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Episode # 64   Passion Peeps - Jim Bunch

About The Episode:

Natalie Ledwell visits Dallas and talks to Jim Bunch, a leader in the personal development industry. He shares how some of his best inspiration has come from desperation, and how he used the LOA to transform his life. He shares the exact system that he uses every day to continuously exceed his goals, and that's just the beginning! You will walk away with a ton of fresh tactics and strategies for success, and Jim even explains how you can upgrade your environment TODAY to help you achieve your goals.

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Episode # 64 Passion Peeps - Jim Bunch

Natalie: Hi I'm Natalie Ledwell and this is the Inspiration Show. Now today I'm in beautiful Dallas on this amazing health retreat for a week and I'm with my friend Jim Bunch. Hi Jim!

Jim: Hi Natalie!

Natalie: Welcome to the show.

Jim: Thank you much.

Natalie: Now the reason Jim is here, he's been a transformational leader for nearly 20 years. And he has worked with some amazing people like Anthony Robins, Bob Proctor, John Assaraf, leading people in the industry. Of course the reason that Jim is here because not only does he live a life for passion, but he encourages other people to live a life of passion as well.

Jim: Absolutely.

Natalie: So Jim can you share a little bit about your background, and where you got, from where you were, cause I know you started with working with Anthony Robbins when you're about 23 year old.

Jim: Yeah baby.

Natalie: Yeah, to where you are now. So share a little bit about your story.

Jim: Well it's interesting. When I started working with Robins, we were a part of a SWAT team, dropped into a city about 8 weeks before Tony would come and it was our job to put 25 hundred butts on seats.

Natalie: Wow.

Jim: so, we were going to corporations and we would teach his concepts around changing your beliefs. Changing your mind-set, you know empowering yourself, and all the motivation stuff right. And then after that, I went to work with Bob Proctor and John Assaraf and we built a company called Life Success Institute, and that, we were really working with the power of master-minding, we've incorporated the spiritual principles and we worked with mostly entrepreneurs; a lot of which people would know now, because they kind of grew up inside of our community. And after that, what happened was I saw tens of thousands of people coming to our events wanting to change their life, you know investing their time, resources, but I didn't see the kind of success that I really thought we should be having, right? And so it became a quest for me to figure out what was happening. So I kind of left the industry for a little while, and I got involved to my 2nd passion which is technology. So I've had 2 paths, transformation and technology. And I built one first wizzy wig websites which is all in one, cause back in the 1994, 1995, you couldn't go out and build the website with you know, all in one place, you had to go get a graphic designer, you had to go get a shopping cart, you had to go an auto-responder and tape it, duct-tape it together. So we built that, we're still on that company today and if we can take technology and we can start tracking the performance in life, can we see what's really working versus what isn't working? And that led me to this path where I'm on today which is to truly use transformation and technology to transform not just individuals, not just communities, not just nations, but how can we transform the whole planet so that people will have more happiness, better health, and more wealth. And that's the primary focus.

Natalie: Okay, because you know, I often find it, it's like fine thread, like specific event that gets you from you know. I mean even working with Anthony. What got you to start working with him? Were there certain events or series of events that got you through there?

Jim: Yeah, desperation.

Natalie: Why? Okay.

Jim: Some of the best inspiration comes from some of the toughest desperation. And what had happened is I'd moved, I graduated college and moved up to Atlanta, Georgia to build the network marketing business. And what I find was, is that it worked great when I was in my home environment or I have my network, but back in that early 90s, you know going from graduating college to a new city where I didn't know people, I was actually somewhat shy. It was difficult for me to build that business. So I got a place where I said, you know I need to start looking and see what it is about this business I love.

Natalie: Right.

Jim: And what I loved to was I love the transformation, I love the possibility that you could create this ultimate life, but I wasn't experiencing it, and my mentors were either. And wait a second, smart enough to know that the people I'm learning from are actually experiencing this kind of lifestyle, then I really need to start looking elsewhere. And through the Love Attraction, this is back I the 90s, before you even knew what the Love Attraction was, I found myself on a tennis court, and I started to talk on guys next to us, they happen to be in town for one day, they worked with Tony Robbins, and the guy goes, his name is Chip Goobers. And he goes, I've got a friend who ran Tony Robbin's FSR team, would you be interested in meeting him? We hit it off, literally 2 weeks later, I packed up and I'm traveling around Canada and US teaching transformation and that just got thrown in a deep pool and made it happen.

Natalie: Wow. You just made me remember something because on the first time I did the interview Robbins' calls in Australia. Chip Aikonbogger was, I went to see his talk first, and he had a thing you know, like with Anthony we do the walking on hot coals, we had a thing where we had a bit of timber and you wrote the goal that you wanted to achieve and had to break through the hand. I remembered doing that first with Chip.

Jim: With Chip?

Natalie: Cause Chip is an unusual name for an Australian so it was like really stuck on me. Well awesome.

Jim: Small world.

Natalie: Very small world. Now my next question is you know success doesn't just happen, we all know that and since successful people all have certain habits or certain daily ritual they go through to help them keep on track. So what are some of the things you do in a daily basis that keeps you on track?

Jim: Well, one of the things I do every day is I plan my day the night before, and so I have what I call a daily focuser which is a one-page sheet and on that I have my 3 goals for the 90 days, I have 3 actions I'm going to take for that day. So, are always in 3 categories, one is in happiness, one is in health, and one is in wealth. So, that's my primary focus and I got that because from our technology, we had thousands of people loading up all these different goals and ask yourself this question; when you write a goal to getting your ideal shape, or you write a goal to double your income, or you write a goal to create your ultimate relationship, all these thousands of goals are started to look in patterns so where do they fall under? What is the umbrella that they all fall? It was happiness first, then health, then wealth. But most people are playing the wealthy, wealthy game; they take very little time for their health and no clue that makes them happy. So on that daily focuser, I put my happiness first, health then my wealth, then I visualize and emotionalize. Then I use to just think my way through it, and found that unless I was excited about what I am pursuing, it wasn't worth trading my life for. Okay, so there's just some things that sound like good goals, but if I don't get a resonance from it, I don't get excited, and if I don't wake up and put my feet on the ground, that would go, that's worth trading my life for, then it's not that I'm not worthy of the goal, the goal is not worthy of me. Cause you only have one life, right? And it's not how you spend it; it's how we invest it. Cause spending is always a loss, we don't wanna invest it. So, I plan my day the night before, I focus on my happiness, health and wealth, I visualize and emotionalize, then I do my best to connect with someone else, though I love to connect with my family, I love to connect with our community, for me that provides a source of inspiration. And I don't know why, I just noticed that there are times where I have to go inside and have to do my inner work but what seems to excite me the most now is connecting with other people. So, I make it a habit to try connecting with other people. And those are the primary things that I do.

Natalie: Cool. Ok, now my next question, I'm sure you're very qualified to answer is, cause I get a lot of emails from people that say, how can I stay positive when everything around me is negative? When everything seems to be working against me? So what advice do you have for people in that situation?

Jim: Number one is changing your environments, okay? This is a huge one and this was something that was shared by one of my mentors, Thomas Lenard, he's no longer here. And when he shared it at the time, it was called The 7 Environments of you. And I recommend it, everybody no matter what level of income you're at; you know high or low, what your relationships are like. What you have to realize is we are a bi-product of our 9 environments. There literally 9 environments that control 3 things; they control the way we think, our mimes right? They control the way that we feel, right? Our emotions, they control the way that we act, so they control our thoughts, feelings and actions, they control our what?

Natalie: Our destination?

Jim: Our destinations, our results. Now thinks about this, we're in this beautiful environment, we're in a 20,000 square-foot mansion, we've got waterfalls, and pools and great people, great food, we've all these. So, why environment is dictating the way we feel and act? You take the same group of people, you put us in a stressful, you know you put us on a war zone for example, we're gonna respond differently than we do here. Well what most of the people realize is that there are environments that are working on them 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. And so, as we become more successful, we're more aware and more conscious on who we surround ourselves with, both in relationships, our networks, the wealth team, our finances, right? All of these are environments and there are 9 environments. Well when you learn how to do life by design instead of by default, you realize that you're very sensitive to when environments are in flow, or when they're out of flow. So what I constantly do is I asses, I evaluate and upgrade my environments.

Natalie: Great. Ok, great answer. Now I have one more question, and maybe I have to narrow this down to one thing...

Jim: Okay.

Natalie: But if you have one piece of advice that you could give to people watching the video today, that they can implement today, to facilitate a positive change in their life, what would that one thing be?

Jim: I would go back to the environments and I would say either eliminate something that straining you, or add something that inspires you, and watch what happens. See what happens the moment you eliminate something, and see what happens the moment you add something. And that one little piece just like me meeting Chip, you know me meeting Bob or John, or Canfield or any of these guys. One little introduction to an environment, or one little deletion from an environment, can shift your whole direction of your whole life and can I do it's once again for everyone?

Natalie: Yeah! Sure!

Jim: Once you make that shift, you have to do a second one. Now you have more energy but most of the people will make one little shift and go; "Alright that's it, I'm done." That's the beginning, that's the precursor but you'll feel better. So that's it, make that one shift, and then the moment you have that energy, make a second shift.

Natalie: Thanks Jim for joining me today.

Jim: Thank you.

Natalie: Wealth of information. Now, we were talking earlier about an awesome web nil that you put together, that actually goes through the 9 environments, and gives amazing information, so if people wanna find out more about that, where can we send them?

Jim: I think the best place is to go to, j-i-m-b-u-n-c-h.

Natalie: or remember you can just click on the banner on the side and it'll take you straight to that site. And guys remember, if there's anything in this video that you'd like to share with friends, remember to click the facebook and twitter share buttons above. And if you haven't done so already, make sure that you leave your email on the box above so that we can send you 6 pre-made Mind Movies and we'll also keep you up to date with all of the upcoming shows. So till the next time, remember to live large, choose courageously, and love without limits. We'll see you soon.

Jim Bunch



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