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Episode # 11   Passion Peeps - Greg S Reid

About The Episode:

In this episode LOA guru interviews one of her "passion peeps" Greg Reid. Greg is a film maker, motivational speaker, entrepreneur, best selling author and specializes in living a life of purpose. He has been commissioned by the Napoleon Hill foundation and has an infectious personality and laugh. Enjoy!

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Episode # 11 Passion Peeps - Greg S Reid

Natalie Ledwell: Hi! I'm Natalie Ledwell and this is The Inspiration Show. Now today, my special guest and passion peep is film maker and motivational speaker Mr. Greg S. Reid. Now, he's a number one best-selling author, entrepreneur, CEO of several successful corporations, and he's dedicated his life to helping others achieve the ultimate fulfillment of finding and living a life of purpose. Now in addition to publishing over 42 books, and feature on nationally syndicated programs across the country, he's also the creator and producer of films such as Pass It On and Three Feet From Gold. Now Greg has been commissioned by The Napoleon Hill Foundation to follow Napoleon's famous footsteps by sitting down with ladies of today to discover how they persevere through challenging times. Now at the end of this video he's also gonna share a very special project that we'd, involve with together. I'm sure you'll really enjoy his infectious personality and it's absolutely fantastic laugh. So guys, enjoy the video.

Natalie: Hi everyone! I'd like you to join me in welcoming Mr. Greg Reid to the inspiration show. How are you Greg?

Greg: I am always good. Thanks for having me on.

Natalie: Fabulous! Alright. So let's just jump straight into the questions.

Greg: Sounds great!

Natalie: So my first question is, you know, the reason that I've actually invited you here is because you are someone who I think is living your life in passion.

Greg: Yeah Absolutely!

Natalie: But my question is, was it always that way for you and what is your background leading up to, you know, to the motivating of the masses that you're doing right now?

Greg: Well I have always lived that passion however I did in the different vehicle. You see, as a kid, I wanted to get into sales and marketing. I'm one of those crazy kids in the street corner at the lemonade stands? So, when I remember I did not wanna go to college as a young kid and my family said "oh, you're never gonna make money just talking to people." And I decided one day, I'm gonna prove it wrong. So I got into sales and marketing, I remember the first time I got my six figure income check, at the end of the year I send him a copy of my W2. Said "Dear mom and dad, remember when you said I'd never make money talking to people?" And now it became one of the, you know, funny little punch line every time we get together for a reunion. Go figure!

Natalie: Yeah! Right. Okay, so, I mean that the moment you motivated a lot of people, you written several books, and what I find, it's often fine threads that get us from what we were doing to what we are doing now, following our passion. So, was it like one specific incident that happened to you that changed the course of your life?

Greg: Yeah. Absolutely. Serendipity. Again I was in sales and marketing. I own an advertising corporation here in San Diego, California. I was doing very well and one day someone asked me to speak at a local college. And I remember I was filling in for someone who got sick and I didn't mind I figure it'd be a great opportunity. And what happened is they like me so much they started passing me around every college around San Diego. So much so that one time after an event a kid comes up and says you should write a book. And I thought to myself, that's a great goal because until that time I never read a book. Figure! What great conquest! So I took it on as a challenge. And I sat down with my mentor who said, you know, "all you have to do, have anything in life, surround yourself with those who've already done what you would accomplish. And we went to Barnes and Nobles and buy every number one best seller. I called everyone of those authors and said "will you teach me?" They did. And here we are today.

Natalie: Awesome. Now, my next question is that, you know, success, in my experience, doesn't just happen. And most successful people have things that they do on a daily basis to keep them on track with their goals. So what are some of those success principles that you apply everyday to keep you on track?

Greg: Well, it's what we talk about personally all the time. And we actually apply in our lives. And it's about seeking quality associations. And another thing, it's called LOR, L-O-R. Leveraging Our Relationships once we have them in a positive meaningful way. Remember this, that we are a direct reflection of the people we associate with the most. And our attitude, income and lifestyle is the exact average of that group. So if you wanna change your life, change an association and your world will change accordingly. And so what I do is I'm a student and an advocate of making sure that I surround myself always with the best so that I can get the best in return.

Natalie: You know, when I asked this question of Sean Stephenson, he said a very similar answer to that.

Greg: Why he called me up and copy that. Probably we wore the same t-shirt too. What can we do.

Natalie: Probably. Now, the probably the most common question that I get asked through e-mail and through, you know, the mind movies community, is how do I stay positive when everything around me is negative or seems to be working against me? What advice can you give someone like that?

Greg: Well, again attitude is just a state of mind. You asked me originally how I was doing and my answer was always good. One time, true story, I was in my house in Del Mar, California, is going to the grocery store. And the cashier kept asking the same question of everyone. "How you doing?" "How you doing?" You know, she didn't care, she's just doing her job. Well people going through the line saying the same thing. They are going fair, fine, fair to meddle in. And the double negative, "not bad." I says, will not be cool if we came up with the double positive? So I went home and start writing supercalifragalistic, that stuff. Two days later I'm going to the same line, "how you doing?" "How you doing?" Get's to me, I said "always good." She stopped, she turns, she goes "how can someone always be good?" I said Abraham Lincoln summarized it best, he said "people are as happy as they make up their minds to be." And for myself it's a catch phrase. That became my website, as well as when I say to anyone that I meet on the street. Even when I'm not feeling my best. Quite on, I say, I could be sick as a dog and someone say "how you doing?" I'm gonna say "Always good." You know. Because you fake it 'til you make it. However, the same know when you put the positive energy and you focus on what's good, what chances are you'll see a lot of them.

Natalie: Exactly! And once you're in that routine of, you know, when you always say "always good" and you have that energy behind it, even if you are not feeling good, by answering that way. it kind of, raises your vibration.

Greg: It does. I mean, I know it sounds hokey and goofing stuff, it works for me. And I recommend it! Everyone do the same.

Natalie: Okay. I have one more question for you.

Greg: Okay.

Natalie: Now this maybe difficult to narrow down to just one thing, but if there is one piece of advice, one actionable step that people can implement now that'll make a change in their life, what would that step be?

Greg: Remember this step, Troy "Tremendous" Jones has a great quote. And says "you are the same today as you'll be in five years except for just two things, the people you meet and the books you read." That's who you hang out with and what you put in your head that determines your attitude and your character as a person. So I'd be very, you know, conscious of who I was hanging out with, who's associating with. And also what we are putting into our cranium. Because understanding this, popping on the local news every night and reading the rag magazines might be fun once in a while. Yeah, if that's all that we're putting to feed our senses and feed our enthusiasm, well that's what we'll get. On the same note, if we hang around people that are positive, like mind, looking for solution, well then that's the energy and that's the vibration that will start attracting to our world as well. So just be very careful and understand that we are a reflection, again, and be the same today as we are in five years except for the people we meet and the books we read. What do you put in your head? What do you read? What do you consuming? And ultimately here's a big question, who are you hanging out with? What's your lore? Are you ready to leverage your relationships? You know, it's time for you to do that, just get in contact with me personally or anyway I can do to be in assistance. I'm there to serve.

Natalie: Right. So actually if someone did want to get some more information on you, where, what is the best way for them to find you?

Greg: Well, I got a website called Have you heard that one before? Go to drop me an e-mail. And you know what's really cool I actually answer everything myself. It doesn't go through a filter, it doesn't go through a helper, or anything like that. So drop me online at [email protected], visit the website and I personally respond to you. And again, if there's anything that I can do to be of service, don't hesitate to ask.

Natalie: Now, one of your most well-known books that you've written is book Three Feet From Gold.

Greg: Think and Grow Rich.

Natalie: That's right. So I'm actually going to be doing book reviews on the inspiration show and that is gonna be one of the books I'll be reviewing, very soon.

Greg: Excellent!

Natalie: But what we wanted to share today is the new project that you're working on. With the Thinking Garbage Foundation. So, can you tell us a little bit about that.

Greg: Absolutely, you see, the Napoleon Hill Foundation that protects the teaching of the 20th bestselling book of all time, Think and Grow Rich, has given us a very unique opportunity, to travel the world and meet with today's great icons, ask them one simple question, why they didn't quit when the going got tough? And the project's called Stick ability, the power of perseverance. And the first person I had the opportunity to sit down with was Martin cooper. Watching that 60 minutes I see this little guy on TV talking about his power of perseverance and says we need to sit down with him. Three days later, you and I were on the audience and we got the epic brain of the person who actually invented the cellular phone. And the one take away that I cannot get out of my head is when he said "stick ability without flexibility is basic suicide." Meaning if you're not able and willing to be flexible and make your way along the progress as things adapt on today's marketplace, then eventually you'd get so caught up on stick ability of being so determined to get the outcome that you were looking for that you'll fall short. So we have to be flexible while having that stick ability and our life will change accordingly.

Natalie: Absolutely. So I'm very honored to be able to fly on the wall in some of this interviews. And the next video that's coming out next few days is actually my summary of that interview with Martin Cooper. Some photos taken in his office. The guy's a legend. Eighty two years old, sharp as a whip.

Greg: You're more than a fly on the wall, you're actually you're asking them questions and participating along the journey. Let me explain, what's happen is we got a very select we create our own mastermind group. And it's about a dozen of us that were gonna travel together as a team and sit down and speak to all this great individuals. Right now we're working on some people that are gonna blow your mind. And we're looking just for that little nugget. What's that little bit of inspiration? You know, we got an ADD society right now. People don't need a 45-minute lecture on stick ability but it's kinda cool to get that little take away. We can go "ah hah!" Take it along with us and then sort of apply them in our own life.

Natalie: Absolutely. And, I also have the honor or the privilege to be able to share with you my take away and some insights from this interview before the book is even published. So, that's very cool, yeah.

Natalie: Alright Greg, well thank you so much for joining me today.

Greg: Thanks for having me on.

Natalie: And guys remember, with the next videos coming at the next couple of days. But until then, remember to live large, choose courageously and love without limits. I'll see you soon.

Greg: Know what I love about this? Every one of the episodes is always good!

Greg S Reid's Always Good



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