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Episode # 62   Passion Peeps - Mari Smith

About The Episode:

Mari Smith has a massive following on Facebook and is known as the "Social Media Queen." She always loved both technology and relationships, but in 2007 she realized that Facebook was her true passion. Mari explains how she became an entrepreneur after living in three countries, and offers many tips and hints to help other people follow in her footsteps.

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Episode # 62 Passion Peeps - Mari Smith

Natalie: Hi. I'm Natalie Ledwell and this is the inspiration show. Now today my passion peep is Mari Smith welcome Mari.

Mari: Hi. Thanks Natalie, glad to be here. Now Mari you have a really interesting story and you live a life with passion that is why you are in the show. You're just what the way you love and you're good at it. Can you share a little bit about your background where you came from?

Mari: Sure. Yes. Right. So, I begin speaking people realize what my accent. So, my next path is here in the US, I grew up from other country. So, I was born in Canada to Scottish parents. So, it's been the first 12 years of my life in Canada and then I move to Scotland with my dad and sisters when I was 12 lived there for the next 20 years and I've been in San Diego since 1999. So, I love this hybrid accent and I thought being a Scandaforian. Now, my background interesting enough for all the time I was living on Scotland from when I left school to age 32 I was an employee worked all kind of different careers and then I had this 2 opportunity that land into my lap and I went to San Diego in 1999 and the truly they took on the American dream. I've been an entrepreneur for my own business and I came here with a very little money just wanted 2 people and I met some wonderful people introduce. Got my passport, got my visa and I really carve a career path for myself over the last 10-12 years and always well there is a steam with my love with people and relationships and the internet so in 2007 I got the chance to be involved in facebook actually a facebook app and I fell in love with the platform and it's like a culmination with all my talents and skills and passions. Over the previous several decades because this relationships and technologies in the internet and I just became an evangelist for facebook come and ride with everybody oh let me you let me you to get on.

Natalie: ant that's the thing like I often find that fine threads or like a series of events or maybe event that took you from we were you know how much money you have in your pocket.

Mari: 50 British pounds.

Natalie: 50 pounds and I know not a lot of money. So, you keep from that in living passion and life you know when you get into you know you're the social media queen. So what was that event or series of events that got you today.

Mari: Well. Let's see you know you know throughout from 1990 to 2007 I was cutting a ceiling I was living in my comfort zone and I dreamed well and I was very passion always as I look back with my entire career, my adult life working whether there is an employee or an entrepreneur. I always love what I've been working at. And if I didn't I took the change. However there is something significant happened in 2009 I chose to transition my marriage because it was no longer serving me and I also begun to pursue and much more spiritual path and different as I know Esperanza for 10 years and voided there for 10 years just oh oh that oh oh lady. And we reconnect 2009 and she's just phenomenal and I've taking a lot of courses and a combination on basically living into my deepest truth what happened into that point is I was building up a lot of demand in business and all of the sudden everything just exploded with absolutely through the roof. I've been very, very, very financially in career wise and on 2009 I was in absolute court of leap because I finally decided to step on my passion live into my deepest truth.

Natalie: And that's the thing you know when you talk about on focusing on what your passion is and you recognize that you love the internet, you love the people. You don't know how it's gonna more for what's coming into as long as you're focusing on that's what you want to be doing and surprising how the universe step in and present to you, you know what it is you're looking for.

Mari: Truly, truly, I have been social media with facebook I have friend of mine that have said to me Mari it's like social media is invented for you because the previous several years I kept going on by relationship in the internet, relationships and their like oh my god you invented the soul industry and it was invented for you.

Natalie: And again you know like. 4 years ago we don't anything about the internet you know. My husband hardly send an email ever and I didn't even heard youtube, I didn't know what it was but you know we're on 40's and you know with the internet we could still find that there is always avenues that you can go then, that you can really help you find your passion that is really awesome. Now, my next question for you is that, you know success didn't just happen which we all aware of but all the successful people that I know actually have a daily routine or certain habits that they have that actually help to keep them on track. So, what are some of the habits that you do on a daily basis?

Mari: Well, I'm on working progress so I actually have this daily habits, I will say probably that number 1 habit is that I feed my brain with positive information and for point to inscribe some success magazine, awesome magazine, I listen right now re-listening to the big leap by Dy Henrix and have my iPod and every little minute I have my make up on got it on which driving and listening and love to listen to most of my IO books about the seven times that study shows that It's a long to really interesting information I wake up in the morning I have a series of meditation CDs but it's really achromatic. So, it's get me to the right frame of mind I would asleep with affirmation. So, every single day I'm feeding my brain with positivity and then also I have the systems of accountability. I work in different culture and very serious in my life so that there holding me to task and helping me to accomplish my goals and it's really, really critical.

Natalie: awesome. You know by the observation before but when I ask that question the answer is always 1 or 5 or combination of 5 things and education, exercise, meditation, focusing on our goals and what we need to do next. So, you're definitely on track with all the other senses propose. So, my next question is you know you are qualified to answer and you round on the country with 50 pounds on your profit. Do you have an advice to people that find it really difficult to stay positive when everything around them is negative or everything seems to be working against them.

Mari: Yes, especially if you are in a situation in money isn't flowing abundantly. My perspective is this, my philosophy is all you know is money is energy but you tell it to most people that just rolled your eyes and oh thanks a lot how this energy so what how does it help to pay my bills. So the key thou is to recognize the other keys of energy and then we can give it ourselves and we can give in our time, out task and our resources. Whoever in the situation perceive to be tight or not flowing, go out and be observe as volunteer see where you can actually help somebody who's in need go and find your lives dollar and give it to some somebody on the street that doesn't move over their heads and I'm being pretty bold in saying this but what happen is activating the flow. You're saying the universe to provide more value and absolutely it has to ask that love and it brought mister foolish and the money is simply the result of the value than to the world. She was sitting around watching tv rising your thumbs wishing and wishing that more money will flow. That's never gonna work brought into this looking thumb, everybody by virtue of being on this planet you have the gift, you have passion you have something you can contribute back into the world. So, focusing on that rather than the lack of things in your life like and live and extra corner unnecessarily in a packing mayer or if don't have money to donate, donate time do something that out you into that abundant vibration so that's you focus to keep on with your innate vibration that's where you're focusing on you give the universe to stepping on that give you the idea of what you to do next to create more income to do whatever else say. Alright so, one more question for you and maybe hard to narrow this down to one thing if you have one piece of advice that you could give people watching the videos today that they could incorporate now to facilitate a positive change into their life. What could that one thing be?

Mari: gosh okay. Wow. I was thinking about this Natalie, I really studied the law around across the nation there's lot of stigma around there and a lot of people across it we're lazy but the fundamental concern or in essence of procrastination is not knowing the very next step to take. So we take and see about goals and really helping people achieve their visions and really taking action. So, the one thing I encourage people to do, to decide that massive big huge mass of law of the goal and the sign one tiny little babies that could do to be and if you have to freeze it and begin it avert call, email you know we say like research well that was a little vain research this topic well decide what does that mean for half an hour and this time it would be really, really specific in every single day. To see write a book, everyday you commit to writing one paragraph that's, now it's too long to direct the whole chapter before you know fought it right. So just small baby steps, action verbs towards your big goal and every single day make that happen.

Natalie: awesome. Great advice. So, Mari thanks for being here now. So, if anyone wants to find out more about you and what you're doing, believe me this lady is the social media queen. She is just amazing. It's just amazing following you to facebook. So, where can we send people to find out more about you?

Mari: right something on my website M-A-R-I Mari's the google and facebook and twitter they can do call me.

Natalie: right. And if you actually click on the banner on the side then you can go straight through to Mari's site for me. So, thanks again Mari. So, guys anything in this video you find valuable you've got to share this information make sure you click the facebook button and twitter button above and if you haven't done so already make sure you have put your email on the buttons above their we'll send you the 6 pre made mind movies and we'll make you up to date with the upcoming shows. So, until next time remember to live large, choose courageously and love without limits. We'll see you soon.

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