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Episode # 155   Passion vs Purpose

About The Episode:

Natalie Ledwell invites certified life coach, Vasavi Kumar, onto The Inspiration Show for the second time to discuss the key difference between passion and purpose. Kumar explains the most effective strategies to discover inner peace and joy and exposes the common mistake that many men and women make while searching for their purpose. Kumar shares her personal experience of discovering her multiple passions and how she has used them to achieve personal fulfillment and professional success. Kumar utilizes her background in formal education to fuel her personal growth training programs and strives to impact thousands of lives with coaching, motivational speaking and writing.

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Episode # 155 Passion vs Purpose

Natalie : Today on the show I?m speaking with Vasavi Kumar and we?re talking about how to find what your passion is and how to obtain it with your purpose and how to be forward with your success in life. So stay tuned.

Hi I?m Natalie Ledwell and this is the Inspiration Show, and today I have my special guest back with me Vasavi Kumar. Hi Vasavi, how are you?

Vasavi : Hi Natalie.

Natalie : Now the reason I have Vasavi back well we have so much to talk about we couldn?t fit it all into one show, now on the last show if you haven?t seen it was actually all about not listening to what people have to say, not letting them govern your life. But today we wanna talk about actually finding your passion, so let?s just do a quick recap, Vasavi, of your background and what it is that you do and then we can go to our subject today.

Vasavi : Awesome. So I?m a you know I have a lot of education, formal education and special led, social work, I went to Colombia University back in New York, I?m a certified coach. I?ve been through probably a hundred different personal broad seminars, books, mentors, I mean that?s where I invest my money. If you look at my American Express, you know where I?m investing my money. But for me, it?s not a business investment, it is a business investment but it is all so I mean this is my life you know I want to be the best version of myself. And you know the education that I spoke of in the last show was you know life experience, falling down of my face many times and getting back up, that truly has trained me to be the warrior that I am today.

Natalie : Right. So when you?re talking about finding your passion. Now obviously you?re living your passion, living the life of your passion, how do we do that? How do we get what our passions are?

Vasavi : So I think the first thing that I want to say off about that is that your passion, your purpose is not hiding. It is not, you don?t have to go searching for it, however, the one way that you?re not, let?s talk about how you?re not gonna find your passion. You?re not gonna find your passion by thinking about it. You?re not gonna find your passion by all those traditional ways, you know let?s take personality test, let?s take psychological test, let?s make a list of all the things that we love doing as children, NO. I promise you that is not going to work, it may, it may be a good starting point for some who?s just starting to look at their passion. Number one way that you try to find your passion is to go out and do it.

Natalie : Yes.

Vasavi : So it?s that thing that I look, wow, I wonder what would it be like to make some pottery. Okay, stop thinking about it, go out and do it, give it a shot, because everything up here, it?s just a thought. There?s no substance to what?s up here except for the fact that you know the energy you put on it, okay I think maybe I should do this. Great, go out and do it. So number one thing to find your passion, don?t think about it, think about it but immediately go do it. And just try it out, try it out. I think the second thing is be passionate about everything. If you truly want to find your passion is, I would say bring passion to everything that you do. Whether it?s combing your hair, putting on your make-up, you know playing with your dog, just be like?I?m passionate about food, I got right in like 20 pounds but when I moved here I am working on that but I am very passionate about taking great healthy food, vegetarian as I told you Natalie. And I love to find different ways to make healthy filling vegetarian food. I am so passionate about it. You know seriously, I can spent 3 hours on a whole foods, no joke, and my bill will like 300 bucks, but you just got up, you gotta bring that hard to everything that you do because your passion is not up here at all, I mean I promise you it?s not up here it is all here. It?s that thing that fills you up, it?s the thing that you can talk about forever. I can talk about this forever with you, so this is my passion.

Natalie : You know what, I?m not getting passionate from you at all, you know. You?re so quite. You know what you?re really into in and you know what you?re exactly right. You?ve got to try few different things. I was actually, I was at a women?s retreat not long ago in Ohio, it was amazing. And I was talking to all these you know business women, all accomplished you know and there what seems to be the common pattern is that we tried many different things before we finally stumbled on to what it is that we really enjoyed. But also the cool thing is when I looked at Mind Movies and I looked at like the ridiculous businesses my husband and I were involved with, I actually brought skill or life experience, a life lesson, or something from every single business that I know up by now. And if it wasn?t from going through all of those motions, I would never recognized Mind Movies could be the opportunity of that was. You know we won?t be able to capitalized on it. So okay, so if we?re not trying different things to try and figure out what your passion is, what happens when we find it? What do we do?

Vasavi : You got to drill deep, because part of what happens is we find something and we?re like oh this is really good, okay great now I found it, okay awesome. What?s next? We have let the attentions span of a pan cap, so I would really say when you find that thing, you wanna go deep and why? You don?t want to just okay I found it, on to the next. Because then restarting that cycle all over, we get caught in just, this cycle of always searching and it?s like you don?t need to keep searching. Once you have found it and if you that fills you up, master it. Master it and then move on, right? Instead of doing things half of 50% or even not to your full potential, take that and drill it deep. So for example, I love speaking, I love writing, I love doing video interviews. It?s so funny Natalie the minute that I decided that these are the three things that I?m gonna commit to doing, the next year it?s been all that I?ve been doing. I wrote 5 articles yesterday, I just wrote all day, I have two of these video interviews back to back today. So it?s sustain when you just commit. Okay I?m gonna just do this, all these opportunities seems to come to you but you gotta be willing to commit to drill deep and wide into whatever that passion is.

Natalie : Right. So what you?re saying is once we find something that we really enjoy, then we should look at all avenues, like you know for example I think of you know my first crew was the fitness industry which I absolutely love, I love fitness, I love that whole thing. But you know I was competing in a competition and I was managing fitness in it and I was talking to on live stage when I was you know training of the trainers so I was doing all these different things and I?ve got to the end of the avenue so when okay, I?m kind of done with that now, take all of those boxes, so what?s next? You know so is that the topic thing you talked about?

Vasavi : Well, here?s the thing, if you I mean I?m just gonna ask you, do you want to take up fitness again?

Natalie : No. I?m done with it.

Vasavi : Exactly. Yeah. So you?re done with it, so that?s great, right? You did it, you did it for 11 years, it sounds like you?ve mastered right? You had a great time. You?re done with it and I think at that point you were like ?okay, I?ve done what I needed out of this" and it?s just the conversation that you need to have, I?m ready for what?s next and I guarantee where you are now, or everything that you?ve done up until you know with the fitness and this has gotten you to where you are right now.

Natalie : Absolutely.

Vasavi : Right? So you have to go through all that. So it?s okay you don?t have to have tons of different passion you want?I?m multi-passionate, I have many different passions but some I do for fun, some I do?it?s part of my business, some I do for some just you know what I need to go back to doing that thing again. It?s really more than just to listening from how you feel and like you said with your fitness, you realize you were done, okay I?m ready what?s next? But I would say, don?t die without knowing what your passion is. That is the worst?I mean for me honestly just to be very deep and kind of gloomy. But it?s not gloomy it?s just very real. It breaks my heart when I see that people had lived the majority of their life without knowing who they are and everything that they think they know has just been because of what they?ve taught to believe, what they?ve been brainwashed to believe by society which was you know, the last show that we did which was about other people?s opinions. It breaks my heart and the one thing that I really want to say is go out and search I mean that is the greatest gift that you can give yourself is to know what fills you up. You?re just like a vessel waiting to be filled. So fill it.

Natalie : So here?s a question for you, we?re talking about passion, and then this other word purpose, what?s the difference between the two? What do you think is the difference?

Vasavi : I think you?re, for me,

Vasavi Kumar



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