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Episode # 22   Passion Peeps - Peggy McColl

About The Episode:

Today Natalie interviews 'passion peep''Peggy McColl. She is an internationally recognized expert in the area of destiny achievement whose purpose is to make a positive contribution to the lives of millions of others. She has been inspiring individuals, experts, professional athletes, and organizations to reach their potential for the past 25 years. Enjoy!

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Episode # 22 Passion Peeps - Peggy McColl

Natalie: Hi I'm Natalie Ledwell and this is the inspiration show. Now, today my passion peep is Peggy McColl. Now, Peggy is an international recognized expert in the area of destiny achievement whose purpose is to make a positive contribution to the lives of means of people. Now, she's been inspiring individuals, experts and professional athletes and organizations for 25 years. Now, she's the president and founder of Dynamic Company Inc. which is an organization committed to delivering some principles and elastic selves. So, basically she's just an all around legend. Enjoy the video and I see you soon. Hi Peggy, thank you so much for joining us today.

Peggy: so great Natalie, I'm happy to be with you.

Natalie: now, as you know before we have 5 questions we ask all of our passion peeps. Now, the first question is that's why I ask you here is not only do you live a life with passion for 25 years now you and your encouraging other people to do the same but I'm assuming it was not really an easy road. So, what's your background, what's the story behind what you do?

Peggy: sure. Well my background since I graduated high school I didn't go to a university or college I only finish high school and I work and I started working in the technology industry and for most of my career but I have another passion and my passion was for personal development and met Bob Proctor 3 years ago and I had this sensible appetite for personal development and started studying it and use the positive change in my life I wanna help other people to do the same and there because I tend to look at things that may seem complicated for some and go to simplicity and so I would go through these material and tons of tons of material and create simple approaches and gonna have a positive change in my life but I still working high tack so that was in my company and I was doing this part time thing like workshops and my daddy on table and I work with the clients in the evening on weekends and have bundles of energy because I was really doing what I love and then I was working with this company in the 90s and there just dissolving and just disappeared coz they went there and I started by myself unemployed. Now, what I'm gonna do and it's really at that point it's like you have to do something and I was a single mom at that time and my son is young and I have to provide him. So, I decided that I'm gonna working my business full time and make a really living at, so I wrote my first book now I have my 8 books on the time that I have none so I wrote my first book and I look at publishers to publish where you can go either way to self publish because it's faster and get the book faster to the market. So I wrote my book self publish it to the market and I assumed that if you write a great book the fires will come but it's not what I was experiencing and it's about a year and a half went by and here I am in this business where the author of this book about being the creator of this destiny and I was going broke fast as I wasn't only going broke but I was accumulating debt and as a living and I accumulating $40M of debt and I remember reaching this point where I was really destruct everything in the kitchen was on the floor in the launching and I was crying because I got what would I gonna do and one of your preposition in that when I was going a lot was like who could you talk to and think your successful. It's not being your afraid or on a facade but I don't have very much I kept to myself to talk to and then I hear Bob Proctor's words murmuring in my head and I heard him said don't cry about anything that won't cry over you. So I got my drop on the kitchen floor and I sat down and you are just forgetting anything you've learned you're not living it and the voice that contaminate your voice going down in this big whole you can get yourself up because you are in control to that and that I was looking at methods to market my book and I heard of this guy that sold about 5000 copies of his book a day and I thought wow and if he can do it, I can do it and in my success and I watch my book in an internet campaign and with that $40 dollar period I sold about $36000 of stock and I say stop because when people came to my website, they didn't just brought my book, they brought everything I have and so it really opened my eyes up to up of thing one I'm a Canadian, in a small town in Canada it doesn't matter where you are even if you are in Sydney Australia no matter where you are as long as you're in the world you can make people's lives because in the internet the borders have come down and people really are hungry for information or hungry for this knowledge and I just thought I have the responsibility to bring them this teachings, this wisdom, this applications, this understandings in a way they can positively benefit so I created E courses and I programmed and I started marketing a lot and I started success to the tuned of generating millions of dollars of revenue and marketing on the internet so it turned things around and it was a very brick death and right into it.

Natalie: you know. My next question is I often found there's fine threads to one event and turning point that gets you from sitting on the kitchen crying to where you are now is that the point for you or could you pin point something or some events into that?

Peggy: I would say that was the point for me because it was a state called desperation and it's not a way for me to get to desperation or do things you know I worked a lot of people and build businesses for you online and it's an idea and on time I've got an idea it's easy to get ideas but you know I say to my clients I actually had a client earlier here today she's a lawyer and I say that don't quit your day job just run and do this like run away I got lot of people look at success examples and it's not easy because it's not how look course but you need to be smart as well I didn't go out to get another job, I just decided to create it and I'm gonna make it happen and exactly I did make it happen but I think the turning point doesn't have the state of desperation sometimes and was for me and that's really what where I decide and take action now of you'll gonna come and take my house away which they didn't.

Natalie: and that's the thing in mind movies we Glen and I still have business that's been running contentedly when we run precise with the idea but I got to the point of the which is then men's couldn't ignore any longer and you know we have the responsibility to get that out there...

Peggy: well at least that right. Like in a set of people keep your hand on a pulse on the market and what really there is listening to people what they really want paying attention to that those who needs whether it's a requirement or desire.

Natalie: now I'm, in my experience I know that success doesn't just happen most successful people that I know they have a daily routine or specific habits that incorporate on a daily basis. So, can you share some of those daily bases that you do to keep you on track?

Peggy: yeah. I will. First I do I get my butt out of bed in the morning and I don't set my alarm I don't want and alarm setter because I just feel my body just let me know when it's time to get up you know it's 5:22 in the morning or sometimes 7:10, I mean it's whatever so I do get up but I'm very, very focus on and have a rich moles that I have on a daily practices, so I wake up and started thinking what am I grateful for right now and I don't and get out on the bed and step on the ground and I finish that and I on my gratitude journal. I write on my journal and one of my arms is washing and while I'm in there I pull the journal and open my toothpaste is the first thing I'm gonna do in the morning pass on my affirmations and the goal statements are and I look that, looking in the mirror and reading those things. I got shower, I got rain and saying these affirmations and a lot of that I have memorize and when I get out, it's really a few steps away from the bed room away, you know I have my list of accomplishments and my good friend reported that accountability battery and we can do it for years. So, that area I do is every Monday morning because I'm east coast and she's west coast and I send her these are the things that I harmoniously enjoyed of a little bit of our concerns accomplishes complete. So she's gonna hold me accountable and so I started my list and that's what I'm gonna do and she said that's her list and we get into the phone and we talk about you know what can I help you what can I support to it and anything you want to talk about and then we check in. once there is a check in call, how's it going for you is it working, is it beginning to come out the list set on, set off what you want to do so we held each other accountable and sing. I'm very focus on outcomes you know well I have a project that I've been working on and look smaller with my partners Bob Proctor, Mary Morrissey, Gay Henrix and this are huge list of things that I'm doing in a work toward the end game and a work doing together as a group and I stay open to new ideas it's like this morning it like bang, another idea pop in my head and it's like begging it down and it's another idea and so those are the rituals that I have but I very kind accomplishment oriented, always sort of working like Steve is saying it's an end in mind but taking action every day, it's an everyday thing, I'm not talking a mass of action it depends on what you're trying to achieve if you want a massive results take a mass of actions repeat an action and not just some action but notice what's working and notice what isn't and if it's no change it...

Natalie: absolutely and that the thing once you get into a routine of these and at first it's a conscious effort and then after it's just an unconscious part of your day and you know it will get a part of your routine which is also. Now I have receive a lot of emails and I'm sure that you can relate to this as well about people find it very difficult to think positively when their already in a negative situation like for example let's say that if people find it difficult to visualize abundance when they don't have enough money to pay their bills so what type of advice to people you have for that?

Peggy: well I will suggest like arm in red you know that your sick you take it, you had a headache you'll gonna take something or maybe wondering to do something to get your headache and you treated it right and when you look at that in sickness but it need to be treated, it needed to be it's like my husband is getting headache a lot and in the house and he's ready for and his anticipating one and his but even more than that, in that situation for a sort surrounded by a negativity then get a positive stuff like have a affirmations in front of you one of the things I really wanted to do is called the power life script and it's a script I have written in a present tense as if everything that I desire is already there it's already accomplish and there'll support it with a lot of emotions and it's like I pick them all and so happy and I'm so grateful and my husband wooohooo and really have like a total excitement in it and even if you waking up one morning and you feeling like crappy or like that or whatever all you have to do is like a one finger right just push play and I have it on my computer of have it on my iPhone I burn it on a CD I put it on my car, I put the CD beside my desk you could take it everywhere right and drive on the road and to a grocery store and that's it and you're inspired and it's a very simple thing to do the script you record it and do a lot of enthusiasm when I'm standing up because there is more energy in my body I like to make sure that I exaggerate make sure anyways right, although sometimes my husband will gonna take my car and goes I already on the rodeo for today. Is that a joke? Or did you listen to me and it's like I listen to it with a big smile on his face because I thought about that my husband and my relationship and how much I love him how we both committed with each other and always fun and stuff and so it's a very easy thing to do and it's a very easy to put you into a positive emotional state.

Natalie: exactly. The next we'll give advice to people with concrete identity in mind movies and when you're listening to music when you're looking on a mind movie dance and round and it's a saying all of the affirmations at the time and to really help that vibration you really need to get really positive state and which really magnifies the results that you get from them...

Peggy: I don't know the answers but I get it with you.

Natalie: now I have one more question for you Peggy. And it might be difficult to narrow it down to one thing but if you could give people listening to this video a one piece of advice that you could implement today that would facilitate a positive change in their lives what would that one thing be.

Peggy: it's funny to be ask that question because I wrote a book called The One Thing and I was published it and basically that maybe a one thing for you and a one thing for me anyways what I would suggest a question right now is too many and investing yourself and investment and that's a good thing to do that overtime my stuff and how is to make an investment in yourself as far as yourself is develop like incest in taking the time to do this things, to implement this things invested in the mind movies is a great example that you've actually used it every single day a value when your just sitting in here and your computer is not being access so that's what I want to recommend is to make investment that's the best, best investment you can ever made, make an investment like mind movies, I know you'll gonna say that. But I really truly believe that we ask suppressions I gonna let whatever including the words that come out from me and ask questions and that I really believe that we invest ourselves and it would positively propel and change our lives

Natalie: absolutely and that's the thing in the morning I have exercise and listen to music or tele-seminar or something at the same time and kinda get you to that vibration that you finally spine the affirmation that I'm listening to but I know that space my mind goes into different ideas and you know really help me in the goals of the day. So, Peggy thank you so much for joining us here today, you have so much experience and the information you share today has been a absolutely fantastic.

Peggy: and my pleasure Natalie. Thank you

Natalie: and if anyone wants to find some more about you where can, where can I go to find out some more?

Peggy: just go to my own website, it's which is

Natalie: or you could just click on the banner on the side there which has Peggy's photo on there you can actually go through and find some more of her through there. So Peggy thanks again for coming on the show today. So, guys remember we have another show coming in a few days, but in the mean time, remember to live large, choose courageously and love without limits. I'll see you soon.

Peggy McColl



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