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Episode # 60   Passion Peeps - Loral Langmeier

About The Episode:

Natalie Ledwell has a special treat for you, due to popular demand she managed to get Loral Langmeirer on the Inspiration Show as today's passion peep. Loral believes in saying "Yes" to your passions right now, and figuring out the details later.

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Episode # 60 Passion Peeps - Loral Langmeier

Natalie: Hi I'm Natalie Ledwell and this is the Inspiration Show. And today I have a very special interview lined-up for you with the wonderful and amazing Ms. Loral Langmeier. Hi Loral!

Loral: Hi Natalie! How are you today?

Natalie: I'm fantastic, now Loral is the CEO and founder of the Live Out Loud which is a company that has been teaching people all around the world the buzz latest in these money-making strategies. And actually Loral's nickname is known as the "Millionaire Maker." She is the best-selling author of several books and she has a book coming out very soon called, Yes Energy; The Equation to do less and Make More. Now Loral has been on the Dr. Field Show, The View, CNN, CNBC and a whole bunch of other shows and now the Inspiration Show. So welcome Loral.

Loral: Thank you, so good to be up with you.

Natalie: Thank you. Now with our Passion Peeps videos, as you know we ask everyone the same 5 questions, now the first question, I know that you've come from humble beginnings that I think, might usually the life of passion. Can you tell everyone a little bit about your background and your story leading up to now?

Loral: Yep. I grew up in the middle of America and the Baraka, and in the middle of nowhere. Huge farm, I think we had every animal possibly known to man, and I didn't know what the, a balance sheet, asset, liabilities, I just knew we never had enough and I never asked for anything. Cause it's kind of hard, and we worked really hard, those where themes growing up. But so, half of the teams some of them gets me the most memorable. We all know the names it's called; Think and Go Reds. And that's where we really grasped passion to find out why so few people figured out how to make money and the rest of the world just were startling with everything, you know. I wanna call this mediocre like, like settling lives, but why settle for what's possible when we all come up amazing gifts and talents? So that started whole journey trying to figure this whole thing out, and have had quite a journey from there.

Natalie: Awesome. Now I know that it's often fun traits to maybe one of them that get you from living in a country with your family to living a passionate life that you have now. So what are some of those things that happened in your life that got you from there to now?

Loral: Well, I think, I was, the whole Yes Energy book that I am writing write now, it's coming out February 21st with A-House is really a definition of my life. I think we all have Yes Energy, I just know that I was really consumed literally on. You know I rode horses growing up, I was really involved with a... athletics growing up, so I think that whole competitive and much disciplined way of life created a quiet, quite a person you see today. It just really, had me get a purpose, very, very quickly. You know at 7 years old I knew that I was sitting with the adults not with the kids. At 17 I had my really successful business and my early 20s I'm making hundreds and thousands of dollars. Well I really need to do it back then. And I know what to do with it right now. At 24 I was asked to try and work for Chevron, I said YES then my whole theme about Yes Energy Natalie is, says yes and figures it out. I remembered at 24, flying back on a helicopter and they asked me to build 272 fitness centers. I had no idea, and I just said yes. And I think it's all of those moments, where we just say yes and just trust yourself, have enough faith and we'll gonna figure out how you gonna get it down, or somebody knows how to get it down. And since then I just continued, I always say Yes. My path with that Chevron, with that net rubber stocky, I was part of the whole reach-out adviser crew as the master distribute the first game and then I started with it loud. Now, 11 years ago and we've been saying YES to all sorts of things. You know 5 best-selling books. I have offices in Australia where you are and, we just keep saying Yes and it's a way of life. It's an attitude, it's a commitment, and I'm just excited to show the world with because that's my passion; to tell people how they will know that they have exactly what you have, what I have, what successful people have.

Natalie: Exactly. And the strains sign for the bought up mode, when you can chew and then just chew like hell.

Loral: I know, I know I wrote that.

Natalie: Now Loral, you know, we both know that success doesn't just happen, and you know that every successful person that I know has you know daily habits, you know daily routine that they adopt that keeps them on track, and keeps them track with all their goals, so what are some of the things that you do on a daily basis to keep you on track?

Loral: So, the first thing and I write about it in my YES Energy book, I started my day with God, my family, my health, and so I start with what I call... or what people call meditation, but that intention, setting time of what's my day gonna be about. And I don't wake up with loud screaming alarm clock, I wake up with this water, water fall, water alarm, it's very subtle, it's very, very quiet, I wake up with my kids, and we have this amazing time together. We have a gratitude journey we ride in and so we wake up and create that space for attention for what's gonna get down for the day. It's not that I don't have business thoughts, there are things that I really wanna get done. Know what are the revenues for these activities, and I think, that's where people who are passionate and successful versus passionate and struggling, have a differentiation. It's what your intention is for the day? Most of the people that I know myself like; I don't have the rest of the world push itself to me. I have an amazing team that handles all that pushing up. Everybody needing a lot of things from you, what are the things that you have to drive and generate, that you know that when you put your hands on, that runs the goal, and all the notes on those things are. And so you get very intentional and very repetitive. The difference between really successful people and people, who are on their way, or in that struggle still, is that dedication being really repetitive and consistent on the things that cause success and knowing what they are. So, I don't want to leave my morning chair without the help that I think a lot of folks leave their self behind. And energy is everything, we know that, energy will reside in your body and create cancer, and sickness and extra weight and all sorts of dramas. So it's about that, having all or everything you want in your life. You aren't gonna fit things, since 24 hours a day is all we have. Knowing what is important and what you do more of which I write about the books. What can you do more that's gonna create more? And do lots of things that you ain't wanna do? Or your no good at, you should be doing them.

Natalie: Exactly. Absolutely, now Loral you're very qualified to answer this next question, cause you know, I know you get a lot of emails like this as well, number one question I could ask is how can I stay positive when everything around me is negative? Like for example, how people can have an abundance you know, mentality when they don't have the money to pay the bills. What's your answer to something like that?

Loral: Focus on what you want. So, what I say to people that I get that question to be me, I say that you are in a confused situation, meaning you're allowing the positive and negative to be riding in the middle of your thoughts. So what is it that you really want? And a lot of people heard that before, but the truth is like with every strand of your DNA, what do you want and you really have to cancel the negative. So people who come to me cause I'm known as the "millionaire-maker" or the "money-maker", if you wanna make money then you have to stop, I mean absolutely stop worrying or having any thoughts about the debt you accumulated. The reason you have that is didn't know how to make money, so I share those different examples because you can't have a split conversation cause it create other negative nothing, this is why nothing's moving. So positive is about saying what is it that I want? And I can promise you, some of you, it's gonna be tough on where you are. And it's tough to where a lot of people who said will do against this press on recession over time. What's the one thing you can do today? What's the area of your life you can focus on? Whether it's your health, then you go outside, breathe fresh air and thank God you actually can breathe without you know some machine. Walk without any assistance, making money. What's the one thing you can do to serve someone else's life that will pay you for? And I think a lot of people think that money is about you, and it's not about you, you serve someone else that is willing to pay you for it. So, get out of yourself, it's the first place I lived. Now once you get outside of yourself and then surround yourself with people who are positive. And literally that's the Yes to No question, if the people are negative, then absolutely not 1 second of the time of your day with them anymore. And you have to block that, I think so many people hear it and they're not willing to do it.

Natalie: Yeah. Absolutely, I totally agree with you, it's a fantastic answer. I have one more question for you, and it may be hard to narrow this down to one thing. If you could leave people that are watching this video today one piece of advice, that could facilitate a positive change in their life, what would that one piece of advice be?

Loral: oh it's actually here, I wrote this down. I was on stage, I launched to that last week and it just came cause one of our... speaking all sorts of new thoughts come and this is my new activity. I wanna have people do it for a while. Get a blank piece of paper, make a line down to it and I want you to make more, do more and make the right just do less, right? So I want you to make a list immediately of the things you need to do more of, create more of, and start making list of all of things you need to do less of, think less of, and just start sorting of your... starts with your head, starts with your actions, and if you doing book keeping and you're not good in book keeping, stop doing it, put it on your less list. Your cleaning your house and you're not good at it, put it on your do-less list. So start getting really clear all day of your thoughts and actions, which category you need to do more of, and you need to do less of, you start clearing what you really need and had to stop. And my new action is beginning at the end of this month.

Natalie: Exactly. I mean I do the same things for the same things that I don't like to do. You know because you procrastinate. Then you stop procrastinating in one little area which goes on to these little other areas. And that's the thing, if you can fight those on, you know feeling happy, making more money, and doing things that you really feel joyful about, then you wanna outsource less other things that you don't like to do, well you know, you could start doing something else. Now you and I play quite a little bit this long, and we've seen each other quite often. We not anymore doing this Passion Peeps video, you're also the guest on our SSI Member School this month. Now if those of you who don't know what that is, we actually have a monthly member ship which compliments the whole Mind Movies software program which helps to keep people on track on how they live their goals and a part of the monthly program is a coaching call which we do each month with a special guest, and Loral is that special guest this month. We also have our software in that little package and also have a mini magazine, we have and interactive blog where you can ask me any questions, anything that have to do with law of attraction and a bunch of other things as well. If you wanna find out more about that membership, you can go to You can find out more about that and so that's coming up next week, and then also at the end of the month, I am going to be joining you on stage on you amazing event, so can you tell us a little bit more about what's happening in San Diego at the end of the month?

Loral: Yes, with the whole YES Energy book, we are doing the summit which is now processing on with me, and we are interviewing 44 leaders and then we're culminating all the YES Energy into a big celebration of events called the event, and we are putting the Nathalie Shawn, Cullies on, who are also millionaires with space. In 2014 we would have a trip planned on Arctic with him, I can't wait. Robert Dawn, John Asaraf, Crista Nichols, Clyde Mask, Steve Miller, may I may not know his name but he is part-time world cage champion and the Guinness World's Strongest Hand in the world. So just an enormous and there's a many season of the book. You know if you like Sunday morning service. So just as enormous group of people are coming together, the ticket are only 99 dollars for VIP seats. The first luncheon we will be celebrating and honoring Bayne Tracey and Sheer Hurlock would be there for a contribution to the YES Energy. So it's an extra-ordinary event for you folks and you need to come out and join us Natalie, it's gonna be a 2 enormous huge days, and we're launching our Energy drink, our Energy wine, Energy chocolates, it's gonna be fun, so much fun. And you know what, you are gonna be taught by world leaders and you'll gonna walk away with a YES Energy plan.

Natalie: You know I am actually cutting my trip to Australia short, so that I could come back for this event. Seriously, the who's who of our whole industry would be at this event and talk about an amazing way to start 2012, to get to meet these people, I mean they'll be in all they can, I'll be around whole weekend, I would love to meet you there, and like you said it's 99 dollars for VIP seats, it's the date are 28th and 29th of January?

Loral: January 28th and 29th at the Dienna Resort, Mission Bay, San Diego, so you can fly to San Diego, we have amazing hotel, we're gonna book for you so you're not paying out other hotel fees and you really gonna come in Friday night, and we will not be done until later in Sunday, so just spend that time, get to know hundreds of new people and like you said really large with this year's YES Energy.

Natalie: Yeah, and really surround yourself with positive life minded people that are all, I mean I don't know that about you Loral, but the feedback that I've been getting from my friends here in Australia is that this is an exciting year, this is the year, this is the year that everyone is really going. You know what, this is different, and the optimism that I've been feeling from my friends has just been incredible. So, please join us. If you click on the banner on the side there, you go through Loral's site which will give you all the information about the event. If you do come, please make sure that you find me, come up and say "hello" cause I would love to meet you. So thanks for everything, thanks for being with me today Loral, and I'll be speaking to you again next week, and guys, please share this video and the information in this video by clicking the Facebook and the twitter share buttons above. And if you haven't done so already, make sure that you put your email on the box above there. You'll get 6 pre-made Mind Movies and we'll get you up to date with all of the upcoming shows. So until next time, remember to live large, choose courageously and love without limits. We'll see you soon.

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