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Episode # 545   Sandra Mendelson - We Walk Beside You

About The Episode:

Do you ever wonder if your pet can understand what you’re saying? Or what it would be like to have the power to communicate with animals? Watch this fascinating episode of The Inspiration Show as my guest and animal channel communicator, Sandra Mendelson, opens up the door to the breathtaking world of animal consciousness and what animals understand about life – and us.

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Episode # 545 Sandra Mendelson - We Walk Beside You


NL: Hi everyone! My name is Natalie Ledwell and this is The Inspiration Show. Today on the show I have a very special guest. She has a new book out called “We Walk Beside You – Animal Messages for an Awakening World.”  Now, this book is incredible and we’re talking about the messages that animals have for us, and actually changing the way that we think that animals actually think. They have consciousness, they can manifest, and they have many messages that I know that we can incorporate into our lives. So I’m looking forward to sharing all this information with you with my special guest. But before I introduce her, don’t forget if you are watching this show live on Facebook or on our YouTube channel a little bit later on, make sure you click the link below this video after the show is over so you can take my 30-second quiz and we can figure out what’s holding you back from success. So, please let me introduce my special guest Sandra Mendelson. How are you, Sandra?

SM:  I’m good Natalie. Thank you for having me.

NL: Um, like I was saying to you before, I'm really excited about doing this show today because you've changed the way I think animals think. I think that we believe that animals have this lower consciousness or, you know, a low level of vibration when that's not necessarily the case. So, um, what we might do is just start with your background and how you actually got into doing this kind of work.

SM: Well, you never know if what you're doing in life is a landing pad or a stepping stone. And I, after 26 years in corporate, realizing I cared more about health and the people around me than the business deal. I first started with what I knew something about. I became a health coach. I got involved with light therapy and lasers for pain and those tools enabled me to work on both humans and animals. And so the next step, interesting enough, I have never owned a horse and I was surrounded by, you know, 60 barns where I lived and the light therapy brought me in touch with the horses. And while working on a horse one day, that's when my whole life began to change.

NL: Right. So let’s walk us through this. So you are able to communicate with animals. Have you always been able to do this or this is something that all of sudden just showed up?

SM: No I think, I hope, this is a hopeful inspiring concept for other people. No, I could not hear animals when I was a child. It didn't happen until I was 52. So I believe as part of this big wake up that's happening across humanity where we're discovering our abilities that include six sensory ability, we're tuning in to our intuition. I believe I was just, you know, one of those players and the animals have come forward in the way that they have because there are now enough of us that are ready to hear what they have to say. We're in a great consciousness.

NL: Yeah. Now I agree. I think that all of a sudden there seems to be this awakening not just of our awareness of what’s happening on the planet, but we seem to have been able to tap into these innate abilities that we have, whether it’s intuition or whatever that is. So alright, so tell me about the first experience. So what happened, you know, did you think you were crazy or like you know what happened in that…

SM: Yeah, so you know we’re seven degrees. I was alone in the barn with the horse and I’m down there working on his feet and I hear a loud voice brewing in my head “this hay is crap.” I’m looking around. I’m looking for a human, there is nobody there. About five to ten minutes later one of the horse owner moms comes in and says there’s mold all over the head. Now I in the meantime was looking up at this horse and notice he was flinging hay away with his nose. So that was the first step, you know, and then a couple of weeks later he was rehabbing and normally he would eat my hand if I gave him a carrot. When they rehab, the trainer will put a little bit of sedative into the horse so that he doesn’t overdo it. So I go to give him a carrot, he won’t take it and I hear  “get me out of here”. Five seconds later the trainer came around and overdosed the horse on a sedative. He's okay but you know little messages like that is how it started. But I'd say within a couple of weeks after that, that's when I heard something from a horse I knew I was not creative enough to invent and it completely changed my understanding of animal perspective, energetic awareness, consciousness, way beyond intelligence. It changed my whole life, that flipped it on its ears.

NL: Yeah, so what was that message?

SM: Oh boy! Um, I can't remember all of it but it was something you know, when the barn closes at 4 o’clock we can drop the façade and be our true selves. We hear the birds speak, the plants speak, everything speaks’. And then as I was, you know, I went back day after day saying okay did I make this up? And hearing things like ‘you feel that energy in your hands, I just sent that to you, this is what we do. We heal with our bodies and talk with our minds.’ Yeah. Little tidbits like that and you know at that point I got so much from this horse that it took me three full years where people would have an issue with their animal and I heard the answers and those solutions from the animals so that they could solve them. So it took me three years of that until I could believe what I was getting from the horses which were so far beyond anything I've ever known could exist in the animal world.

NL: Wow! And so with the messages that you’re having inside the book, are they specifically just from the horses or you work with a whole range of different animals now?

SM:  The horses pushed me. They said ‘okay you know you need to tap into a whole wide range of animals, not just us” so people could relate to what they read. And so they said ‘sit down and tap into anyone from anywhere.’ I have a horse tell me he was working on other horses in Tunisia and Morocco. Oh my God boy. So I sat down on the floor with a pad and just said okay, you know, message in a bottle and what came back to me that day was a water buffalo, a blue whale and a sacred cow in India and even though it’s been several years, I’m still blown away by what they offered up and what that said in motions so that the horses kept pushing me along the way and, you know, the differences between the animals became very, very obvious. So always remember each is an individual soul. So while they’re always attached to and connected to their kind, their species as well as all life, there are different levels of evolution the way we are. So some are much more well adapted and they show up in, and if you will, a more evolved way than others, very much like humans.

NL: Yeah. You know I know I remember having a conversation with a woman who could communicate with animals telepathically and she had four dogs and she described the personalities and the messages that she gets from three of the dogs, and then she goes, then the other one was just a dog(laughs). So you’re right. Like there seems to be, like, humans - some of us are kind of sleepwalking through life and other of us are kind of aware of what’s happening. So tell us some of the messages that you were getting that you share in the book.

SM: Mm-hmm okay. I think there's one of the things that surprised me the most came from my dog. And a cat and what she told me is “Love was the purpose, it made me find you. I had to tune into your energy field and find a path to you” and that made no sense to me. But the other half of the equation is what goes on in our thoughts, like why would we be attracted to that dog? And a blind cat told me the following on how animals affect our thinking – “We connect with your higher self that always knows the best course of action and makes the sound loud enough so you hear it as a fault in your heads.” “I chose”, she said she continued this blind cat “I chose my human mom as much as she chose me” so I did not know then, this is in spirit, you know, what those who have crossed over affect our thinking for the better presumably in the same way. I mean think about it, if they can’t, you know, bite on our arm they have to affect us on the subtle level. So number one, how animals work with energy and thought has really blown me away. Number two, how they use the power of their thoughts to manifest reality very close to your heart and mind too. Animals don’t just show up like ready to rock and roll - they choose their thoughts, they choose to show up. They focus on what they want to have more of and as a tortoise said we should, too – we don’t dwell on relative amounts of good versus evil. We flip this on the good and you should too. So that's another huge, huge thing. I mean, like I gave them the floor so they could correct some mis - a lot of, misconceptions that we have about their behavior when we say something is instinct and it is not. It is choice. It is the intention. When animals fight, the loser versus the winner, it's not over a mate, it's as much as they say an energetic battle as it is a physical one and the one that is more evolved, a better diplomat, a better problem-solver, a better leader, you know, that's the one that wins the battle. So that was also tremendously eye-opening. Most of the book is when I turn on the floor over and said what do you want humans to know. They just kept showing up with wisdom and insights to help us not only survive being human but embrace a different perspective, perhaps on death, which they say is a human construct and they explain it. So they experience it very differently than we do, as well as illness. Ways to tune in to signals from our own bodies so that we know when we're in an unfit situation for us, trusting the intuitive voice. How to go with the flow of life and send an intention and look for signs instead of trying to last a life like a wild horse, that’s another thing they share. And think they share what’s important to them you know, how they raise their children, what they teach them. Their views on love and their experience on love especially as Valentine’s Day is just around the corner, completely blew my mind. You know, in the animal world, the body is not important where it goes and what it does. We stay connected through a stream of thought and intention so quote ‘if she needs me I will always be there’ said the jaguar. So I know this might be a lot for some people to embrace and the book kind of evolves. It starts out with, you know, dogs and horses and the squirrels are absolutely hilarious very much in the now kind of animals with a rip-roaring sense of humor. And then it kind of progresses as you go to more and more, I guess, spiritual or expansive be on 3D kind of concept, so that we really do understand animal consciousness and it’s so beautiful. It is so much more than we ever thought.

NL: So amazing. Let me talk about my puppy Bella and she, oh I just got a little bit of an echo… let me, that's better. To me, she is a human trapped in a dog's body. And I say it often, like I will sit there and have a, like I'll talk to her and she completely understands what I'm saying. I'm like, I know I'm not crazy because I know that this is what's happening, but it's amazing and how all these different animals can have this, such high, like they're teaching us a lesson when we really don't think that they're at that level of consciousness. What's probably one of the most surprising experiences you’ve had, so do you have to physically be with the animals for them to get this or you can be…

SM: I thought so. But you know we all evolve and progress and it started out with animals that I saw face-to-face or I just sit there, the way I have to write it down because I won't be able to retain it all. So it flows through pen on paper, it started with that. Then it was a picture online and then it was you know. It’s something I want to share, it’s kind of a mix of channeling and communication. And if you start Googling definitions of channeling, you’ll get everything all over the map but at least from my perspective it was unprovoked by me either subject matter or what it looked like and these animals just were saying okay this is what we’re going to share with you right now. This is what humans need to know I think wow um some of the most surprising things I think what the blue whale said about oneness you know ‘we wish you could experience what it is like to move through something and know that you are one with it. Hurting it would be like wounding yourself ‘and went on to explain what happens when we take an animal out of its natural environment. The brain is so used to signaling back and forth to function as part of its environment that the animal suffers like soldiers with PTSD and amputations. So all these articles say oh yes you know mental illness can happen to, look at this polar bear in the zoo. It's because his brain can't signal and function as it was designed to, and that’s kind of a hypothesis if you think about we humans you know. Richard Louv, the author, coined a term NDD - Nature Deficit Disorder. When we think of all these young children, one out of every five or whatever with NDD, you do have to ask the question look at how our lives have changed, where these kids are no longer even sitting on the grass or looking each other in the eye. They’re living through a little square thing in their hands. So you know just one hypothesis. I think the whole experience continues to be a wake-up. Something really funny recently since the book was completed, you know, a squirrel came through who said we have super athletes in the animal world just like you do.  We had this hysterical dialogue with him quite back and forth and I said well, do you have fans he said ‘I have some but not like in the human world. No TV here’ you know and it so I said you know what name do you go by he said ‘I’m fond of Peter the magnificent but you can call me Pete’ you know. I think you need to have humor peppered into the whole thing and the animals are really big on showing humans that we are probably the species at the end of the line in an understanding of how to have fun and really understand what even the Dalai Lama said the purpose of life is to be happy. So, and another message from the dolphins about joy, that joy and I won't get the whole thing away but in short ‘you may be with another person when you experience joy but make no mistake about it, it is you experiencing your true nature that makes for joy’. So you know I think the whole thing has been a shocking surprise.

NL: Well I think it's a fantastic surprise. So, guys, the book is called “We Walk Beside You –Animal Messages for an Awakening World.” So Sandra if people want to connect with you or get their hands on the book, where can we send them to do that?

SM: Well, the book is being sold on Amazon and I also created a deck of animal message cards because I found myself putting little one-liners on post-its until my apartment looked like, you know it was a paper factory that blew up so instead of like I made a deck of cards to pull you know, daily wisdom you know, the one-liners that we could just put into practice. So in addition to finding “We Walk Beside You” on Amazon and the book and cards are listed right on top of each other - S-M-E-N-D-E-L-S-O-N dot com is my website, my blog is there, you can order the book there and certainly connect with me because I love feedback, the most exciting thing that’s happening from this book and this means more to me than anything. This is not my show. People are writing and saying well I had hunches or I saw images or felt things from animals and I squashed it and this validated what I thought I was receiving and that is the whole purpose, this is all part of the global awakening.

NL: Yeah. I agree. Fantastic. Well, thank you, Sandra, so much for joining me today. It's been an awesome conversation and I can't wait. I'm gonna start reading it tonight. I'm so excited and you know, it also validates, I'm like yes, I know that she's a human trapped in a dog's body. I know that she's very aware.

SM: Remember they’re your thoughts so keep on doing what you’re doing. She’s already ahead of you.

NL: Exactly. Exactly, I feel that. So, guys, I encourage you to share this video. Please do that by clicking the Facebook and the Twitter share buttons on this page and don’t forget to click the link below the video or the banner to the side here so you can go directly through to Sandra’s website so you can connect with her there. And don’t forget to take my 30-second quiz so we can figure out what’s holding you back from success. So until next time, remember to live large, choose courageously and love without limits. Thanks, guys, we’ll see you soon.


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