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Episode # 162   Rick Luck

About The Episode:

Natalie Ledwell interviews fellow Aussie, Richard Luck. He shares his struggle that he had with the universe in his younger days which led him to eviction, divorce, and jobless. He explains how a Wayne Dyer book gave him the push he needed to start his own passion-based business, find an amazing partner, and live the life of his dreams! The insight he shares on relationships, and the importance of understanding your partner so you can really accept them is so enlightening. Enjoy!

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Episode # 162 Rick Luck

Natalie : Today on the show I'm speaking with Rick Luck and he goes to explain the different communication that we have in our relationships and how can we improve it so that there will be absolutely amazing. So stay tuned.

Hi I'm Natalie Ledwell and this is the Inspiration Show and today my special guest is Richard Luck from Melbourne, hi Richard how are you?

Rick : Good Natalie, how are you going?

Natalie : Good. I'm gonna call you Rick from now on because we're mates and you're actually my second in straying guest for the Inspiration Show this year. Ron Prasad is a friend of mine, he's actually from Melbourne as well so. I don't know what's in the word again maybe that you guys are inspiring people all over the place which is awesome.

Rick : Thank you very much.

Natalie : So what we might do first is just start with your story and your background you know and what it is that you do?

Rick : Okay. So you... look I believe that before we come to this planet we make a choice about the kind of experience that we want to have in this instance when we're here and what was happening with me was I was actually following that choice that I made so the universe in its own wonderful way been giving me little notches on the way along through my life and I really just wasn't paying any intents or I wasn't really giving me see giving me more program that the choice that I made before any. So successively, progressively each of the little notches from the universe became you know hotter and hotter until finally they gave me this huge kick in the back side and essentially I lost my career, I lost all my material possessions, I ended up getting divorced. My mom was inflicted with the terrible terrible disease that she had actually lived a couple of months after she was diagnosed not that you know that was anything that I had done with the universe but what I was behaving at that time was pretty bad and I was just posting through life I wasn't seen for what's going on and this huge kick that the universe gave me finally made me start to pay attention. I remembered that I just lost everything, I even got evicted from a very tripped pact that I was in you know that was just so embarrassing and you know you get the eviction nice and its just you've got to get out, it's embarrassing, it's a terrible failure, I ended up living in someone's couch for quite a while. But eventually I've got a message I don't know... I remember going to this house food store to ally each day and there's a book on the counter there and I was absolutely drawn to. And I didn't buy it, I kept finding reasons not to buy it, all excuses not to buy it, I still not listing. But eventually because the head of the grocery store actually clearing out all of the books, slowly all books around disappeared until that was the far literature and the last one left. You know it's time to wake up, it's time to actually start listening to the universe, start to pay attention to what's going on. So I bought the book, it was wined as Power Intentions, it's just you know a powerful book and it helped me understand how, I wasn't connecting with the universe but once I read the book I started to make a connection. That's why in everything more change. It went from you know having nothing to building a very very successful property investment business, I ended up in 6 properties, I think I was in first three years which was pretty phenomenal considering how a pretty bank credit writing. I pay the rent for my apartment so. I think when you listen to the universe, it opens doors for you and it makes it easy for you 'coz you're going down the path and after they given me financial freedom and I realized that I also been giving an absence to the universe to start being able to help people and start coaching people. I seemed to have a natural gift for it so I started creating the luck touching business and ultimately created a breakthrough the freedoms program that's been 4, 5 thousand people through that now. That's how I can be help.

Natalie : And I know that you have had you know like you just said in your story you've had like personal experience with you know relationships and break-ups and so forth and I noticed this is a part of what you do and what you teach. And specifically you teach a lot about communication styles with relationship and how you can you know basically create successful relationship. So can you tell us a little bit about that topic thing on how people can look at a relationship they have now and improve what it is that they have?

Rick : Yeah sure. I think communication is important and communication is so much more than just the words that we used you know in exchange to really understand it and accept a part of who they are or them and the world right? So you know even now we talk about communication, I just like to say that you need to be able to accept your partner and their model of the world, not just tolerate it but actually you know accept them for who they are and all of their things about them. One of the things that we can talk about today just in short time that we've gone is understanding a little bit more about your partner and how that worked and I love to talk about this because it's called Menu Program so that's NOP Technical basically for what that means is how underlined operating system were born with each other's general rule that is creative within us as all about beliefs and we gain as we grow up it has to be more nature then actually nurture. So it's kind of invading that it's not... whatever its operating system is, it's not right it's not wrong, it's not good it's not bad, it's just it is what it is. If you can begin to--if you begin to understand that and accept that, then you will really be able to begin to understand and accept your partner rather than just tolerating them. But there is one that I really love and it's called--one of these operating system is called Sameness and Differences right? And I'm sameness person right? So what that means is I always like to do the same things over and over and over again. And Hayley, you know Hayley, my business partner, she's a differences person. So you can see right? Straight away this is gonna cause conflict in just your business relationship right? You know if you had--if your partner was say sameness person and you're a differences person this will cause a great deal of conflict cause we're going out to dinner and she'll like "hey" she'll said to me "where do you want to go?" and then I say "I want to go to Carrie carrie getting gamble" but you know we've been to Carrie carrie the last 6 months since the day we go out right? That's what I do, I'm just a sameness person and she will just go "now we got to go somewhere else" and that's who's she right? So we can understand that neither of us add right or wrong in the terms of to find that we seek it's just collaborating system. That means that it can begin to really accept your partner, really accept the love not tolerate to who they really are and as a result of that acceptance, you can now go "alright, so I understand that you're a differences person and I understand that you need to do different things and it matches that pushes me as so my confidence, sometimes I'm happy to go and do those differences because I know that that's important and that's what you need. And she'll do the same for me and so "I'll be with you somewhere different last and so we will go back to Carrie carrie and can be well to you." That's one of the operating programs that you can have. And another one, can I have a time to go on?

Natalie : Sure. Sure.

Rick : And another one that people can have cause, can cause the problems in our relationship is extra detail. So again, it's just the way you were born in an operating system. So some people will think about being at a really abstract to how they live their life, they automatically take the 60,000 foot view and other people would see things in really detailed, you know they write down their at a 2-inch view or something. And again, I don't know, fun 60,000 foot view abstract and she's the detailed points. And so in terms of relationship when if you're actually with your partner, your partner might say your partner say an abstract person and you're a detailed person, right? Your partner comes home after a hard day at work and he comes in the front door and you say "how was your day darling?" and your partner's "good" right? That's a 60,000 foot view, that was the day was like what's been that's all I need to communicate. But if you're a detailed person you will know what they did at 9 at 9:05 at 9:08 you will know everything that happened in their day right? And your partner's gonna go "I don't want to tell you these, it's just a good day, leave me alone, I'm ready to rest you know". When you understand that these are just operating system that we had with your partner, it doesn't mean your partner doesn't want to talk to you, it doesn't mean that your partner doesn't love you any less, all it means is this is how your partner operates right? And from the same point of view, when your partner understands that that you're a detailed person, and accepts you for being a detailed person, rather than tolerating them, just accepts them for who they are. Then what we can do is go start to communicate with you in a way that you need to be communicated so take the time to tell you about what their day was like and understand that's who you are, that's the way you operate and that's important to you. So these are the things that are really important in a relationship. This is a form of communication, understanding each partner, an abstract person or a detailed person, your partner a sameness or differences. I'm not sure, what would you be? Where would you at? Sameness or differences?

Natalie : Glenn and I were both differences, thank goodness. We, I mean we go in an even... we live in a completely between Sydney and San Diego, and you know we travel around the world and every time we travel like we might go to one place regularly like when we get to Europe we always go to Ibitha because we have friends there and we've kind of love that island but then again we have to go somewhere else as well. So you but we... thank goodness we're in the same page with that but believe it when you look at that relation, Glenn is the big picture guy you know he sees it from the 60 foot you know. And when how I used to describe it is like he is the big picture guy and I'm the wheel turner, I'm the one that makes you know make the stuff happen you know I can actually see how he put the systems in to make that actually come to fruition. So I think it's you know I think it's good that you have the contrast 'cause you don't want to be you know, you don't want to be married to yourself, you need to have that a little bit of contrast. But I think it's good that you have that. You know.

Rick : Yeah absolutely. I think contrast is fabulous. You want--ideally you want a partner that's going to compliment you, not being same. You want that compliment, but the trick to it is understanding that that's just the way they operate. And come to--not to just accept it but to come to love and appreciate them for of that a part of who they are and your relationship will just you know blossom and it really will, it makes such a huge difference.

Natalie : Yeah. I know and we--because you know Rick is actually on our monthly SSA Co. for our monthly membership and we're talking on the call about you know having your relationships and choosing the way that you feel and taking ownership of the way that you feel, because you can choose to look at your partner go all they're different to me so I'm just tolerating this as something that I had to put up with or you can go "you know what? I'm gonna to choose to embrace this. I'm going to choose to embrace the contrast and the difference because you know sometimes if you're a same person, it's really good to have somebody to pull you out in that kind of thing every once in a while. You know.

Rick : Absolutely.

Natalie : To show you what's on the other side.

Rick : Absolutely. You know I hadn't eaten, I have never eaten vegetable until I was 35 years old because I just--if it wasn't for my sameness list of things to do, I've never done it if I wasn't going to. Someone introduce it to me and then now it is on my sameness list of things.

Natalie : Okay. Well I'm glad that you joined the rest of the straying population with a bit to that situation.

Rick : Yeah. I'm so glad.

Natalie : Yeah that's awesome. Rick thank you so much for joining us today, and like I said Rick is actually on our SSA Co. this month. Now if you want to find out more about the SSA membership, there's a banner over to the side there that you can click on and that actually go to and explain what that's all about, it includes like a lot call with the great guest every month and of course this month is Rick about some subliminal software, subliminal audios as well and members log that you can ask specific questions. So you can click on the banner to go through which is over to the side here but Rick, where can we send people that want to find out more about you? And what it is that you do?

Rick : That'd be great,, so it's just R-I-C-H-A-R-D-A-Luck L-U-C-K, I know I have some trouble spelling my own name.

Natalie : Perfect. Perfect. And guys if you click on the banner just here, you can go directly to Rick's website from there. So thanks again Rick for joining me, it's been a pleasure having you and talking with you this morning.

Rick : Thank you Natalie, I really appreciate and congratulations on your wonderful work here, you're doing a huge contribution to the planet, it's really spectacular.

Natalie : Thank you. Now guys I encourage you to share this video and the information in it and you can do that by clicking the Facebook and Twitter share buttons above. And if you haven't done so already, make sure that you put your e-mail on the box above there, I would love to send you my Manifesting with the Masters Video Echoes, it has masters like Bob Proctor, John Assaraf, Joe Vitale, it's valued $87 and I'd like to send it to you for free, so make sure that you put your e-mail on the box above there to get that. So until next time, remember to live large, choose courageously, and love without limits. We'll see you soon.

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