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Episode # 553   Sara Wiseman - How to Connect to the Universe

About The Episode:

Are you an empath, intuitive, or soul seeker who wants to learn how to truly connect to the Universe? Or are you someone who would love to learn the language of the Universe to better your life? In this exciting episode of the Inspiration Show, award-winning author and visionary teacher, Sara Wiseman, deciphers the language of the Universe and it’s extremely eye-opening - to say the least!

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Episode # 553 Sara Wiseman - How to Connect to the Universe


NL: Hi everyone! My name is Natalie Ledwell and this is the Inspiration Show. Today on the show I have a very special guest who’s written a new book called “Messages from the Divine – Wisdom for the Seeker’s Soul” and we’re going to be having a very spiritual talk today, so buckle in and get ready for that. But before I introduce my special guest I just want to remind you that once the show is finished, don’t forget to click the link below this video so you can download a free eBook version of my best-selling book Never in Your Wildest Dreams. So please let me introduce my special guest today, Sara Wiseman, how are you, Sara?

SW: I’m great. Thanks for having me here. I appreciate it.

NL: Yes, such a pleasure to have you here as well. And I love the book. I love the subject that we’re going to be talking about because we know that when it comes to our community, we talk a lot about Law of Attraction but then we also talk about spirituality as well and how to have a spiritual practice, which kind of permeates every part of our life and gives meaning, fulfillment and, you know, really gives us a sense of purpose. So I’m looking forward to this conversation. So why don’t we start, first of all with who you are, like, what’s your background? How did you get into writing about such an esoteric subject?

SW: Thank you. You know I have a very, very mainstream background so this part of the journey, this journey in my lifetime was really unexpected for me. I was a soccer mom. I was a Catholic. I just had a very, very mainstream upbringing and lifestyle. And then I had this event, or this trauma, that opened me up back in 2000 and just as people say these events, they tend to change you and they not only changed my outlook and my understanding but they changed -I’m no longer a soccer mom. So they just changed everything for me. This new way of understanding things but never in my wildest dreams did I ever think I would be doing this or even thinking about this. It wasn’t in my vocabulary before.

NL: Right. So when you talk about this event I’m assuming you’re referring to your near-death experience?

SW: Yes, yeah.

NL: So tell us a little bit what happened there.

SW: Well, um, I don’t get into the gory details too much because they’re just something I don’t like to refer to. But it was on a plane and obviously, we were all okay but what happened not so much that the nitty-gritty but what happened to me emotionally and spiritually from that event is that, for the first time ever, I understood or saw or felt the divine. So all this time I'd been in Christian churches or Catholic churches and I'd always known about all of it but I never had that essential core shift of oh it's here, it's real, oh my goodness this absolute awe and bliss moment. And that was the change. That was the change in knowing at the deepest core that everything was true and real for me with the thing that began to shift, and from that moment the psychic ability is opened and all these other changes that came, that people who report and talk about it. It’s not I’m certainly not the only one that this has happened to, that’s for sure.

NL: Right. So did this expand on your religious beliefs?

SW: No. that's such a good question. No, in fact, I think it kind of threw them out the window. I couldn’t find in the religions that I was exposed to, not saying this is true for everything but I couldn’t find something big enough to contain what I’ve experienced. And so that began this incredible search for what is the answer then, you know. How do we look at this and that became the quest of my life, I guess I would say.

NL: Right. So after that, it sounds like you took up a practice of meditation and it looks like the read that some of the teachings that have come through in the book have come through your meditations. So where is this voice coming from? Like, what do you think is you know, is this intuition, is this divine? How would you describe it?

SW: I would describe it at the beginning it was very distinctive. I don’t want to use this let’s see I’m gonna say beings, I’m gonna say beings. They had personality, they had characteristics and then as this has progressed for me, it’s really, you know, it’s almost like you become entrained to what the voice is sounding like from these beings and then gradually the beings just started to not be as strong, there’s it’s more like a just the, it just comes through and I don’t mean I have voices in my head, that's not, I'm a very grounded, practical person but just this sense of knowing that is not from my own brain begins to come through in meditation. And I was a journalist and those kinds of things where you're having to do a lot of typing at the time and so it was very easy for me to type on a laptop with my eyes closed and I just began to, okay let's just type this down as it comes in and see what we've got here, and that was the beginning of sort of how these messages came through in this particular book.

NL:  Wow. And so explain to the people who haven't read the book yet, what are the messages? You know, what is it that's coming through?

SW: The messages are spiritual teachings and I'm gonna call it, or I started to think about it, is it's a spiritual guidebook for how we're here to live, as from the idea that we're souls instead of the idea that we’re humans, or the idea that we’re egos or personalities. It’s a book that helps you understand what it means to be a soul. Like, okay, we’re a soul in this lifetime, what is that all about? And then it also teaches us the first part your soul that’s your main purpose besides anything else, and the next piece is the universe is always in communication with us. It’s not just us reaching out to the universe, help me, guide me, show me. It’s the universe continually answering back and talking back like every single second. The universe is answering us and so it’s how do we get this two-way communication. How do we understand how to use that.

NL: Right. So what I hear you saying is that anyone has the ability to be able to tap into this.

SW: Oh for sure. Absolutely. In fact, and it’s so simple, I am curious, you know it’s such a strong and powerful tool to have for all of us, it astonishes me that we don’t have this tool or all the other spiritual tools, you know, that we’re not just taught this from kindergarten on, you know? Why aren’t we being taught this as children? But it takes a while to begin to learn it, I think.

NL: Right, and is there a special way to meditate? Like, how do we get this connection with the divine?

SW: You know a lot of people have this really beautiful longer meditation or formal meditation practices, and I teach a style that I would call maybe intuitive gathering, where we go in very quickly and we just allow what I call it a guiding vision or a message to come in, usually it comes in almost instantaneously. Maybe we might stay in meditation for as long as five minutes but because we are one with the universe, the answers are already there before we ask the question. So we can just quickly go into this divine space that kind of catch it really quickly. We don’t have to spend a lot of time searching or seeking in the meditative realm but meditative practices are wonderful, but in terms of looking for that answer very, very quick. Very, very quick.

NL: Right, and so you said the universe is, you know, in constant communication with us. How does it do that? What is it in every day that we are missing?

SW: Yeah, well I mean I would say there’s no time, there’s no time. It’s not in communication but the main ways that I think that are easiest to learn are things along the lines of working with guides in meditation, working tracking the synchronicities and the events and signs in your life which is a lovely way the universe likes to work with us. Animals and nature, I’ve had so many, I live out in the woods in Oregon and I’ve had so many experiences in the natural world that directly answered, you know, some question maybe about work that I have and then I go out and there’s a totem animal that I see skittering by and it just immediately answers and then also just the events in our life when we start to look at how we’re being led, what’s happening, we begin to have this idea of the sense of the flow, the universe is taking us in. So when we start to pay attention, well, this happened and then this and then this and we start to look at the journey. It gives us a really clear idea of where we’re headed and hopefully that’s where we want to be headed, if not then we can adjust.

NL: Right and it sounds, I know I always had this thing, especially if I’m in a challenge I always I go, you know, this is gonna be really good part of the story when I tell it later to other people and I know that everything is happening for me and I also keep what we call it evidence journal. So all the things that show up that I know are the universe giving me the resources I need I write that down, so again when I’m having a challenge, I can look at this evidence journal and go okay this is cool, I know that everything’s happening for me. So this must have been a little bit of a change for you after you had your incident in 2000 and now you’re kind of no longer a soccer mom, like how did the people around you respond to this?

SW: Oh not well, not well at all. No, that, you know, I think sometimes when we go through these really, really big passages, our lives pretty much shift. We step into a new cell. So, for example, I got divorced, I lost all the work that I was doing in marketing and so forth. I was really sort of forced, like when you talk about this evidence journal in terms of events, I was really forced to no longer keep any part of my old life say, you know, my children, those relationships really I was asked to step into a different role entirely, and I think if the universe had not been nudging me and I was saying nudging is the polite way, but if they get arisen up and pushing me into this new path quite so hard, I might not have made the step. So and now looking back, I see well, that was all perfect destiny, perfect attraction everything, everything exactly as it should have been, even though at that time it seemed like a very dark night of the soul.

NL: Right, you know and that’s the thing, I think that I mean there are a lot of people at the moment who have a spiritual message who, you know, and especially on the Inspiration Show, I’ve been doing this now for I think nearly five years. I’m going over 500 nearly 600 shows and from people from all walks of life, but there seems to be a theme when it comes to people like yourself who were living a regular life, you know, soccer mom going along and then an event happens and whether it awakens something that do that was prevalent when you were a child that you kind of made dormant and then it came awake again or something like a near-death experience wakens up a gift or energy for you to be able to take a path that is scary and maybe has to get you to possibly question what’s in your material world, but you have the courage to be able to still, you know, walk forward with this message. I really commend you for that because I think it’s a message that we all need to hear. So, who do you think is gonna benefit the most of the book and who is it really written for?

SW: Oh I think it’s really written for those people that you, everyone who’s been experienced this sense of something, there’s something more, there’s something out there, I need to find a way to unlock my spiritual self but I don’t know how. This is a really good starting point for people who are just new to the spiritual path but don’t want to maybe use a religious path or something more traditional. It’s very, the word is ecumenical, it’s for all belief systems, you know, you can apply it I wouldn’t say it’s actually for all belief systems, I do want to backtrack on that but it’s very ecumenical, it’s very open, it’s a very open system, there aren’t rules or moralities or particular rituals. It’s really just this idea of what if you start to look at yourself as a soul and what if that was your perspective and my goodness that means you’re infinite, that means that you have many lifetimes, that means and so that begins to change the perspective from the small you know money, job it just really expands the view and sometimes that in itself is enough to give that big breath of relief like oh this isn’t the only time through. I can learn as I go and then for people that are very advanced I think that the book sort of reads on two levels is what I found, like it’s great for people who are starting, for people who are well on the path they’re like oh now I get this part or now I get this part it’s written at a variety of levels for people.

NL: Right, so I want to ask you now where people can get in touch with you and connect with you, because not only do you have the book but you also have a free eleven-week course that you’re connecting with the book as well. So tell us about that which is exceptionally generous.

SW: Ah, thank you. Yes, you know I teach a lot of courses and in fact, that's where most people know me from is from the online courses that I teach and I thought I'll just do a course that goes with the book and then we can have the most giant book study group ever and just do it together. It's a self-study course but we have almost a thousand people already signed up so you can just go to and right now we're all going to start together, but then later I'll make it so that it's just whenever you get the book, the course will be ready to start with you at the point that you're at. So there's no rush or worry or concern about that.

NL: Awesome. Sara thank you for joining me today. And I really appreciate your time and thank you for the work that you’re doing because I also believe that there are people who are just starting you know, if you’re listening to this show and this conversation has sparked something in you then I really highly I encourage you to go to Sara’s website which is We’ll actually have the banner to the side here or link underneath the video so you can click there directly and go straight through. So thanks again Sara for joining me.

SW: Thank you. It’s my great pleasure to always talk with you. Thank you.

NL: Awesome. Guys, I encourage you to get the word out. Help us share the message, you can do that by clicking the Facebook and the Twitter share buttons on this page. Like I said click on the banner or the link to go through to Sara’s website and don’t forget when all is over if you click the link below that, you can download a free version of my eBook of Never in Your Wildest Dreams. So until next time, remember to live large, choose courageously and love without limits. We’ll see you soon.

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