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Episode # 31   Passion Peeps - Gabrielle Bernstein

About The Episode:

In episode 31 LOA expert Natalie Ledwell interviews another passion peep, the beautiful Gabrielle Bernstein. She's been tagged as the next generations spiritual seeker and is a number one best selling author. Gabrielle is incredibly authentic and open in this interview. She shares how she was looking for happiness in all the wrong places, and how she transformed after hitting rock bottom.

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Episode # 31 Passion Peeps - Gabrielle Bernstein

Natalie Ledwell: Hi! I'm Natalie Ledwell and this is the inspiration show. Now today my passion peep is the beautiful Gabrielle Bernstein. Now she's been catered as one of the next generation spiritual seekers. Gabrielle is the number one best-selling author of the book Add More-ing To Your Life. Which is the hip guide to happiness. Now in September 2011 Gabrielle launched her second book Spirit Junkie: A Radical Rule to Self-Love and Miracles, which I recorded shown on recently. And again you can go back to the archives, and have a look at that. Or any that I did a couple shows ago. Now in 2008 she launched her social networking site for young women to find mentors. Now HerFuture's growing community exceeds 12,000 members. Now Gabrielle has been has been featured in more in media outlets than I have time to recite in this video. So I'm very happy to have pinned her down to the inspiration show. So guys enjoy and I'll see you soon.

Natalie: Oh hi Gabrielle! Thank you so much for joining us on the show today.

Gabrielle: Thank you for having me.

Natalie: Now as you know, we, I ask you five questions and the same five questions that I've asked all my passion peeps. Now the first one, is that I know that you live a life of passion. But you also inspire other people to do that as well. Now, assuming that it wasn't always easy road for you, so can you tell us a little bit about of your story and your background.

Gabrielle: Yes. And I love this question because I guess it's very important that as a teacher we'd be authentic about our path and our truth. And throughout my new book, Spirit Junkie, I really give the message of how I have transcended my fears and transcended my negative behavior and negative experiences so that today I can live a life beyond my wildest dreams. But to your point, it wasn't always perfect. It wasn't rainbows, and butterflies, and unicorns, right? There was definitely about 25 years of my life were I was living and away were I was looking for happiness in all the wrong places. I'm looking for my happiness in my credentials, in my relationships, in my shoes, and whatever I get my hands on. And I learned to the caves that was not gonna work for me. And I have a big, I struggled with all kinds of addiction, love addiction, drug addiction, work addiction, food addiction, you name it. And through my spiritual practice and through my own personal recovery I have transcended those fears and those experiences. Now today I'm free of all of that. And can carry the message of how I had that transformation.

Natalie: Awesome. Now, you know, I often find that it's fine threads or maybe a specific event that gets you from where you were then to this life of passion that you're living now. So, was there one event or a series of events that lead to, on this path?

Gabrielle: Yes. So I often talked about how spirit has been intervening in my life from adolescence to the present. And I had this knock on the door just saying "are you ready to make this changes, are you ready to grow?" And that is the common thread that has been through all my life experiences. Is that this powerful voice of inspiration and intuition has always come forward and I'm always present in my life. And has been guiding me even in my darkest moments. And so only when I begun to listen to that loving voice did my life begin to flow and begin to become abundant internally and externally. But I had to really turn in words, surrender and listen to that voice in order to let that guidance come through.

Natalie: Because it's hard for sometimes to trust that voice. Isn't it?

Gabrielle: Yes. It's really the biggest thing that keeps us stocky that we are unwilling to listen to that voice and we cut off the communication with that inner guidance system when we are stacking fear and stacking negative behavior.

Natalie: Yeah. Absolutely. So I know that success is, doesn't happen by accident. And all the successful people I know have this certain daily routine or habits that they have during the day that actually helps them keep on track. So what's some of the regular things that you do during your day to keep you on track?

Gabrielle: I can say that I work my happiness like a full time job. So in order for me to be a container to carry transformation on work, in order for me to be a power example, I have to walk my talk.

Natalie: Right.

Gabrielle: And so a huge part of the process of walking my talk for me today is really practicing daily prayer and meditation. And by praying I really surrender my day and my will over to a power greater than myself. I asked for guidance, and I allow that inner guidance to come forward and to lead the way. And then through my meditation I can sit still long enough so that I can listen to that voice of my inner guide. And that stillness is mandatory if you really want to take clear guided direction. If I don't sit still enough, I'm gonna be heavy flowing. So that daily prayer and meditation and then really practicing the principles that I'm teaching moment-to-moment basis. I am always looking for the moment when I need to be more forgiving. All that guilty moments that I have been judging someone or been attacking her or gossiping really gently forgive myself for that behaviour but take the next right action to clear that space and get out of that negative sparrow.

Natalie: Yeah. You know, I, and part of this few passion peep videos, and it seems the same common answers, you know, between gratitude, your connection with source, focusing on your goals and meditating but it would seem to have pretty similar questions. So I think we are starting to have a formula happening. I'll go on with this thing. Now, the next question which I'm sure that you can relate to is that I often get this in e-mails: "how do I stay positive when everything around is negative?"

Gabrielle: Yup.

Natalie: What kind of advice you can have to people in that situation?

Gabrielle: Well, we're given a lot of obstacles, everything is an obstacle. When we walk out on the street there's an obstacle. Tune on the news there's an obstacle. And fear is really at the forefront. So we have to make a conscious decision on moment-to-moment basis to choose a more loving perspective. And this becomes a really pro-active way of being happy and maintaining your happiness. We can't just sort of read a book and say "okay I'm done."

Natalie: Yeah.

Gabrielle: That works out. It's over, I'm recovering. It's over. It has to be a maintenance. It has to be a constant contact with your inner guidance system, a constant communication. And so, practicing the principles that I teach or practicing the principles that people like yourself are teaching, putting this principles into action and applying this tools to your life, in every corner of life, in every moment of your life, is going to be the way that you could combat all of the fears that is around. And, it is that, it is really about bulldozing that fear and really showing up all of your love and all of this whole basket of tools that you can reach into your basket and say "I'm trying this today." Because there's a lot of obstacles in our way.

Natalie: Excellent. Now I have one more question. And this maybe hard to narrow down to just one thing. But if you have one piece of advice that people watching the video today could implement now and would facilitate a positive change in their life. What would that one thing be?

Gabrielle: If anyone that is watching this video today is feeling that they're inspired to make a change in their life and start to see a shift in some form, that all you need is the slight willingness to make that change. That deep surrender which I had for myself, I'm sure you had that many times in your life, that you really surrender. You really are willing and you're ready to turn over your will, your plans, your manipulation to a power greater than yourself. So in order to make the changes you want to make in your life, you have to be willing. So tap into that willingness you will be guided.

Natalie: Perfect! Excellent. Now, so if anyone wants to find out anything more about you, what website, or where'll we send them to?

Gabrielle: So, for more about me and my books you can go to, which is Gabby B dot TV. And my social networking site for women, for inspiring women, empowering women, is

Natalie: And if you just click the banner to the side, then you can go through to that site from there. So thank you so much for joining me.

Gabrielle: Thank you! Wonderful.

Natalie: It's so great being with you. We're actually filming from new york at the moment which is very exciting. Exciting for me anyway. But guys, thank you again for joining us today. There will be another video coming out in a few days. Remember to live your comments and any questions that you have below. And if you've done so already, remember to put your e-mail in the box above and we'll send you the six pre-made mind movies and keep you up to date with all the shows that are coming out. So in the meantime, until the next video is out, remember to live large, choose courageously, and love without limits. See you soon.

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