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Episode # 97   Passion Peeps - Gabriel Nossovitch

About The Episode:

What could be possible in your life if you tapped into your passion? Gabriel Nossovich, today's guest star on the Inspiration Show, grew up in a multi-cultural family in a small town in southern Argentina, where they were the "odd ones out." Gabriel's life was completely planned out for him before he was born, yet he knew he was destined for more. Now he's dedicated to teaching others how to escape their own traps and go on to make their own lives extraordinary.

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Episode # 97 Passion Peeps - Gabriel Nossovitch

Natalie: Today on the show Gabriel Nossovitch shares the importance on how it is to live your own life and what is possible when you take steps to follow your own dream. So please stay tune and enjoy.

Hi I'm Natalie Ledwell and this is the inspiration show and today I'm here with Gabriel Nossovitch. Hi Gabriel, how are you?

Gabriel: Great excellent, thanks for having me here.

Natalie: as you can see we're at on location we are in Ojai this is the first time I've been in Ojai which is in, is this in California?

Gabriel: this is the central I think the central California.

Natalie: it's about LA.

Gabriel: beautiful valley. We are in Santa Barbara.

Natalie: and we are in ATL meeting which is the combination of transformational leaders. I'm grabbing some of my friend while I'm here to make sure that we could get some of a passion peeps videos. So, Gabriel what I would like you to do is can you tell us about your story, so who are you, you know what is your background.

Gabriel: fantastic. Thank you. I was born in Argentina and I mould my culture family and my father is French, my mother is a Argentinean, so I grow up in a very small town in the middle of the country in Argentina, then my mother spoke Spanish to me and my father spoke French to me and my friends are Russian because my parents are Russian so my Russian friends speak Spanish in Argentina and that's all it started so my world view that is sort of very complex, because on the one hand I was on a very small town and a very down in south America but also a family that is multi-cultural that had all this language talking on that is a sort of odd for the community.

Natalie: So, that's how you grow up. So, what's your life's journey.

Gabriel: So, my father they move from France my friends in Paris and moved in Argentina very poor and his a self made entrepreneur to be successful and I realize that I have an older brother and my father have decided because of all effort in building his business that he plans for me that pretty much at and that I was going to be this and that for the business and my brother was gonna be that and I felt really sort of trap because I have different plans for my life. So, I basically at the age of 14, I figure out the way to get out of the pre-plan. So, I want a scholarship for a journey to live a foreign family in United States. So, I signed up with mutual understanding immediately after that I got a scholarship on those studies in Tokyo, what happen to be like, when you look at Argentina the opposite, if you would go to the centre of the earth from Argentina to earth you end up to Japan was the farthest possibly be from the data plans without living the planet.

Natalie: and a little bit culture shock in japan.

Gabriel: Absolutely, it was like completely foreign to me the culture and everything. So what I learned was that I was passionate about not having someone dictate what my life would look like, I realize that was just happening for me very early on I was a resistance to anyone telling me how to live on where I should do, I just don't there's only one life and I'm gonna make it mine and that lives?

Natalie: somebody else.

Gabriel: somebody else?

Natalie: So, what is it that you do now?

Gabriel: So now I teach people that. I actually, I started a company in Argentina, one in Chile, in mexico and I teach people and live some work in spain and brazil many parts of the world, I teach people how to follow on live of their lives and how make their lives extraordinary and how really experience the fulfillment of having a life they feel as worth living. So, they're not caught, they do their jobs so that, my passion is to help people madly fall in love with their lives.

Natalie: and this is obviously your passion. When did you first recognize that this was your passion?

Gabriel: I think I begun to taste for it as I overcoming the limiting beliefs. Now the first one was how am I, I'm trap here I know they want the best for me, I know God loves me, my mom loves me and they are planning this great life for me and it was like my life and I first thought I am completely trap in someone else's game and the first limiting belief was I depend on them which I live as a boy and you know it's like the story of the elephant the little elephant is trained to, have you heard that story?

Natalie: I have and I had a to a stump change to a stamp and then after while I don't have the stamp to pull in because it just get condition?

Gabriel: it's condition, so part of my conditioning was I always gonna depend on people they have great desires for me they want me to succeed and they are providing so the first thing I have to overcome is to think no, no, no this is way too important, this is my life and I get to find out what happens to me I know my dad and my mom and my family, I know that they want me to be happy and I need to find out for me what that made you happy and what make me happy.

Natalie: So, you realize that you have a limiting belief and so step number 1 you realize what you have it to recognize what it was and the next how did you get round it?

Gabriel: I think one of the things I believe that I was courageous truly because I started taking risk stepping outside I was comfortable by saying what was on my mind so if I, so easy to disagree in the environment because there is also a patriarch, a matriarch and so we started to go along with what was so and I started taking risk, so I think one of the key was and then one of the great things that I know and appreciate about my dad was he started acknowledging and appreciating my risk taking which filled my belief that I was a career person and then I became the name of the game which accelerate the action and take risk to step out on my comfort zone and do act on you know my desires, my deep wants and that's all matter to me and that's how I got to okay I want to learn different languages, I want to get a scholarship to japan, I want to so and then I realize that even though they thought actually going out to explore so that I can come back which never happen, they're fully supportive of me being, because they saw me a entrepreneurial spirit there's a song that spark that you know wants to cause something in the world but never gave up to idea that ultimately my whole life is planned and lead up. So, go and learn what you need to learn and then come back?

Natalie: that's the thing a lot of people, are now learning to, we're talking about a while now, learning to discover what your passion is, what is your purpose, what is your passion what hint can you give to someone who are trying to figure out what their passion is? How can they identify that?

Gabriel: well I'll tell you one of the things that I'm still striving with which and I love sharing that with me but it's always something to overcome is this desire to be love and accepted and get someone else's approval and it's hard for me to find out what really matters to me, I had to start undoing this pattern of whining to please or do what someone wanted me to do and ties into, I had to confront the fact that I really wanted to be a good boy that satisfies the needs that my parents have had in terms of having me made unhappy to find out for yourself and what was and I still struggle with it and I think most human beings that I have, successful human beings I have the privilege of meeting, I'm still promoting myself in ways sometimes I go you don't need to do that, it's a down deal why are doing that, that need for approval and underline please love me and accept me, it's still with me and it's still most of us I think and I think for me recognizing that or at least see I can put it aside and really get in touch with what is my vision for my life, what matters to me despite what anybody else my think else what's my purpose is.

Natalie: So, it's really a reflection on life to go and moves when he wants.

Gabriel: what inspired me, what moves me, for me I got put aside my need in portal in order to get really honest with me and then pay attention to, what I change in mind my life where I feel completely joyous, accelerated, excited and I start to recognize what are that patterns and the clue I get the more I can recreate because I know what the pattern is and I know my passion is to help people be inspired about fulfilling life.

Natalie: so I have a hypothetical question for you.

Gabriel: yes.

Natalie: Let's say for example, a genie appears in front of us now.

Gabriel: yep.

Natalie: and granting you one wish.

Gabriel: yes.

Natalie: and that wish is to have an intimate dinner with your choice and can be anyone from past to present who do you choose and why?

Gabriel: it could be someone who is no longer alive?

Natalie: yes.

Gabriel: I would probably say Jesus Christ.

Natalie: and why do you say that?

Gabriel: the embodiment of unconditional love open heartedness the also the desperation, the that I feel the Christianity in the sense the ultimate believe in a future or reality as imbued with love and compassion and light and goodness?

Natalie: you'll all need is love and compassion. You know.

Gabriel: exactly.

Natalie: and we have I think the moments of it is to have a whole life of that would be?

Gabriel: I had the moment; I had a very significant moment in my life when I was about 21 when it was a sadden moment of depreciation and it wasn't. It came, it went and I later found out maybe call this satori of just it's that moment but in that moment it became so clear to me almost like all the wisdom, all the universe was available for me even when I'm just one second and ever since on the memory that happened right not being the presence that showed up in that space and that moment but that was enough to inspire the rest of my life to what others want to experience the ultimate nature of the love and the light that surrounds us.

Natalie: awesome. Great answer. Now Gabriel if people wanna find more about you, where can we send them?

Gabriel: they can visit, I have a website that it's G-A-B-R-I-E-L and nossovitch is N-O-S-S-O-V-I-T-C-H.

Natalie: okay and actually when you click on the banner on the side there you'll go directly to Gabriel site. Well, thank you so much for being with me today.

Gabriel: thank you. Well thank you so much.

Natalie: so guys please share the information that was in this video fantastic video you can do that by clicking the facebook and twitter share above and if you haven't done so already make sure you have your email on the box above there because we'll send you the 6 pre-made mind movies and we'll keep you up to date with all the incoming shows so until next time, remember to live large, choose courageously and love without limits. We'll see you soon.

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