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Episode # 6   Q & A from Europe

About The Episode:

Welcome to a very special edition of The Inspiration Show. Natalie takes you to Europe with her. She answers YOUR questions in episode 6 while showing you around Budapest and Prague.

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Episode # 6 Q & A from Europe

Natalie: Hi I'm Natalie Ledwell and this is a very special edition of the inspiration show. Because as you can see I'm not on the studio I'm on stunningly beautiful city of Prague in the Czech Republic, my husband Glen and I is about to go to a road trip which is going to Prague to Budapest and Vienna. So I'm gonna share the trip with you and answering some of the question that are true on the blog according to the show now I have 200 comments and has been truly overwhelming of the answers that I'm getting so thank you so much in sending me all your comments and sharing me all your experiences and we've be getting comments from people all over the world like from Amsterdam, Russia, Philippines, British Columbia, Puerto Rico, Japan, Bucharest, Apollo, Oslo, Cairo, New Deli and all over the world and thank you so much to joining me and for tuning in and now for the show we will gonna do about, answering some of the question from the book one of the question that I did receive is from a lady called Anne and Anne asked what is the optimal length for a mind movie she also created a mind movie but it was a more slides than the music that she had. So, the answer is it's really up to you, for me I think the optimal length is about 2 to 3 minutes as what I suggest but if you find most music and you the new 2.1 version of mind movies you can actually adjust the length of time to the slides up so actually go through and adjust a little bit and make sure that they fit the music and taking a couple out but what I think is when youre looping the music there is a little bit gap between the loops so that's a little bit distracting to happen. So basically 2 different minutes I suggest. So, we'll just jump into the car and head into Bretslatvia. I think it's the name of the place because we stop a lot so let's go into that.

Natalie: So, let's go. This is going to be interesting and see these directions but of course nothing is in English you have to GPS it up, so it's speaking English but I don't know how to pronounce all of those words and don't know how to understand it. so this is gonna be an interesting trip. So, back until we get to Bretslatvia. Okay, we made it we're about an hour and 10 minutes late there are few detours and some wrong turns and a little of drop offs of little towns to get some foods but had nothing we felt funny about it, it's very stressful but there are times that you actually go you know right it's maybe a little stressful right now but I'm so grateful that I have the means to travel and be in Europe in your adventure and have to venture detour to help us out of the city and between the map we put it all together and with the GPS we finally work it out, all is good and the sun is shining in Breslavia I think it's how to pronounce it. we just spent a beautiful lunch here in the river. I think this is the river Denube. Some amazing architecture including this amazing bridge the castle which we had as well, but time for my next question and my next question is from KC and KC what cook books that provide inspiration for me are and what should I have in the library. Well number book that everybody should have in their library is Think and Grow Rich by Napoleon Hill, I first read that book when I was on my 20's and several times since then on the time on the different time of my life it more out of that book it's been written about 80 years ago and still astounds me that 80 years ago they know the principles that you will apply now we can have success in our lives and blows me away every single time. Another book that I recommend is The Magic of Thinking Big by David Shorts and we're very grateful to the temptations and the square and bigger thoughts than that. I also love All the Conversation with God Books by Donald Waltz in my eyes and made me see a completely different light I love those books and recently having the science behind how our brain works, how subconscious work and the science behind the law of attraction. So, with those kind of books like The Field by Lyn McCragger, Lyn is an investigation reporter and she round the world she interviewed some of best scientists in the world and then she's been able to relay the message layman terms so you can understand we're only to be connected and on the good stuff. We also have the Biology of Belief by Bruce Dr. Bruce Lipton, all about the new sciences and the intelligence of our cells works again very easy way and very interesting that cause Greg Braiden in his spontaneous healing and again written in a way on how science can give you more belief for law of attraction and the principles. Okay we'll gonna get back in the car and head to Budapest now so I'll speak to you soon. Well we made it to Budapest, no incidence, we didn't get lost other than signal that break up after we get out to Breslavia everything was very good. so, it's a beautiful balmy night here in Budapest and I have a martini and we'll go back tomorrow here in Budapest and I'll answer some questions something after tomorrow.

Natalie: so here we are in Budapest in Hungary. So, what's really interesting is this side of the river is Buda which is residential and this side is the Pest which is the hotels and shops on top of it. so, it's absolutely stunning city we'll gonna go about private tour later and a wine tasting, castle going to but I'm gonna answer you a little more questions so we can get through. So the next question that I got is from Monica and Monica had actually written a book with her down syndrome daughter, so Monica I can appreciate the journey you've been through. Now she's launching a book in one week do you want to feel a room of about 100 people with most buy the book and the question is what affirmation should she say? The thing is when you are having your affirmation in present tense like this has already happened; story that you're talking about the book launch good affirmations like a successful book launch, I will fill the room with 100 people and 90 people but the book or in success I help many people so things like this and you know what aim big around the book launch what if you think the biggest scale, you know how many people can you reach after the book launch and remember I did my mind movie in writing a book. You know my affirmation might be far fetch of might be a goal to help a hundred and thousands of people then I'll be happy with the result always think big, always use big affirmations. Now there's one more question that I need to share. How do you keep the faith when everything is not sure things to be moving very slowly? Now this is one question that I ask to my passion peeps watch the video with Gary Viennachack his answer is gratitude now we actually recorded some of this passion peep videos and the things that pop up in our answers is gratitude when you focus on the things that you're have already and you're grateful and in your life I mean Monica you already written your book, that's a massive goal you've already ticked off. so when you focus on the good things in your life and you raise your vibration make sure that you can attract and it's very important. So guys that's all the questions for now in this video. I am as dry as a desert, so I'm gonna go to the restaurant here and I will get back to you and answers and videos are coming out but in the mean time remember to live large, choose courageously and love without limits. I'll see you soon.

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