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Episode # 93   Passion Peeps - Ted McGrath

About The Episode:

Natalie's passion peep, Ted McGrath, seems to find massive success effortlessly, but it wasn't always that way. His life story changed dramatically one day when he decided to take a metaphorical leap of faith. On today's show, Ted details a simplet, yet very powerful email that you can send out, right now, to identify what your passion is. Very interesting...

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Episode # 93 Passion Peeps - Ted McGrath

Natalie: Today on the show, Ted McGrath details simple but very powerful email that you should send right now to help you identify what your passion is. It is very interesting so stay tuned.

Hi I'm Natalie Ledwell and this is The Inspiration Show. And today I'm with the fabulous Mr. Ted McGrath, how are you?

Ted: Fantastic! I'm inspired for the show.

Natalie: Excellent! Thank you so much for coming in.

Ted: Of course

Natalie: Today your on my passion peeps segment and we would ask our passion peeps specific questions, and these are new questions and you are the first passion peeps that I will be asking.

Ted: Nice, I'm the test case, right?

Natalie: So are you ready for it?

Ted: I'm ready. Let's time in

Natalie: I know that you have a really really interesting story about overcoming some obstacles. Can you share to everyone what your background is and what your story is?

Ted: Yeah, I'll give the brief rundown or the shortened version. I never used to tell this portion of the story but i do share the part where I used to play tennis because it is a big part of my life, I went to florida and be with my dad, and I tried up for the the number 1 team in the nation division too. Coach tells me never to come back, right? not to try out with the team. And of course I talked to my dad and tell him what you see about that. From the time I was young, or I was strong enough, good enough for this team and I remember seeing him asking him what you see about that and I came back the next year and worked on a scholarship, and when I walked on to the team, I was the only walk on and beat out some other players and got on the team under one condition if I would come on for a practice everyday for 2 hours and learn to play for my needs. Because my stroke was so bad. So long story short, I got on the team cause 2 guys are down I ended up getting a call for line up and I lose 28 out of 30 matches. So people start to wonder like why are you so interested with psychology because I lost 28 out of 30 matches and 1 match turned around and changed the game for me. I won the match for our team. I won the match for our team and went on to either winning 9 straight matches in a row for the season and then eventually fast forward I went to corporate America, but that prepared me for corporate America and at 21 years of age I had a great mentor. I started with a comedy new york life insurance, I thought it was a magazine, I showed up, it was an insurance company and I got hired, and I failed that profile test, I was told I was too young for it and I know nothing about business. But if you come in to a two hundred thousand commissions for sure he will take you. And so my mentor said that and I came in and did show two hundred thousand and then I promoted fast forward, promoted up to ranks and by 28 I was the number 5 partner out of 500 partners for that number one life insurance company in the country. All soundly great right? And here's where I wrapped out my personal story, I'm standing there and we just got the impossible promotion that nobody else thought we could get. And upon getting the news of becoming the number 5 partner, part of me was excited the other part was totally unfulfilled, part of me never felt good enough, never felt worthy, never ever felt successful and in that moment I had the decision, do I have to go to the part of Corporate America or do I follow my destiny. And in that moment I'll never forget the feeling of it, it was the most fearful decision that I had to make but I realize if I can master up the courage, the confidence, the certain leading ego to do it, then it will be the greatest decision I made and in one second, I made this split decision to walk to the end of the building that I was standing on, figuratively speaking, and just jump off, have a leap of faith. Never have faith of in that point. Literally speaking, walk into a new life, handed the resignation letter and never returned.

Natalie : Right. So you're in a corporate, you're doing it tough, you realize that this is really not, well were not doing it tough you're actually quite successful on it. And you realized that this is not really for you. So what are you doing now?

Ted : Great so now it leads me to the second version of what I do and what happened was when I left, what i realize is for me to go out and live my passion, I'll have to trade my problem, now the thing that most people don't know is I was literally every weekend, Friday night, Saturday night, drinking 15 drinks on a Friday, 15 drinks on a Saturday and I sort of look back of my life and I have to solve this problem. I mean I lost my grandmother with alcohol, my aunt drink herself to death at 49 years old in her apartment, my mom was never a drinker she became a drinker, I was drinking every weekend and when I left New York life I discovered the processes that I have to solve this discover the scientific process and it help me break through whatever was causing me to drink and help me break through and rid myself of those feelings and transform them and I've been using that processes ever since. And what I'm doing now is I work with entrepreneurs to help them turn their passion into profits. But my whole thing on it is we create a model called Passion of Profits Breakthrough Formula which is having a passion turn it into profits but the breakthrough pieces like the cracks for me that's the whole, it's a game changer because how can we help people breakthrough whatever stopping them from living their passion and stopping them from being successful doing it. And so we go really deep to help people do that and that's what i'm doing now.

Natalie : Okay. So when did you first realized that this is what your passion was?

Ted : You know what's funny okay I can say at the moment that I was standing there on the top floor of Suntrist Building and all that, that's the moment I went for it but interestingly enough I picked up a goal cultivator that I've been using for you know 10 years and its about creating your goals. And we used to use it in every corner of our office. I picked it up in my condo recently about 6 months ago and it was from 10 years ago, maybe longer, or maybe it was 11 years ago. And I looked in it and it says I wanna inspire more people to transform their lives in any other person in the planet. That was the day that I wrote it down. So that was the day around 23 that I realize this is the moment right now, I know I wanna do this, now knowing and going to do it or to totally separate things, then I waited 5 more years to fall through on it because I didn't develop skills and all that stuffs, but that's when I think I that's when I actually know, I knew and it manifest in 5 years later. And then of course there's a whole other journey with alcohol and solving that to where I really lived to congruently.

Natalie : Yeah. And you know the whole purses that you've been through with alcohol are the purses that you desire, it can really apply to anything.

Ted : Anything. We've done it with athletes who won zero to races and turn it around won eight races in a row turn pro. We've done it to people with panic disorders whose medication for longest time and boom all of the sudden the panic disorder's gone, they talk to their doctor, they take off their meds for good and now they have a child in the world. We've done it with entrepreneurs with poverty consciousness, they just can't get to the next level, with successful entrepreneurs who wanna go to the next level, so all kinds.

Natalie : Right. So I know you've already touched on this but you sound like you have some limning beliefs that came out to you, we all have limning beliefs, we all have some negative program that we picked up from our kids so what are some limning beliefs that you have and how do you overcome them?

Ted : Yeah so for me it was like I was running from something for years, like I when I was being successful, I was running from something, so my success came from I'm running away from this, I don't know what I'm running away from 'coz I'm unconscious to it. And it wasn't until so I moved out to California, I discovered the process and one night I was going through the process in a video I'm watching it. And all of a sudden I see this image, I get this image of my mother, and I never thought I have any beliefs system or anything in common or congruency with my parents. All of the sudden I see this image clear as day, I go down on the floor, on my knees, and all is like Niagara Falls. Like I'm like weeping and crying I release like a thousand pounds of just not feeling good enough. And I never felt good enough, I didn't feel worthy of my success, I was giving all my money away, and so that in that moment, I finally like turn the corner and had an awareness wow I need to solve this number one, number two just drop the thousand pound weight, number three how far can I go.

Natalie : Yeah. Isn't it amazing how you've kind of realize often now even you know day to day something will come up to me like if its a hot button or something, I'm thinking why I obviously have an issue or something around it, and so I go where does that come from? It doesn't take long you go, right I remember now. You know this is what my mother used to say or this is something I felt when I was a kid. You know I think often we realize that's where it comes from and am wealthy much on that now i understand where did that come from. But it's all about focusing on how to change how to overcome it. And I know your system actually focuses a lot on that.

Ted : Oh yeah. We help them access it like I was going to a big meeting yesterday I'm on the car driving down with my partner, he's driving I feel something coming up and I said take me through this, boom boom boom within 7 mins I've got it cleared up and I've got the action steps that I need to take, they direct me of where I need to go. So it can be that quick. People think its somewhat indepth process where you gotta go in like the mountains are gonna open and like thunders are gonna roar, sometimes yeah, but sometimes this is the matter of using the process, and that's like the first piece we use, its the breakthrough of helping them breakthrough then we help them package themselves, just like what's fascinating in you now, now that you've cleared it and realize that you're a fascinating person how do you take your gifts, your talents, your wisdom package it, into a step by step formula toward you can clearly communicate your value, and then inspire people to pay you two to three times which your gonna paid, or if not even your game yet first dollar you're doing it. So we then help set-up the systems, how they do, we often set-up their sale systems, we help them set-up so much in their business, then it takes the you know the esoteric breakthrough and put it into accent in reality.

Natalie : Right. Because that's the thing, this year in 2012 it seems to be this urgency for people to figure out what is their passion, what is it that they are passionate about? What's something that people can do that watching this video. Let's say looking at their life right now, how can they identify what their passion is?

Ted : I would send them email, I got to call at the fascination factor so I believe that since like Steve Jobs people like in 90s always start of doing that of a company but the whole model of apple is challenged to status quo and I'm quite sure Steven to start at 19 years old, I'm gonna start gonna start that status quo, probably 2 years old he was running around on his diapers trying to get up faster that little kids and challenging them who's gonna walk faster, right? So my point is you were doing it since the time you were two, its the thing that you love doing it, its the thing that energizes you, you love it, you do it all day long. The problem is and the great thing you have so much energy at the end of the day, you're like even more on top of the world than you were when you started, the problem is most people are doing it for free. So what I say is its the thing that you do but you don't validate yourself on it you discount it and that's why you don't ask people for money on it, so what I say is send out an email to five of your best relationship and say hey you know what I'm working with the coach, I'm working on taking my passion out to the world so I can serve and tell me, what are my talents? What are my gifts? What are my most fascinating about me? Please send it back in two paragraphs. And that do it right like now, right like now do it 'coz that's the game changer, if you do it right now to five people and you've been thinking oh I can't send that out there's nothing fascinating about me. Trust me, the people around you see it and they tell you all the time you discount it. So when you're getting it back it will validate what you already know but you don't think right? Right. So not that you need validation but you'll need somebody to send back and you'll read it and from the outside perspective and then you'll get it and then you can start doing about it and then there's all kind of exercises if I'm writing down the five things or solutions or problems you've solved. Start maybe teaching that to other people, maybe you wanna be a coach, well I don't know but it will help you get into the game.

Natalie : Exactly. Its something that will be adding to the contribution which I think everyone has that, everyone has something, you know that they can help bring other people to the next level which is awesome. Now look, one of the common questions that I get from people is you know how do I overcome procrastination? You know what advice do you have for people in that situation?

Ted : Well I say two things, I'll give you the quick version, the quick version is you gotta step in, right? Because everything is done with momentum, its like the longer you put it off, the longer you put if off, then ten years later you're still thinking the same thing. And the worst part is you create all that in your head, so the one you put it off its a creation in your head that all the bad things are gonna happen, and then its just get bigger and bigger and bigger to as like a snow ball that you can't even move. You know get a wall and its flurry right? And melt the sucker right? Get a walls of flurry and just melt it and just jump in so I would say one task that you wanna do right now that you're putting off, just take the first step, you'll go momentum, you'll go momentum and you realize that all procrastination is something in the head that you just put yourself into it and stepping your good. Now that's the version, well its okay Ted, but I am trying that as a block. Now the other version is the scientific process we uses, you know everybody has a best self, and we call it its a full potential right? So everything's in life is driven by potential, your driven by your full potential. So the question is how do you access that, well most people are so busy in their heads so, they never get present to what their potential is. So I give you two steps and for time sake i won't take you through it, so the first step is when you have time, go to a peaceful place right? And not just physically but go there in your mind like the sunset or a water fall or favorite place from childhood or beach and you just go there, because to make way decisions from an advantage point you need to be calm and present. And so you go there like i'm at a sunset right now, I'm gonna close my eyes, so you go there and you imagine the best coming towards you, you imagine you more confident, more inspired, more loving, more caring, more vibrant, more dynamic, imagine all of those things. Now I don't know why last few weeks I have me with a karate suit, I don't do karate but I show up, right? And like in a black suit, I am physically there, I'm vibrant, I'm dynamic, and so then I got this image coming in but I can see and feel. And then you communicate what's your best self. Then maybe if you could procrastinate you're communicate with your best self and say " what is the next step I need to take? The next small step." And that's a way to start taking guidance from your full potential and not from your mind which is always craving more, always never enough, always thinking you're not good enough and you'll never be satisfied.

Natalie : Well now I have a hypothetical question for you, let's just say that a genie appeared in front of you right now, and he's gonna grant you a wish, you can have an intimate dinner with one person anyone from past or present, who do you choose to have that dinner with and why?

Ted : I go with Denzel Washington.

Natalie : Really?

Ted : Well no I don't have somebody was dead or whatever. You know what I have something with I recently performing in a one men show. I'm learning to act out the story of my life and I did it my last seminar for 60 minutes and there's something about that when I'm watching these films, the man's alive. He's like so passionate i can feel him through it and I wanna learn to connect to somebody like that. Just to find out about his life, to find out where's his passion came from, and he's just somebody that I'm always fascinate with, the one that I wanted to sit down with and just talk and see where our conversation goes.

Natalie : Right. Awesome. So you know, what's happening for you this year? Have you set yourself goals? I mean I know that you've been living in passion but do you still challenge yourself by what goals do you set for yourself.

Ted : All the time, right? Well one of my challenging things is that one men show, like I wanted to get that out there and I just challenge myself with the last seminar rehearsed the night before, and said i'm gonna do it and I do it and its a success and people loved it. So one of my challenges I'm gonna take that, I'm gonna perform that minimum of 12 times this year. Just different seminars anywhere in opportunity to give my gift 'coz there's a message and there's a story with a message in there that I can share. So that's one of them, the second one is that we just launch our coaching leadership academy brand, so we're training coaches this year. So my long term on goal on that is in five years to train 250,000 coaches. This year we're doing our first coaching leadership academy, our goal is we wanted to have a 50 solid solid people who were halfway there to a mentored may and we're gonna open it up to 250 people in the end of the year. So 300 people on that, we train 300 people in coach leadership academy this year and then the other big goal is I always wanted to play with other thought of different people like you. So putting on a bigger entity to your call they called thrive, thrive masters will bring in there like an entrepreneur or masters all in one place, but its just like 6 people in solid content amercing people to help them build thriving businesses. So those are the main things. And of course my work alcohols like, I go to Barry's Boot Camp everyday in an insane work out so I wanted to get my health ready to the next level.

Natalie : Awesome. And I know that's the thing like even though we accomplish so much, always I'm on the challenges, always to keep growing and keep moving forward. So if ever wanna find out more about you, where can we send them?

Ted : Well why don't we give them a free coaching session, right? Like can actually experience the breakthrough process that would be best. So go to that it go to schedule just like the sound schedule, S-C-H-E-D-U-L-E free coaching dot com. And it will take you right into the page all you gotta do is enter your name and email and then it will take you right to a calendar where in the calendar you just click the button you see times available from one of our coaches and you just put it right into your calendar, its perfect, its that simple, so do it and I'm gonna call and they're gonna help you three things eliminate challenge that might be stopping your success right now, number to help you crystallize your vision like what's your vision right now? what's your passion?How do you get centered on that? Number three give you a plan and path to get there so go to, one of our coaches will take care of you and you'll love it.

Natalie : That's suppose some free kit.

Ted : Yeah its great right?

Natalie : Thank you so much for coming in today. And remember guys you can get through to that site if you click the banner on the side there as well. So please share the love and share the information, there's so much practical information you shared with us today, its fantastic. Share this information by clicking the Facebook and Twitter share buttons above and if you hadn't done so already make sure that you leave your email on the box above there because we'll send you six pre-made mind movies and we'll keep you up to date on all our upcoming shows.

Ted : And this is the next today's show, the Inspiration Show at years.

Natalie : I would like to thank my friends, Tristan and Sabrina, for making up my mugs forming.

Ted : Cheers.

Natalie : We only have water in there. So guys until next time, remember to live large, choose courageously, and love without limits. We'll see you soon.

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