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Episode # 47   Passion Peeps - John Assaraf

About The Episode:

In Episode 47, Natalie interviews John Assaraf, a star from The Secret. He has appeared on shows like Larry King Live, Ellen, Anderson Cooper 360 and many more. John is a millionaire whose passion is helping entrepreneurs understand the psychology and strategy of building a dream life through the Law of Attraction. This video is packed with actionable information and LOA strategies!

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Episode # 47 Passion Peeps - John Assaraf

Natalie: Hi, I'm Natalie Ledwell and this is the inspiration show. Now, today my passion peep is the one known as John Assaraf. Now, John is a millionaire and his passion is helping entrepreneurs to understand how to incorporate the psychology and spontaneous sides in building a dream life. Now, specifically he's still deeply into brain research in court of physics as it both relate in achieving success in both business and in life. Now, he is one of the stars in the secret and you'll remember him because he is the guy the start on the vision hole. Now class John appeared in shows like Larry king Live, Ellen and Alisa Pupa 3 fifty and many more. Now, John is so generous and accommodating. This video is maybe the most information packed passion peep video I've recorded so far. So, no more delay, ENJOY!

Well thank you for joining us on the show John.

John: It's great to be here with you.

Natalie: Excellent. Now, as you know with our passion peeps videos we ask everyone the same 5 questions. Now, the first question obviously you are here in the passion peeps section because you don't just live a life of passion but you inspire a lot of people to do the same. So, I'm assuming you have a pretty rocky road to get here. Can you tell us a little bit about your story and some things you have to overcome to get the way you are today?

John: Sure and I imagine that the, it's easy to talk with all of you. The first years of my life is just like any other kid in a normal family and the one in my early teens, 13 to 17, 18 I've been in a lot of trouble with the law, did a lot of illegal things and I thought that is the way to be successful and I knew it wasn't gonna be an easy road and fortunate for me when I was 19 I had a really good turning point almost got a lot of trouble with the law and I realize at that moment if I continue on the path and I'll be going on the jail for a day 1 or 2 and that really wasn't a good option for me, I had a wakeup call finding somebody inside my head hitting hard and said stop and I stop on what I was doing and I did find a mentor and I found somebody who had a better answers that I had but more importantly this individual Allen Brown had actually better questions than I had, he ask me better questions and 2 of the questions he ask me was number 1 he said, what do you want to trade your life for?, and then number 2 he ask me am I interested or am I committed in that response, trading my life for becoming a millionaire and living in great lifestyle and if I'm interested I will do what is convenient but if I was committed I will whatever it takes and I have been doing whatever it takes illegally and willing to risk my life, to risk my sanity. So, hard work wasn't the problem. He said you should work hard work smart between your life and what you love and that was really the turning point for me.

Natalie: Right. Coz' you know after I find, it's like a fine threads or specific events to get us from where we were in struggling into living a life of passion and living a life that is so successful. So, if there is any specific events that happened to you that kinda was a turning point for you?

John: There really wasn't you know, there really wasn't a defining moment I said this is it, when I was just 19 when I was searching for my way, what will I gonna do with my life, I didn't have a college degree, I didn't have any skills, I didn't have any in dealing this path what is passionate about when I was 19 was sports and girls and I read the Poen Hill's book Thinking to Grow Rich, it says you become what you think about most and I thought I was gonna become a woman because that was I think the most about on 17, 18, 19?

Natalie: Was it a pretty regular normal faulting none in books?

John: but in 19 when read the book I couldn't think, I wasn't thinking about anything else the only glimpse in the success in the lifestyle that I wanted came from me watching the lifestyles of the rich and the famous and that I used to watch and I use to tend in my own mind that one day it's gonna be me but it wasn't a defining moment but for me the defining moment was very, very, very gradual you know and really discovering that I did have skills, I did have things that is natural an easy for me that work isn't natural for other people. So, when I was 19-20 I started selling real estate and I m task to speak and teach what I was doing and that was easy for me and I didn't know that speaking in front of people with that camera, most of them get petrified and scared, it's like I'm not scared it doesn't bother me. So, I realize that's the skill I guess I might have and it wasn't because of any training I had, it wasn't because my father is good at it, my mother was good at it and I don't know why genetically it was easy for me and I didn't know that 30 years later, you know I'll be teaching people all over the world on stages, on television, on Larry King Live and maybe I didn't have any idea maybe it's natural for me.

Natalie: yeah. And that's the way it always happened, we initially with mind movies before that was even an idea for us we were introduce into a network marketing business and when we write about that affirmation about the marketing business is we talk about traveling the world, helping people around everywhere, and having a party we feel good about and all the affirmation that we had about that business, we think that, that would be the vehicle that would get us there actually in the mind movies you know a little bit, that's the thing we are not exposed into that business model and we couldn't understood Cawells and Liberj at we didn't we didn't know what that was you know that's the line in doing a business.

John: You know it's interesting as I learn in 30 years ago so imagine if get into a car right now and it's pitch black outside and all you could see is as far as the head lights will allow you to see. So, when you start driving to the end of the light of the head lights then you will able to see, a 300 or 400 or 500 yards more and that's what really more of what my life is like coz' I don't have an idea on how to do anything I didn't know selling, I didn't know marketing, I didn't know networking, I didn't know finance, I don't have an idea about any of it but I learned along the way and what I did if I were to say a defining moment in my life is somebody Allen my mentor says write down your goals, write it down and he says and dream and he take it out in your head and write it down and that's the bull's eye and the target for you to said sure I have played sports before and we had goals of winning championships, we had goals of winning games, we had goals and so it's okay and I understand this goal setting stuff but as I understood being in sports since I was kid but not only you just set the goal but every coach that I had, had a strategy on how are we gonna achieve that goal. So, in the mornings we would run and on the afternoons and evenings we would do drills and practice the skills that we needed, so that when it's time to play we were rehearsed, we were practiced, we were playing as we suppose to practice during play time and so I really develop some good skills of practicing a lot and I didn't, it wasn't the music, I was very into chest, you know I like chess and you know that's in the play I do the checkers and chess and I was never into like the games into my kids where are addicted to now but guess what you get better by practice and so I knew the value of practice and found that most people don't want a practice and I still practice today before I go on stage, I practice before on television I practice and I understand that. So, if I find a moment to set my goals in and take your time to pick my bull's eyes.

Natalie: You know that's gonna listen to my next question coz' we know, as we know success doesn't just happen and every successful people that I know has a certain daily routine or certain daily habits that actually help them to keep on track. So, what are some of the habits that you do on a daily basis?

John: I got a pretty set routine, so I wake up, I don't use an alarm clock I wake up when I'm not tired anymore and first thing I do, I do my gratitude exercise, I just ask what I'm grateful for my wife, my children, God, my health, my businesses, my contribution, different areas in my life and I put a big smile on my face and I start on to think positive everyday and just look for 1 or 2 things and then I review my visions and goals the things that I want to achieve my work, my wealth, my relationships, and my full attribute and what do we do and I visualize the outcomes and how it makes me feel and I do meditation for 15-30minutes and most of the meditations I do are around managing my own brain waves, managing no fat just allowing me to connect in this universal intelligence and I get up and I use to work up and exercise and get oxygen to my brain with my trainer and by around on 8:30 I'm meeting with my executive assistant and we're planning our day, what are the top 3 things we want to accomplish today what are the projects we work on, what are the people we need to speak to and she makes sure that I do what's supposed to do and sometimes I make sure that she do what she's supposed to do but she manages me more than us and so we get on the routine and we look at our calendar and get the things that are on the calendar done. So, we have pre planned on what we do. So, we don't wait on what we gonna do today. We pre planned for the week, for the month, for the quarter and for the year. So, w actually have a strategy that is movable and at least on the direction of the course of what we're working on, what's the highest, the most important thing for us to be doing every day.

Natalie: You know it's very interesting; I have done many of this interviews you know with our friends Bob Proctor, Bob Toil and Mashy Shaima, John Stevenson and like many, many different people and every time I ask that question, I had to get 1 or all of those things you actually list all of them but it's always a combination of a one, a combination of those 5 things that every single successful people I have spoken to which I do as well.

John: if you think about if you spoke to a chef around the world, any chef around the world and you ask them how do you prepare for doing what you do. They probably found the same recipe or prepared recipe amongst all chefs coz' fundamentals that you know work and I don't what they work because you done them yourselves or other people who are really successful on achieving what you want to achieve or doing and one thing that I learned doing illegal things when I was 13-17 was to get to point A to point B as fast as possible when I got into a business in the world of results through honest results and I also found that people who were experienced they already had the blueprint and so if I really want to go from point A to point B faster why don't buy a blueprint, why learn the blueprint, why implement the blueprint and that's like buying a recipe from a book or on google and just following the recipe and the results is predictable most of the time. Well I find that a lot of people want to rebuild a wheel and their trying to figure out themselves in an era where knowledge is not a power, why do you care whether your idea or somebody else's got the idea on the blueprint use the template that the information is free now.

Natalie: You know we're talking about 5 basic habits that's very easy to implement in every day you know first to be success which I actually stumbled upon?

John: Well, that's okay, at least you've stumbled upon.

Natalie: Exactly. Now, for the next question for the people watching here today that find themselves on a really negative, find themselves to be positive when everything around them is negative, like for example if I find to visualize abundance but I don't have enough money to pay the bills. So, what type of advice you have to people like that?

John: Well, first and foremost I want you to imagine sitting in a theatre and that you are watching a movie in a theatre and I guess if you don't like what you are seeing on the screen, you don't go up to the screen and tear the screen apart, you go and change what's being projected on the other DVD from the projector and so if you don't like what you are seeing and the results of your life you might understand, it's what happening in here that's causing you to see that and experience that and so if you don't like the results, don't blame the results, that would be like if I have a mustache and I looked at myself in the mirror and trying to scratch the mustache of in the mirror that doesn't make any sense, it would be a lot of sense to go and shave the mustache. So, if you allow the outside circumstances control your thinking, you'll gonna recreate all those circumstances, as suppose to say what do need to shift within me. So that the outside stuff that I see, that I attract, that I participated changes and that can happen in a second we don't see what there is to see, we only see what were condition to see, we don't achieve what we are capable of achieving, we only achieve where we are conditioned to think about and do as if we change our thoughts immediately and we can do that right the second and we said, okay I'm gonna do something differently right now, so if you're a little short of cash right now that's because of something happened or not happened, thought about or not thought about the past, and you can make a decision right that second, what I've got here in my home that I can sell in ebay, what skill that I have that could help something on that can exchange money with me, what can I help a friend with that needs help right now so I can make some money. if you could focus all of your time right now, not tomorrow, now on how can I earn an extra hundred dollar, 500 hundred dollars, a thousand dollars and 5000 thousand dollars and you put all of your energy and all of your answer on that and then doing it you will have a financial problem.

Natalie: Exactly.

John: Period. Period.

Natalie: Great answer. Now I have one more question for you and maybe hard to narrow this down to one thing but if you give people watching the video here today a one piece of advice, something that they could implement today to facilitate a positive change in their lives, what would that one thing be?

John: That's easy, it's not hard. One thing, what are three things that you can do right now to get from where you are to where you wanna be and so if could think of any goal that you have your health goal, financial goal and business goal, what are the three things that you would do today that could move you closer to that goal and if you did 3 things a day before 11am. 3 things that's over a thousand actions towards your goal, so you're looking for 3 things that either high in income producing or 3 things that have a really high impact that have a huge impact on the result you want to achieve. So, if you wanna make it simple, if I wanna lose 10 pounds or 20 pounds I can go on a walk right now for 30 minutes just simple as that, I could not eat 20% of the calories I was gonna eat today right now to make that decision. If I wanna make more money and start thinking about 1 or 2 or 3 things that I could do right now, not think about do need together the law of 3 and you will have massive success in your life.

John: Excellent, excellent. Well, as usual you're full of you're a fountain of information. Thank you so much for joining us today john if we send people some more about you. Where can we send them?

John: Best place is to go www.praxis that's P-R-A-X-I-S now and and there are free videos there on how to train your brain to achieve more financial success and more business success.

Natalie: Awesome. And remember guys you can actually click from the banner on the side and actually get you that website. So, thanks again John for joining us. Guys remember you could find something useful or you know in this video which I'm sure that you did, please share the love by clicking the facebook and twitter buttons above and if you haven't done so already, make sure you put your email on the box above there, we'll send you the 6 pre-made mind movies and we'll keep you up to date with all of the upcoming shows.

John: and I, I love mind movies.

Natalie: excellent, so guys until next time, remember to live large, choose courageously and love without limits. We'll see you soon.

John Assaraf



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