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Episode # 3   Passion Peeps - Gary Vaynerchuk

About The Episode:

Natalie Ledwell introduces one of her passion peeps Gary Vaynerchuck. He is a New York Times Best Seller, social media and wine tasting expert and entrepreneur. You may have seen him on The Ellen Degeneres Show, Late Night with Jimmy Fallon and Late Night with Conan O'Brien. Warning: His language is colorful!

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Episode # 3 Passion Peeps - Gary Vaynerchuk

Natalie: hi I'm Natalie Ledwell and this is the inspiration show. Now today what we wanted to do is actually share a video that I recorded a little while ago which is gonna be a regular segment here in the show. Now I mention in the first episode, how the responses we received the results in our surveys the idea to put the inspiration show on, so what was interesting was the same mood keep talking all time. Just ask hundred of different ways, like for example, how can I keep my eye on the goal when a lot of negative stuff is popping up. Well you know that's a value question, I get that question a lot. But I also got, how do you keep motivated seems not to be working. How can I keep focus in a midst of failure, how can I started to track. I started on a bit but I don't see result, how do I stay focus despite of sit back, how can people keep believing in months that happen. So, as you can see it's the same question ask in different ways, so I had the idea of interviewing passionate individuals and to ask them the same 5 questions of 5 popular questions that we got from the survey. Now some of this people you may recognize like my guest for today. And some of these are ordinary people who overcome events in their lives to live a life of passion and purpose and they have an amazing story and amazing insights to share with us. So my guest today is actually the man who inspired me to do this show. Mister Gary Vaynerchuk. Now you might recognize me from that one video blog in tv but I don't think it's not going anymore, but he has a new app called the daily grape, now his a 34 year old, new York time's best seller a journal best seller and his also a self trained wine and social media expert, now at the age of 8 years old, his operating 7 lemonade stand in his neighbourhood and at ten he's been selling baseball cards. So do you think this guy is born as an entrepreneur, I think so. Now in high school he work in a family liquor store he told himself one of the appreciation by taking those things as describe as flavours and the wines. So, for example if he was looking at the wine, in grassy notes, he would eat grass and then taste the wine, or you would say it has earthy tones, he would eat dirt and then taste the wine, and this is how he taught himself appreciation. I actually seen him suck a sweaty sock because someone has describe that's a flavour of one of the wine, very dedicated, now in 1997 he actually recognized the importance of the internet took his family liquor store and in 1997 was that doing 3 million dollars and in 2005 he grew it into a 45million dollar business, amazing. Now I actually see Gary speak on stage he is the most passionate people I have ever seen on stage which is a perfect candidate for this segment, I must warn you, the more excited he gets the more colourful his language become but his message is directly from the heart, now I actually recorded the video with him when I was in the summit series cruise. So it's a little bit noisy but you can hear him loud and clear and his message is amazing. Now he's actually been on the jimmy falon show,, Ellen and numerous other shows, and now the inspiration show, so enjoy and I'll see you soon.

Natalie: Hi everyone, I'm Natalie Ledwell and this is the inspiration show. Now today I have a very special guest and really pleased to in being introducing to you. Now, guy actually is New York Time best seller and after I read his book Crush It that I had the whole idea of inspiration show and part of the reason that I'm here. So I'd like to introduce to you Mr. Gary Vaynerchuk. How are you?

Gary: thank you so much.

Natalie: you can say hello.

Gary: hey everybody. Thanks for having me in the show. Thank you here. That's good to hear that I inspire someone. Incredible. So thank you.

Natalie: alright. You've been in a successful life and in a passionate life what did you do? now I'm assuming it wasn't really an easy road what is your background and what is this at your point now?

Gary: you know. Its funny to say that there is an easy road or not, right, on paper it's not an easy way like I'm not born in America, my family immigrated from the soviet union, too difficult we live in a studio apartment with family members, everything was hard and tough and difficult it's like something and I mean I didn't have a lot of stuff and I buy my own video games in my home, all that stuff and I got involve with my family business my dad bought a small store and I started a website 1997, and it's a 60million dollar business you know why the video show, it became a very successful mistakes and I wrote a book on how I did that, and this videos is shown in many others and so yeah I'm a real entrepreneur, I mean somebody would realize I swear to you and to every person behind that camera right in this table right on a beautiful boat one of the things that is for me that I lost everything, All of it, for an entrepreneurial step not as a father, not as a husband but an entrepreneurial same point that would excite me, because it could allow me to show everybody how good I am because I would rebuild it and if you're a real entrepreneur the game matters more than the actual products is coming out money is sh*t, so you know I don't know I had a very strong feeling that everything is easy because I love it - that I didn't have a vacation for 11 years and I work in 7 in the morning and 11pm at night at the age of 21 to the age of 28, with 2 days off a year. I mean I'm that healthy as a lot of people here but it could more like balance and all that but I loved that, I live and dreamed it and I think everybody is watching right now whose making excuses or other are busier with this who love the process and wait to get to stuff can't wait to get the big jewelry and the boat and all that b*llsh*t they're not real entrepreneurs and are not gonna win on a highest level if you love the game, it's very difficult.

Natalie: I totally agree on that, now what are fine threads, I often listen to people's story and I often fine threads you know opportunities that arrives little moments that happen that actually get you to where you are now?

Gary: okay.

Natalie: what are those points for you? What are those events?

Gary: I had several different events but the one which is very relevant to this time is there's a guy in my life a Erik casner who is my lead computer developer and this sat this close cause we are a very small office, and he showed me the way of 2005 and I think it was changing and it's like a little hole, it's not about SEO and converting them into landing pages, and all this b*llsh*t, it's about communicating and engaging with consumers and then when the web is became social that's when I activate it, when you and probably knows I'm a big people person and people currency I understand very well, when I saw the web started to take dynamic and in the scale in twitter and facebook and other things that's when I started getting interested and I would say the very interesting moment which is really appearing to a huge influence I mean is by the gentlemen name Erik Casner sat next to me and say Hey! have you seen blogs? and why are you using yahoo? use google, you saw this thing youtube is going on and wow, wow, open my eyes and thinks then my natural business skills was kick in intuition and most of all is execution it's talking I don't give a sh*t about your ideas we ll got ideas, you think it's all to my ear and nobody wanna hear no such thing promise, ideas is horsesh*t, and execution is the game, and so that's kind of my focus execution,

Natalie: so that puts to my next question as well, you know success doesn't just happen, like we all know very certain habits, and things we do day to day that people to keep you on track so what. So what are the things you do on the daily basis?

Gary: one thing, I remember where I come from, I'm completely driven by one thing, gratitude, that's it. I'm just very aware of where I was born which is a very difficult country, I'm very aware of the opportunity I'm given, I'm very aware of the DNA that I am gifted, the ridiculous work ethic my dad had, the listen mothering my mother had and so I'm driven by gratitude.

Natalie: awesome.

Gary: I'm just grateful.

Natalie: now I got a lot of emails from people who find it very difficult when their in the situation in that situation and for example a lot of people find it difficult to think of and visualize abundance when they can't have money in that.

Gary: yes.

Natalie: so what kind of advice you have for this kind of people?

Gary: the richest friends I had are miserable. I think that, yeah I listen I hate that people abstract, to make people abstract, like you've gotta click it I get it I have no interest in being a hypocrite and no clue for you guys on who I am and what I'm about, but let me promise you this I have more money that I have but I'm not as happy I've never been, I'm very happy, crazy, I was building my library on 2006 and no one has ever has on my tv and I did it, I'm happier then, professionally. Because I was like sitting on something and I know I was a whole stage free, and that's really the passion of mind. So, I would say this there are people who live without clean water. I mean there is no really, really, that had a way worse than you. So wait you're not rich and maybe you can have big loans and it's adding up and I get it, but the fact that there are people who live in countries who are being killed every day and don't have water. there's ungodly amount of people who have it better than me and there's an ungodly amount that have it worse than me. people's respect is important, it's easier said than done, I hope you can get to a place mentally because I'm trying to figure out how to figure something the defense mechanism, when friend go bad, when I lose money professionally and I go to defense mechanism and it's always this suppose I want it to be a sport franchising on focus, every time I think about something bad happening into my feelings and I just pretend and I got a phone call that my mom died and I ask myself how I feel and I felt terrible and I makes me really understand very quickly what I really care about, I will tell that it's always, always easy to look at what you don't have, I think it's super duper important to understand what you do have a comparison with somebody move on and so you know I don't wanna pinch myself when I got stuff but I gotta tell you I've got a friend that makes a 21thousand dollars a year and it's a 100thousand dollars on college debt, Who is so lucky but couldn't be happier than 99% of people in this cruise it's a month of sets, it's not.

Natalie: now I've got one more question for you? If you were to share a one piece to the other one but if you could share one actionable step that people can take like a difference in their life what would that step be?

Gary: so I think always on the context of business, so the business tactic, black and white tactic I believe that social media is creating the biggest culture shift you'll ever seen and people are coming together the way you've never seen before it's small town walls and so we'll tell you this, I very much believe whether you're in Australia, Philippines, America, I don't know where you are, now the single most important website, right on this second is and is you go to you'll spend 10 hours a day stick with it because if you do an hour's you've got an hour results you get 10 hours you've got hours the reason I'm doing this is I going to quick push ups, I can read push ups, I can give you 5 push ups a day, and get 5 push ups results which is why I got 5 push up results but if it was 500 push ups he does 500 push ups and he got 500 push up results and you put the results into listening instead of talking and I'm gonna promise you something right now because I can feel it in my bones I know that 95% of you are worried about what I say, may be more I'm trying to be nice, probably people must listen more, if you gonna search on you search twerps, it's the name, and the genre and watch the people about and act about them and start working the collective work like a cocktail party instead of what I'm doing now am I doing a presentation that would lead to enormous financial opportunity especially you understand not to close the sale, on the first move, you know don't try to sell something sign the map and swirl and that's my first move, literally treat anything like you wanted a business like 80 years from now not for the next 50 minutes I find move and that the mental hypnosis and the most establish way to keep us sustainable fly by night if you don't create lifetime value your business will go very quick.

Natalie: Very good. I know one in the TVs, it's not shown in the walls you had the new app called the daily grape, so if anyone wants to find more information about you.

Gary: the easiest thing that everybody go to G-A-R-Y meanly I wanna say that cause I wanna brag that I am slash Gary the second call, that's very easy if you don't come and say, I love to come and say hello bad I appreciate listening and I think someone break through you know I'm not really me you'll gonna preach remember this everything you do online is now building your legacy, now your kids will gonna know who exactly who you are, so don't do to the quick cash move legacy is greater that currency you'll gonna wake up one day and proud about making of money.

Natalie: thank you so much for your time. And guys remember to live large, choose courageously and love without limits. I'll speak to you soon.

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