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Episode # 39   Q & A

About The Episode:

Natalie answers questions from her listeners. Natalie shares visualization tips on attracting your perfect partner. She also explains strategies for choosing when to use pre-made mind movies and when it's more helpful to create your own mind movie. Finally, Natalie offers some great tips to visualize more powerfully and clearly.

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Episode # 39 Q & A

Natalie: Hi I'm Natalie Ledwell and this is the inspiration show. Now, today we?ll be doing a Q & A show for you. I've receive an e-mail from my friend Tonic. Tonic has sent many e-mails, many questions. These are the latest question he sent me, these are great questions and which are short for here in the show. On the first question is how to visualize the perfect partner now. The law of attraction says that you should not manifest the particular person, not focus on the particular person. I absolutely, entirely agree with these, remember the law of attraction would only focus on how, we wanna focus on the end results, so when you focus on a specific person you'll gonna focus on the how. That thing said, when you looking to attract your perfect partner, you wanna looking at attracting the perfect relationship. So, you'll gonna look what your partner gonna look like, what are the characteristics or personality traits that he/she has you know, what things you wanna do together, how do she treat you or how do you treat them, how do you feel in your relationship, what you bring in the relationship, what did they bring, what your life look like with them, what are the things you accomplish together. So, I ask things like that. So, basically I'm saying, is that you focus on the relationship that you want and the universe will step in and send you person who will tick those boxes for you. So, don't ignore those opportunity by just focusing on those person. The next question is, is it okay to watch the pre-made movies and then watch the movie day or should I watch the video that I made with my friends, okay again great question, actually the pre-made mind movies are actually really affective, our movies have send many e-mails from many people that actually improve their health and their finances and many things just by watching the pre-made. That being said really has the specific goal and you have created a mind movie that have specific affirmations and photos that would resonate with you and focus on your goal and specific way, it is more helpful to watch your personal mind movie. So, what I actually recommend perfect world that you watch your specific mind movie morning and night then move your mind movie along with the pre-made so that the pre-mades and those specific mind movie loaded into the superlative high brand and then actually had them playing all day on the computer, all of them, very frankly on the background to your computer screen while working all day that would add the situation made a pre-made mind movie than your personal one. Okay the next question is, is it really a good idea to read first my affirmation, and close my eyes to visualize to touch my emotions. Hmmm, again interesting question, now remember your list of affirmation or your visual bowl or your mind movie is just a clue to help you visualize your affirmation when you had your goal manifested. So, reading your affirmation first would force you to visualize your goal. It's actually a good time to reinforce how effective movie is when you do this. So, music is good to instill positive emotions so it's easier for you to figure relations of having a goal when that right piece of music is playing. Well you don't to visualize when your eyes close either when I hear that music when you start the mind movie there is a cow or whatever. it instantly take me to the emotions of empowerment, an accomplishment and joy, of course my eyes are open because I'm driving the car whether you have a mind movie or you have a vision bowl and a list of affirmation and you play a music when you're looking at those, it will have the same effect. So, in summary if you read your affirmations look in your vision board or watch your mind movie and had music playing at the same time. You do that first and had a visualization process and will actually help you to visualize all of these year. So, your last, last question Tonic, how to get pictures when I'm doing the visualization. This is the whole reason why mind movies are created in the same place, why I have travelled visualizing. Well I had a vision board but it getting had a fear the I couldn't visualize from it, there wasn't exerting an emotion it just happen for him but by combining photos and images with affirmations it will give us a starting point to build on, you see when you look at a photo or image that is combined with an affirmation that gives your brain a point to start from you could actually look at that image and build from that don't put too much pressure on yourself you have to have a clear image in your mind you know after the visualization are modeled but as long as that feeling of emotions of having those things well all those mind movies on your mind you are on the right track they want that being specifically twisted and clear just as long as there is some kind of image there and feeling those emotions and you begin to see a little bit even though you're playing on the crib of emotion picture you're definitely be on the right track. So, if you have question I'll answer all your questions I think everyone could got this as well. So, remember if you wanna share some comments of questions please leave them on the box below and also if you found this information useful please share all of this by clicking the facebook and twitter buttons above and if you haven?t done so already just leave your email on the box above there. We'll send you the 6 pre-made mind movies and we'll keep you up to date with all of the upcoming show as well. So, guys I hope you enjoy today and I'll see you again on the few videos. Well on the mean time remember to live large, choose courageously and love without limits. We'll see you soon.

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