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Episode # 102   Passion Peeps - Jill Lublin

About The Episode:

Natalie Ledwell gets the chance to speak with bestselling author Jill Lublin about how she discovered her passion. She also offers some effective tips for dealing with procrastination. Her main focus is showing others how to get their passions out into the world, and she offers publicity crash courses all around the world.

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Episode # 102 Passion Peeps - Jill Lublin

Natalie: Today on the show best seller Jill Lublin shares how she found her passion and an effective way to overcome procrastination. So enjoy.

Hi, I'm Natalie Ledwell and this is the inspiration show and today I have the fabulous Jill Lublin on me. Hi Jill, how are you?

Jill: thank you, how are you?

Natalie: as you know this is our passion peep section and I ask all my passion peeps the same question and these are new questions to the one I'm asking before. So, first of all I want to start with your story, who are you, where are you from, and what do you, who is Jill?

Jill: well thank you. Well Jill in this moment is actually the author of 3 books including Grow up Publicity and my main focus is to get people their message out and really support people on what is really their passion about into the world and my passion is helping out your passion, part of my mission is helping others get their message, so I written books and I teach publicity crash courses around the world and I lecture and speech and well 3 main topics but including about how to get your message out there in great way and whatever ways appropriate to you.

Natalie: So, you've been doing all this so what are you doing during full days where did you go out with like what is your journey until to this point.

Jill: So, we all have a path so interesting as where the passage is like you know I started at a law school, can you picture that?

Natalie: Law school

Jill: Law school and then I got to law school and I thought this is not my creative path you know this just don't work for me and I got it and figure it out for law school you've telling me no on that

Natalie: It's a sign.

Jill: yeah it's a sign. So, I actually go into the music business because I love the creativity of music and I love working my desire, I actually ended up in my music business and worked at independent record labels as director of promoter and publicity where I'd like to say that's where I home my publicity skills because really musicians are all about perceptions, creating image and all about weighing to take their messages and that's the great place to home skills and learn about giving messages out there, we don't have budget on top of it we my friends arrange the records, in some place where wonderful places are and say oh I got 2million budget in marketing department like I am and I said yeah give me a 2 million dollar and I'm getting one favor. Right, that's easy. You can make great ways to promote yourself without spending the fortune is a whole new level so, obviously this is your passion what you love to do how did, when did you first recognize that this was your passion?

Jill: when I think back when I was a little girl wait on the door and I won the contest and I was the newspaper girl for and nobody was a newspaper girl and I remember in somebody's house and neighbor's house and she said to her husband that hey the newspaper boy is here, you know it's a breaking news because I was the newspaper girl and I was like girl and it was just I was an entrepreneur, a natural entrepreneur, a natural promoter in a certain way and it was probably supporting me and I just realize the gift I had in translating messages of listening deeply to be able to fight to say it, you know it's not quite evolve yet but certainly I was born this way.

Natalie: So, if someone out there, a lot of us now trying to figure out what are we passionate about because you know the whole batch of these years which is it all about not just being passionate about making the contribution. What advice do you have to people who are trying to figure out what their passions are?

Jill: well first you know it's like an evolving process in finding your passion, we are evolving people. So, I do think that now we have to motivate ourselves to feel that it must be express to evolve actually taken to the people you know, that's to me why we call it public relations take it to the people, so what's your message derive in you, what's your passion that you're bubbling at and peculating even if that doesn't have a name we can figure out the name, we can figure out and call it but I say take it those you love everyday and then multiply that into ways to help people, serve people, charge people where percussion must be living with your passion as well as the opportunity to however way to impact others and that's what we have to be doing everyday as much as possible and that means right now we have a job it's not quite a passion and say we're good and take an hour and do the passion the reminds you.

Natalie: So, do you have some limiting beliefs along the way in your journey and if you did, how did you overcome them?

Jill: well first of all I have to say I have a family that didn't understand me, I'm sure we can all relate to that, it's just woman, no idea who I was.

Natalie: its paid grand hole.

Jill: exactly, exactly. Not to mention, I'm just unseen interesting what I would do now to seen because the truth is for me, I will tell you I was born not expressing my true talent not really feeling that I'm worth it, nothing having what I called the encourage to express myself and why should I reverse with anyone else and I think for me that was my limiting beliefs and beliefs in money, some beliefs about scarcity, some beliefs was I good enough, was I good enough that was good one to overcome and I'm still working on this things because I'm a human and a condition of being a human was to be afraid and so even when I'm afraid I have learned that in creating energy and I've learned the energy of being afraid and I know it's just a physiological response and to support myself to break through it, look what I did it.

Natalie: Yes, absolutely. So, what about procrastination coz' you know one of the most common question I can ask is, how to overcome procrastination, what advice do you have to people in that situation'

Jill: well it's easy to say don't do it then she says don't procrastinate so I would say take a little step that would take to go, just a tiny little step, you know every day, what would men to you to move and pitch into another level to whom you wanna be and so be with that, define it and be inspired with that, because I do believe that actions are inspired from something. If you take up a small step it will leads to the bigger actions and the other thing is don't do it perfectly though it's ready for the aim it's better than not done and just get it out, get it out whatever it is that maybe a booklet instead of book maybe a small report instead of finished product audio or video but we take one step at a time then feel more confident and take another step.

Natalie: now I have a hypothetical for you. A genie just appear in front of you and gonna grant you one wish and to grant you a dinner with one person can be anyone from past to present who do you choose and why'

Jill: well my first intonation is to choose God and I started thinking about whose got a person and I am god, you are god and whose god and we are all god and so god becomes a person if however I choose a person who has lived I would choose Abraham Lincoln.

Natalie: wow interesting.

Jill: yes.

Natalie: why would you choose him?

Jill: well I just notice when I go to Washington DC, I sit with Abraham because I sit in front of it.

Natalie: actually eat with that statue for the first time for the last week and I have a photo of myself taken and my husband taken on it.

Jill: is it so powerful, the energy is powerful there because Abraham Lincoln is true power and what I love about Abraham Lincoln is he was such a press man, he actually failed at multiple things and lost multiple of actions and when you look at him at the he free the slaves he was the president, he had a great, amazing presidency, in fact unfortunately and untimely dead but the truth is he was a great life and he said many profound things, to me sitting with him and his wisdom of going through is life no matter what the feeling, the depression, whatever he puts out.

Natalie: he was not very well within parliament neither I know I had the one that teach them law he was off to segregated if you to become a president.

Jill: and approves that no matter what you can do your passion, you believe or not or long enough nothing would happen, this man created an amazing progress in the world and truly made such a difference and so I would like to hear how he did it, what he did, what inspired him, what kept him going no matter what, no matter how are we gonna fail, no matter someone is teasing him in the parlor, no matter if he is liked or not, I just want to sit with him.

Natalie: awesome. Great answer. So, if you wanna find more about you, where can we send them?

Jill: go to publicity and you can take market yourself and use publicity that's publicity for free gift.

Natalie: remember if you click on the banner on the side you'll directly to that site. Thank you for sharing some of time bah in this lovely setting that I'm. So guys please share this video and the information in it by clicking the facebook and twitter buttons above and if you haven't done so already make sure that you put your email on the box above there coz' we'll send you 6 pre-made mind movies and we'll keep you up to date with all the of the upcoming show. So until next time. Remember to live large, choose courageously and love without limits. We'll see you soon.

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