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Episode # 161   Welcome to your life

About The Episode:

Natalie Ledwell, co-founder of Mind Movies, interviews Ron Prasad who is doing tremendous work helping the aboriginal people in Australia. Ron once worked in the finance industry before the collapse, and before he discovered his true passion of helping others after listening to a Bob Proctor CD. He strives to help them find a better way of living through his camps, one of his pupils even went on to the AFL (Australian Football League).

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Episode # 161 Welcome to your life

Natalie: Today on the show I'd be speaking with Ron Prasad from Melbourne, Australia. He talks about this incredible inspirational works with these young aboriginals here. So stay tuned.

Natalie: Hi I'm Natalie Ledwell and this is The Inspiration show. And today, my special guest is Ron Prasad coming to which from Melbourne, how are you Ron?

Ron Prasad: Good morning , Natalie. Thank you so much for seeing me.

Natalie: Now Ron has a very inspiring story and it's alas incredible work here in Australia that I wanted him to talk about with you today. But Ron first, why don't we just start with your story, your background?

Ron Prasad: Sure, sure. My background is quite intense and quite interesting. I was born in Pediatrics and my parents just came to Australia, your lucky country. When I was a kid and I did my high school in Harvard University. And in 2004, I went to London for a year. It's what I must do to just working for a holiday and I met a girl every day. She's originally from America, she lived in Melbourne for awhile and she went back. Though, same with me, as she came back to Melbourne and we have dinner in the city and yes, I was walking away and she said, "Ron I've got a CD for you. Would you mind listening to it?" I said, "I will do anything", her name by the way is Mika Miyasawa. And she gave me the CD and I took it home with me and it was a warm night and it was early month. So, it was still summer. I got home, I put the CD on and it feels good and it's by Bob Proctor, your good friend Bob Proctor. And I listened to the CD, at least several eight times while lying in bed, it changed my life. And then now I have no idea about which one is self developmental or self help. And I woke up in the morning that whole time and she said "Look, get on the internet, look up Bob Proctor word and find out more." So my journey in Personal Development begins. And I started studying Bob Proctor's material, and I start studying Dr. John De Martini's material, John Assaraf, Norman Vincent Pierce, Susan Jefferson, Louise Hyatt and at least it brings on and on and on. And in 2009, the Global financial crisis hit. And I used to work in a financial centre. And I lost my job. At that time one of my friends said to me, she said, "You really like personal development, why don't you start teaching it and do it for a living." Well, that's a great idea but I doubt it in any form of qualifications. Now I did a life coaching strategic research for which basically to get me qualified. And then I started doing life searching in my first motivational speaking that was in 2009. 2010, I met a guy in dinner, I bumped into him, a guy, by the name of Warren Pennington, who is also a good friend of Bob Proctor encourages me, "Why don't you write a book about your whole journey?" And if the time I was doing lots of aboriginal work, I used to work across within felled out with this young aboriginal men in the push and he would do this spiritual products in our duty motivational, self image, self help product thing. And I had learned so much in the journey that I was ready to put that down in a book. And in 2011, June 7 to be precise, I released my first book. And you know what's the best part of it Nat, I met in 2010 miles, I met a great man by the name of Paul Dunn. He's the CEO of B1G1 which stands for Buy 1 Give 1 in that work in this unique record for processional thanksgiving in other words, business is joined B1G1 in a donate during a transession. So every book that are sell, donates by a 10% of our royalties to an animal charity called Edgar's mission just about one hour of North of Melbourne. And it is an incredible journey since then.

Natalie: Ron, that was such an awesome story coz I think so many people can relate to it. Like how many others have been poor, how many people have actually lost their jobs, especially when it seems something like finance? But you've actually looked at, looked at, laughed and thought what would I feel passion about? What I'm so good about? And then actually, it's you there. So uhm, so let's talk a little bit about the work, your work with the aboriginals. Coz I know that in a stray of the moment, i mean, not much people here around the world are aware of this. But, you know, we have, you know, a literacy problem amongst aboriginals and the motivational problem here. So, so tell us a little bit of that work that you do with them.

Ron Prasad: Well, the reason that I've got involved with the aboriginal people in the first place it's because I empathize with them. I know what they're going through. And I know that about a year ago, you and I, the first skype call we had and you just shared the same feelings just as you empathize with what aboriginal people are going through. And we need to do more and if none aboriginal Australians, we need to be out there, supporting them as much as we can. So, I was lucky that to meet an aboriginal elder who is very you-who-are so, is very long known in Melbourne. And he's fortunately upon us in a bus line. And he was a very passionate man. He's been doing aboriginal empowerment work for over 40 years. And when I bumped into him, he said that "you and I have a kinda good connection". He said, "You can do all the motivational empowerment, self-image work and he will do all the spiritual work." Because if you're not it, the aboriginal people are very deeply connected with the land, the land is very spiritual to them. So, we bumped into each other and then the first thing we did, we approached the leader of the aboriginal court and the people who are outside of Australia just give a little of explanation. The government he had given aboriginal people their own court is for the queen court because it works along with the law and the aboriginal law as well. So, for example, for a young aboriginal man is going to the queen court to have a panel of aboriginal elders being there, then they will give the person whose escort, guidance on aboriginally. So in other words, they will dub the person onto aboriginal people deep into this one. Why are you going sideways? So we approached the aboriginal court and this time working for them and with them. In other words, we get young offenders coming to us and we would give them spiritual coaching, motivational coaching. Because at the moment, the race of the aboriginal people in recent across Australia is very high. And our goal, number one is to basically reduce that number and it makes sense, it makes financial debts as well and that was the money the government has been put in to keep these people in the prison is very high. And our goal was to keep these people out its prison or stop them from going into prison in the first place and give them a better chance of life. So, can I explain the type of work we've been doing?

Natalie: Yes. Yep.

Ron Prasad: So, we would take young men away on a camp, a bush camp. The elder, Uncle Redge Flow, he would do the spiritual work, he would give that every young men the spiritual identity or we used to call it a spirit edam. And every time somebody gets a spirit edam, it is your guidance, it is your spiritual guidance which takes you forward and helps you with each take in life. And I would do the motivational thing. And the first thing that I did was Self-image. That proved my biggest, wonderful impact to young aboriginal men. Because none of them came from a place and thought I'm aboriginal, I'm this, I'm that. And then, my odds of being successful in life are brief then. So the first thing I work on them was on the self-image, you know, such as them. The way you see yourself, is the way the world will see you and that was the biggest impact on yourself. Now, that's the first thing we did and that, we have some major, major success story that will go into all of them. Just to give you one example, we have one aboriginal who came to our camp and he was in a pretty bad state at that time. So, I saw a camp, I saw the elder gave him the spiritual edam and all those things that we do. I did my motivational self-image work with him. He is now looking at an AFL which stands for Australian Football League to Real which is almost with the AFL in America. So, even if we might impact in one person we escort with our work, it was very, very fulfilling working with aboriginal people. Because if you done it, the gap between Australians like us and the norm between the aboriginals is very wide at the moment. So, our goal was to reduce that and help them in education, help them give something in life which is preventive. And then, we we're able to connect, DFE which stands for definite further education and we were getting people from our camps going into the stage to see if there are any causes which are suitable for them. We give them a solid career home.

Natalie: Yeah. That's fantastic, coz that's the thing that's very difficult for every aboriginals here in Australia. They kinda stock between the, this the aboriginal life and white life. And like you said, a lot of them are born where the environment are such low in life, where the environment with such low esteem that they think I'm only an aboriginal and I can't achieve. You know, a lot different to what already planned out for me. So, the work that you've been doing there Ron is amazing and I know that you have many success stories. And it is so commendable of what you're doing here. So, tell us all about the book.

Ron Prasad: The book? Ok. The book is called "Welcome to Your Life" involved insights for your inspiration and empowerment. It is a very simple book Nat, when I wrote that book, what I've had in mind that this book would be read by a 60 year old and it would be by cents. And actually what's next, you and I been contacting before my book launched and it was hard jackal. For the people in Australia it is to stop going. I used to wake up in the 3 o'clock in the morning and my call goes to America with my publisher Keith Leon of Babypie Publishing, he was in America. And he gave me these contact names, people who are really peek into this self-help movement and he said, "Call these people out, introduce yourself and tell them that you would like them to be part of your book launched, just like you and Nat". And every 3 o'clock in the morning I wake up, a wake up phone calls from 2,000. Just 5 o'clock, I go for a run coz I run every single day, 5 times in a week. And then I get dressed and go see my clients. By 3 or 4pm I just feel so tired and I remember one day, I said to my publisher, I said "Mate, I think this is hard work". And that time he made a statement which I would still carry with me until today, he said "If one person, one person sends you an email saying your book has impacted their life, all these work will be worth it". With all that Nat, late last year, I got an email, I've got hundreds of email from people around the world who read my book. One person, 72 year-old lady from Florida in America, she emailed me a very lovely email and said how much my book has impacted her life. And I just like sit back in my chair and I was looking up, took a deep breath and said, "My work is done". Even if I do not send them a one single copy of my work is done because one person is impacted. In the subtitle of my book "Simple Insights for your Inspiration and Empowerment" is very true. Because I believe that everyone is God's inspiration and empowerment within them. It's just that sometimes we need a bigger guidance to getting out and all I do is this book which would get people to realize that in a while it applies in their everyday life. And, Bob Proctor, he wrote a testimonial for my book which is in the back of our art, very grateful for that. And he sounded up and said, "After you read this book, it's not just a book, it's like a tool sheet for designing your life because of these people". Sometimes we read books which give your life all by its meaning and then you give up of anything but practical to implement in our lives. Bob Proctor said after reading, after reviewing my book he said, "This book is very practical and that was a very, very big problem". You know, Bob Proctor's my number one hero. I've been following him since almost 9 years now. And that coming from him was a very, very big compliment. And once again, the reason I'm writing this book was to empower people, and number two was to live a life behind yourself. Even when I'm gone, I'm no longer alive, the book is doing something positive into the society and that's why I put the book into the network B1G1, so that even when I die, royalty will still be supporting my charity in Edgar's Mission.

Natalie: Yeah, perfect. Ron, you, thank you so much for joining. You have, you are a massive inspiration. And when I'm trying to think of some strain, coz when I say stray of the moment, so I'm straying guest I have on the show. So you're the number one person that popped up for me. So, thank you. We're actually experiencing a little bit of the heat wave of the moment in Australia. So we're both here like dying, sweating. But thanks again for your time. Now Ron, if people wanna find out more about you and the work that you do, where can we send them?

Ron Prasad: Just go to my book's website, It's got all the information in there or just do a Google search, Ron Prasad, that all part and all my contact details for them.

Natalie: Alright. And if you click on the banner to the side everyone, you could actually go to the Ron's website straight from here. So, that's again Ron.

Ron Prasad: Thank you so much Nat for the very best, for the safe trip back to America. Thank you once again for coming back to Australia. We appreciate it, we were lucky, and we get to work often.

Natalie: Yeah. Okay. And guys make sure you share this video. Any information and you can do that by clicking on the Twitter and the Facebook share buttons above. And if you haven't done so already, make sure that you put your email on the box above here. I would like to send you my "Manifesting with the Masters video e-course". Masters like Bob Proctor, Joe Vitale, John Assaraf, it's barely $87 and I'd like to give it to you for free. So make sure you put your email on the box above here to get that. So, until next time, remember to live large, choose courageously and love without limits. We'll see you soon.

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