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Episode # 83   Passion Peeps - Scott Coady

About The Episode:

Natalie Ledwell is pleased to speak with Scott Coady, who was able to overcome negative mental programming that was holding him back. It's not that Scott was born with this, but he sort of acquired it through his young experiences. Scott Shares his story on how he was able to wash away his limiting beliefs and achieve massive success.

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Episode # 83 Passion Peeps - Scott Coady

Natalie: If you have ever felt like you aren't good enough to reach a goal, you will love today's show. Scott Coady takes you to the process that he used to get pass these negative programming that he experienced himself. So, stay tuned.

Natalie: Hi I'm Natalie Ledwell and this is The Inspiration Show. And today, I'm here with the amazing Mr. Scott Coady. How are you Scott?

Scott: I'm great, Natalie.

Natalie: Excellent. Now, have you heard from my fashion fix video? And you know we have asked everyone the same questions. Let's just jump straight in, and hit you with the first one and just ask you, you know, what is your story? You know, where are you from? What was your journey leading up to now?

Scott: Well, I grew up in a regular family in Southern California here, my dad was working in a blue collar kind of job and then somewhere around when I was five or six years old, he decided to start his own business which was kind of a shocking revelation back then. And he was the first guy to grow pack and chip on alfalfa sprouts and supermarkets so became the alfalfa sprouts Sprout King of Southern California. And, I grew up in this family of expanding possibilities and then, they joined the church religious science with power positive thinking and anything was possible and this company grew. With Alfa's sprout which is this weird thing, and so the spirit of entrepreneurism and possibility was rely to me from an early age but I was not really all that smart in school, you know, I was not the best of an athlete and I kind always enjoyed business. But, maybe I want to see the world, went to college. Worried that they find out that I wasn't smart enough to go, kicked me out. And, half way through graduate school I realized - No, I could do this. And I kind' a drop the fear and then from there I said "What is really possible. What is my most, highest calling? What's really good". And then, I met Fernando Flores who's a philosopher. I met, Julio Aliath, who was one of my teachers. I met with Troucy Heckler and just got in to this journey of expanding myself and expanding myself. And, out of all that I then discovered that I have this amazing gift to teach and to show people how to jump over the self they are into whatever is required to produce the future they want.

Natalie: Alright. So, what is it that you doing now?

Scott: I have the Institute for the embodied wisdom here in Ohio, California.

Natalie: Alright.

Scott: And we offer a 6 month long program called The Art of Leadership Master, which is a somatic base of the body, based program to change the authentic self you are, so you can effortlessly, easily move into the vision that you have for your future and not to try so hard but just as the way you being how it happen.

Natalie: Right. So, you obviously doing what you're truly passion is about. But, when did you first realized that this was your passion?

Scott: I was doing business and I was you know, doing consulting, organizational change work, I'll just used my MBA a little bit, just used some of this new distinctions that I've got about communication, it was all just to make money and to do something. And, I signed up for a coach training program with the new field network, for a little while. Not because I want to be a coach, I didn't see myself of being a coach that time, but because I sold this big culture change project into a bank and I wanted access to my teachers for free consulting coz' I'd sold something bigger that I'd knew I could deliver, and I was scared that I was not gonna be able to pull it off. So, I thought that it was a great way to have access like an old safety net, and I ended up a certified coach anyway. And then, two years later I got invited to be a coach of a project, for real coach executives. I never done it before, new thing and okay maybe I could do this and then I was scared again, these are senior executives and big companies and you know, I have not done this before and, Am I enough? But I was one hand scared but excited you know. So I started doing it, and after a few months, all of the people I were coaching started kicking ass and doing really well and some of the other coaches who'll a lot more experience weren't having such success. And then one day I realized, coz' after to that point I've tried so many things in my life and been interested in so many things and I thought that maybe I was wasting my life, I wasn't very committed to it and I realize that moment that all of my life experience could be used to serve my clients and everything made sense and that this was what I was called to do and I committed myself, in 1995 to become a master at it and put everything else aside and focus.

Natalie: Right. Wow, exciting. And, how long have you been doing this?

Scott: Well, since 95', it has been 17 years; I've been focused on really in this peace of human development and teaching, coaching and growing people as leaders and teammates.

Natalie: Right. You talked to me a little before about limiting beliefs that things are coming after you. How did you overcome those?

Scott: Well, I think, for myself I have a few. One, growing up, I was not smart enough to go to college that was one of my big limiting beliefs but, I had ambition. I was in this kind of a going for it but not believing on myself, trying and hopefully I could find out and teachers kind a help and so I could have more capacity and then, that one, it just melted away when I was half way through graduate school I got 3.76 average and I was leading all the teams and I just realized, you know what, I'm stupid. I mean, stupid to believe that I have to believe I'm not stupid.

Natalie: Yeah.

Scott: And so, I could remember that I was reading this law book in my table and it just like hit me, I think really, there was enough evidence to wash it away. So, producing evidence is one thing and in the consulting, on the coaching world it was really like "Am I sufficient to do these?" Well, yeah. Maybe not the smarts but do I have what it takes. And, facing those fears and doing it anyway to produce evidence that you can, I think it is one the strongest ways to wash away a belief for good. But, to do that you have to have the courage to face the fear right there. And so, where is that courage come from? How do you get the courage? That's a good question. I think for each person might be different but, for me, always had the feeling that I was gonna do something. So, I kept a mark to a light, keep moving forward.

Natalie: Right. So, I mean there's a lot of talk this year especially in 2012, finding your passion and contributing back to humanity so what advice you have to people that are trying to identify what are their passion is?

Scott: I think the best thing you can do is just try anything. If you have an idea, go for it, check it out, experiment, play. You discover what soul for you through experience and it's through the experience of doing it that I believe that you get a feeling inside of yourself that you know, "Oh! That's it." You don't get that when you just write on paper and it's a step - an important step to put your ideas but until you actually try it, you're not gonna know.

Natalie: Exactly.

Scott: So, that's it. A lot of people are afraid to try because they're afraid to fail, you just, try this, try this, try this. Keep trying stuff and you'll discover it.

Natalie: Exactly. I know, my husband and I had many different types of businesses. And then, we know we should fell in to the middle of these things, whom by accident. And now, we're doing, individually, what we feel very ---- to us.

Scott: My whole life is an accident.

Natalie: In one series that leads to another and in to another.

Scott: Exactly! I didn't plan any of this. When I was in high school, my biggest ambition was maybe, I could become an air condition refrigeration repair man. Fill in to trade school and do all that. And I was gonna go into the navy. And after the navy I was gonna go work for my dad, I was gonna have my own thing and that was my biggest ambition, I FAILED.

Natalie: It's amazing how life can hand you even more wonderful. Now, one of the most common questions I can ask about is procrastination. So what advice you have to people that are in that situation where they're procrastinating on what they should be doing is?

Scott: My best advice on that is, you can always procrastinate tomorrow, get it done today.

Natalie: I like that. That's a very good mantra.

Scott: It's kind of a tongue and cheek you know. It's like you can always procrastinate tomorrow. Why not just get it done today.

Natalie: Alright. I have a bit of a hypothetical for you. A genie is appearing in front of you, his gonna grant you one wish and it's going to bring you one intimate dinner with one person from either past or present. Who do you choose? And why?

Scott: Sir Laurens van der Post, he recently past away. He's just an amazing, amazing man. Who grew up in the bush of Africa with the bush man and he was a, became a newspaper reporter man, he was Princess Diana's godfather, he was the first white person to write against the Partha in the newspaper and travel around the world with the guest of the emperor of Japan for many years and some of the things he did. But what I loved most of Si Laurens van der Post is that he's the kind of leader and the kind of human being that we need most. And, he, in World War II was taken captive by the Japanese put in to a prison in war camp, slave labor prison war camp and he was the most senior officer that is responsible for a thousand men that are in there and 10 or 15 are dying every day from disease and dysentery. He committed himself to have these men stop dying. Obviously, improve the conditions of those or that but he knew and the wisdom of this man is that when a human being loses their spirit then they're gonna die. But if they have spirit then they can survive, the meaning and purpose of our life is connected to our having spirit. He knew the men had lost meaning and purpose. They're hopeless. So, he had to find a way to transform the experience in prison camp so that all the men can find meaning and spirit and they didn't know what to do but they knew they had to do something. With that question, with that wisdom, he and his colleagues decided to create a university and have a prison built. A four year university offering all the courses, all the men signed up, they stopped dying. They looked like from outskirts, they're just like. And, there's picture, there's smiles on their face because they're getting their degrees. And when they got in to graduate school, diplomas they wrote on toilet paper for these guys. And, to have that level of leadership, to take that level of responsibility requires a certain connection to spirit, and the humanity and wisdom that he got from the bush people. He's a beautiful man and a very, very wise teacher. I love to have dinner with him.

Natalie: What an interesting person. What an interesting answer. Thanks for that Scott.

Scott: You're welcome.

Natalie: Yes, but if people want to find out more about you, where can we send them?

Scott: Oh, to our website, the institute embodied website which is, and that's the easiest way.

Natalie: And, if you just click the banner on the side there you can also go through that site from there too.

Scott: Thanks, Natalie.

Natalie: Thanks again, Scott for sitting down with me.

Scott: My pleasure.

Natalie: And guys, please share this video and the information in it by clicking the Facebook and Twitter buttons above. And if you have done so already, make sure that you put your email in the box right there coz' we'll send you this pre-made my movies and we'll keep you up to date upon upcoming shows. So until next time, remember to live large, choose courageously and love without limits. We'll see you soon.

Scott Coady



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