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Episode # 66   Passion Peeps - Renee Airya

About The Episode:

Natalie Ledwell speaks with Renee Airya, a spiritual leader and former fashion model, who has managed to heal from three near death experiences, including a pancreatic tumor where she was told she had only 2 weeks to live, massive brain surgery and facial paralysis. She shares her incredible journey of healing and explains how she now uses her experiences to help other people make their lives better.

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Episode # 66 Passion Peeps - Renee Airya

Natalie: Hi. I'm Natalie Ledwell and this is the Inspiration Show. Now, today I am with my friend Renee Airya, How are you?

Renee: I'm doing great.

Natalie: Thank you for coming in. Now, Renee has a really, really interesting story and actually overcomes very extraordinary events in her life and I had to have her on the passion peeps so that she could share that story with you. So, Renee can tell us about your background and your some of things that you have to deal with your lifetime.

Renee: Yah. Definitely. I was thinking about this and how to break it down and I just include it just yesterday. But I feel like a very old soul that I love multiple lifetimes in this one life. So, when I was just reflecting back and the best way to put it perspective because it's a lot of information I gone through a lot. I feel like I have 2 different categories of experience in my life really. From age let just say zero to 21 I was definitely living and more than external being through alley. Self works is externalized kinda in the matrix and pretty much in the material world at that point in time I'm professional modeled from age 12. So, I was working in full-time even in high school. So, that was on the first category of my life and then after age 21 to age 32 I have started moving more into internals of feeling self healing type of wall. There were couple of things that really brought me into that reality. One of them is being the external reality of beauty and I just wanted to be prettier to be quite not really 20 when I was modeling. So, I thought okay how can I make work better on the outside maybe I wanted to be healthier. So, I started studying at healthy nutrition, I got certified on massage and it was beautiful because it's like a transition to me into that world but there are more things that brought me in even more deeper in internal experience is being diagnosed with the tumor when I was 23. It was totally shocking news. I have no idea what is going on, I had the cat scan done and I'm waiting for a session with my gastrologist. I thought I knew what was going on the intestinal wires and he said I'm sorry we promise you to master your pancreas you have about 2 weeks to live. So, I was very quickly brought into very deep experience in life and in an opportunity and I would like to be able to take some sort of credit that what I dreamed about but really what happened was I was at a partner at that time who was a very spiritual man and to have a great deal to boyfriend me and didn't want to lose me. You know that time I was just 23 and he was like 27. So, he kinda describe me in the inside and said you're gonna get through this I don't know how you do it but you gonna create a miracle and I said okay. So this is the reason why can I ask with you so much in your vision and mission with mind movies because I really have my life experience and gonna create my reality with what I have. So, we just started with experiencing deep levels of prayer and I also do external things like acupuncture inducing but there are so many external things I can help in to time period. I really give credit to extraordinary beliefs miracles and prayers this is not a long story and the short story when I'm in and get the biopsy done the musk was completely gone out of the pancreas areas. After that point, I think wow. I know nothing, what's going on in this world and we can create as magnificent as a miracle sections that I want to die deeper into what this life can truly, truly look like and potentialize myself levels every day. So, I basically committed to becoming a spiritual healer for people and really cultivating intuition in very deep level. So, that's what I did, I was working as a healer for many years and then at age 29 this is total intuitive thing again. Something that was not really seen but being set I am feeling so much time working in the spirit world being a coach for other people and I was very tomb towards listening to myself and others that having this voice coming to me that something is going on with me that was life threatening. And I was asking where is it coming to my body. I had zero sometimes. I still actually want to get back to modeling at this point of time just for self expression. When I was traveling the world I was actually on a photo shoot for a bikini calendar. In my way at that time I was hearing this voice that there something wrong with me. So, I went to doctors for 3months, cannot find anything wrong with me at all, blood worked completely fine, xrays completely fine. And I finally one day I was wholly broke down I thought who in my life has a medical background but there is also a heart connection with that I can turn to.

Natalie: that was a little bit open rather than tradition.

Renee: Exactly. And if somebody heard it was new that I could feel hurt and I thought like I could feel hurt by someone on that level that also has expertise that something could happen or connection could get me to the right person. I got for some MRI immediately from this really amazing neurologist doctor and actually a miracle when the MRI is done because he had not ordered to correct MRI for me but the technologist could kinda sense that something is a little bit off and he actually came in and assign people work for another part of the tasking that wasn't ordered and I say yes into that and what did I did coz' I wanted to stand and found out that I had a huge tumor that was compressing my brain's stem then I have probably in there for 15 years. So, this was a very extraordinary finding and obviously turned my life around. To get a diagnosis so that's the work. So, I went into a very deep meditation over this situation I actually almost did not get surgery because I have life such an amazing life when my age was 29 but then again I have live in such an amazing life when i thought, well i have dedicated whole my life 10 years of my life to health and healing and this is like what my body is still producing maybe it's time for me to go and to be honest i surrendered that and i felt pretty good about that until i have a conversation with my family and had talking to my mom and really looking at her in the eyes and the feedback that i was getting on the people who were around me and the people close to me and i got it clearly it wasn't my time to go but i was really needed on the planet and my part and mission here and contribution and being here and helping to cultivate people awareness and healing for other people and so i got that i was needed. So, when i had the surgery, the surgery was successful and the tumor was removed but what happen is a by product my facial nerve is completely damage and bringing the surgery it was actually and invariantly fall apart when they took the tumor out because of the nerve was too long. The only thing that actually holding my facial nerve together was actually my tumor. So, it was a very, very complication and when i got up in the surgery, I'm totally daft on the right side but my face was completely paralyzed on the right hand side. At that time that when i ask you what is the visualization with the mind movies the type techniques just was very committed to creating a miracle. So, i had 60% recovery through visualization of the facial nerve back together on that side and so let just say from there that wrap up in the second part of my life internal self healings. The third part of my life that i really been exploring since about age 32 for the last 5 years was my contribution and that's really where i'm at right now with being able to share my gifts and helping in influence and inspire other people to live a life that they can right now on the planet.

Natalie: do you know a part the reason that i ask Renee to come here today is not just to share that incredible story but to do segment where i shared with you in New Year's Eve is about really how i really educate people or help everyone. I think there is a place that we really want to contribute but we don't know how. So, people like Cory have you seen the video with Renee. We're really looking in giving you avenues to see how you can contribute and how you can give back. So, what is it that you do know?

Renee: Now, i actually do a couple of birthdays. First performance that i love because that's the most important thing that i have discovered in my journey i worked professionally as an intuitive healer, a coach and a brand new consultant for conscious entrepreneur and i have a complete passion for that. My second passion like we talk about is contribution and the outlook i have chosen for that is working with Patrimona Alliance and you have the opportunity to, yes this are our bracelets by the way our initiation into the Patrimona Alliance, i'm the facilitator, teacher and trainer with that organization that is certain called to awaken the dreamer or changing the dream. So, we that presentation with the people around the world to help people inspire people into action into lifestyle.

Natalie: you know i often find like a fine threads series of answers or a van and totally healing so rebuilding facial nerve and all at everything to now we are on the stage of life where helping in contribution. So, what are those events for you.

Renee: i couldn't actually think of something to accomplish in the time and really that it was for me but Legacy.

Natalie: So, did come to the place like you have been able to achieve all of this now what do i do like that?

Renee: yah. That was it was for me. I had felt like i had renewed myself from the matrix of the world and kinda in the illusions that is going on in the world, the struggles. I also had, i mean my gosh it was the survival score; you should go through a survival source to help you confront so many different things. I got okay, I am okay with myself, i have discovered self love, and how can I possibly live like the biggest footprints on this planet right now. So, really just getting out in my own way and realizing that i had an opportunity now in this life. To really make other people lives better and that was it was for its like living a legacy.

Natalie: Now, you know success didn't just supposed to happen and successful people had daily habits and routine that they do on the daily basis to make them focused. So, what some of the things that you do on some daily basis?

Renee: Um, Health. Went out into specifically is that a lot of green foods. I really see extra connection between what we put into our bodies and how it can help influence with that energy and our mannerisms and to focus. So, eating healthy was really big to me connection on the planet of huge thing in the entrepreneur world, it's like one cellphone all the time, one computers you know, was like traveling all the time really maintaining connection with the earth that must look like beautiful, that's hiking outside, if that was going outside was touching the 3 years sitting under the tree going meditating little things like that was crucial for me and the other thing was journaling. I am the list maker. So, if i have my list it's like i feel like nothing really get stunned and then i would say and the 4th ingredient is community. Just really making sure to have daily reflection to people who know who i am and can hold me not really like the word not so fun but that can really reflect me that what my potential and to be honest with me.

Natalie: and can remind you of whom you are.

Renee: exactly. And then actually add into that to not even be totally attached to the daily routine because the eminent of magic is response to an 80 it gives the ability to look at the present moment. I totally love in doing the routine or else on flexibility too.

Natalie: well, flexibility is important. We can't be married to one specific method the job done we have to be open in other ways we have to be flexible with that. Well, you probably very qualified to answer this question because you have overcome some major holes in your life. How do you remain positive when everything around you is against you negatively?

Renee: That's a really, really good question. It's a 2 part answer i guess that i have for that my spontaneous answer is that. It's 2 part of it is in 1 thing which is the sun ray. We all really are going to get this all attraction. It's like sensing influence, your external reality and being responsible for your mind set redirecting negative flaming or negative thoughts that you might be having and trusting that you are able to help bring more what you want in your life but it's the same time it's like the other side of that coin is also surrendering to knowing that you're always in the right place. At the right time and you know really what it looks like is then finding and honoring beauty on what is going on the present moment even your personality doesn't like it.

Natalie: but everything happens for a reason and maybe it's a lesson to learn in a moment.

Renee: Yes, exactly. So, i would openly say.

Natalie: i have one more question for you. If we have to narrow this down to 1 thing but if you could give people watching here today 1 piece of advice, i that they can implement today to facilitate a positive change in their lives. What would that 1 thing be?

Renee: Compassion. I think it comes back around to that and specifically compassion one's self. The compassion with having with yourself and how you are listening to yourself on a daily basis and really discover how your presence is, your relationship with yourself. Can you stay in a place yourself well.

Natalie: awesome. Thank you so much Renee. It's been such a great day today. If people want to find out about you, the work that you do, where can we send them?

Renee: So, my site is

Natalie: Great. Perfect. Now if you just click the button to the side it actually take you to that site. So, thanks again Renee.

Renee: Thank you so much Natalie.

Natalie: so, guys i encourage you to share the information that was in the video today and you can do that by clicking the facebook and twitter buttons above and if you haven't done so already make sure you have put your email on the buttons above their we'll send you the 6 pre made mind movies and we'll make you up to date with the upcoming shows. So, until next time remember to live large, choose courageously and love without limits. We'll see you soon.

Renee: bye.

Renee Airya



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