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Episode # 71   Passion Peeps - Jen Bailey

About The Episode:

Jennifer Bailey wasn't always as happy an joyful as she is now. She comes from a big family and then one day decided to move out to California. She started with no money, but was able to achieve material success and eventually got married. Despite her successes, Jen couldn't understand why she still wasn't happy. After a poignant dream, Jen moved to Europe and started a new chapter of her life. After several ups and downs, Jen finally discovered what she need to do to achieve true, deep happiness. Now she helps other people become true representations of their inner essence as a spiritual and intuitive life coach.

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Episode # 71 Passion Peeps - Jen Bailey

Natalie : Today on the show I'm talking with Jen Bailey from abundant wise women who explains how can we add more yumminess to all aspects of our life. So please enjoy and stay tuned.

Hi I'm Natalie Ledwell and this is the Inspiration Show, now today I'm with my friend, Jennifer Bailey.Hi Jennifer.

Jen : Hello. What a delight it is to be here. I'm really happy that you invited me on your show.

Natalie : Excellent. Thank you, thank you for being here. Now Jennifer has a very interesting story. Can you share a little bit of your background for people that are watching the video today?

Jen : Absolutely. So my background is I wasn't always, you know, this happy and joyful you know I'm a spiritual coach so I left home at the age of sixteen, I was actually kicked out, I was a little rebellious girl from the family, very dysfunctional like most of us. And there's were a lot of abuse, and addictions, and alcoholism running rampant around the family. And that's when my journey started, went from there to living with the family of 13 people so I got a of a little bit, you know relationships are always the richest place that we get to learn about ourselves when we start to become aware of our identity, who are we, you know personality start to develop so you get to be in that place of learning, how other people are relating to one another so being in a big family like that is really in a very richest experience for me. So I was there that time then I decided to move on California and met up with my sister a little bit. So basically, you know been on a journey of up and down, up and down, discovering you know who am I? Making all kinds of crazy decisions, you know, wrong choices of course there are no wrong choices, every choice leads to wisdom 'coz it makes up who you are. And then I decided to get my Master's Degree in Counseling Psychology and from there it's just been a journey of and I really did that so that I can figure out why I am so unhappy? Why couldn't be consistently happy person in my life? Why did I attract to relationships that are not working? Why did I feel good about who I am in the world? And from there it wasn't until I moved in California that I went on a really deep deeper healing spiritual journey. Of course we know Southern California is the capital for spiritual transformation, transformational leaders, so many amazing people that are here like this is the hub. So that's kind a little bit of the background there so.

Natalie : Right so what are you doing now?

Jen : I am a spiritual intrude of coach and I help people to have an intimate relationship with themselves. To master their natural and true essence of who they are, to reflect to them their magnificence, to remember that they are here, to be happy joyful people, to give compassion and love.

Natalie : Yeah. So you know, often I find it you know, now that you're doing what your passionate about, there's always like an event or series of event that's kinda get you from where you were to where you are now living this passion. So what were those events for you?

Jen : Well, major event that just happened five years ago is and I like to say room is the road to real transformation because if someone has to go all the way to the bottom, to rebuild ourselves, to reinvent our lives, so it was like living in a kind of thought that I made my way right living to the high life, having it all, you know and the external world, and the physical material world, I thought wow I came from nothing, I build up you know something and I had a relationship with this man who is the love of my life and we had a business, a very successful business, and I had done some coaching programs and got certified but there were still something is that we're missing. And it was some of an addictions of you know in a lays in there and it wasn't until we lost everything, we lost everything and I had a dream one day and I woke up, it was a real dream and I woke up and the dream was about me living and thriving in Europe. And I decided that I said to my husband at the time we had gotten divorced but we were still partners, I said I'm going to move to Europe and he was shocked but really what that was, it was a journey of humility, compassion, and self-reliance, and I manifest that everything is right in to place, so clear on my vision that I'm going to Rome, Italy. That bam bam bam and all lined up and of course I have no money, I was penny-less, and then I attracted the first place I attracted was the Catacombs of the Puzzle, of a Castle and lived in the dungeon where there was no water, no air, it was moldy, there was no kitchen, about five days so I can get a real shower , yeah but it was really and internal internal journey for me, it really go inside and say, what is you know what is it that I'm here to do, you know you need just going in and become present to the love of you know just connecting with divine source and being present and being aware, and appreciating and everything, the beauty that surrounds, that there is an abundance in everything around us. It's not necessarily in a money form but there's abundance everywhere. And that really that we have is just a thought away is peace and joy and happiness.

Natalie : Yup. If we choose it.

Jen : If we choose it. If we're aware of it. Yeah and to me the journey is to help my clients to become open and aware, recognize that they are powerful creators, that their thoughts in their mind is so powerful as you learned in your last interview.

Natalie : Yes exactly. Now we found that success doesn't just happen, you know successful people all have specific habits or daily routine that they have that helps to keep them on tract. So what are the things that you do on a daily basis to keep you on tract?

Jen : Yeah. Well the first thing I do is before I even open my eyes, I am become aware that I am waking up and I put a smile on my face, you know this sounds kinda weird but it works. Like for about a minute, 35 or 45 seconds to a minute, somewhere in there, and I can already feel my vibration like raising coz I'm putting a smile, it's another day, what new adventures are coming to my day. And then I go into the gratitude, and the first thing that I'm always grateful for is my connection to divine loving source. For me that was been my savior it was like without that, I feel like I was just floundering and I have no compass. So gratitude, five to ten things that I'm grateful I can be the simplest thing like I got to get a hot shower today.

Natalie : Yeah and then when you have it before, it is amazing how can you be so grateful with that.

Jen : Yeah. It's just that little simple thing. And then I do sometimes I do a body scan for my toes and tips of my toes all the way to my heart.

Natalie : So mentally you do this?

Jen : I do this right. And then I like feel that my body in appreciate all the moving parts and pieces and miracles. What it does how it gets me through the day. And then I do meditation and just depends I do anywhere between 1 and 30 minutes sometimes 40 and on the weekends sometimes I do more than once and sometimes I do a walking meditation in nature cause I feel like you know we we're connecting to nature. We are in the presence of you know the all loving divine source and feel very connected there.

Natalie : Awesome. Excellent. So what advice do you have for people watching the video today that are find it really hard to stay positive when everything around them seems to be working or everything seems to be working negative?

Jen : Yeah you know what I think we all can be there, and it really is about awareness of your energy and your vibration. And we're all gonna go there, we're all human, we're gonna go there, we deepens to some you know thoughts or fear, ego or whatever it is. But it is being aware of that moment and knowing that you can flip the switch on that moment, awareness. And then really, to me a huge thing is being of service. When words multiply like a hundred fold, like a constantly think of giving instead of what are we gonna receive. So that's a beautiful thing.

Natalie : Yeah, perfect. Okay. Now I have one more question for you, and it may be hard to narrow this down to one thing, but if you could give people watching the video today one piece of advice, one thing that they could implement today that would facilitate a positive change in their lives, what would that one thing be?

Jen : Well that's easy for me to say, having an intimate relationship with yourself, with your higher self. Whatever that may be, be in stillness that have been my savior, meditation or being in nature, whatever it is for you, being in silent, being still, spend time alone, get to know yourself. When you know yourself, then you're in alignment with your truth and your purpose and your heart and you're able to be this contagious loving energetic force out in the world doing great things.

Natalie : Yeah. People wanna be around. And when sure you're in that flow, it is easier for you to be able to manifest those things that you need in your life as well.

Jen : Yeah. Create many beautiful opportunities.

Natalie : Yeah. Awesome. Thanks Jennifer. Now if people wanna find out more about you, where can we send them?

Jen :

Natalie : abundant wise living dot com. Okay excellent now you also have a radio show.

Jen : I do.

Natalie : Yeah. What's happening on with that?

Jen : Oh I'm loving it. That's blog tag radio, free to be loved radio, and it's really just bringing people on who are doing great things in the world that have services or products that's in alignment, you know that what's in alignment from what I'm teaching, that's all. You know about having an intimate relationship with yourself, giving back, how are you contributing, doing great things in the world.

Natalie : Yeah. Guys it's an awesome radio show make sure that you get yourself onto that as well. So thanks again Jennifer for coming. It's been a great. Now I encourage you to share the information in this video, you can do that by clicking the Facebook and Twitter share buttons above and if you haven't done so already, make sure that you put your email on the box above there, we will send you six pre-made mind movies and we'll keep you up to date on all our upcoming shows. So until next time, remember to live large, choose courageously, and love without limits. We'll see you soon.

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