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Episode # 72   Passion Peeps - Lanny and Deena Morton

About The Episode:

Natalie Ledwell had two passion peeps you'll relate to if you've ever hit rock bottom. Ten years ago, in a 4-month span, Lanny lost three family members, went broke, and got divorced. Deena was a single mom making 12,000 a year. Needless to say, things seemed hopeless. They united and even though life seemed really grim in the beginning, they believed in each other. They share their story of how they turned $800 into $3.5 million!

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Episode # 72 Passion Peeps - Lanny and Deena Morton

Natalie: Today on the show, I'm talking with the powerhouse couple behind the amazing product, 6 minutes to success Lanny and Deena Morton they have recently branch out to new products on their own and on this video they share the incredible story and fantastic story on how to overcome in any negativity in any area in real life. Enjoy.

Hi. I'm Natalie Ledwell and this is the Inspiration Show. Now, where on obviously on a field today, we're location in Hawaii and we have a friend Lanny and Deena Morton, who you may know we're working on Bob proctor on the 6to6 minutes success program we have highly recommend to a community. So, hi guys how are you?

Lanny: Great. How you doing?

Deena: Thanks for having us here.

Natalie: You're welcome. Now, you might be hearing a little bit of noise on the background that's because of this beautiful retreat that we're staying here with Lanny and Deena. We have the ocean, a stone throw away from where we are. So, there'll be a nice ambiance to the whole video. Well, of course, added the today will be part of the passion peeps videos not only do, they legal life a passion but they encourage many means of people to do it as well. So, guys I know you have a very interesting story. You want always living your passion. So, can you share a little bit of your story with the people watching here today?

Deena: You start honey.

Lanny: You see we were living our passion as understated man. You know, if I look back to we were at 10 years ago basically I was fat, I was fat, I had nothing and then I remember taking Deena to lunch and was literally my last 20 dollars and I knew that 2 bread bowls and 2 pacificos was like 19 dollars and change I bought it I gave the 20 dollars and I actually took the last 60 cents and say honey that was my last 20 bucks so she left and didn't date me for my money.

Deena: You didn't just say that what my last 20 bucks you said you better enjoy this lunch because it is my last 20 bucks and we have a great time that day.

Lanny: So, it was tough that time it was very different. I remember in 2001 in the course of 4-5 months period I have 3 people in my family dies in the same week. I was flat broke and I've just been through divorce was like the perfect storm, just crap; I just couldn't imagine my life any lower at the time. So, yes. That wasn't so easy.

Natalie: Is this is as early as 2001?

Lanny: Yeah, it's 2001 it's 10years ago.

Natalie: So, when did Deena came to the picture?

Lanny: Deena came to the picture was on 2002, in the spring of 2002. And?

Deena: Well I think Lanny marry me for my money for I had 12 grand I had made 12 grand that year. So, I was record at in.

Lanny: Yah. She was obtuse, sugar mom.

Deena: Part single mom. A part of my background, I came from my household that was pretty dysfunctional there's level of dysfunction for my there was suicide, drug abuse, alcohol abuse and physical abuse thankfully not sexually abuse. And because of that the behaviour I learned s an adult and the things that I carried through my adulthood unfortunately it didn't really work against me so I have it, I learned the way that I carried my life in my adult life cause a lot of problems poverty and mind sets, you know what I mean. So, my relationships were poor with friends and family in marriage unfortunately. As well as my bank account was poor because I don't know how to think another way. So, when Lanny and I met and I think the one thing that was really dynamic that is for whatever reason I have been in a work for myself but for whatever reason we see each other's potential and we have created an some incubator for success and one another without realizing what we're doing. So, you know that was really is.

Natalie: Because you know you guys have a very successful business now you have worked with Bob Proctor you have successful online products. They really help people to really take them to next level. So, after finding like a series of advice, one to be particular that take to you spending your last 20 dollars for lunch to having the success you have now. So, what was that event to you?

Lanny: For me. The stuff we were studying, I begun the journey I enjoy the concepts in a class actually that change my life. I learned the biggest transition in this world on a class. I never forget learning the impression of increase from the science of getting rich living each person a little bit further than the way we find them. Before that point of time I was always working for money, like I was like to get. I was a taker like how am I gonna get out with the situation. How is it gonna benefit me. And if somebody else is gonna benefit with the process, well it's okay, that was my goal. And what I learned my big I say "aha!" moment is was coming from a place of contribution and just focusing on helping others. As when we were talking earlier, in the very beginning I didn't even have to contribute. I was flat broke. It was I, where can I contribute, where can I make a difference. I started with a grocery store clerk or people that I just came in contact. My goal became how can I make that person's life a little bit better for even a brief moment in time and what happen was it became a habit we started attracting different people and when we start out business, 9 years ago it was unbelievable it was so far beyond that and I think it was just because first of all we're together. We're creating an incubator for a success for me and me creating it for you and allowing each other to earn to guard. It just took off like a rocket.

Deena: I think the turning point for me was very similar to Lanny. I was a taker was it for me. I had a son I was worried about what I was gonna get and I was always working for the cash and one of the things that I learned about myself I gotta working for a cause, because my son was really important to me and doing things for a reason the why behind my motive behind something I learned was critical and so when I started working for a cause is when the cash started coming. Every time I worked for the cash it never worked out and I started working for a cause for a greater reason then you know how do I explain it? the greater?

Lanny: Greater good.

Deena: The greater good.

Natalie: Something extending something that you said.

Deena: There you got it. exactly. That became the ticket to my success every area.

Natalie: You guys have a very interesting story how do you started working with bob proctor. Can share that story? How it came to that?

Lanny: The story starts back 9 years ago. Actually when I was flat broke I actually snuck into bob proctor seminar. I don't have enough money to go to the seminar so I snuck in. I learned what I learned we took what I learned. I transferred to her like, oh my god this is amazing. Deena look at this. This is like we have uncovered this magical information that the big thing was I feel like I was playing a game like monopoly or some board game but I didn't have a rule book. And once I took that luck oh my god I got the rule book and I understand now and once you understand it's easy. So now, we started a business on ebay, well we start some business I put some crap on ebay. We made like 500bucks, holy crap this amazing. Deena said I want in so she kick in. so I said you can cash your 13 heirs. A 13heir from Deena and we took 800 dollars and turn into a 3 and a half million and we're everything on 3 years, unbelievable. So, the reason I tell you that is because we basically started on working on the internet, we started working online and working on the internet was totally awesome it was reach to the world. So, we learned a lot on the concepts on how to operate on the internet, how to do a business on the internet almost by accident just by selling stuffs on ebay and then what happen was 3 years ago I was trying to think of an idea for Bob cause I felt so grateful for the information he gave us 9 years ago as like how can I repay him. And I remember him saying in a seminar one time that he wanted a plane he wanted a jet cause he hates going into security so he wanted for his own plane. So I started I think I said, I've gotta think of an idea that I hope bob get his plane. So, I think couple of things they worked out good. And one morning I was on a hotel on LA and I kinda in a foggy state where in a sleepy state I wasn't asleep, I wasn't awake.

Natalie: between alpha and something and it was sent.

Lanny: Exactly. I don't know the technical stuff but that's one and what happen was the idea came and it was a 6 to success. I thought the name, I thought the functionality what it would do everything all about it. I thought it in 20 minutes. I got up, I wrote it all down and then from there I was like barns and thinking go rich were I was got clear. Like barns was knock down innocence there and I'm gonna be your partner. And I was clear I was gonna give Bob this idea and I knew somebody in LA that knew Bob but that time I didn't know Bob proctor. He knew who we were, as somebody whose taken his class and create a massive of success. So, we have credibility on him. We didn't know each other. So, I called my friend and he said, hey look I need to talk to Bob and I need to talk to him right now. She was, okay fine. Then there was a conviction on my voice she knew that I won't take no for an answer. So, Bob was available and after taking breakfast literally and hour or two after the idea sprung. And we have breakfast and here's the idea, 6 minutes to success and this what we have to do and this the functionality and he looks at me and let's do this sounds like alright let's do this. Now that time, I wasn't sure how to do it. so, I think a lot of people stuck in the how you don't needed no how you just needed how you gonna do it. we figure out the how we figure how to do it. and kinda rest is history itself. That's how it started.

Natalie: I know that was a great story. You have listening to that intuition being open to listening the messages that are coming through and taking action. That you guys actually done. Now, my next question is about success and we all know that success doesn't just happen and successful people have certain habits, a certain routine that they have to them track? So, what are the things you do in your day that actually keep you on track in all of these days?

Deena: I was actually thinking about this earlier. I was thinking about balanced in life or what do I do throughout the day. One of the things that I think that has been powerful thing is putting unnecessary pressure on myself about what I think it should be and doing the things that are most important to me on the daily basis. So, when I start my morning out I started out with Lanny and coffee the most important thing in my life, I love my children is my marriage and so probably the habit that I made that has created the most success for me I invest my time to the things that give the biggest return period, whatever those things are, so it's not necessarily a specific routine it's being mindful to the things that create the highest return.

Natalie: So, you have this asking yourself a question and that day you do the things that is most important to you.

Deena: Exactly. So, in work where do I spend my time I spend 90% of my time on the greatest return not just for me, for my clients, for my teens, for the people in the business with, it has to be a whirlwind across the board nobody loses that's where I invest the biggest part of my time. So, the things that create the highest return are where I always spend 80-90% of my day with. And I think that pretty got huge results.

Natalie: How about you Lanny.

Lanny: So, I would second everything that she says. And I would add to that is for me it's continual education. When I'm doing best, when I'm rockin it's when I'm listening to positive stuff, I'm feeding my brain with good stuff on the daily basis. And then like talking to you guys it's like not being satisfied of what I met and knowing that I'm a learner and I don't know at all. There are people that doing things better than I do and through information exchanges we teach each other to become better and I think the biggest thing is never being satisfied status quo, always learning new things and pushing the envelope of what's possible and what we can do. Because when you continually pushing the envelope, sometimes you wish that you were satisfied cause I don't know what it would be like it's never good enough and I think it's the good thing.

Natalie: Absolutely. It's not about having satisfied it's about the challenge. You feel alive when you're challenging yourself when you're striving for something better and something different. It doesn't necessarily to be better that just need to be something different, challenging yourself all the time will make you alive. Now, my next question, you guys are probably being in a situation you're being qualified to answer this but I got a lot of people I've ask, how can I stay positive when everything is working against me or everything seems to be not going well around me? How can you help someone who have a mindset when they don't have the money to pay the bills what kind of advice do you have to people in that situation?

Lanny: When I was in that situation we talked about that and I was on the situation that was private. Where most people could even get themselves in to. And the way to put of it is contribution for me. So, here what happens, Deena we have talk about it so much. You're in the situation and everything is against you what do I do next all you can focus on is yourself, your self absurd that doesn't work. So, the key is contribution. So, for me I was a grocery store clerk. So for me I was like I say hi sir how are you sir and I feel a little bit better about myself I see you Natalie on the street and I say hi we start a little bit, I feel a little better and I see this little small stuffs that create this good feeling inside the circumstances doesn't matter it doesn't matter how many negative people all around you I could care less, the whole world around you. Victor Franco wrote a book Man Search For Meaning when he was on the concentration camp and what do you learn on a concentration camp. Nobody controls the thoughts and feelings if he can do that on top concentration camp certainly we can do that in our daily life cause there's nothing gonna be like that. It's doing a little thing each day and makes us feel a better about our self. What I did is I did things that make me feel a little bit better for myself and was in circuit for a little bit of results feeling little better little better little more results so I feel better better better bigger results and it just build up a spiral upwards. The downside of that is your negative about me, it's clear the critical spouse I can allow the circumstances to control how I feel about myself and now I feel crappy about myself bad results and you came and say something else no bad results bad results and it's a spiral downward and I think we're always in momentum we're going upward we're going down and it never stops and it changes day to day.

Deena: Straight in line what Lanny says, doing things that build up your own confidence you're either building yourself up or you're cheeping yourself down. You're minimizing yourself and your value or building it up. And in circumstances that could be negative I specifically had a person in my life that legally unobligated to for 18 years and challenging our relationship was it ended up to as a biggest blessing to me and that is not allowing with someone to control my thoughts and feelings, not allowing chances to control who I was the way that I behave the way that I respond into life and that person ended up being the best teacher I ever had. And I think at situations and circumstances like that is an opportunity to grow and learn I think a lot of things in life are good for lessons sometimes and life will keep repeating itself as you need to learn. And then each person there's a reason for her life and things that come into your life and you have the choice to learn and grow and the opportunity for that or not and it you don't like something you gotta do something different if you don't like that circumstance your possible for your life. Well, becoming more responsible on your life I think you're critical to success and happiness in life.

Lanny: I never forget the time that Deena. We were on our first business it was one of her make or break time it was like we were gonna succeed or we will gonna fail. God I never forget that, Deena says to me, but Deena I'm doing my best and her respond was, it's not okay to do your best right now you have to do whatever it takes. And I was like wow. So, that night I was up in 4 in the morning doing whatever it took and I was up until 3:40 in the morning starting on the 7 one the morning going to 4 in the morning for the days on and doing whatever it takes to make that business succeed.

Natalie: Now guys I have one more question for you. And it made me hard to narrow this down it's one thing if you could people watching here today I piece of advice, one thing they could implement right now that could facilitate and cause one big change in their life. What would that one thing be?

Lanny: Make a decision, it's lucky to what you want and make a decision. Now here's I would say is when somebody says I want to make a hundred dollars a year what's to say it's money. The money isn't the reason why like Deena brought up earlier. The reason why is never brought the money it's like what's that one thing that you want that when you think about it, it creates a burning desire. It's just locking on in just one thing and then making a decision that no matter what there are no obstacles too big that will gonna happen and that's all. Let's make a decision and take action.

Deena: for me it's the same thing, make a decision. Dreams and goals don't happen because you wish for it, you hope for it you want it you decide for it and the person that decides is the person that achieves and never ever ever let somebody stop you and never give up and if you really want something go for it.

Natalie: Awesome. I think you say so much for joining me today. It's been a wealth of information there so much that they can do. If somebody wish to find more you where can we send them.

Lanny: Send them to it's D-E-E-N-A-M-O-R-T-O-N.COM she's got a great recording on there that's free and any people could love

Natalie: Awesome. Hey guys just remember just click on the banner on the side you also go straight through as well. So thanks to guys and remember if find anything that is useful and you wanna share the information we recorded the video today. Make sure you the click the facebook, twitter share buttons above. If you haven't done so already actually put your e-mail above, we'll send you the six pre-made mind movies and we'll keep you up to date to all the upcoming shows. So, tune next time remember to live large, choose courageously and live without limits. We'll see you soon.

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