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Episode # 483   Pete Bissonette - Breakfast Tea & Bourbon

About The Episode:

Do you live an active lifestyle? What motivates you to get off the couch? Would $50,000 get you out the door? If you’re nodding, then this fun and unique episode of The Inspiration Show was made for you. My special guest and author of “Breakfast Tea & Bourbon and The Hunt for $50,000”, just released an intriguing puzzle and real-life treasure hunt to inspire people to live a more playful, joyous and healthy lifestyle. During the show, Pete reveals the specific details of how each real-life clue can lead you to an actual treasure worth $50,000. A physical treasure is hidden somewhere in the United States, and the adventure is about to begin, but you’ll have to watch the full episode to discover when. Good luck!

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Breakfast Tea And Bourbon



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