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Episode # 29   Passion Peeps - Max Simon

About The Episode:

Today LOA guru Natalie Ledwell interviews one of her 'passion peeps' Max Simon. Max is a leading global authority for teaching entrepreneurs, and his father David Simon opened the Deepak Chopra center. He shares his many 'business life's' and how following his parents path was not for him.

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Episode # 29 Passion Peeps - Max Simon

Natalie Ledwell: Hi! I'm Natalie Ledwell and this is the inspiration show. Now today my passion peep is my friend Max Simon. Now Max's father is David Simon, the man who helped to open the Chorpa Health Center with the legendary Deepak Chopra. Now, even though many would consider being born to such enlightened parents to be an advantage, which it is, you soon hear how Max actually struggle many of the same issues that we do as well. Now, Max is a leading global authority for teaching entrepreneurs. Now his message has reached millions of people. And he is personally being endorsed by some of the biggest names in the world. Now his life training events are widely considered to be "The premiere event." For brilliant, heart-centered visionary minds to come together to discover new strategies for making a bigger difference in the world through the vehicle of business. Now, for Max, it's all about helping people build their big vision business that's on purpose, in surface and highly profitable. So guys, enjoy the video and I'll see you soon.

Natalie Ledwell: Hi Max!

Max Simon: Hi!

Natalie: Welcome to the show. Thank you for joining us today.

Max: So happy to be here.

Natalie: Excellent! So, as you know how it works, I ask you five questions. So let's just dive in to the first one.

Max: Okay.

Natalie: Now the reason that we have you on this passion peeps section or segment of the show is because you are someone who absolutely, not just live your life on passion but you inspire other people to do the same. Now assuming it wasn't an always easy road for you, so, what is your story? what's you background and what was are some of the difficulties you overcome to get to where you are now?

Max: At it. I started my business as a meditation teacher, actually. And what I thought my passion was actually my parents' passion. The business I started, was because both my parents have been meditation teachers. In fact my father is David Simon, the founder of the Chorpa Center. And so, for about 18 months of my first business life, I failed so miserably. And I lost a bunch of money. I wasn't having impact I wanted. And I was really struggling with that all. And ultimately, it was a particular business coach said to me "I think that you are following your parents' path and not your own authentic path. And that's causing you the struggle." And he said "What is your authentic path?" And well it became very clear to me that I love the business of business, you know. I like marketing, I like enrollment conversations, I like helping people to share their message with the world. And using the greatest technologies to do that. And so my path which was so challenging was really a result of me doing what my parents were doing. And not choosing to really follow that thing that was my own genuine authentic path.

Natalie: And that's the thing I know a lot of people can relate to the fact that people become lawyers and doctors and fall. You know, I have a friend of mine who became a lawyer because she didn't know what else to do and her father is a lawyer and she said "I'll jus do that." And then you get there and you like, happy to where you are, so yeah. We can all relate to that.

Max: Well it's just so easy to allow everybody else's opinion to guide you. You know, it's like everybody else knows better that me, right? So, if they say this is what I should do then I'm gonna go and do that. But I think it takes a real honesty to say if it's not working for you, "maybe I should evaluate, is this really my path?"

Natalie: Yeah. Exactly. Now, my next question is that, there's often fine threads or a specific event that happened to get you from where you were to, you know, living a life of passion now. So what was some of those events, What were those fine threads to you?

Max: Yeah. The first, absolute core thing that helped me shift was I decided that I couldn't do it alone. And I started to invest in mentors, in coaches, and seminars, and programs that educated me about what I was doing wrong and more importantly what I could do the right way. So, I say this to everybody because it is so true for me. When you're stuck, when you don't know what to do, when you are looking to go to that next level the first decision you should make is "who am I going to invest in that's gonna help me to get there?" Because the moment I started to do that, is when my time to get things done went much faster, my effectiveness got much more on point, and we started to make a lot more money with that level of guidance and help to just get it done right the first time around.

Natalie: Yeah! Splendid. Now, I know from my experience and I' sure that you would agree with this, that success doesn't just happen. And, the successful people I know, everyone has a, has a daily routine, they have specific habits that they do everyday to help them keep on track. So what are your success habits?

Max: So I have the four pillars, which I do every single day. It's silence, movement, nourishment and gratitude. And those are the things that keep my internal game on point. I spent at least 20 minutes a day just sitting in silence so that I can be comfortable in my own skin. I do a lot of yoga and things that keep my body and the energy flowing through me. I have a very, kind of health conscious nourishment routine that involves green drinks and vegetable juices that most people probably find pretty disgusting. And gratitude is a really huge practice because, you are gonna encounter the most crazy challenges and blocks and things when you step fully into a new opportunity, a new realm. And in order to really move through you have to find gratitude in the midst in any of those challenges. And the last, the fourth one is gratitude because no matter what you're doing, if you step in to this new area, you're destined to come up with things that are challenging, and confronting, and gonna scare you. And if you can transmute that energy into feeling appreciation that you have the opportunity to do that, that you are given the gift of learning new lessons, and that, you know, really everything is an opportunity for you to bring more appreciation into your life. It allows you to move through those confronting times with much more ease. So the fourth one is definitely gratitude.

Natalie: Now, you I think would be very well equipped to answer this question. I get a lot of e-mails from people who say to me " how do I keep going when everything is working against me?" Or when the situation is so negative like for example "how can I visualize abundance when I can't, don't have enough money to pay the bills?" So what type of advice do you have for this people?

Max: Yeah. Gosh, I have a lot of advice for this particular topic the first thing I would say though is that people don't understand how significant environment is, in their lives. And if you're not surrounded by people who are playing a big game, and who are supporting you to do great things, and who are encouraging you to change, that your environment will always win. And so the first significant suggestion I would say is: really look around you and ask the question "am I in an environment that'll allow me to thrive?" And if not, just that one simple tweak are often times will give you permission to really start thinking bigger and having the permission to know that it's possible.

Natalie: Awesome. Excellent answer. Now I have one more answer for you. And I might be hard to narrow this down to one thing, but if you have one piece of advice, that people watching this video today would implement today to facilitate a positive change in their life, what would that one thing be?

Max: So one of the questions that my former coach asked me is "what's the fastest way to the cash?" And the reason he said that is because, you know, somebody who loves to be in service to other people, who loves to give, I can often times feel a disconnect between that and actually making money. And the question what's to the fastest way to cash and asking that daily allowed me to also focus on making money. And on creating wealth and abundance in my life. And I would ask you that same question, it's what's that fastest path to cash for you today? Right now because what I've discovered is the quicker you start making money by doing something you love, the easier it become for you to free yourself up from the limitations, and the strain, and the struggles that might be holding you back. So, what's your fastest path to cash? And whatever that is, that's the thing that you should take action on right now.

Natalie: Awesome. Thank you so much for joining us today Max.

Max: Always a pleasure.

Natalie: Lots of wisdom there. Now, if ever anyone wants to find out more about you, where can we send them?

Max: My site is, so it's We have lots of incredible resources there specifically for people who has a message they wanna share with the world. That also they can make money doing.

Natalie: Awesome. And if you click the banner to the side there, you can also go through to that website from that banner. So thanks again Max. Thanks guys for joining us today.

Max: Goodbye.

Natalie: And we have another video coming out in a couple of days but in the meantime, remember to live large, choose courageously, and love without limits. See you soon.

Max: Amen!

Max Simon



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