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Episode # 55   Passion Peeps - Gay and Katie Hendricks

About The Episode:

The New Year brings the first 2012 episode of The Inspiration Show. Sit with Natalie while she interviews her first set of Passion Peeps this year, Gay and Katie Hendricks.

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Episode # 55 Passion Peeps - Gay and Katie Hendricks

Natalie : Hi I'm Natalie Ledwell and this is the Inspiration Show. Now today I had a pleasure sharing a very special passion peeps video recorded in Hawaii back in November. Gay and Katie Hendricks presented together on stage in an event that I attended there and once I've saw then I knew that they were be perfect for the show. Now Katie has been a pioneer in the field of body-mind integration for nearly 40 years, now Gay is the author of 33 books including The Corporate Mystique, A Conscious Living, and The Big Leap. Both have Ph.D.'s and both have appeared on Oprah, CNN, CNBC, 48 Hours, and other shows as well. Now together they are fermentable and entertaining team teaching millions of people around the world, how we achieve a fulfilling and incredible relationship and exactly what it looks like. So enjoy and I'll see you soon.

Hi Gay. Hi Katie. Welcome to the show.

Gay : Hi. Thank you.

Natalie : As you can see everyone, we are not in the studio. We are on vacation in Maui, we're here on a seminar weekend. So I thought I'd take the opportunity to knuckle these two guys down so we can answer them, ask them our passion peeps questions. So you guys know the drill, we ask everyone the same questions.

Katie : Okay we're ready, we haven't heard these questions before, just letting you know.

Natalie : Completely off the cuff.

Katie : We're here for the first time.

Natalie : Okay so the first question is you know the reason that we have you here because you don't just live a life with passion, but you encourage other people to do that. Now I heard a little bit about your story the other day, and I know that it wasn't always like this for you. So can you explain what your story is, that you come up to this point?

Katie : Alright. Well I'd say that the big turning point was choosing to move from blame into wonder with each other rather than the momentary satisfaction of being right and having that kind of "I'm right and you're wrong". We really got more interested in what we could create together, the energy of relationship itself, and I think that was really a turning point for us.

Gay : Yes. Well one thing about us is that we get to be relationship experts because we've made every possible mistake that is possible to make in relationship and figure out how to ?

Katie : Yeah. And in public too.

Gay : Yeah. Long before we started working with other couples and things like that, we found out what it took to have an on-going positive relationship with ourselves and we did a lot of work on that and we got to a place where we were really humming and then other couple started to come to us and then one magic day about 20 years ago, Oprah called and said will you come do this on her television show and so pretty soon overnight we're working instead of six couples in our living room with 10 million couples on Oprah. So things have slowed down since then but it's all based on some key fundamentals that we've learned about ourselves, that we practice ourselves and by doing it basically you get to fall in love all over again every single day in your life and we've been together 32 years and every day is brand new.

Katie : I love that. I love that and also it really is choice by choice. It's not some big tada and then we've arrived. It's really the choices that we've made day to day who really love each other, love ourselves and find out how that looks in action.

Natalie : Yeah. 'Coz how long have you guys been together?

Gay : Well we've met in January 1980 so 32 years and we're here this week celebrating our 30th wedding anniversary.

Natalie : Oh congratulations.

Katie : Thank you. And all had seems so pretty amazing.

Natalie : Yeah and I have been observing this guys all weekend by you know we're cutting a rug the other night on the dance floor and really you can see the love between you, it's a quite palatable which is awesome. Now what I find is that it's often like a single event or series of events that get you from where you were before not having successful relationships to having you know where you are now, coaching and helping other couples live you know successful relationship. So what were those turning points or events for you?

Katie: Well one thing that we decided from the very beginning of our relationship was to wonder about what to create a relationship that run primarily on positive energy, we had not seen that, we both grew up on critical homes, and we hadn't seen many successful relationships but we decided that we really wanted to do that so we made a commitment, we gathered ourselves and move ourselves fully in to what it'll take to create a relationship that runs primarily on love and positive energy. And then we kept noticing what happened, what occurred, what we needed to learn, the stuff that came up and we learned from that.

Gay : Also true we are living examples of the thing we teaching the sense of we really understood and kinda intersection between the relationship work and law of attraction because like I manifested Katie and it only took me a month to manifest Katie once I got my head straight and I've figured out that the relationship mistakes that I made throughout my teens and my twenties all boiled down to one single thing which is basically not being myself, not speaking honestly, not really knowing what I wanted, not really knowing myself and so what I did was manifest one relationship partner after another that was in the same position and really it was all about me learning how to love myself and the moment I did that, suddenly I realized wow, what I really want is a relationship where both people are open and honest with each other and both people take responsibility rather than blaming each other and both people are dedicated to their creativity and so with those things in mind, I said to the universe that's what I want and I promise you I'll never settle for less. And so I think the universe may have been listening that day because a month later I met Katie.

Katie : It was great meeting story.

Gay : Great meeting and we've been together ever since.

Natalie : That's interesting fact. A lot of couples that I know that are very successful, have great relationships and Glenn and I included, individually before we met each other, we'd come to a decision that we knew what we wanted from a relationship and if we didn't have it, we wouldn't settle for less. And a lot of successful couples that I know are all came to that point and then not long after that the affection find there, their soulmate.

Katie : There's something about that when you cut off all other options, you really done your own little work and you're going okay this is what I want or I'll be alone. And I think that we make the manifestation very powerful.

Natalie : Yeah. Now as you, are sure well aware, success doesn't just happen.

Katie : Shocked!

Natalie : I know. And all the successful people that I know have certain habits that they have daily basis or certain routine that they go through on a daily basis to keep them on track. So what are the things that you do on a daily basis to keep you on track?

Gay : One of the things that I do is I often get up before Katie does, I'm kind of an early riser. And one of the things I make a point of doing every day is the very first thing out of my mouth to Katie in the morning is something that's positive and really acknowledges her and appreciates her in some way. Because I think relationships only really work if there is one person who is really grounded in loving themselves and also then ones to assist another person in helping them love themselves and together, all together making this big circle of love around us. And so in the morning, I say to Katie, wow, just whatever strikes me like I've never seen such a beautiful face in my life or wow! I can't believe I get to spend another day with you. You know just whatever vibration comes out of my mouth I wanted to be the absolute highest quality thing so that's one thing. The other thing we do is we meditate together almost every day.

Katie : Yeah. And we have for many many years, so whenever we're in the same space we have that quite time together where we drop into essence who we are at our core we share that space with each other that really sets up a vibration for the whole day that we can move in to and we can really enjoy. The other thing that we do is to put a priority in our creativity and a priority in what we call living in integrity so we've develop some staffs to living in integrity which are about keeping agreements and speaking honestly to each other and creating a no-blame relationship and those things we've been practicing for many years and it makes a structure for the day where we both feel really expanded also very immediate and present to what's going on right now. So there's the sense of having all the time of the world and also focus so we can do whatever it is that that day is asking for.

Natalie : Awesome. Well I actually got a lot of e-mails and I'm not sure if you get the same from people who asked me a question, how can I stay positive when everything around me seems to be negative? You know how can I think abundantly when I haven't got money to pay the bills? So what advice you have for people that are in that situation?

Gay : Probably the number one thing first that I learned to do with myself when I get stuck and I passed on other people, is first of all simply be grateful of what you have already because it's so much easier when you manifest what you want when you're coming from the space of gratitude because if you're coming from that all space of fear, what's gonna happen is that's what the universe picks up on and it sniffs up the fear and okay this person's with a fear, we'll give him more and so one of the things that is important for us is really grounding ourselves with gratitude and appreciation for each other and world around us and the people that we get to live along and that other things. I would say first of all, take a moment to love and appreciate where you already are and then come up of what you want.

Katie : The other thing that we do really recommend and to ourselves is forget stuck or fear comes up or sense of being overwhelmed where the negative is actively love ourselves for what we feeling and that's what we recommend to other people to genuinely love yourself to think for example, somebody that you know you love until you're actually having the experience of loving not just the thought and then give that to yourself let it pour over yourself or embrace yourself in that just a moment of loving unlocks that fear trend so that you can actually open up to expanding into appreciation and then opening up to what you want.

Natalie : Absolutely.

Gay : Another thing to is that if you think that to your life, how you most out sort agree, we when we got together we couldn't find any role models, we couldn't find anybody that had the kind of relationship we wanted and so we can't have making up for ourselves and I'm glad we did cause we learned lot of things that we couldn't have learned in any other way, but now I think there is more of the surround that I hang out with, you know when it's really great to surround ourselves with people that have great relationships you know like you two. And it's just wonderful to see that's spreading throughout the world, I'm very grateful for that.

Natalie : Yeah and that's the thing. That information is easily accessible as well online, you know if we can align ourselves with people like yourselves or even mind movies there are so many different other products there's forums, there's blogging, there's so many places that you can tap into that energy. You know and so you're not alone.

Katie: And also the supportive community to have other people who are interested and knowing that there's more energy than just yourself really gives, it's really being having companions on the journey. That's really exciting.

Natalie : Alright so I have one more question for you.

Katie : Yes.

Gay : Alright.

Natalie : And maybe I had to narrow this to one thing. Okay. If you could give the people watching the video today one piece of advice that they could implement today that would facilitate one positive change in their lives, what would that one thing be?

Gay : The one thing that I would recommend is learn how to breathe right now, take a full breath that go that goes all the way to the bottom and goes out all the way to the end. The reason I mentioned that is one of our mentors, Fritz Pearls, was a great Psychiatrists 30 years ago, he said fear is only excitement without the breath and so if you could remember to unfreeze your breathing and keep a flow going in there it keeps you from getting down on that congealing place that fear brings you down into. So if you gotta do one thing first just remember fear is only excitement without the breath, fear is frozen fun. Take a few breaths and open up a flow in there and pretty soon you'll be back into the groove again.

Natalie : I love that.

Katie : I would say that one thing that I would recommend is that you practice some everyday trying on different ways of moving because anywhere that you're stuck, you're stuck because you're not breathing and you're not moving. You might be hunched over in a kind of scared burden posture and you actually changed your posture, it changes your thoughts, it changes the choices you make and so if you do that deliberately every day it makes you smarter, it makes you more creative, and it makes you more open to different possibilities.

Gay : Also too, you're life, our lives are defined by how open we are to giving and receiving love, that's what everybody's life are defined and if you learned how to use your body a little bit better and use your breathing and your movement and your organic natural abilities to love and love yourself, what happens is evolution speeds up rapidly. Things start happening in a way almost hard to believe sometimes.

Natalie : Wow fantastic.

Katie : Anyways, second three are.

Natalie : I know they are all so good. Well thank you so much for joining us today, the energy that's here there are so much useful information in this video. Thank you so much.

Gay : Well thank you so much.

Katie : Thank you.

Natalie : If we wanna send someone, everyone somewhere, if we wanna send some people somewhere to find out more about you, where can we send them?

Gay : Easy place.

Katie : Send them to our website which is H-E-N-D-R-I-C-K-S, and that will connect you to our Facebook fanpage, and to all of the different things that we have for people including lots of videos, online courses, and lots of things where you can deepen your skill in loving yourself.

Gay : There's about 2 Million people around the world now that are practicing these ideas and so it's really nice to know that you're not alone out there, there's a whole world full of people who were really opening up to new dimensions in their relationships.

Natalie : It's wonderful. And remember you can just click on the banner to the side that'll actually take you straight to that site. So thank you so much for joining me today. Remember if you found anything useful that you wanna share the information that we have in this video today just click the Facebook and Twitter share buttons above and if you haven't done so already, make sure that you leave your e-mail on the box above there, we'll send you the six pre-made mind movies and we'll keep you up to date on all our upcoming shows. So until next time, remember to live large, choose courageously, and love without limits. We'll see you soon.

Gay and Katie Hendricks



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