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Episode # 168   Science of Stillness

About The Episode:

Today, Natalie Ledwell speaks with co-founder of The Science of Stillness, Tom Cronin. Tom previously worked in the stressful environment of the financial industry for 26 years until he discovered the powerful healing power of meditation. Tom explains that, after overcoming anxiety, stress, and depression with this holistic practice, he felt it was his duty to share his knowledge with the world. Tom became certified as a meditation coach and successfully educated friends, family, and co-workers. The company soon expanded to an expanding online platform, Science of Stillness, that uses distinct sounds as a tool to quiet the mind and improve concentration. Tom continues to teach individuals around the world about the physical, mental, and emotional benefits derived from meditation. The unique approach to meditation utilizes scientific research to create a sound specific to each individual user. Science of Stillness hosts retreats and live seminars, in addition to the online platform, to encourage individuals to reach the highest level of consciousness.

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Episode # 168 Science of Stillness

Natalie: Today on the show I'm speaking with Tom Cronin from One Great Find. And he breaks down the benefits of meditating and how it can absolutely change our lives and how it can change yours. So, stay tuned.

Natalie: Hi, I'm Natalie Ledwell and this is The Inspiration Show coming to you from beautiful Sydney. And today my special guest is Tom Cronin from One Great Find. How are you?

Tom: Good, thanks Nat. It's great to be here.

Natalie: Fellow Aussie. I'm trying to do a whole range of shows which has some fellows Australians that they're doing some amazing things around the world. So, Tom why don't we start first with your story cause you have a really inspirational story where you were to where you are now.

Tom: Yeah I've been in finance for 26 years working as a broker and hectic trying to roam floors and I started this, a very young 19 year old. And I got caught up in the very hectic phase of the finance market and I've been there for 26 years. And the last number of years after going through a very big transition point of having a lot of anxiety and panic attacks and even suffering from depression after getting involved in some of the extra curricular activities that comes with trading markets. I decided to look for alternative avenues for healing and I found a very powerful meditation technique and it was so transformative that I actually decided that I wanted to teach this. It change my life literally within weeks and I took upon myself to do teacher training and I learned how to teach this technique and started teaching people how to meditate using this very powerful stillness session practice. And then we have converted that into an online platform where people can access this from all around the world. We found that it was a bit limited and how many people that could access and I want to literally change the world. And we found that the only way we could do that was to get to the online media and that's why we converted science to stillness.

Natalie: I mean that's the thing, going from something stressful, I don't think that there is another profession that is most stressful than the financial industry. So, did you start teaching other people in the financial industry first and then started branching out from there?

Tom: Yeah I put it out that I was a teacher and obviously the people I was coming to contact were a lot of people in finance, so naturally that was where a lot of my students came from. But then it was through family and friends and referrals and it just started to spread from there.

Natalie: I know that you and your partner Nick have a product called the science of stillness, so what is that all about?

Tom: Well it's the worlds first where the technique I teach, you get a particular stillness sound and that sound is your tool that you use to quiet the mind. And we created a platform where the platform itself will actually select the appropriate sound for each person that gets membership which is the first time that's ever been done. The science of stillness is holistic approach to wellness, it's an online platform of meditation but it's also 6 other modules on nutrition, on exercise, on yoga, on spirituality, on thought forms and a better understanding on your body and your body types. So it's a very holistic and all inclusive approach to wellness and life changing.

Natalie: Right. So we often talk about meditation, I mean obviously you're stress free or you can live nights stress with meditations but what are some of the benefits that people get from meditating.

Tom: It's such a broad spectrum of benefits that come from meditation. I always start with the base which is the physical body and when I start telling my students that meditation is as much about your body as it is about spirituality, they get kind of surprise by that. But the body, it has its ability to operate, there's an intelligence within the body and they will operate at the highest level. So once we removed the mind where a lot of the negative dog marries and that happens when we meditate. What happens then is that the body's natural healing intelligence will actually start to operate and you get this beautiful re-organization that goes on within the body like its starting to renovate itself. And you know, blood pressure, cholesterol, abnormalities of bio chemical imbalances like low serotonin levels, low melatonin, low oxytocin, make you feel depressed and anxious, we get this rebalance and everything going on with that which is really powerful. So what the first thing that happens is the physiological shift in the body as the body starts to feel more organized, more revitalized and a lot more happier. And then from there we can get more spiritual experiences. We get advance state of consciousness where you're living within the world but you're not actually owned by the world, you sort of detached from it, in order to move effortlessly through this wonderful collage of life without being owned by and defined by these random events that happened in the relative field of life.

Natalie: So what you're saying, we see life from a different perspective.

Tom: Absolutely! It's been proven that the universe is so observant and dependent and we're all seeing the world through the veneer of observation. Instead of mind changes, instead of consciousness changes, the way we see the world is very different as well. And what might be one thing to one person is very different to another person and that depends on the state of consciousness. That's why we believed in our personal transformation causes, we put the meditation technique at the bases of it because stillness sessions are so powerful and shifting instead of consciousness that enables you to actually implement the rest of the change whether it's dieting or getting healthier or being more creative in your work or having more loving relationships. You really need to remove the stress and the limiting set of abnormalities that are in the system that restrict our ability to have these wonderful experiences.

Natalie: Yeah exactly. And that's the thing too, I find it when we perceived something or look at something, it's always tainted by a path experience and now our path on that subject or our path on limiting beliefs, you know anything like that. If we have a belief that say money is bad then every time we look at money, it taints the way that we perceived it. So what you're saying is meditation helps to eliminate those filters.

Tom: Yeah absolutely. You know we call them vaseners, vaseners instead of the mind the whimsical thought forms that we have, vigor up all your life with your parents saying that money is bad or you know, you had some religious indoctrination that said that you shouldn't have money because it's a bad thing. Then it's gonna really restrict your ability to credibly express yourself from being abundantly wealthy. And so what, when we transcend in the stillness session, we get beyond that dogma, that vasener, we connect to a fundamental truth that it's not bad or good. This is about the freedom of expression of your own in creative potential and allowing that expression to flow through you without the inhibiting factors of conditioning through society, politics, religion, family conditioning.

Natalie: So when we talk about meditating, are we talking about meditating for hours, like how long do you meditate?

Tom: Yeah. In science stillness we really have removed any dialogue around meditation because it's a lot of pre conceived ideas about what meditation is. We call it stillness sessions and you get your stillness sound and with the stillness session it's 20 minutes, where you sit comfortably in a chair, you don't have to be lotus, you don't have to wear robe so you don't have to shave your hair which is a great relief. It's one of those things where we don't have to get caught up in a dogma of religions; it's just a simple process of sitting in the chair comfortably, closing your eyes and repeating your own personal stillness sound. Meditations, there are various forms of meditations, some of them one hour, some of them much longer than that, some of them are just mowing the lawn or going for a walk. Stillness sessions are different, you get your stillness sound, you sit in a chair and you're meditated, and that stillness sound will quiet down the intellect, the noise of the mind and take it beyond that level of thought to what we call pure consciousness.

Natalie: It's an interesting thing because most people think that when you meditate you have to clear your mind and they always say that's kind of impossible. How can you clear your mind of all thoughts because there's always things coming in? So by focusing on a sound, what you are doing, aren't is clearing your mind but just focusing on that one sound. So is the sound different for different people?

Tom: There are multiple sounds, there's not million and millions of sounds in this tradition, in this technique. There are various forms of sounds and each person will get a specific sound. That sound has a particular frequency and what's happening here is you will have thoughts in your stillness sessions like all meditation. People have a pre conceived idea that meditation is about not having a thought and when they have a thought they get frustrated and think that it's not working which is actually not the case. It's a mechanical process that happens when the mind quiets down and using that stillness sound and the body quiets down due to that synergistic relationship. The body will start to re organize itself and that activity of re organizing itself will stimulate the mind and bring you back to thinking. So one thing I teach inferably is that sounds, thoughts in your stillness sessions is actually part of the mechanical process of upgrading. What happens with the sounds is that they have a frequency and when we're in a very stress state, we usually hit out for a bit of brain waves state and the repetitions of those sounds will take the mind and synchronized it to the frequency of that sound to the delta brain waves state which is a D meditative state.

Natalie: Well, I never heard anyone articulate, or talked about meditations so knowledgeably. How long have you been doing this?

Tom: I've been meditating for 17 years, studied in India, in Bali and in Australia. And I've been teaching for 5 years now and part of that teaching program is very intense, you know a lot of sounds screwed, a lot of vivid knowledge and study, fundamental truths of vivid wisdom in India and Australia and we cope right that into the teaching and it's really from a very scientific base which is, I think very relevant in our society today because in the Western world we like things validated with science. In East they kind of connect things in a more spiritual, theoretical level and they just connect with it where as here we need to have a scientific data to support it. And that's what I think is really important, we can back this up with very strong scientific data which is why we call that program the science of stillness.

Natalie: So I know that you've got amazing benefits from it but do you have anything like a success stories that you can share with people that have been using your technique.

Tom: Yeah I've got a great success story. I had a woman come up to me just the other day, I was at a picnic down the road on a beach and she came up to me and she said "You're Tom Cronin?" and I said, "Yes, I'm Tom Cronin" and she said "I have to thank you because I've got your science of stillness program and I've been doing it for about 4 months and my entire life has changed and I have to offer you gratitude, send my businesses gone three times, my relationships flourished, I'm not stressed and cranky with my children anymore and it really has been a life changing experience for me" and we get letters like this everyday now, people thanking us for the experience that we've offer them through the science of stillness program which is really exciting and that's what we do it for is it, we really just want to bring this into other peoples lives like it came into mine and it was very transforming in my life and I feel that its time for me to put it out there so other people can experience it as well.

Natalie: Awesome. So if people wanna found out more about you and in the work that you do, where can we send them?

Tom: Science of stillness is where the platform is but they can access it and our overall parent company is One Great Find, within that we do retreats and live seminars, we're making an amazing feature film called the stillness effect which is gonna be really documenting the power of this technique which is very exciting, we're very excited about that. So One Great Find is the parent company that will find primarily everything all about us in that.

Natalie: So we keep an eye for these guys, they got a movie coming up hopefully this year and you have some sort of people you got on board to help you with this project.

Tom: Yeah we're discussing things with the directors of the sacred and what the bleb do we know and we got a wonderful ability with special effects from Benjamin Button and we would like to be reaching out to Oprah Winfrey and Ellen DeGeneres and Jerry Stanford and to Nikita from the red hot chili peppers out there, we love to talk to you people that are doing amazing things and living amazing lives and meditating at the same time and how much that transformed your life and the wonderful message that it has to the masses.

Natalie: Thank you for joining me today.

Tom: Awesome, it's been great. Thank you for listening.

Natalie: Now guys I encourage you to share this information and the video. You can do that by clicking the Facebook and Twitter share buttons above. And if you haven't done so already make sure that you put your e-mail on the box above there. I'd love to send you my Manifesting with the Masters video Echoes, its got masters like Bob Proctor, John Assaraf, Joe Vitale, its valued 87 dollars and I'd like to give it to you for free. So make sure that you put your e-mail on the box above there to get that. So until next time remember to live large, choose courageously and love without limits. We'll see you soon.

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