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Episode # 78   Passion Peeps - Mary Morrissey

About The Episode:

Natalie Ledwell speaks with the amazing Mary Morrissey who miraculously recovered from a fatal kidney disease after a chance meeting with a spiritual healer. Since 1975, Mary has devoted her life to inspiring others. Natalie is also excited to announce that today she has a NEW list of passion peep questions, including ones about limiting beliefs and even a questions about who their dream dinner guest would be!

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Episode # 78 Passion Peeps - Mary Morrissey

Natalie: Today in the show I'm speaking to the amazing Mary Morrissey and Mary has been inspiring people around the world since 1975, she's a legend of our industry and I'm so glad I am talking to her today. Now she's one of my passion peeps but today I have some new passion peeps questions and some of these questions are involve beliefs, Christi nation and who they dreamed I guess smart fame, so enjoy the video.

Hi I am Natalie Ledwell and this is the Inspiration Show. And today I have the amazing Ms. Mary Morrissey with me today. Hi Mary, how are you?

Mary: Hi Natalie, I'm happy to be here.

Natalie: thank you so much for joining and I know you're traveling at the moment and I think you're in hotel room right now.

Mary: yes I am

Natalie: thank you thank you and let's take the time to talk to it, today we will do maybe about making your story and your background cause I know you have been inspiring people around the world since 1975. So tell us a little bit about your journey and how you get to where you are now?

Mary: My personal story begins, I grow up for onwards and a great high school experience and homecoming princess in my life and lots of great things happened in my life. And that's ended my journey in high school. I got pregnant and my boyfriend got up to college, requirements for work and I got pregnant and tell my mom and dad I was pregnant and we had a hesitant personal wedding and ultimately I was kicked out in high school because in 1966 it was not appropriate for pregnant girls to go to high school with said the normal girls we sent to high school in the next year with pregnant girls and delinquent boys that's my new student body. I had my first December. I graduated in Washington DC high school in May of 67 in July which is very interesting and I was the INTENSIVE CARE WARDEN of the hospital and having the diagnose for a fatal kidney disease and catch the chase of those they didn't have the dialysis no kidney transplant and one kidney is destroy and other 50% destroyed. I could defined the furthest I was told best shot I was gonna get, I have 6 months to live fortunately the night before the surgery was scheduled to remove the right kidney , a woman wanted my room wondered If she will pray for me for she was like a Chaplin or something. She put a chair next to my bed and she me to tell her my story and I told her what did happened to my life and she don't want to mentioned that Mary got pregnant twice. First I have to be the thought before it could be a thing. She said you're no good the bed in your lane can bring the sheath covering the waltz ceiling that's were always a machinery. Think about it; had to be a thought before it could be a thing. And then she said, now that you're thinking how everything is taking twice could you consider that she's like here, how much she worth her little boy but I also here how much she been hating yourself you feel like you shame yourself and your family. Could there be a core relation between the toxic thinking and the toxicity in your body. That was the beginning, because she gave me a strategy. I don't even really understand at that time for sweeping out of me everything that was toxic in regard to that experience placing it up in the kidding that was gonna get remove and she said, after, I know you thought you gonna die. But after that kidding it's gone it said that thinking by the thoughts about yourself just say that love with the kidney, love with the kidney. And couple weeks later went home from the hospital and the ambulance and I was very close with monitored but with the numbers but on the next few months I totally get better now finally the doctor said that this is a medical we don't know what happened we never seen it before. And it take me second more years to realize that she have given me a technology for how to make a choice about what thoughts are wanted to become the things of my life and that be gone. Then I got like thirsty sponge for everything that I find is just feel and, when I graduate a degree masters degree seminary and I've been working on this field actively. Soon in for 10 years and I've been teaching so soon since 1981.

Natalie: fine. I know well, I know that even with your sons it match we'll have an upcoming interview with him. And even your family involve in this as well. So, what is it that you're doing now?

Mary: well when I'm passionate about is helping people discover what would be there love?to create in their lives because here's the deal, keep breathing for another 365 days you will created real of your life. Now maybe folded rock of your life but in the absence, absence and really deciding revering allowing yourself to imagine a life you would love living and the angel of the mind go to default position and it will turn around with you pretty much look like it does now. While all around the power of creating life worth living is right there. So that's why I help people understand and discover. And let them show the plan to do it.

Natalie: right. So when did you first realize that this is your passion?

Mary: well, my first, from the time when I was a little girl I just always that I want to be a teacher.?And so, when I'm up with my minor graduate a fold that path and became a classroom teacher but this I got. I was sitting on this things and I saw how powerful they were and realize that the confines on a single classroom were not I really wanted to be a teacher ignore the content of what I have been told to bring in that classroom I wanna teach people how to be free, I wanna teach how to use their minds, I wanna teach how to pay attention so longing. So, that's how I started my work.

Natalie: right awesome. Yeah. I know like this year on 2012, there seems to be an urgency of people to discover what their passion is. You know how do you. What your advices to people that are trying to seek and want to identify what their passion actually is?

Mary: pay attention to what you love, pay attention to what when you are doing it time just flies by. You turn around and you realize. Oh! My god 2 hours are gone, 5 hours are gone. There are somethings in your life right now probably that you're doing that's inside your sound of genius, inside your sound of passion so start to pay attention to what you are doing. And then if you have a life where that was your work just imagine most people won't let themselves imagine a lot. Look at you Natalie, look at what you created, look at all you are today. Someone along the line and I didn't hit you and what if I could and you, you did actually it. and look at the world now, because of you.

Natalie: yes. That was the thing with mind movies, ah. You know. When Glen first approached about the idea. We had 4 other businesses that we were running. And its gonna be a little project on the side. It didn't take long for us to realize that this is something that really enjoying of our passion and we couldn't ignore it any longer and you know that was the thing like very unfortunately with the plan passionate and marketing and my passion is teaching people this information and it wasn't into actually into this specific thing together and that we realize that "WOW" we can have this amazing business and we can be clever and passion even now its different.

Mary: here's something in your question. I think there's a clue here for all of your listeners.You would got involve in what your passion is about before you actually know how to be totally successful with it. And most people wait until they get the 27 green light before they head into the driveway in their passion. So, there is always you can do with what your passion is about and then its almost like the yellow road, if you will pour your energy to your passion your passion will show you the next step you can take.

Natalie: yeah. Exactly. Now the next question which I'm sure that you know we all have these limiting beliefs the negative inner shadows that we form when were younger. Then what types of limiting beliefs were showed up for you and how did you overcome them?

Mary: well I take on the natured ones. Well early on it, he's gonna while listen to you. Why would they listen to you? So I would name these was the famous: Citrus why didn't they want to listen to me. And then one I just heard back and type myself because of the way they say it we'll be different on the way that's whatever you say it. There will be certain people who will hear it the way you say it. So, your job is to speak the word, that's your job. It doesn't go that it the way overnight. It doesn't. I don't think that people who do great things are people who do that without fear you do re afraid and you find you have stronger muscles underneath you. Whose gonna listen to you. Another one is you don't have everything in your life perfect. How can you be coaching or helping other people to live lives that are more freer and more expanding if that thing in your life is perfect and as I said that the people would help me to few steps up at the ladder of my own awareness and my own experience they will still climbing the ladder of their own on standing on their own experience there have to be a couple of steps ahead of me. And they could reach down the couple of their selves and a couple of understanding to the content and the landscape of my life so I begun to what I could do and what I do have time. It's been wonderful because a lot of people of a many years continue to spend a moment with, a month with or a year longer with I don't ask them to have their life perfect either. I've been taking steps that they can take and pretty soon a whole in their life changes.

Natalie: that's just an awesome answer because I struggle the same things myself. I feel my this woman from Australia who knows who I am but you know your right that sometimes its just a message that in the different way. You know that can make you in many times. And that's why I really encourage everyone who have something to contribute something knowledge to contribute experience to contribute. Maybe the way people hear you say it is the way that funny drops and they can get it to inspire people as well. So I love them. So, one of the most common question that I gave. If people ask me how they can overcome the procrastination. What are your advice to people who are watching the video.

Mary: don't ask yourself to completely overcome the procrastination. The procrastination is the evidence really of our self image entitle to and old peril so when you tell yourself I'm going to be or I'm going to do you can list 6 ways to do. Or think 1 positive action and give yourself a 1 great win at least you made a 1 helping choice today don't expect yourself to be perfect. Just one step a day. Honestly, when you think about it, one step a day these steps will take you Mt. Everest so just taking them.

Natalie: absolutely. Now I have a interesting hypothetical question for you.

Mary: okay.

Natalie: now there's a genie about to appear in front of you, and his granting you one wish, and it's to have an intimate dinner with one person it could be anyone from past or present who do you choose and why?

Mary: I love this question. I thought this the same question of myself on the late 80's. I wanna sit down with Dali Lama and a couple years later I think I want to sit down with Nelson Mandela and both those dreams came true. I haven't ask myself this question for a very long time

Natalie. So, if I could live this side of things or the other side or things right. There's many people that I want to sit down with this moment even in history I want to talk with Anna Roosevelt and I'm gonna ask her it only at the and the woman what's the woman to take the breath who can change the world. She was the woman at an era of time when she was ridicule, she was a very attractive woman and the depress to handed with her. So constantly, when she was getting bombarded with ridicule and yet she was a smart woman with the ideas and she started the human wide smooth the first declaration of human signs. Many men want the other things and she said all the water in the world can't drown you unless it gets inside of you. So, I wanna talk to Anna Roosevelt and ask her what does today's woman truly needs to know

Natalie: that's very interesting because its amazing when we look back in history and the women and the people were able to hide near and you know. It wasn't long ago that woman won a lot of vote in this country you know.

Mary: though, it could be money, it could be land its only a hand written human for 60 thousand of years think about it the last 50 years the woman were able to even begin to furthering world we individual and together what we were passionate about our world our children our ecology.

Natalie: So Mary what are your goals for this year? Someone like you have been in this work for a long time do still see seek yourself of, do you still challenge yourself full?

Mary: every single year and I revise them all the time. First thing I did this year was I put, I calendared my values and made vacation with my husband on every string june. We will be completely electronic off. I planned having my granddaughter on weekend so my daughter and husband can go there on the weekend. These are the things I planned. 6 major things that I want to happened in my work. I planned dinners with Collins I have the opportunity to meet you Natalie that's not on my list because I don't know that I can do it. I'm so happy when it happened. And inside the calendar I always have room for the magic.

Natalie: I know. That's the thing when you set goals and live it open to. This is something better. We have a special guest each month. I'm so excited to have you on that call. And for those of you who are not members and maybe fun for that membership. You go to ah. you can find it all about that and you can get that call to Mary. So Mary please if we want to send people to find some more about you. Where can we send them?

Mary: they can come visit my website. There are gifts also. and Morrissey is?M-O-R-R-I-S-S-E-Y.

Natalie: fantastic. Thank you so much for being with me today Mary. I really appreciate your time. And we'll chatting again this Monday. I'm looking forward to that. So, everyone please the love and share the information on this video. You can do that by clicking the twitter, Facebook share buttons above. If you haven't done so already actually put your e-mail above there because we'll send you the six pre-made mind movies and we'll keep you up to date to all the upcoming shows. So, tune next time remember to live large, choose courageously and live without limits. Bye.

Mary Morrissey



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