how I paraphrase this but it's the secret thoughts of successful women so basically, procrastination is in her book and what you're avoiding because you're doing it, I mean I've given it to so many my clients out 'coz it's such an incredible book, you start to realize 'I'm not crazy, it's really, this is normal'

Natalie : Yeah. I know, I'm not anyone this is in my mind all the time.

Shanda : Yeah. Though we're giving such valuable strategy, Natalie. Like one of the lady is you know for a lot of people starting the business you need publicity. And so one of the lady is doing a Welsh, she is incredible, I get it from the Forbes and you know she was not too long ago on not Oprah but who's Oprah's best friend, Gayle?

Natalie : Gayle King.

Shanda : Yeah. She was just on her show, Success Magazine, she basically has a crafted ability to be able to go out there and how these people notice you even if you don't have a big list, you don't have a big following, to have them cover you which they're looking for great people too, right? They have huge you know huge content and she was to fill and so and then Acacia you know which I don't know if you know her but you guys should definitely can hang which is why I swim in there. She does this whole high in commit person which is fascinating; I getting you pass that stuff that stops you.

Natalie : And you know we just finished her resealing hypnosis and how powerful it is to you know create an abundance of mind set and yeah, awesome.

Shanda : You know I got a masters on that.

Natalie : Really? No.

Shanda : One of my discoveries in trying to figure out what I want to do when I grow up so one of the things I definitely noticed is that we danced around our biggest desire so much of our life until we finally step in on our own, take a stand for what it is that we that we're gonna do in our life, for me that's definitely being a business coach for women.

Natalie : Yeah. Awesome. Okay, so when is the telecom, when is the stream?

Shanda : The live stream is gonna be on August 10 and will start at 3pm specific to 6pm Eastern, I go with 3 hours with a break in-between.

Natalie : Wonderful. Now if you click on the banner to the side, you actually go through to the site to find out all the details, about the guest and everything. So Shanda thank you so much for joining me here today. Make sure that you click on the banner there to go through and find out all about that live stream. And guys I encourage you to share this video and all the information in it, and you can do that by clicking the Facebook and the Twitter share buttons above. And if you haven't done so already, make sure that you put your e-mail on the box above there, I would love to send you my manifesting with the masses video echoes, it's voided $87 and it includes masses like Bob Proctor, Gervatali, Masessaimoth, and I'd like to send it to you for free. So make sure that you put your e-mail on the box there to get that. So until next time, remember to live large, choose courageously, and love without limits. We'll see you soon.

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