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Episode # 298   Patricia Cori - The Emissary

About The Episode:

Today on the show, Natalie speaks with best-selling author, teacher and spiritual guide, Patricia Cori. Patricia joins Natalie on the show to discuss the message behind her new book "The Emissary", which is a thrilling adventure that blends fiction, science and spirituality and aims to motivate people to take action to save the world. During the show, Patricia explains her personal journey as a clairvoyant and psychic when she was younger, to becoming a best-selling author. Patricia shares that her mission in life is to help people understand that everything on earth is a result of our own creation and we all share a very powerful connection in this universe.

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Episode # 298 Patricia Cori - The Emissary

Natalie: Hello everyone. I am Natalie Ledwell and this is the Inspiration Show. Today, my very special guest is Patricia Corie. How are you Patricia? Patricia: I'm very, thank you Natalie.

N: It's an absolute pleasure to have you here today. You are the author of many different books. We're going to talk a little bit about the subject of those previous books but you've just written a book in fiction, but it's fiction with a purpose, we can call it, which is the first book in a trilogy with an important message, which I'm looking forward to sharing today. What we normally do as the vein of the show is to start with your background, your story. How you got into the type of work that you do?

P: Okay. I have to go way, way back because I'm no youngster and back to my childhood as a clairvoyant child with a wonderful mother who allowed me to really, really express that with a lot of paranormal, extra ordinary things occurring to me, that in certain ways I thought is normal because when you're a kid and you realize that not everyone has that vision. I grew up a psychic, very clairvoyant and had many intervals in my life where I become more powerful and that part brought me on the path of the spirit. I grew up in San Francisco Bay Area which is a wide bay community, one of the most open places in the planet. I was at the birth of what you can say, the spirit phenomenon, spirit movement. I was there very active, learning about crystals, learning about healing, etcetera and for all these years, that's what I've been most focused on, serving the greater good, healing, bringing light as much as I can to the dark corners of the planet.

N: You were actually the author of many books. Let's talk about the subject you normally write about in your previous books before the emissary.

P: Okay. My first book's were, are very popular, they're known as the Syrian revelations. These books were channelled by (2:31) dimensional beings, Syrian high Council. They came at a time when we were still a decade away from the great shift and there was a lot of confusion of what we're going to go through and there was a lot of conspiracy, and a lot of dark, hidden agendas that are starting to come to light now. In fact, have come to light, I think people are not getting it. So they're instrumental in helping people understand our role in the galactic shift, our role as members of the galactic community and that's huge because until now we believe we're orphans ' the only beings in this magnificent universe. So this material was very inspirational for people because also it was filled with hope and with vision of our ascending out of the density of this 3D illusion and taking our role as a multi-dimensional beings in this incredible multiverse.

N: You're talking about the shift, the big shift, are you talking about what happened on December 21st, 2012?

P: Yeah, I think most of all, when people say, what happened, I didn't understand, I didn't go through any great light, I don't get it, it makes me laugh because we have the same phenomenon with Y2K, when everybody thought the world would end because computers would switch off, whatever, and the essence of it is, we know that we've entered into a cyclic, celestial cycle, very (4:08) cycle, but more than that we shifted so much in 2012 because when we survived it, all of the gloom and doom, all of the incredible fear that we would not survive that, disappeared overnight. That was a huge shift, you know, the Law of Attraction and how things manifest, so when all that fear, all that billions of people when they survived it, went overnight, of course, we have to experience a big shift, that alone, I think people's expectations were very different of what it would be like so they might not have realized or sensed or appreciated this aspect of the shift, which is, it is a whole new world now, we know we survived that may be we can survive anything and wow, what that means to the possibilities of what we are going to manifest now.

N: Exactly. I mentioned this before in the show, how I've noticed and not specifically December 21st, but I've actually noticed the growing number of conversations that I'm having with friends and with people that have been more consciously aware, that they are a sort of more relevantly aware than they were before, because I live in California, sometimes I like, yeah (5:33) California bubble, but actually when I get back to Australia or when I travel, I'm still having these amazing conversations. Is this what you are finding as well?

P: Yeah. I find it in Europe. There is also another consciousness in Europe, because it's in a media slant or whatever, but I have to say that without a question, I travel all over the world and that old mind set of, you're a bunch of (6:02) people, what we call woowoo people, that is shifting. Officially because for the point of the scientists they are saying that may be they got it right after all. When I had my radio show beyond the matrx, I had (6:15) and he said, may be you, we are realizing now Patricia that science is in fact catching up with spiritual people. And I said, yey, it's about time, welcome to our worlds. So there's also that, science and spirit are merging and that is allowing a lot of people that were blocked before to say, hey, the scientists are saying it, there must be something to it. And I personally, am attracted to the merging of science and spirit and how this means, which is one of the reasons why I've written a fiction book, I wanted to give people enough venue, a vehicle to embrace spirit and yet give them the fact, give them the story line that will help them embrace it.

N: Absolutely. I was recently speaking at a Law of Attraction venue in Palm Springs, and what's interesting to see is, everyone was talking about the law of attraction, some of the folks were talking about quantum science, that how science and spirituality really becoming closely combined now. And how we can actually, for regular people, you're right, it's a little bit woowoo, it's a little bit out there, to have that scientific evidence and scientific back up for what we have saying for a while now. It is really helping people's perception, so where do you see this shift taking us? What can we expect? Where can this world be taking us as a result of this shift?

P: Before I answer that question, I'd like to add to what you've said and that is, that when you hear quantum physicians saying, we now understand that you cannot simply, you cannot have an objective scientific test, because the mere fact of observing it affects its outcome. That is so simple and yet it's everything. So, I think where we're headed is to understand cause and effect like we never had before, and of course, your term Law of Attraction and how we manifest everything around us and what's important now is to take ownership of that power, of that creative ability and to turn it out not only for our own betterment, because let's face it, a lot of our techniques we learn are about becoming more gifted, becoming more successful, etcetera. I think we're at the time now where we really need to bring that out to the greater community, because we need to heal this planet. This planet needs help and we need to start embodying what we are talking about and that is the oneness, and so, it's wonderful that we're getting it, and now we can feed it, we can spread it around the world and make everyone part of, I mean, understand their part in that oneness and by doing that heal the planet and prepare ourselves with what I believe is tuned to be the revealing of our galactic, inter-galactic family. I'm very excited about that, I'm so ready.

N: (laughs) That sounds so awesome. So it sounds like the shift we are going to experience is helping us to completely comprehend and understand how we are all connected. We are all a part of God's or the one's source and how we are connected and inter-related to each other. It helps us to not just take care of ourselves and our others but our planet as well, which brings me to your latest book, the emissary, so tell us a bit about your motivation behind writing emissary and you know, why, where do you see this trilogy going?

P: Well, I cannot think much of what to say because I woke up one morning and I was guided, from my guide it was saying that it was time to write a movie now. It's time to talk to more people now. It's time to'I was like, a movie? So I said okay, I looked on the internet, how to write a screenplay, (laughs) and got the software and off I was writing the movie. It was very exciting because in fact, these characters sort of took their own life and started speaking and telling the story, and there are obviously aspects of the story that are important to me just like any other writer. So there are messages there about the ecology of the earth would be the primary story but I've managed to sip in some little aspects like the one world order, the secret government that rules the planet and of the leaves they do, and what we are up against, because I think it is important to not be afraid to know what we are up against, because that's an easier cure of what we are going to do about it. So there are people who would say, no, no, no, I just want to manifest beauty and light, and I'm from the school of, well, I want to see it all, I'm not afraid of any dark things, let me see it. We came from the dark in some time. We jumped off from source, we plunged into the darkness and we are returning to source in this incredible spiral of light. So it brings forward issues that I think is important for us to know about and also because you're going to tell a story, you're going to have an antagonist, right?

N: Right.

P: So, it's a study of dark and light. And it's a story about the earth appealing to the human race and the wails of the voice and the hero, Jimmy, is the emissary for them.

N: Wonderful. So tell me about some of the issues that you would like to be brought to life as a result of the book.

P: Well, I'm here screaming a lot about sonar and what's being done to the ocean. It's because what people don't know, many people don't know is that there are several new programs from the navy blasting, untold volume of sonar to the oceans around the states, particularly where you are and that's the end of the, that is the migrating area for so many statatians. And they're going to be doing more, and they're going to be louder, and apparently there doesn't seem to be any human outcry about this. So it's (13:06) to the navy. They're even going to blast nesting areas for right whales. That would mean that they will not be able to birth their young. It is a very serious issue and I wanted to talk about it, so I brought it through in the book so that people can hear about it and question, could this really be real. Yes, it is and it's urgent, and I think we need to do something about that because a deaf whale is a dead whale. And what's happening is, is this excruciating are blowing the brains of our whales and dolphins. That can't be (13:47). It just can't. We have to take some sort of action, and that's one, and of course the question of oil, oil drillers and what they are doing to our oceans but again, it's a suspenseful action packed story line, so I can tell those issues and involve people without having a reaction of, this is too heavy I don't want to deal with it. Let's deal with it. Let's change it.

N: Great. If someone is reading the book and they're really moved to be taking some kind of action, is there somewhere in the book that we can do this, details that we can do that or what do you recommend we do, if we really want to take action to stop this.

P: I have a new organization called, save earth's oceans. Our website is It's new, I'm looking for volunteers, I need donors, I need a lot of help to make this work. There are, I don't want to make this sound as a plea for my own personal interest, so if people want to do something, just to move and do it. There are organizations that are doing great things. You've heard that they've stopped whaling for the time being. The Japanese have been stopped on their whaling ships. Isn't that exciting? So, they are no longer allowed to take those animals in the name of research and this is due to human pressure. This is due to us, the petitions, the work sea shepherd, green peace, so I'm new, I'm a little organization and I support them as well. And what I'm telling people is, do something. Sign a petition, don't be afraid. Send some money. I only say, these are our warriors. These sea shepherds, they're hanging on ships. Their lives are at stake every day. And yeah, we say, that's wonderful thank you so much, but send money to, send what you can, do what you can. Give up a cup of cappuccino in starbucks and send money to an organization who you believe in and trust in. And of course, there's so many things, cleaning up the beaches. Being aware when you see, I saw recently a turtle and it has grown around this horrific plastic top caps for the 6-pack of beer, and this poor turtle was half and then this little legs was half distortion, struggling in the hand of men. I can't stand it. So I think this is my way of hopefully getting more people to pay attention.

N: Excellent. Now Patricia, I know that you have a live event coming up very soon, so that people can actually get to connect with you more and the work that you do, so tell us a more about what you've got coming up in May?

P: Thank you for that. I will be back in the States after 10 years. I live in Elisa, I haven't been back. I'm doing a tour in the states for the book, but I'm also giving 2 workshops and one is in San Francisco, May 10 and 11, and this is my DNA, very powerful DNA motivation. It is about re-writing the genetic information at the cellular level. And it's very empowering, some people say it is life altering. It's a two-day intensive and it's being held at San Francisco, what more beautiful place San Francisco by the bay. So people can write to me about that for more information. And I'm doing another in Miami on May 24th and 25th, and that is the same workshop. And I'm also speaking at the westwood public library in LA, but I don't remember the dates. And I've also been invited to the Agape spiritual center for book signing on the 18th of May, so hopefully, I will see some people. Perhaps, you and I can meet together as well.

N: Well, I will definitely see you at Agape, that is my Sunday morning ritual and I don't live far from there.

P: Okay. Wonderful. Fantastic.

N: So, if we want to send people somewhere to find out more about you Patricia and the dates that you're coming out, where can we send them?

P: There is There is also the That's my main site. And there is a new site for the new book, And I always tell people, if you can't find me in any of those, just google patricia cori because I am pretty visible on the internet.

N: Wonderful. Well I look forward to meeting you very soon. I can't wait for that. And again, thank you so much for joining me today and being able to share this amazing message and I wish you the best with your book, the emissary.

P: Thank you so much. I wish you all the best as well.

N: Right. Thank you. Now guys, I encourage you to share this video. You can do that by clicking the Facebook and Tweeter share buttons on this page. I also, if you haven't downloaded the app, make sure that you do that, so you can watch the shows on the go, you don't have to actually be in your computer at home anymore. And make sure that you put your email on the box on this page as well because I would love to send you the manifesting with the masters video e-course. It is actually valued at $87, and I would love to send it to you for free. So until next time remember to live large, choose courageously and love without limits. We'll see you soon.

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