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Episode # 89   Passion Peeps - Lisa Kalmin

About The Episode:

Natalie Ledwell has an engaging conversation with the beautiful Lisa Kalmin, who was moved emotionally after witnessing the Munich Massacre during the Summer Olympics in 1972. This unlikely event is what started Lisa's journey to a life helping others become their happiest, healthiest, most alive self.

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Episode # 89 Passion Peeps - Lisa Kalmin

Natalie: Today on the show Lisa Kalmin who's been a transformational coach for over 18 years shows some amazing insights to succeeding in life. So, enjoy!

Natalie: Hi, I'm Natalie Ledwell and this is The Inspiration Show. And today, my guest is the beautiful Lisa Kalmin. Hi Lisa.

Lisa Kalmin: Hi Natalie. Thank you for having me.

Natalie: So as you can see from our surroundings, we're at the ATL Meeting and this is another one of my fantastic colleagues who's involved in my association. And I think Lisa, what we might do is to start with, what's your story? What's your background?

Lisa Kalmin: My background is I actually grew up in Texas and I, somewhere around the age of 14, I'd actually think I'd had a moment during the Munich Olympics. And 1972 when there's really athlete worked out, there's something moved in me. Something start in me that's was not okay. And I get from that moment I wanted to, I look for places to do something and end up in youth organizations, making a different volunteering. And 25 years ago, I did transformational training and I knew in that moment that that's the kind of work I want to do, the difference I wanted to make.

Natalie: So, what exactly is it that you do now?

Lisa Kalmin: I have a company called Word Works. It is a public seminar company that is designed for people to access their most free, authentic and alive self. And people have a, you know, new levels of a connection with their family, create relationships, make more money, create to help the people. But the experience of their life transforms from a kinda busy doing life to the living their life.

Natalie: Yeah. Awesome.

Lisa Kalmin: Yeah. Sounds good.

Natalie: So, you're obviously living out your life out of passion. So, when did you first recognize that this was your passion?

Lisa Kalmin: Well, I think really was in my, in my own experience of my trainings. I knew that I was seeing, not only that have I, was I being patterned in such a deep and profound level. But, that's the people around me. You know, the people that were in my training, and then my friends and family who I, you know, saw their transformation. So, this is, you know, this is my call. It had me. Yeah, I didn't have it, it had me.

Natalie: That's so interesting because did you enter into this business and knowing this was your passion or did you enter into this business and then you realized, oh my God, I've been living my passion?

Lisa Kalmin: Yeah. I, I actually think that I didn't quite enter into it, what I, I tip-toed around it for a while. I think I was a little bit, I have in the NBI, I was in a business world and I was, I think I was resistant to surrendering to my calling. And at some point, I just said, "Yeah, this is it". Yeah, this is that.

Natalie: So, I mean, a lot of people at the moment are looking for their passion. You know, do you have advice for people who are trying to identify what that passion is to them?

Natalie Kalmin: Yeah. You know, I think that it's important to look at what you love and what makes you feel good and what, you know, any moment we could turn around and say, "Oh gosh, I'm so tired or I can't move around to this". And then next moment, something like, something we're doing or something to do inspires us and something with the energy or joy. So, I think what do you love, what do you love to do, what brings your energy, what brings you excitement and start to follow that. Start to, and the other piece of that is to find a way to contribute into it. Whatever you can give of yourself into something you love, I really do have a belief that the universe is gonna take care of you.

Natalie: Exactly. So, did you have any limiting beliefs along the way? And if you been, which we only will, how did you ever come well?

Lisa Kalmin: A million. Yes, a million. I think one of my limiting beliefs was one that's superficial level was what were my family think, what were friends think. I kinda have this sort of track I was on. And, I, I think explaining to people how much it meant to me. And I'm just being surprised that house supported there were, they love me and want me to be happy. And I think the bigger, deeper limiting belief for me was, am I, is who am I valuable? Like, you know, the content of our training is valuable. But it is who I am a contribution to the people. And honestly, I think the only way I pull through was just gettin', gettin' on the horse. Just actually jumping into what I was afraid of and doing it and look, I've fell down a lot, you know, I closed companies, I've even opened companies and closed companies. And getting back up and starting again is probably been the best way for me to know that I'm okay and it's gonna be okay.

Natalie: You know, what's interesting, that question, it must have a little transformation like I was spoken to. Mary Marcy was someone I expect to earlier this week. And it was the same thing like, it was like am I worthy? Like, who am I to people to listen to? And it comes to a lot of us. And I think you know, like what Mary was saying which you would agree with, it's maybe the way that you tell the message that it find you it clicks to someone. Like ahhhh, now I understand. You know, so, you know, you feel someone that has a message and wants to help other people, don't think for one second that you're not worthy for being offered to spread your message. Coz maybe the way that you described it, it's the one way that actually find it clicks to someone. Yeah. So, the procrastination? Do you have any advice to people? Coz it's one of the most common questions I have. So, how do I overcome procrastination?

Lisa Kalmin: I think a couple things, one, whatever you're procrastinating about, what is it, is it that important to you. Because I think we all make commitments in life and sometimes we're in-automatic about them and if we're in some kind of commitment and we're not so juiced about it or jazzed about it. I think that's when we tend to put it on the bat burner and can last a long time. The other thing is how you feel after you complete it. Like really giving yourself a moment to go, how do I feel after completing this, I'm a runner. And literally, I've been running for 15 or 20 years. And still, before I go for a run, like, I don't wanna do this, I don't wanna nana, it's this and that. But, I really go, what am I, what's my experience gonna be on the other side? So, I think that's the, that's, I offer that out to people. Yeah. Ok. Oh, and one more thing, tell people what it is that you're up to. So, if you're procrastinating about some go tell five people in your life that this is what you're about to and by putting it out publicly, there's a fire under our hands a little bit.

Natalie: Absolutely. Alright, at least now there's a genie that's just about to appear in front of you and he's granting you one wish. And it's to have an intimate dinner with one person. It could be anyone from past or present. Who do you choose and why?

Lisa Kalmin: Well, that is, that is a fascinating question. And I hone.., you know, I hadn't been thought about it. My friend Lina has that question, like what you can have it with troll people. I'm fine to all people. I'm going to say Moses.

Natalie: Why? And why you say Moses?

Lisa Kalmin: You know, I, the level of trust and the level of this commitment, vision, trust, like, you know, he took, you know, whatever, if you believe this or not, he lead those people out of something into nowhere. And, you had to believe in all of his heart, his high purposes, his spiritual purpose and then had to be in such a way that they just wandered through the dessert for forty years. I mean, the level of, just presence and knowing, inner knowing and outer knowing. Yeah. So, Moses and I will have dinner.

Natalie: Is that is it interesting thing and funny it's coming out now, is it something that you're working on at the moment? Is that something that you, that you would like to build more in your life?

Lisa Kalmin: Uh, you know, I think of the part around belief. Like really, in when I don't see the evidence or when it doesn't look like into the outer and then the darker times, the inner knowing and belief to keep going. I think absolutely its....

Natalie: I think when we narrate it to one guest, I think instantly people are going to "what is it that I wanna know now?" You know, that's awesome.

Lisa Kalmin: Yeah. I think that's, that's brilliant. I'd like that. Got yourself at my trainings. I'd like that.

Natalie: Of course. thanks Lisa for sitting with me here today.

Lisa Kalmin: No, thank you so much. It's such a privilege and pleasure.

Natalie: Awesome. Now, if we wanna send people some way to find out more about you, where can we send it?

Lisa Kalmin: Well, send it to W-O-R-L-D, W-O-R-K-S, I-N-C dot com. All in one word.

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