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Episode # 10   Passion Peeps - Sean Stephenson

About The Episode:

Law of Attraction guru Natalie Ledwell interviews one of her passion peeps Sean Stephenson. This interview is exceptionally inspiring because Sean was born with a rare bone disease and was repeatedly told he had a limited life span. Now in his 30's Sean has a LONG list of accomplishments including a stint in the White House, working on Capitol Hill and sharing the stage with Tony Robbins.

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Episode # 10 Passion Peeps - Sean Stephenson

Natalie: Hi! I'm Natalie Ledwell and this is the Inspiration Show now I have an amazing video to share with you today, this is one of my passion peeps interviews. Now when this guy was born his mother was told that he won't live past hour of his life, and then she was told he wouldn't past the next day and then the first week and the first year you see he was born with a rare bone disease but not only he had reach a 32 years and is outlived all of these doctors but his had an extensive life already, know he's worked in capitol hill as legislative affair support stuff for congressman William Lipinskie and his also worked in the white house as presidential reason for affairs and he studied his own public speaking company to travel the country and motivate individuals in schools, companies, hospitals, prisons and federal agencies he share the sharing platform with people like Tony Robbins, Henry Wrinkles and Mark Victorhandsome. He even filmed a fitness video called No Excuses with the Miss Fitness Universe and her husband the former Mister Olympia he was appointed to serve on the board of directors for the national association of self-esteem, he graduated from the Dupole university with high honours and that university was right a across the street from the very hospital where he was told he was gonna die at birth and now he's a certified clinical therapist as certified trainer of neurolinguistic programming and currently receiving his doctorate at America Pacific University and I actually witness him to propose in his girlfriend and planning for their wedding next year thousands of these and dozens of outlet including Oprah, CNN, The Discovery Channel, WGN, CBS News he's been in the New York times and now he's on the inspiration show. So please sit back and get comfortable with the one of my wonderful friend Mr. Sean Stephenson.

Natalie: Hi, I'm Natalie Ledwell and this is the inspiration show. Now I have a very, very special show for you today, and a very special guest I will introduce you to. Now if you can tell between the noises around us, we're actually on a cruise ship in a summit and I heard this gentleman speak on a stage a couple of days ago and he rock my world and so I would like to introduce to you to Sean Stephenson. How are you Sean?

Sean: I'm very welcome. Welcome.

Natalie: now Sean is an individual, you spend your life with individuals when you're a councillor and you're a doctorate and that your life is you passionately form by helping another people. Now I have to ask you, do you love the life you are at now?

Sean: absolutely.

Natalie: So, I'm assuming it wasn't quite an easy road to get here.

Sean: yeah. Right and everyone I have ever interacted with in my life that has anything substantial success with their financial, emotional relationship and you always jump to conclusion that you always had that and somebody gave it to them whether they have some genetic advantage. Advances was never the case and that it's the number one excuse that people use. Though you're successful but you didn't have such issue to deal with and I find that it's use to people to play small and not an easy and I come across with many others and I find that if you're willing to take responsibility for your own life you can have anything you want.

Natalie: So, can you tell us a little bit about your story.

Sean: Sure. So when we go to physical, it's obvious I'm a rare bone disorder called astrogenesis imperfecta also known as brittle bones disorder and with this condition, I thought my parents I was gonna die after my first 24hours of my life, 32 years later I was doctors are dead and I'm speaking to you and so never trust experts completely and with this condition stand with the growth with the bones and some got a 3feet tall and across the bones would be fragile and sneezing can break a bone as a child and when I was 18 I cracked a lot of times. So you can imagine the pain and the emotional suffering that I went through and yet I think what's more interesting than my story or my physical story is what I've given in and I say this humbly that I can that I have the right to set up parents, friends and network around me that let me not use the condition that I have as an excuse and I dream of really settle of what most dream of work in the white house with the president created my own wealth and built my own company, I have travelled the world speaking to individuals of all different ages and I found love and super happy in a relationship and I'm on a cruise ship right now and this is my job, I'm on a cruise ship to record and actually I'm here to speak and I can tell you when people meet me they say ?oh, Sean you were born with more confidence than I was? and I don't think there is a confidence gene that some people have and others don't and it's something to be develop over the time and they teach you with programs.

Natalie: now I know that it's often fine threads that gets you from the life that we were living to the life with passion and forming that passion at that time. What is the advance hole or things happen into your life that gets you from where you are now?

Sean: well I think it's important to distinct what your passion and you purpose is and I'll be curious to see what's in this interested in. I think passion I what we feel towards something that we love and I think purpose is something we feel weird and reditive to do. So you are referring more my passion and my purpose?

Natalie: yes.

Sean: okay. So, my purpose is to rid the world of insecurity in my life time and I believe that insecurities is the root of all our challenges from allowing people to be homeless and not doing anything about it and having wars that we have in this planet you know starvation of children, I think all stems are for our insecurities and as we know we are left perfect grid better gentlemen re involve a lot of things to go from our ego. So what I find is it kills for the insecurity there in order to develop our own life and step on somebody else and got what they really want.

Natalie: okay. Now Sean from my experience I know that success doesn't just happen and then most successful people that I've met had certain things to do from day to day to keep them on purpose or to keep them on track. What are the things that you do from day to day.

Sean: Create a live/work life list. This type is when your life is working and it's in flow what are the top 5 to 10 things you have to do to maintain that and so maybe exercise, prayer, eating solid meals 3 times a day and it could be meditation, I don't know what it is for you but I list to 10 things and if look at my life in all of my life I was successful are determined on the list and in my life I was beginning to be depressed or overwhelm by not doing the things on the list, it's not simple people don't want to be that simple, they wanted it to be more excuse when they are doing it where are my solutions that are simple which I were looking at, and is always the same, so we should be always simple they cut to the excuse and willing to the size and I'm gonna be responsible in my life.

Natalie: so what are the couple that are in your list?

Sean: Sure. One thing is I stumble in silly. I'm just warning you. it and I actually into a stiff clean shave I don't know what it is by but people in 5 o'clock shuttle clean I feel productive and I'm on a cruise ship. I'm not going to be productive here and so I'm kicking what grow in my face though and that feels clean and that's right and I feel unresolved and it's something simple as that and for me I have to meditate 15 minutes every morning to look at my vision board and call my friends on Sunday night and check in now see what I'm doing around the country or the world actually. so there's just a little that you'll be like what's that the relief to success but it really makes a difference but you are in the highest vibration and things are coming to you.

Natalie: Absolutely. Great answer.

Sean: thank you.

Natalie: now I actually often get a lot of emails from people who find that very difficult when they're actually in the situation. Like for the example it's very difficult for them to visualize abundance when they don't have enough money to pay for bills what are your advice to someone that is like that?

Sean: do you remember that imagination is much stronger than willpower in the beginning people think oh I just need a little willpower more willpower, willpower doesn't work for getting wrong, it could take temporary results. So, if you could be a willpower like rocket fuel it'll launch you, it'll make your momentum fast but you'll burn at and right come back to earth and it's like imagination is a slow burning fuel, and when you have imagination and barely in your mind what you want to look at, and when you continue on doing on that, the how you gonna do it start showing up. You have to believe in that vision and that's most people missing that belief they're just visualize and thinking that it'll come through and when you do that you also have a pack of belief and that's suppose to be yours and your suppose to live that life. So for me I get him to right now and not enough space to see that's something's possible, may be you've been rejected over and over again and you'd think you'd never find love or in business models and they all failed you are not to focus on what you are, you are to focus on where it go the vision very clear and it's exciting to move your head forward and if that's it, that's it.

Natalie: absolutely. I totally agree with you. I have one final question may be hard to actually narrow it down to 1 thing. But if you could think 1 acceptable step that people listening today can implement into their life. What would that one thing be?

Sean: make sure that the 5 people closest to you are amazing. The 5 people you make spend the time with, empowering, loving, healthy, ethical, moral, sincere, loving people because those 5 people will have impact on you when your life is doing well it's when your life is going to challenge and in anyone of us got a feeling good take on that negative energy when we're already in that stuck state and bugging around us that are negative and unhealthy encourage us to do other things. Whatever it may be we're starting to swing it up we're already in a weak space and set around us 5 amazing people you might start with 1 or I'll say amazing people in your life you'll really inspired to be one you life, your income, your love increases.

Natalie: Sean thank you so much for spending your time to us we appreciate your time and hopefully there's a lot from what we've got. Now if someone want to find out more about you where can we send them.

Sean: sure. Go to that's S-E-A-N times T-I-M-E-S .com so you can go to

Natalie: awesome. so thank again everyone, remember to live large, choose courageously and love without limits. I'll speak to you soon.

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