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Episode # 562   Regina Lon - The Power of Sacred Geometry

About The Episode:

Ready to go into the most soothing and deep trance? In this fascinating episode of The Inspiration Show, joining us is Lon; a gifted artist and visionary who creates ‘living art’ with sacred geometry. If you’ve never heard of it before, sacred geometry can be used as a visual meditation tool to help you navigate through challenging times and think ‘outside the box’ so you can make positive changes in your life. Watch this video as Lon shows you how to use sacred geometry to create the life you want and how to use it in your Mind Movie to make it even more powerful!

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Episode # 562 Regina Lon - The Power of Sacred Geometry

NL: Hi everyone! My name is Natalie Ledwell and this is the Inspiration Show. Today on the show, we are going to be talking about sacred geometry and I have a friend that I have invited to come on to the show and talk to about that and some energy activations. And we met just recently, so I thought this is something that our community would really be interested in. And it's also something that is being included in the Mind Movies platform as well so we'll talk a little bit more about that in a moment. So before I introduce my special guest, I just want to remind you that after the show is over, don't forget to click the link below this video so that you can download the free ebook version of my bestselling book Never In Your Wildest Dreams. So, let me please introduce my special guest, Lon. Hi Lon, how are you today?[G1] [G2]


Lon: I’m great Natalie. How are you?


NL: I’m fantastic. Now I’m introducing Lon by her first name because her last name is really long and it’s Dutch. And we’ve decided that rather than have 5 minutes of bloopers, that we would just go with Lon.


Lon: Absolutely.


NL: And we both got the memo that we, you know, the blonde hair and the pink today so we'll all matchy-matchy. [G3]


Lon: That’s very… (inaudible)


NL: So Lon, like I was saying before, I met you maybe a month or so, a couple of months ago at a Dr. Joe Dispenza workshop and we were talking about the work that you do and sacred geometry. So why don't we start a little bit with your story and how you got to be such an authority in this area? [G4]


Lon: Well, first off all sacred geometry is one of those concepts that's been around for centuries but it's not until the last couple of years that we see it kind of have a revival in our awareness and it refers to the fact that everything in the universe has an architecture or a blueprint that follows the same rules and the same regulations and it's almost like there are a mathematical rhyme and reason underneath everything that creates everything. I would say that I started being interested in all of this and came across it because of my background in graphic design and I came across crop circles in the early 90's and I instantly had this jolt of recognition and joy when I look at those designs and I felt it somewhere deep inside of me and I felt like, Wow, this is communicating something to me. So over time, I started combining my background in graphic design and crop circles and I started creating these images that did so much for me but when I started showing it to other people I got this enormous response in people that they said like "I feel so emotional", "This is fantastic". And then I discovered that I could use these designs to express certain concepts. So I started thinking that what would happen if I take a concept like healing or concept like prosperity. If I take that concept and I try to visualize that in sacred geometry, in symbolism, in like shapes, and colors, and gradience, and forms and I started doing that and showing it to people and they got it, they instantly got it. And then I started writing about it and talking about these concepts and now it's grown in to this whole body of work where I have a whole library of different concepts that I use to create, I call these images that I create this way, I call them activations because they activate us to go beyond our conscious mind and they move us on a soul level. They move something very deep inside of us and I think by now I understand that it has to do because everything is based on sacred geometry. And even you and I are based on sacred geometry. Our molecules and ourselves and our atoms, the way it all works together is all based on that same blueprint. So when we look at something that is sacred geometry based we automatically have this feeling of like a homecoming, or like harmony, of like attraction, of like "I understand this".  [G5] [G6] [G7]


NL: Yeah. So I know that you have, we can see some of your artwork behind you there. So can you give us an idea of what the geometry looks like and then what is the purpose of each of those pieces?[G8] [G9]


Lon: Yeah. Well, the piece that you see behind me here is called Grace. And Grace is a concept that I felt, it's pretty recent, it's a newer piece of mine and it's a concept that I felt that in this day and age with what everything is going on in the world and I see so many people in a panic and struggling to find something to hold on to. Our world is changing so fast and it's so chaotic and I felt like Grace is one of those concepts that we could use more of. Such a beautiful concept. So the geometry in there for me is very much based on the colors like the purple. It usually indicates a connection to source into our perceptions, into our third eye, into our connection to God or source or the universe. You see again there, you see the flower of life. The flower of life is probably one of the most well known sacred geometry images. It looks like this. I'm sure most people have seen it somewhere and the flower of life refers to the cosmos as a whole and it also refers to all the separate components that make up that cosmos. And for me, I've always seen the flower of life as, it's made out of individual circles, it's 13 individual circles that intersect at the middle, in the center, and that they form this beautiful proportioned flower. And I've always seen each individual circle you can also see as us. As a human being. We are whole and we are complete within our self. We form a circle within ourselves but together we intersect in our centers. We intersect at the heart area and we form this grit and we form this connection that we globally have around the world. We are that flower of life grit. So almost all of my activations are based on the flower of life because that's what this 3-dimensional earth-based life is based on. I can give you a couple of examples. I showed you the flower of life. Here, for instance, this piece is called prosperity.[G10] [G11] [G12] [G13] [G14] [G15]


NL: Wow.


Lon: And again, it's another one of those concepts that I felt like we should sit with these concepts. You know, what does that mean? If we talk about prosperity what do we mean and what do we really want to activate if we say we want more prosperity in our lives. For me, that goes beyond our bank accounts. Prosperity is the way our hearts and our soul feels and the joy that we can have when everything is aligned and when everything works together. So here is another piece and this piece is called compassion. Also, something that I feel like we could have a little bit more of in this world. So it keeps on growing and then on top of that I discovered that I can express peoples essence in sacred geometry as well. Like when I sit with somebody I can go afterward, I can tune back into their inner energy field and I can express them in sacred geometry as well. So half of my work is probably our personal soul portraits. They are expressions of people like what they look like beyond their physical form, what they look like in sacred geometry, in shape, and in color and I truly believe that we all come to this earth carrying certain attributes in our soul that we are here to expand upon and evolve with but also to share with each other so we can touch each other and we can help each other to grow.  [G16] [G17]


NL: So, I mean, the artwork is just stunning and amazing. So how do you actually use the activations? Like how would you suggest people use them?


Lon: There are different options. I was fortunate enough to find a publisher that was very excited to take me on so I created an oracle card deck that looks like this, this is the box. And it has 44 of the activations in card form that you can use, so here are the cards that you can use in a daily basis or however you want and giving yourself little reminders or helping you to guide a little bit. The other way to use it is you can have it just around you in your house and hang it on the wall. Like I have this piece in my private home, I have it because I feel it's something that I need to be reminded off through my own daily life to do things with grace to be compassionate to. So I would say the more you have it around you because the interesting thing is like it works automatically in your brain. You don't have to do anything with it. It's almost like they are visual meditation tools. It's like meditating with your eyes open. You can just look at it just enjoy it. Just enjoy it, don't try to think anything just let it work because it will automatically work on your subconscious mind. It passes the conscious mind because the conscious mind doesn't know what to do with it. The conscious mind has nothing to hold on to. There's not like a fluffy puppy, there's not like a beautiful sunset or a beautiful flower, there's only shapes and colors. So the conscious mind goes like "I have no idea what to do with it", so it kind of shuts down and then it can bypass the conscious mind, it goes into our subconscious and it just automatically starts working on an energetic level.  [G18]


NL: Right. Awesome. And because you know we talked about how powerful they would be if they were included in a mind movie. So tell us how that works?


Lon: Well the first time I came across your Mind Movies was when I was attending an event with Joe Dispenza and just working with Mind Movies which is such a powerful tool, to help us to work at that subconscious mind right? To go beyond the conscious mind and help us to manifest the things we want to create in our lives. I also realized like "Wow, that almost the same as what I'm doing and how powerful would it be that within my mind movie if I can have just little snippets of an activation that comes through" that if I look at my mind movie and I talk about prosperity or I talk about romantic love or I want more healing in my life that I have a few moments that I can actually look at an activation like that and have that even expand upon the power that mind movies already have.


NL: Yeah. Because when we spoke we actually talked about and which we have done, is included a library of some of your geometric activations inside the software. So now, you can add, what are the concepts that we’ve added there?


Lon: I think we are still in the process of adding more and of course over time there will be more concepts. I think for right now, we're talking about romantic love, something that so many people are looking for right? There is one for universal love, like the love that we need to have for our planet and for each other. Compassion, prosperity, everybody always wants more prosperity in their lives. Healing is a very powerful one. Empowerment, just the idea of empowering yourself to tap into that inner strength and bring out more of that. There are so many concepts like that.[G19] [G20]


NL: Yeah. And so should they, if people are using it in their mind movies, just put it in one or should it be dotted in throughout the mind movie?


Lon: I guess it depends on what your mind movie is. If you have a specific topic, you can do it once. Personally, I made one for myself where I address a whole bunch of things that I would like to manifest more of so I have at certain points in my mind movie, I have different activations that I used. I have one for healing, I have one for prosperity, and of course, I have one for romantic love because who doesn't want to have that right? Yeah, so I would say you can do anything and I think we are also going to work on in making them in little videos so they move so you can actually put like a little moving video one that maybe is a couple of seconds where you can really get the effects of it. [G21] [G22] [G23]


NL: Yeah. When I saw the video ones it’s like, they’re quite powerful and you can viscerally feel an energetic exchange when you’re watching it. Which is so cool.


Lon: Yeah, it's so wonderful and It's very amazing. I have a teenage son, who has, of course, teenage friends around, and those are the kids, they are very skeptical, you can't really tell them too much because they know everything better. But I've shown them some of those little movies that I make and they watch them and they go like, I have one of my son's friend sit and look at me afterward and go like, he's like "I can't think". I'm like "Good, that was the whole idea". He was like "that was so fascinating". So and that to me is very empowering to see that because that's very real, it's very authentic and you know, it's not manipulated or anything. They give it to you straight those teenagers. [G24] [G25]


NL: Yeah, they do.


Lon: And it was a great confirmation that it works. Something happened. I don’t even really understand it, I’m just making it because I don’t know how not to make it.


NL: You are that conduit for it to come through.


Lon: Exactly.


NL: I am very grateful that you're gifting us, you know these activations so that people around the world can incorporate them in their mind movies and really make them all that more powerful. So if you haven't been inside the Mind Movies software for a while, I encourage you to get back in there and create a new mind movie and add these activations because it really just takes it to a whole new level. So Lon, if people want to connect with you and you know, get some of these activations, where can we send them to do that?[G26]


Lon: Okay, I have a website, and the website is, it’s really simple and on there you find a lot of examples, you find a lot of background information, a lot of explanation about reality and how we create our own reality. I talk about sacred geometry, I talk about the mind and the subconscious mind and the conscious mind. You can find my oracle card deck on there. You can read more about soul portraits so everything is there. And from there you can also find all my social media links. You can follow me on Instagram or on Facebook. So plenty of, and of course through your platform. I’m sure there’s going to be a link there too.


NL: Absolutely. Well, thanks again Lon for joining me today and really expanding our understanding of sacred geometry. Because it is like the blueprint to the universe.[G27]


Lon: Absolutely. Yes.


NL: Yeah, that is very cool.


Lon: It was really wonderful to be with you today. Thank you so much.


NL: Awesome. So, guys, I encourage you please share this video let's get the word out. You can do that by clicking the Facebook and the Twitter share buttons on this page. Make sure that you click either the banner to the side or the link underneath the video so you can go straight through to Lon's website from there. And after all of that is done, don't forget to click the link below that so that you can download the free ebook version of my bestselling book, Never In Your Wildest Dreams. So until next time, remember to live large, choose courageously, and love without limits. We'll see you soon.  [G28]

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