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Episode # 588   Pauline Nguyen - How to Become a Spiritual Entrepreneur

About The Episode:

The Huffington Post refers to my very special guest as an “Award Winning Author, highly sought after International Speaker and one of the most grounded Spiritual Entrepreneurs around the globe.” From escaping Vietnam to living in refugee camp - now she owns one of the most renowned Vietnamese restaurants in the world, and she’s one of the most sought after keynote speakers! If you’re an entrepreneur, or if you’re looking for a new way to approach the challenges in your life, then I highly encourage you to brighten your day with this amazing interview with Pauline Nguyen.

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Episode # 588 Pauline Nguyen - How to Become a Spiritual Entrepreneur

NL: Hi. My name is Natalie Ledwell and this is The Inspiration Show. Today on the show, I have a very special guest with me who I actually met when I was on my recent trip to Sydney and she is known as one of the most successful female entrepreneurs in Australia and she has a new book coming out that we are going to be talking about but before I introduce her, I just want to make sure that once the show is over don’t forget to click the link that’s below this video so you can download the ebook version of my bestselling book “Never In Your Wildest Dreams.” So let me introduce my special guest today, Pauline. Hi Pauline. How are you?

PN: Hello. I am so so very very good. Thank you for having me.

NL: Now, I actually met Pauline at her very world famous restaurant Red Lantern in Sydney and for those of you who are planning to travel to Sydney, it is a must-stop shop when you go there. A beautiful 5-star Vietnamese food, fresh ingredients, it’s just incredible. So make sure that you do yourself a favor and drop in there and have a meal. But we’re not going to be talking necessarily about the restaurant today but Pauline has a new book out called “The Way Of The Spiritual Entrepreneur”. So that’s what we are going to be talking about. But Pauline before we do that, can you tell our audience a little bit about your back story and how you got in to you know, writing this book and being on this journey.

PN: Of course. First of all, hello everyone. Natalie, thank you so much for having me and congratulations…(inaudible).. and how fortuitous that I got to speak with you when you were in town and in the restaurant. Thank you for having me. So (inaudible) for 17 years which is a huge feat for a very fickle, challenging, and competitive industry, the restaurant industry. I started working when I was 7. We came here as boat people after the Viet war, my father smuggled us out on a boat that he and his mates built. They disguised as fishermen and we escaped the communist rage and we spent 9 days out at sea and then ended up in Thailand where we spent a very difficult year in a refugee camp there and that was where my brother Luke was born. My mother was pregnant with him at the time. So (inaudible) my brother Luke, he’s got a whole lot of travel shows and cook books, he’s quite well-known worldwide and coming to Australia, my father suffered from post traumatic stress disorder. And so growing up and coming in to a new country with nothing, we were at the receiving end of my father’s anger, trauma, violence, and that very much what was the secrets of the Red Lantern was about. It is a beautiful story about personal freedom and family and hope and I disguised it as a cook book so people would buy it and it worked a treat. I won debut writer of the year for it. It became this international bestseller and but at the core of it, it is very much about dealing with fear and the stress factors with that and growing up not wanting to pass on this to the next generation. I know what fear smells like. I know what fear smells like. You know, growing up and having to get good grades otherwise we will be beaten up. Growing up having to work in the family businesses. My father had a restaurant, a video library, an ice cream parlor, he also operated a school on the side and us kids provided the child labor. So entrepreneurship, business ethics, all those things really defined us and so we have a restaurant now which has been around for 17 years. And I think (inaudible) and the desire and hunger to evolve was a very big reason for this next book called The Way Of The Spiritual Entrepreneur, The 7 Secrets to Becoming Fearless, Stress-Free and Unshakable in business and in life. And I think as entrepreneurs, I think as entrepreneurs and as human beings you know, I always say that personal development cannot happen unless personal disruption happens first. And the old ways aren’t working for so many of us you know. I’ve read so many self-help and self development books and I’ve been on so many courses that says you know, we have to aim for happiness and the pursuit of happiness you know, and then in my coaching and mentoring and speaking, I meet so many people whose depression and anxiety and suicide and overwhelm and then “I’m not happy, there’s something wrong with me.” And I’m like, you’re not meant to be happy 24/7, we’re human beings, we’re entrepreneurs and then “But this is what the Dalai Lama said, this is what they’re meditating, in a monastery and they don’t have family pressures and work pressures and life pressures. Now happiness is, happiness alone is not such a great trait. Fearlessness is a much more powerful as entrepreneurs and as business people. You know, how do we understand and how do we manage fear so that we can do our best work. So that our brain capacity can (inaudible), how can we understand all those things so we can fear less. How do we adapt the tools (inaudible) to stress less. You know, and understanding this good stress and this bad stress but how can we access (inaudible) shit will always happen. Shit will always happen. You know, if you think “I’m not happy, something’s wrong with me”, there’s nothing wrong with you. You’re not meant to be happy but then how do you master yourself so that you can become unshakable in the face of any adversity. To not forget to be human you know, and it’s that unshakability that means progress, that means (inaudible) bring our best work and becoming our best selves and that’s what the new book is about and so many people (inaudible) spirituality. Don’t be afraid of the words, spirituality means to be…

NL: Yeah. What is the difference between an entrepreneur and a spiritual entrepreneur. What do you think is the difference between the two?

PN: An entrepreneur, well essentially we’re the same, it takes a particular ilk of personality to be an entrepreneur. It’s a constant nature, solve problems and there’s also the focus issue. It’s not (inaudible) it’s a focus issue but a spiritual entrepreneur understands that, we design our future, we design not only our biology but also our biography so that we can live an inspired life so that we can be in spirit, we’re not afraid of the woowoo, we’re not afraid to start again and say I don’t have to fight my way to the top. I can move mountains with the gentlest of touch because there is a new way of doing things now and I think, I’m very passionate about the word evolution because we’re all here to evolve but evolution implies a very passive and gradual response, revolution implies an action and massive intent and this massive intent is “I now choose to be in spirit” and we’re not just talking about mindset here we have to talk about heart set and soul set as well as our health set.

NL: Yeah. I think what it sounds like you’re saying is that Yes, we want to be entrepreneurs and have these incredible businesses but we’re building it from a place of meaningfulness and a place of purposefulness, would that be right?

PN: Fulfillment. And I believe when we understand the ways of the spiritual entrepreneur, I mean, let’s face it, it’s in a world that’s created for exponential growth is to wait just for evolution, we have to become revolution otherwise we’re going to be left behind. And I truly believe that as entrepreneurs when we adopt to the ways of the spiritual entrepreneur, we will have the unfair advantage and the competitive edge in business and in life and by being on this podcast today and speaking to your very inspired listeners, we’re talking to the right people right? Because new times demand new strategies.

NL: Absolutely. And I think you’re right. I think that the way that we do business now is completely different. You know, I was just talking to you before we got on to the recording today about how I used to own a night club and had all these different businesses but the way that we do business now is so much for a place of collaboration and by working together and there’s not as much competition as there used to be. You know, what are some of the changes that you’ve seen in the way that we you know, as entrepreneurs run our business now?

PN: I belong to a number of entrepreneurial inner circles and it’s that not letting fear determine our future anymore. I don’t want, most of the stuff we stress about are, 90% of it doesn’t even happen. It works as ruminating in our mind and (inaudible) that stuff happen right. I think the biggest change is I mean, I get off stage or I speak to so many people and not just that the collective consciousness is ready for this next revolution of spirituality, they’re craving it. They crave because once they allow themselves to tap in to it, there’s this incredible sense of freedom. And the freedom to do our best work. The big difference now is that there’s an openness, open mindedness and an open heartedness to say how can I do things differently now that is kinder to myself, humanity, rather than just looking in to the bank account. You know, I know people who are, have very full bank accounts but are in to bankrupt and spiritually bankrupt and there’s also those who are full of spirit but are struggling financially and so the way of the spiritual entrepreneur allows us to have inner abundance as well as outer abundance and inner peace.

NL: Yeah. So how do you go about that? Like I know, like I agree, I think you know, when Glen and I were building Mind Movies, we were very clear about the lifestyle we wanted so you know, we really wanted a business that would help us be able to create that and still be able to fit in to what we wanted to do. So how do people find, you know, more fulfillment you know, in their day to day life, like how does that happen?

PN: I missed, you cut out a little but Nat, can you please repeat that?

NL: Yeah, so how do you recommend or what are some recommendations that you can give to people if they want to find more fulfillment in their life and in their business. How do they go about that?

PN: You got to read the book. (Laughter) Then you got to read the book. One of the most important things and people call it, well I used to call it bio-hacking. (inaudible) started my bio-hacking journey about 5 or 6 years ago and as I’ve observed it’s become more and more about what other gadget can I purchase. What other new thing can I consume, consume, consume, consume, consume, and for me, in my coaching it’s how about we get back to what you already have inside of you. What the universe and nature already gives you, these are the forgotten and the overlooked developments that, it’s not about consumption, sure buy gadgets that will measure your geology and measure your brain waves if you wish but don’t keep on buying stuff and so how we start our day is a big foundation you know, getting up and watching the sunset, the frequency of the sunrise is so incredibly healing. You know, spending 15 minutes out in nature and forest bathing, never underestimate the power of nature’s medicine, you know, (inaudible) the trees increases your immune system and decreases the risk of cancer and sickness by 50% and helps you solve more problems when you walk and talk out in nature. And this is the foundation of finding a more fulfilled life. You know, changing the definition of happiness and success means and so for myself, the foundations for me, you know, I get up quite early to pray and to meditate, I have a lot to be grateful for and your audience will know gratitude is the frequency of manifestation. Gratitude and forgiveness but then you also end up hanging out in gamma in the whole day and this is when you make shit really happen right. And you know, and all the bio-hacking stuff, the cold showers, the dry brushing, the fasting, you know, the tree that you have over yourself, will power before you leave the door will set yourself up for victory for the rest of the day and then once you’ve got those foundations, you’re in an elevated state and you have positive intentions and that is the start of fulfillment and the start of manifestation. It’s going to be in the foundations to give you the competitive edge and it’s got to start at the foundation.

NL: Yeah. And what you’re doing is when you’re resonating at that higher frequency all day, that frequency is the same frequency as abundance. So you’re in flow and everything happens easier for you. Everything you know, starts to fall in to place you know. You have those chance meetings, those unusual conversations, those you know, the things that come through, so yeah. I’m completely on the same page with you as that. So darling, if people want to connect with you, if they want to get their hands on the book which I highly recommend, “The Way Of The Spiritual Entrepreneur” it’s really, especially if you’re someone who’s building a business or if you’re in business and you’ve got there and you’re going you know, is this what it’s all about, like is this what I worked my butt off for, I’m like I’m not, it has to be more than this. “The Way Of The Spiritual Entrepreneur” is going to be a book that’s really going to help you, you know, move through that to a place of meaning and fulfillment. So yeah, where can we send them to connect with you and get their hands on the book?

PN: The book is available on my website for now. It launches officially in bookstores and online, on other platforms at the end of February but you can get my book on, otherwise please reach out, I love hearing from people, at

NL: Absolutely. And we’ll make sure that we have the banner here and the link underneath the video so that you can click directly on that link to go through to Pauline’s website. So Pauline thank you so much for joining us today. It’s been an absolute pleasure chatting with you.

PN: Thank you Natalie. Thank you everyone. Namaste. Thank you.

NL: Awesome. So guys, please let’s get the word out. Let’s share this video. You can do that by clicking the facebook and the twitter share buttons on this page and click on the banner or the link underneath to go straight through to Pauline’s website. And after all that’s over, don’t forget to click the link below that so that you can download the free ebook version of my bestselling book “Never In Your Wildest Dreams”. So until next time, remember to live large, choose courageously, and love without limits. We’ll see you soon.

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