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Episode # 579   RaShawn Renee - Boost Your Self-Esteem

About The Episode:

Have you ever questioned your self-worth? Do you sometimes wonder how much you matter to others (or even yourself)? If you’ve been experiencing low self-worth, regret, or shame and are ready to move on, then let today’s brand new episode of The Inspiration Show guide you towards fulfillment! I can’t wait for you to meet my special guest, transformational leader, humanitarian, and author of “44 Hours & 21 Minutes: A Woman's Truth and Power”, RaShawn Renee. On this session, she’ll share with you how to turn your past experiences into powerful lessons, gain a better understanding of what “self” actually means, and how to realize that forgiveness is simply acceptance. If you’re tired of letting your past dictate your future, then watch this incredible episode right now!

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Episode # 579 RaShawn Renee - Boost Your Self-Esteem

NL: Hi. My name is Natalie Ledwell and this is The Inspiration Show. Today on the show, I have a very good friend of mine, someone who actually traveled to Liberia with me and probably will talk a little bit about that adventure and she is the author of a new book called “44 Hours and 21 Minutes: A Woman’s Truth and Power”. Now before I introduce my friend to you, I just want to remind you that once the show is finished don’t forget to click the link below this video so you can download the free ebook version of my bestselling book “Never In Your Wildest Dreams.” So please let me introduce my very good friend RaShawn Renee. How are you RaShawn?

RR: I’m great Natalie. Hi.

NL: I am so happy to be chatting with you today. This has been quite the project and the birth for you. And I’m really excited to be sharing this with our audience. So before we get in to the juiciness of our conversation today, can you just tell us a little bit about your background. What was the motivation behind writing the book?

RR: So it started as a cathartic experience for me and as I was writing the book I recognized that it was not only a healing experience for me, that it was a communication. Like really a global communication. And so then my background in psychology and other modalities came in to the writing of this book and before I knew it, it became a love letter of my soul and communication to the world. And the feedback that’s coming back from the birthing of her is exactly what is happened.

NL: Right. So tell us what is the book about and who is the book for?

RR: So the book is for any person that wants to really know their value. To learn their real truth and to stand in their power. You know the title “44 Hours and 21 Minutes: A Woman’s Truth and Power”, it’s just not a woman’s truth and power. It is anyone that reads its truth and power. Yesterday we got a really beautiful review from a gay couple saying that this book has really informed the way that they have been hiding themselves, feeling marginalized and now has open them up to loving. And then we had some reviews the other day from an attorney who said it informed him on how to be a better husband. And then we’re getting reviews from women, telling us how it is calling them to be present to themselves. So I would say that the book really is for anyone that wants to know they matter and really learn their truth and live in their power. Yeah.

NL: And this is like a how-to manual or is this part of your personal experience?

RR: Definitely a lot of my personal experience and it gives inquiries throughout the book. So as I’m talking about my journey from then til now, I am asking the reader to ask themselves questions.

NL: Right. And so can you give us an example, some of the questions that you get people to really go deep with as a result of reading the book?

RR: Yeah. Of course. (laughter) One of the questions I asked is who seated you? And I tell the story, okay well, the audience is going to read the book so they’ll read this anyway. So I tell a story about me unconsciously, haphazardly treating myself and then allowing the men that I dated to treat me haphazardly. Not knowing that I was doing that. And I had to really look at what deposits were made in me from childhood development and then unconsciously from society to see the things that I was saying yes to that I wasn’t even aware of.

NL: Right.

RR: (inaudible) a big aha and a big wow as I’m reading the reviews and the comments that are coming in.

NL: So with, you’ve got, we’re getting people to really and not just women like you said, to really look within and look around at the life that they have and ask, you know, am I inviting this in? And do you have processes in the book as well that they can work through or is this really just a place for them to, a place of inquiry and to really take stop of what’s happening in their life?

RR: I so appreciate that question. So it really is an inquiry for them to take stop but I’ve had so much feedback on doing a workbook so that will be happening and i will be doing something called the Experience which will be a 7 day helping you take those inquiries and those discoveries that you’ve made while reading the book and deepening them in to who you are.

NL: Wonderful. And so what some of the stories that you shared inside the book that made you feel a little uncomfortable but you kind of feel so good that it’s out there now.

RR: (Laughter) The whole book. From beginning to end. Everything. I was so uncomfortable Natalie that I didn’t let my husband read the book until it was complete and it was going for final edit. So one of the stories I talk about is I wrote a check, I stole money, so let me just be clear, and I just carried this albatross around for doing that. And I was always afraid someone would find out, I was always afraid of with that communicated to me about who I thought I was versus who I was really living in the world at. It was so much shame. And I was so happy and even though I, you know, paid the money back and did what I needed to do to make amends, I still carried that albatross of shame. Well now every one knows. Yeah.

NL: That’s interesting. So because you know, I think as women, especially, that most of us carry shame in some form. Whether it’s something that’s perceived to be bad or something that is bad. So what are your recommendations if someone reading the book that is in that place of shame. You know, how can they move through something like that?

RR: Ah, thank you. So there are a couple of things and it depends on what kind of shame they are holding. But the thing that they absolutely have to do is recognize that whatever happened is for their learning. So it is not that you were bad, it is not that you were a horrible person, it is that you’ve had an experience. And in that experience you did whatever it is that you did. And ask yourself what can you take from that singular experience and learn from. That’s step number 1 because there is no need, by the time the reader finishes the book, they’ll know that they are the prize and they will really start using all of their life experiences to lift them up and reveal themselves instead of allowing anything to suppress them and keep them hidden.

NL: Yeah. Because and part of shame I think, when is forgiveness, you know, fit in to that process?

RR: So I look at forgiveness as acceptance. So once you can say, okay for me, once I was able to say yes, I wrote the check, yes that’s not the person that I choose to be. Yes, if I would have done differently, I would have. So before I could say that I forgive myself, I had to accept what I had done. Accept what I can learn from it. And then it was almost in tandem that the forgiveness just washed over me.

NL: So you have a specific target with this book? Reaching one hundred and eleven million people. So where did you get that number from?

RR: (Laughter)

NL: It’s a little bit of a specific number.

RR: Because we’re going for global in transmit here right? So what we are really saying is that we want to have global impact. And global impact at the number of one hundred and eleven, that’s almost 3% of the female population and then it grows exponentially from that. So it’s time. It’s time for all of us to wake up. Even if you are an awakened person. It’s time for us to be more awakened. It’s time for us to really, really know our real truth and live in our power. And so that’s why we have the number of one hundred and eleven million people because we need global impact. It’s time. And we could do it. We could do it.

NL: I have no doubt.


RR: Natalie, you with your community, with all the other people that are saying yes to clearly defining who they are, no doubt about it, we will do this.

NL: Absolutely. So I know that you start the book with a love letter to the reader. And in the end of the book, you actually finish it with a love letter as well. So tell us a little bit about, you know, your reason behind doing that.

RR: Okay. So everything from us is a communication of love through contribution. So when the reader first opens the book, we want them to know that they are consciously thought of as that books was being written. And it’s saying, (inaudible) judgement or indictment of you, this is a love letter for you to open up to yourself. So you can see yourself more clearly and we hope that the communication in this book does exactly that. And then once they finish, what we understand is community is everything. So then we’re saying, share this with a person that you you really care about. So that now, you can have real communication with a another individual who will understand part of the journey that you’ve gone on. Even if the journey is not the same in terms of experience externally, but they will be very similar internally. So that’s why it begins that way and ends that way. So we can just be one heart together.

NL: Right. And so what are some of the insights that you had a vision of the readers having as they move their way through the book.

RR: Well, I’ll share what has come. So what I really have seen is, as I said at the top of this conversation, what one man said has informed him how to love. Another person said it’s teaching them how they have been in other dynamics of their life when they were not accepting themselves. I think a greater understanding of self is what the biggest take away is going to be from the reader. And it’s all those little bitty places inside that one sometime isn’t even aware of the conditioning or what’s been seated in them because they have been habituated for so long.

NL: Yeah. No, I absolutely agree. So if people want to reach out to you RaShawn Renee and get their hands on the book or even just connect with you, what’s the best way that they can do that?

RR: Wow. So many ways. So they can find us on facebook at Real Truth INTL. They can come to our website, They can email us at community@realtruthintl. Yeah, and now we are on instagram. So we’re all over the place now. Our baby has come to be in it’s fullest expression of the world right now.

NL: That’s so awesome. Well, you know, after spending extra rooming with you (Laughter), in our little honesty in LIberia, I can fully say how much of a beautiful human being that you are. And that how beautiful your intention is for the transformation of the people that are going to be able to read this book and have the vehicle in which they can do some introspection which maybe they even had before and ask those questions that they never thought to ask before. To be able to grow in to the person that I know that this book can help them become. So thank you for everything that you do RaShawn Renee. It’s just amazing and I really bless you for it.

RR: Thank you Natalie. Thank you for this time with you. And thank you for letting me move in to your heart. All the work that you have done and continue to do, magnificent! And what you’re doing in Liberia, splendid! You are a blessing so it’s an honor to be here with you. Thank you.

NL: Wonderful. So guys I encourage you, if you’re watching this show please share this video. Let’s get the word out. You can do that by clicking the facebook and the twitter share buttons on this page. Also you can click the link below or the banner to the side so you can go directly to RaShawn Renee’s website. And after all of that is done, if you click the link below that, you can download the free ebook version of my bestselling book “Never In Your Wildest Dreams”. So until next time, remember to live large, choose courageously, and love without limits. We’ll see you soon.



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