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Episode # 85   Passion Peeps - Mat Boggs

About The Episode:

Natalie Ledwell recently interviewed Mary Morrissey, and now she interviews her son, Mat Boggs. Raised reading personal development books instead of bedtime stories, Mat has a unique perspective on the world. A romantic guy, Mat had a lot of pain in his life as a result of negative experiences with relationships, but now he's devoted to studying romance and bringing more romance in the world. Mat even has a special gift for Inspiration Show viewers!

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Episode # 85 Passion Peeps - Mat Boggs

Natalie : Today on the show, Mat Boggs shares the invaluable daily practice on how to complete your most important projects in recorded time. So keep watching. Hi I'm Natalie Ledwell and this is the inspiration show. And today my special guest is the amazing Mat Boggs. Hi.

Mat : Hello hello. Thank you for having me.

Natalie : Now Mat is here, he lives a lot of passion so he is very much qualifies for our Passion Peeps section and he has had quite interesting up ringing, his mom is the amazing Mary Morrissey who you may know from the eleven forgotten lords with Bob Proctor and many other adventures that she was doing. So Mat, what am I get you to do first is you should start with your background story and leading up to what you're doing now.

Mat : Well, I don't know a few grew up a personal development family but in my family, we were given doctor's history, we were given like a seven habits of highly effective babies and thinking grow teeth or rich diaper, poor diaper, we were constantly bathed in you know you will become what you think about most. And we get to control our emotions with our thoughts, we create what it is that we want. As irritating as that was, as a young kid because we did not ever get away with anything it was very much in my advantage growing up because I learned to take responsibilities in my result and I was told that I could create anything that I wanted. And so what I began to search for in my life, what was I most passionate about, what was I care most about, what really lit me up, how do I , when do I feel most alive. And it was, when I was studying and teaching on love and relationships and I've always been a romantic guy, I've always been had a passion for understanding how to make that work. And probably was both a passion and a driving force that comes from some pain in my life as well, if you've heard a quote from Michael Beckwed where he says "In life we're pushed by pain and pulled by the vision", and for me initially my passion got ignited with some intense emotional pain. And my parents divorced when I was fourteen years old and it rocks my world. 'Coz I've been there for twenty seven years, they told me there were soul mates, and I remember after they got divorced deciding that I was gonna shut down my heart. Deciding that this was not gonna work for me, I'm gonna learn from this and the only way that I can keep myself safe is to keep relationships in an arm's length and really not let them in. And that's the way I did relationships all the way through high school, all the way through college, and then when I was in graduate school getting my master's degree in education, my mom called me up and said "hey, I think you should spend some time with your grandparents, your grandfather has been diagnosed with terminal cancer you should spend some time with them", and so I said alright I'd do that and it was the first time in my life that I've ever seen what a lifelong love story looks like. They were been married sixty three years and they were still crazy about one another. And so for the really precious time that I spent with them before he passed away, every Thursday we've been go on with this adventures for a great lunch destination they were called this the adventures with the professor because I was starting to become a teacher and so we went go out and we visit Max Pumpkin Milkshakes or Jugers Clam Chowder and they started to tell me their story, of how they fell in love and I reconnected to that place in me that wanted that to myself. And also I wanted to discover of how couples were been married over forty, fifty, sixty years, how they stayed together? What were the common principles that they were practicing that made love last which that became my mission in life, is to study that and share that with the world to help them increase the love in their hearts.

Natalie : Okay. My next question in passion peeps is normally to have this like one event or these like fine series of events to get you from what do I do? What is my passion? Where do I go from here? To something so specific, so obviously spending that time with your grandparents is was that for you?

Mat : Yes it was seeing the contrast, seeing my parents divorced and just to clue you, I grew up in a farm, I'm a farm boy, I was born on the farm, not even in a hospital and after my dad's brothers live on the farm, all my aunts and uncles, and soon as my parents divorced within three weeks, all sets of my aunts and uncles decided they were gonna get the divorce. So was this massive relationship married bomb and exploded in my world and so it was that and couple of years later seeing my grandparents and there's on moment we'll talk about, there was one moment that literally changed the trajectory of my life and were antiquing. We're hunting for antiques. My grandma loves it, her favorite past time. And I was locking the car door, they're shuffling on the sidewalk in front of me and it was an ordinary day you know, I've seen this scene a thousand times but for whatever reason in this particular day something shifted in me, the surroundings around them became background and they became the foreground and I looked at them, I can see the love between them and they transcended the relationship from grandparents to grandson and here they were as I saw them as two kids could fallen in love over six decades ago and here they were so crazy about one another and I remember saying to myself that men, that's the marriage I wanna have in my life. That's what I want for me. And so it was that why we talked about having a why in you it was that why from me wanting that that cause me to completely alter my life and go on to a crazy wild twelve thousand mile adventure searching for America's greatest marriages.

Natalie : Right. Awesome. And we will talk about that a little bit later as well. And you know, you've also had an amazing website and cracking the main code which we'll talk about in a minute too 'coz I have a lot of female friends would love to hear about that. But you know when you help Mary with her business, you got your own business, you've got your own web store happening, and your class successful and my experience with finding success doesn't just happen. You know, successful people had this specific routines, specific daily habits that they have to keep them on tract. So what are some of the things that you do on the daily basis to keep you on tract?

Mat : Yes, finally you asked that. I actually have a colored prosperity tool but it's in a one sheet. And on this one sheet I had different categories and every morning, I get up and I write down and the first is my goal, my vision, and it starts with I am so happy and grateful now that I'm a million dollar author spending eighty percent of my time in my zone of genius to do what I love to do, speaking, teaching, writing. So that's my goal and then I the next level down are the people that I need to reach out to and the people that I am waiting on that I'm waiting here back from. And the next scale down is my big rock space where the big projects or the campaign that I'm working on. And so I always have them in front of me and then below that is the tasks that need to get down on each of those and I tried to only right the ones that I can right that THE most important task that I can do that day to move on that project forward if I sit back and think , okay, what is the single greatest task that I can do that will move this particular project forward. If I'm writing my book or if I am developing in all line, if I wanna launch my crack in the main code product, let's say. And you know, what can I do to move that forward? 'Coz I've spun my wheels a lot and we can looked up and say why is no income coming and why am I not moving my business forward? 'Coz I've gotten too much of my time focused on being busy but not productive.

Natalie : I know. It's annoying isn't it, like getting it through days, like weeks you look back and go what did I accomplished this week? Because there's no clear vision.

Mat : Yeah. I was working hard.

Natalie : Exactly, I was busy.

Mat : Yeah twelve hours.

Natalie : Yeah. Awesome. Now my next question for you is that, you probably have hear of this as well, the number one question that how do I stay positive when everything around is negative? Now when people were like you consume such a negative situation like you know, like a panic, how can I, you know, visualize an abundance when I couldn't have enough money to have a bills.

Mat : I give you two words. Mind movies. 'Coz how you doing right there. We'll and to that, while I was having fun, but to that credit its like anything else that we do in life is like eating, you know, how do we put healthy stuffs in our bodies? How do we stay more positive if we put positive stuffs in our minds. Its what were reading, its what we listen to, who were hanging out with, very very careful, why my intimate surrounding were. Pick my friends like I pick my business partners. People I love to hang out with, people who were having a good time on their own lives and I love the love proximity which states that our income would be the average of the people we hang out with most and its because the reason we like them is because we think like they do. And we're thinking along on the same lines and those lines have certain size of ideas that are accessible at that particular frequency. And so what I do, I know its for myself. Music is a big key for me, to stay positive you know something that could emotionally charge me up and then calling people for support at a mastermind group that I call for support and it took me a while to get there because I'm sure like you, you're successful individual, its hard to let someone else know that it isn't going well, you know, its hard, its embarrassing. I should be further down the road, that I shouldn't be having this issue but to have people you can call and say yeah, I'm having this issue and I'm having them with you to encourage you, for me that makes all the difference.

Natalie : Okay, so I have one last question for you. And it maybe hide to narrow this to one thing. But if you could leave the people watching this video today with one piece of advice that they can implement today that can facilitate a positive change in their life, what would that one thing be?

Mat : Well I'm gonna go with the first thing that came to my mind. And it what cause me to want to marry my wife, the moment I knew I was in love with this woman. And I think it what's connect us to individuals, and so this one thing will serve you in whether you are in business trips and it actually serve you in personal relationships and your romantic relationships. And its authenticity. Being an authentic person, being real with the people you're talking with, being business with and our relationship, and that means showing people who you really are. And liking who you really are, knowing who you really are and getting in this place where I am doubt with me and if other people all at me its okay. Not everyone's gonna like me but I like me and that way you can be in a space where you can really show who you really are. I think that's what really resonates with people.

Natalie : Absolutely. It's too much hard work. You know not paying off in a day. You know, your gonna keep up what's going on, what would I tell this people. If you are authentic then you are coming from a place of honesty all the time. It makes a world of difference and life is easier.

Mat : Easier, so much less energy burnt at all.

Natalie : Exactly. Thank you so much for answering those questions. You've got great answers there. Now, we touched before on cracking the men code, which is what your passion's at the moment, what you're doing now. Can you tell us a little bit about this project working on?

Mat : Absolutely, cracking the men code came out of the desire where I was speaking of project on lasting and I have so many women coming and saying, you know this is nicer teach me how to make love last but what I wanna know is where is my man right now? Like I wanna meet him now. So in cracking the men code I have the whole background of pre-men in biology. Cracking the men code goes into understanding the internal workings of men. Not just mentally, emotionally or spiritually but just biochemically. How were wired up, how we fall in love 'coz its very different than women, how our traction triggers get flipped 'coz its very different from women. How we will move in to a committed relationship all of that because my goal is to help people connect, and really help them experience the thriving relationships that they want. So at cracking the men code I've created three high content, three videos, a gift from me to you that I put on that website. So if you wanna go and check that out, that's a gift for you.

Natalie : So that's

Mat :

Natalie : Awesome and remember that you could also click on the banner at the side that will take you to the website. We'll thank you for joining me today Mat. We should gonna record another video 'coz cracking the men code is an amazing information that I wanna get to you and surely there are a lot of women out there that would like to understand, you know, how do I find this guy. I've so many friends here in the US that are single and they're amazing women. So we'll record another video on that. So you guys please share the information, I encourage you to share this video by clicking the Facebook and Twitter share buttons above and if you hadn't done so already, make sure you put your email on the box above there 'coz we'll send you the six pre-made mind movies and we'll keep you up to date on our upcoming shows. So until next time. Remember to live large, choose courageously, and love without limits. We'll see you soon.

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