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Episode # 74   Passion Peeps - Esperanza Universal

About The Episode:

Today on the show I talk to Esperanza Universal, and she shares her incredible story. Twenty years ago, Esperanza was a hardcore civil litigator (a lawyer) and was on track to becoming the first Mexican Congresswoman. After an incredible experience she had while she was in a trial, she completely changed her path and became a spiritual teacher! Her ultimate goal is to shift the planet from a place of fear to a place of love.

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Episode # 74 Passion Peeps - Esperanza Universal

Natalie: Today on the show. I talk to Esperanza Universal and she shares her story of going from a lady and being track as the first Mexican congresswoman to owning and operating the Soul Institute after an incredible experience that she went through to a court room. So, enjoy this inspiring story.

Hi. I'm Natalie Ledwell and this is the inspiration show. And today my special guest is Esperanza Universal. Welcome.

Esperanza: Thank you Natalie. How exciting to be here.

Natalie: Now I'm so excited to talk you today. Because I heard a little bit of your story and it is amazing. So, why don't we start initially? What is your background?

Esperanza: Well. Basically I was a civil investigator I was a lawyer and then in years before that I was am probation officer and then a key officer and after that I was on politics.

Natalie: so, really pretty straight lies top of careers.

Esperanza: I was running, I was very interested of being the first Hispanic congresswoman. So, I'm very focused on that.

Natalie: So, what do you do now?

Esperanza: Basically, I'm on a spirit of teaching. It helps, though the background helps, it helps to many people but basically that what my spiritual, I have a spiritual institute.

Natalie: and that's called the Soul Institute?

Esperanza: Soul Institute Systems of University Law Institute.

Natalie: So, What do you do on the Soul Institute?

Esperanza: Basically what we do is help people create what they really want in life. Really manifest their vision to get out in their way whatever on their way to see themselves as divine beings, who can manifest as quickly as you blink your eye when they get in touch with the source within.

Natalie: I know there was a specific incident that happen, that actually thought you back from being a lawyer to do, on what you are doing now. Can tell us what happened?

Esperanza: I tell about it. It was pretty exciting, it was the most dramatic spiritual experience that I had very beautiful. I was in trial superior court and I'm getting the case, the witness, I was cross examining the witness, I know she wasn't telling the truth. So, determine to get into the truth and to not really really hurt her unnecessarily. So, I was cross examining her but all of the sudden above her appeared some angels and spirits and I thought and I thought I was being crazy I had idea, I wasn't religious, I have no clue but I was seeing them quite freely and they were talking to me, and I see communications words about her and I actually thought that I was going crazy. I had no exposure at all. I was traditional, very conservative and it was very weird to me. I haven't even in a church since high school. So, it was pretty strange. So, I started getting these information in the case and a part of me believing it because I was using the information and so I must have be connected with it but my head was thinking that I was having a breakdown. So, it was very very strange and in one point I saw a spirit walking have been in Texas on his shoulder and he told me he was her father and I was, oh! This is a ghost? and it scared me but later when I met her in the restaurant I told her that I had seen this and she said she confirmed that she felt the touch. So, then I was really excited something more than my ego and my traditional wanted to be a lawyer and wanna be a congresswoman now I wanna know now I search for that spiritual elements.

Natalie: So, what was that journey, like did quit the next day or this is like a process that you walk through.

Esperanza: I think it was very quick, once I got that nothing else matter, like there is something greater that I don't know about nothing matter and I pretty much started at giving away a lot. Moving, moving out of my law firm and I was the president of the corporation, and I just said there is something more and I don't know what it is I don't know how, I don't what it is but I'm gonna find out. I have no clue that there's such a thing as a spiritual teacher, I had no idea. So, I just thought I gonna move forward and it's gonna show up, I don't know it was.

Natalie: How long is this?

Esperanza: its 20 years ago. I have been touching people from all over the world and it was very very awesome, very very fulfilling.

Natalie: So, you live a life that you feel exceptionally passionate about and your very successful on it as well and the thing is on successful people always have specific hobbies that they do on everyday they kinda keep them on track. What is some of the things that you do?

Esperanza: well there things that I must do to be peaceful, to always remember that I'm a spiritual being, knowing that no matter what I feel, no matter what I think, I'm a divine being I'm connected to source and I'm not alone I really know that. And then my day starts in making shed touch nature because that's my sanctuary, my sanctuary of love is my nature why I touch nature in the morning, I do exercises I meditate, I play and I make sure I have a time for me as personal as an individual and I spend time to people I am connected to, and the animals that I love and make sure I fulfill that vision which is to shift the planet from fear to love.

Natalie: Wow. Excellent. Now I know that you have a lot of experience of people that have being in pretty tough times and I'm sure that there are a lot of people that you talk to now in their situation what if you see people that they can't seen the situation that they're in, they just see that everything I working against you.

Esperanza: Right. We do work with a lot of them and people all of over the world and also people who wanna go higher spiritual. I've been very successful but there is something missing. They wanna be fulfill differently but basically I say always, I do for myself is remember your spiritual being but the feeling and thoughts you have are just energies flows through you. And I think you have to touch the feelings and be aware with it and don't get attach to it and build your life on it. Like heal it, transform it, always remember that your spiritual being is the essence is love, peace and joy and that the kingdom that you seek is inside of you. All the peace, the love and the joy, it's there all you have to do is remember and attract into it, that is love attraction, to live it, to be it, to breath it and the move forward in action to what is revision but always knowing that you are not alone that you have spirit around connected to you and a lot of support and when you are asking for something that you want believe it, believe your worth it. Believe that you have and be ready to receive it and to accept it and to appreciate it and the one big issue that you have is that you bound yourself to receive it and a feeling of worth it. So, heal the part of you that doesn't feel worth it as you choose the abundance that you are and move forward.

Natalie: So, what are the people can remember in this very life through prayer or meditation what's the best way to do that?

Esperanza: Well, I think it would be different for different people, for me it's basically I see the magnificence the beauty in everybody I don't care who you are or how much person in the corner I see that in the beginning. So, it's just I always know that, the beauty out there is you, you're not separate we are all connected we're here to help each other and nobody is expected to do it alone and ask for help that you needed but remember that you're whole, you're the one in many.

Natalie: absolutely. Now you have, if you could give the people watching here today one piece of advice I can put in today, they could implement today and have a positively change in their life. What would that one piece of advice?

Esperanza: it would basically be to remember that you're a divine being and love yourself completely accept yourself no matter, don't judge, don't blame, don't shame just accept you and move in the love that you are not in the fear, just experience the fear but choose the love and keep going forward into your divine asset and anything that you desire comes very easily if you take action to move about it.

Natalie: Fantastic. Now I know that said you've been working spiritualizing for 20 years. What are some of the breakthroughs that you seem from people you work with.

Esperanza: Well, we work with individuals, with group, with businesses the greatest one was in business where people like have been in business for many years together like 20 years I'm thinking for particular clients and in many years and then make lot of millions of dollars but they're unhappy they're feeling unfulfilled there is something missing and realize that they get along as partners as you go in and open up for space for connection and communication and for truth and they realize and that connection that they have and they start working towards this vision and love that's awesome to see. Another is families that haven't talk to each other, a mother and the daughter who haven't touch for years and I think it were often and now they're the best of friends, because they both learn that it's about themselves individually they needed to heal transform choose differently and come together and that's a very common one and then relationships have been awesome people who think they have to divorce because they're not getting along, realize it's not about the other person it's about them. They change from within, remember they are, both of them responsibly and they can walk together or they choose to separate in instead of love and responsibility.

Natalie: it has a thing we the last time we saw each other is on the event and I had a woman come up to me. After that presentation, actually the next day was part of my presentation I kinda laugh about I went into a purpose of loony belief and I don't think I have and through this sessions and the woman have to do a live exercise and that choose me and his the one with the issues and this woman was like oh my god. You realize how I think the sun may it's not me it's him. And she goes her one last line after and listen to your presentation and I had this amazing conversation with my husband. Like, wow that's just incredible. So, that's the best of thing that I remember of who we are and we're all someone very special.

Esperanza: and to know this is universal love, and that's always on operation and that's a reflection it's never outside it's always inside. Once you own that, oh what about me needs to grow and know love take responsibility in everything ships.

Natalie: So, thank you so much for coming here today. We want to send people to find some more about you on this institute. Where can we send them?

Esperanza: you can send them to our website to '' and we have 9 free videos 5 minute videos about spirituality and how it impact your daily life and to shift it so that, what suppose to and many different topics at

Natalie: coz' you know I think was it a tap in spirituality in my life and you know another super religious person and I don't normally talk about this but having that spiritual component in your life this makes everything better, it makes everything, you appreciate things more it gives more meaning to you and your life and your purpose and everything it's amazing thing to talk into make you go to Esperanza's site which is and I actually get that 9 free videos and really explore this part of your life, especially if it's something you run? in this areas and you don't spend a lot of time on it. So, thanks again Esperanza. So, guys please share the information on this video. You can do that by clicking the twitter, facebook share buttons above. If you haven't done so already actually put your e-mail above there coz' we'll send you the six pre-made mind movies and we'll keep you up to date to all the upcoming shows. So, tune next time remember to live large, choose courageously and live without limits. We'll see you soon.

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