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Episode # 42   Passion Peeps - Eldridge DuFauchard

About The Episode:

Today Natalie has the pleasure of interviewing Eldridge DuFauchard, an inspiring man who was able to overcome a debilitating social phobia that developed as a result of a traumatic experience from his childhood. He discusses the experiences that helped him start a new life full of positivity, abundance, and success.

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Episode # 42 Passion Peeps - Eldridge DuFauchard

Natalie: Hi! I'm Natalie Ledwell and this is the inspiration show. And today we have a very special guest with me, Elbridge Dufauchard.

Eldridge: Yes.

Natalie: Welcome to the show!

Eldridge: Thanks you! Good to be in here.

Natalie: now, the reason that we've asked you here in the show, you know, passion peep segment is because you have a really amazing story that i know a lot of people who will watch the show will get a lot out of it. So, you know, you alive me a lot for passion of the moment, it wasn't always like that.

Eldridge: No, it wasn't.

Natalie: Could you share your story with us, please?

Eldridge: Sure there was a period in my life were, you know, some of you may have a little fear of spiders or a fear of heights things of that nature but imagine turning that ten times and your fear is being around with other people. That was my fear. I was diagnosed with a sociophobia in my early twenties and that lasted to my early forties and just being, just leaving the house, you know being around people having to run into friends and family, it was a struggle and it all started when I was a teenage boy. In my earlier years i was an extra burnt out, very confident and very successful in everything I did but my ego got a little too much of me at the age 14. In the school I stole some money from a cafeteria. And what happened, they caught me and what the school decided to do was put me on trial in front of the students, the teachers, and everyone there at the school and I have character witnesses and so forth. and from that experience, they expelled me and about five years later I was, you know, in a classroom at San Diego State University and I was called out by a professor and when I stood up to answer the question all this fear just overcame me and I felt like everybody was judging me and I started sweating profusely and my heart was beating like crazy and i just ran out the classroom. And from that they forward and the next twenty years, I felt like everywhere I went I was being judged by every single person on planet earth. I made life very difficult for me on a daily basis. when I go out to the grocery store, sometimes I get so nervous in the grocery store I have a basket full of groceries and when I walk out to the front to check out I see a long line of people and I will just leave my groceries right there in the line. So there are some aspects in my life that was very fearful but, you know in the end I always knew that there is more to life and then this led me a to lot of drinking later on cause I want to drown my feelings in alcohol. And it was a very lonely experience because my relationships with women, you see i didn't have any because I was so afraid to talk to people, but women that's just another...

Natalie: Yeah, Another level.

Eldridge: Yeah, another level so that made things even worse. And I tried to explain myself to my friends and family but no one could just comprehend the type of feeling that I was feeling. And they mainly just say "can you just get over it." and believe me if I can get over that easy I would drop it like a bad habit but it was not that easy. So that my life for 27 years. And it came to the point where I was drinking so much that I went to the doctor and he told me that I have a fatty liver and pre-diabetic and on my way to having gout. All this quandary of things so I made a decision that day in the doctor's office. It's just that I couldn't live my life that way anymore and that's when things started to changed.

Natalie: Alright. So could you know that after it's like one event turns like a series of events that gets you from fatty liver and pre-diabetic?

Eldridge: Yeah!

Natalie: To the healthy and not shy guy. So was that the one event that the series of things happened that got you to this point?

Eldridge: well, I think that was the wake me up call right there. And that point was, I just knew there was something inside me that was saying that "there's more to life than this, there is more to you that is wanting to come out and show the real you" but I've been suppressed. all these years of fear living with the fear of social phobia that, and it's your time and I've been doing a lot of reading spiritual books and stuff that nature and listening to a lot of positive tapes and i just knew there was something more that's ready to come out that was just "Ahhh!," it was eating at me.

Natalie: so how did you, like what did you do? It was suggest you made a decision? Or how did you get out the phobia?

Eldridge: it started, it started with that decision that day. And I prayed too as well. And funny thing else is I was living in Las Vegas and I got down to my knees and pray when I'm really weary for a long time. And a couple of weeks later some neighbors invited me over for dinner they had a daughter. And i could see all the love and caring. They care for each other and they are so happy, and I was like "how did you guys, how did you guys so happy?" you know, I just go on like this. And you know they told me about a program that took place in draper, Utah that would impact my life. And you know I went to that program and I knew it was a gift sent from God because after, that was my first taste of spiritual path and all the possibilities that the life in each of us are the power that we have and it's just we go through life and we don't discover it and it's there waiting to be discovered but we lose that draught life with all the negative messages that we get in society. And, you know, our parents tell us things you know that when we're growing up that be careful of strangers, don't talk to strangers and you get older and then you wonder why you don't have many friends because you're afraid to talk to strangers. Just all those lessons that we get when were younger you know sometimes keep us back from our full self.

Natalie: Right. Now, my next question is really about success habits. We know that success doesn't just habits.

Eldridge: yes that's true! That's true.

Natalie: every successful person I know has a specific daily routine in habits that they have. They keep them on track.

Eldridge: yes. Yes.

Natalie: so what are some of those things that you do on a daily basis?

Eldridge: well. one of the things, the first thing I do every day is because you know that fear was in my life for so long that I won't say that its eliminated totally but I've mastered it. Which means I know how to go about my day, first off by meditating first thing in the morning which allows my mind to stay calm because with fear when you think about future all the time you're always anxious like I used to always think about the future when I had the sociophobia because I always think about the places I have to go and so I will just sit there at home thinking about where I have to go and the people I have to see and I'd be freaking out right there at home without without even leaving the house. So meditation has been vital, vital in keeping my mind still. And after the meditation I do visualization which takes me into the future as I see myself being very successful being in a house that I wanna be in surrounded by the people that I wanna be around I see the things that are in my life and I feel them with all my senses: I hear things, I feel things. And the funny thing is, it is not funny because I guess it's a fact or a theory that the more you visualize and you act this if you're ready have something in your life that this actually changes the vibrations in your body and you attract those things into your life as you go forward. So have a vision board with pictures and my vision for myself in ten years. And I can see now that I'm visualizing that the bright people in circumstances have been coming in to my life, almost synchronize. It's amazing how things just happen, you know.

Natalie: must be the law of attraction. Really is it?

Eldridge: yeah. Yeah. Yeah. Absolutely. So, you know that's the most crucial thing. before i take any type of action i think the most important thing that you could do is really set your mind in a positive aspect and have a positive outlook because if you worry about things you are only gonna get things in your life to worry about. So it's always best to be in a positive mind set. And that's why i start out with meditation and visualization every day.

Natalie: alright. Now, you are probably very qualified to answer this next question. I get a lot of e-mails from people saying "how do I stay positive when everything around me is negative?" and that is something that happened to you a couple of months ago, so how do you stay, what advice do you have to people like that? You would, which would really try to be positive when everything is working against them.

Eldridge: yeah, I speak for this first hand. Just two months ago July 31st 2011 I was let go from my job and I've been in this field for over 15 years. So it was kind of a shock when I got the message and for the first 30 seconds the first thoughts that came to me was "how are you going to pay the car? how are you going to pay the rent?" and things of that sort but about five minutes later the sense of calm came over me and said "well, this is what you've been waiting for, this is what you've been preparing for." and what I mean by preparation is while I've been on that job in anywhere I go I actually listen to positive mind set CDs, I would say tapes but those are kinds I played out, but CDs right now, mp3s, always listening to coaches, mentors, people that have gone on to great success stories and learned on from, from their experiences. And one of the things I found most that most successful people they have, when you see them they're very successful, when you see them by "wow! You're very successful, how did you do that?" but you have no idea this people have go through so many failures in their life. And we were just at an event last week were some of the most successful and spiritual people here on planet earth were there. And when they share their stories it just knocked me out of my seat. and I was like, "I thought my story was bad but this people had gone through some things!" so definitely prepared, preparation is best always keep positive message flowing into you so therefore the negativity of the world... you know, you know what else I've done? I cut off my cable TV. I don't watch TV anymore. I don't watch the news. All that negative stuff is like two percent of what's happening in the world so the news is reporting like two percent, its all messed up. But the rest 98 percent, there's a lot of good in this world. There's a lot of people thriving in this economy. So what you put in, you put in good stuff you get good outcome.

Natalie: exactly! Now Glenn and I haven't watched the news for nearly 10 days.

Eldridge: wow!

Natalie: because the thing is, what can we do about it?

Eldridge: right!

Natalie: and a lot of it is really tragic things. About people who get killed and troubled situations and that's like, well, you know, I don't need that input.

Eldridge: yeah. Sure.

Natalie: I'm on the same. We have listen to positive material all the time.

Eldridge: yeah... yes!

Natalie: I guess I have one more question for you.

Eldridge: sure!

Natalie: maybe I have to narrow down this to one thing.

Eldridge: okay.

Natalie: if you could give, people watching this video today, one piece of advice, so one thing they can implement today that would facilitate a positive change in their life, what would that one thing be?

Eldridge: well, look around you. And if you aren't getting the things in your life that you aspired to get, look around the people around you and see if they're getting the same results that you're getting. because if they are, you know the people that we hang around with the most, were the average of those people, the five people that we hang around most, so you really want to take a point to see, you know, what type of results your friends and the people you hang out with. So that would be one key and another key is, like I said, keep a positive mind set. So, you know, cut off the news. Why are you even driving in your car? A lot of people, there's a lot of traffic I don't know where you people may live but here in California the traffic is pretty bad. Thanks goodness I work from home, I don't have to worry about it but when you're in the car, instead of listening to the news put in a positive CD. You know, there's a lot of time being wasted in our lives and those, those precious moments will never come back and this could be a time where you can be empowering yourself. So you know all that negative stuff don't affect you that much so I will say put positive stuff in your mind and be careful about who you hang around with.

Natalie: excellent! Now even though you would, you know, let go.

Eldridge: yes. Let go. Yes. I'm free!

Natalie: from your job.

Eldridge: free at last!

Natalie: you haven't been exactly lying around doing nothing?

Eldridge: no.

Natalie: no, you're working on an awesome tele-seminar series every moment?

Eldridge: yes. Yes.

Natalie: can you tell us, you know, you have some very great people you hang around.

Eldridge: yes.

Natalie: that you've included with this, tell us about the tele-seminars.

Eldridge: yes. You know through my struggles, I've find my passion out to really reach out and help people breakthrough in their lives because what I went through I would never wish that to anyone. And that's like my God gift, my gift from God. Now that I'm gone through it, it has made me the person I am today. So I wanna get back and help people breakthrough and I know time is tough right there, right now in the economy. What is going on? So I?m calling a telesummit on November 15th-30th with about 20 expert speakers that will help you discover your true gifts and your talents and empower yourself. So, you know you don't have to worry or depend on anyone else in your life, that you can create the life that you want. And your right, the speakers that we wind up, he have the best-selling authors. We have gold medalist from the Olympics, we have people that have, very, we have some, we have a good range of spiritual people to successful people to life-transforming coaches and stuff that sort. So it's gonna be a great program and it's called the energy of success summit and it's at the

Natalie: awesome! And it?s free?

Eldridge: it is free!

Natalie: it is free!

Eldridge: it is free. Yes!

Natalie: so, you can also, if you can click the banner to the side you can go through to that site and have a look at who's the speaker on, you can register there??

Eldridge: yeah. Yes.

Natalie: it feel so great having you in the show Eldridge. Thanks you so much for coming in.

Eldridge: thanks! I appreciate it. And stay positive folks, stay positive!

Natalie: Remember if there is anything in this video that you found useful that you'd like to share share the love like clicking the twitter and Facebook share buttons above and if you've done some already make sure you leave your email on the box above well send you the six pre-made mind movies and well keep you up to date of all the shows that will come up in the future. So until next time, remember to live large, choose courageously and love without limits. See you soon.

Eldridge DuFauchard



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