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Episode # 76   Passion Peeps - Dwayne Klassen

About The Episode:

Today, Natalie Ledwell's passion peep is Dwayne Klassen. They discuss some of the challenges that men are facing today and an amazing movement that Dwayne has started called the "Remarkable Man Project."

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Episode # 76 Passion Peeps - Dwayne Klassen

Natalie: Today on the show I'm talking to Mark Romero who went from a corporate high flare to following his passion after his life told him that his deding his eyes. So, stay tuned and find out how he did this. Hi. I'm Natalie Ledwell and this is the Inspiration Show. Now, today I had with me Mark Romero. Hi Mark. How are you?

Mark: I'm doing great. Thank you. Thank you for asking. Thank you for having me here.

Natalie: The reason I have you here because you are a person who live a life with passion. You are doing something amazing music at the moment and we'll get into that in a minute but before we get to the guitar set in there and the music that you do. Can share a little bit about who you are, what's your background? Who is Mark Romero?

Mark: was funny if somebody has said I would be what I am today. 10 years ago I thought I would be absolutely crazy people say what's your background I say you know I'm a recovered corpaholic, I'm a former CEO, executive manager did butt in the whole model presented the client and work my way up, corporate ladder got up there all the way the top and like going wait a second I'm not happy, I'm not fulfilled, I'm not healthy, what's up with this I kinda feel like I've been rip off and so I decided to find myself 10 years ago now which is hard to believe. I walked away from it, to discover what is my purpose, what's my passion, how can I utilize that and bring that forward to help people in their journey through life. This is something I am always passionate about. My mom use to tell me the story that I'm pounding on my pouty when I'm 4 years old giving on the sermon of the day because even back then I knew that to help people in one way shape or another. Where I'm at today was actually you know I'm a professional guitarist but I actually do energy work through music and in essence helps people to renew their strengths. Guitar is a great metaphor, you know the string are the facet for our lives and determine the pocket of the actions that we take in the music that is produce or the results that we produce in our life experience and say I don't care how masterfully you play the game of life if your strings aren't in tuned you'll never gonna play beautiful music and reach your potentials. So, in essence what I do today is help people tuned their strings and play beautiful music.

Natalie: Was there just like one event that happened that you went, wow I had enough this coper life I had to follow my passion or there are serious of things happened that actually caught you on that part.

Mark: There are serious of things but the event was you know I come home and there is my wife in the hallway and she's got to look on her face you know how significant others can communicate with just the look and...

Natalie: especially women.

Mark: absolutely. My wife's the master and actually there was a master and I just thought she's gonna hit me with some truth, she just said you know what she got to my face and said I don't care how much money your making I look into your eyes and your dead when will have the courage to go for the dream. Like every good husband, I immediately calculate how I can debate on what she just said but she was right again and I seen the trend after 10 years of marriage and definitely not in my favour and that was really the moment the next week I told my partner that what it I resigned my position they thought I was crazy I'm not getting younger I gotta go for this and give it a try and see what happens and that was the beginning of my heroes journey so to speak.

Natalie: wow. So, you cope this life now and just couldn't believe that you would be living and I completely relate to that. So, if 4 years ago if someone have to describe this is my life I would have going no way but I'm so grateful that I'm here. So, do you have particular things or daily habits that you do that keep you on track? You know.

Mark: Well absolutely. You know I'm a big believer and I take my time to meditate I take my time to journal, I try to get out to nature s much as possible to big in the yoga and physical activity. So, these are the things that utilize to keep me in tune. Plus it utilizes my own music. You know 1 of the things my mother said to me is you know you've been playing that guitar all through your whole career and wonder what the impact to that was unwire you're unsuccessful to that past career and worked as related today and I wanted about that sometimes...

Natalie: Your mother said this to you?

Mark: yah. I mean this was...

Natalie: you have some amazing women in your life.

Mark: yah with 2 daughters, a wife, a mom completely outnumbered. You know so I just kinda surrendered to the fact. I got joke and tease say that Mark you've got some chick karmadepia feel like yah very well might be true all good. It won't happen any other way.

Natalie: So, some of your daily routine do you have set the time and date do you do that or just whenever your fitted in your journaling everything.

Mark: I like the morning time is the great time to set my momentum for the day. Inquire how I can be observeous, journal, take my quiet time to listen music of course and focus on breath and I do on the visualization on my things and never get me started on the day and at certain times throughout the day I take little things into yoga practice, a walk and really trying to keep myself in tuned and in harmony that way and in the night time I usually end on a good read, little more journal time and off to zeeland I guess.

Natalie: Now, I kinda imagine that you just quit the job and BANG! You are successful and living your passion and you probably through some rough times. What advice you have to people that probably going to a rough time at the moment or as of the position I think I want to follow my passion but they may be hesitant to do that. What advice do you have from them?

Mark: Well, It's like to think it happen for overnight but is was the hardest journey and transition that I have ever gone through. I mean, I literally have reconfigure myself who I was being my thoughts, my build structures. The paradise that I operated my life by all needed again is transferred and change and as a result I like to save myself in particular and humanity as a whole like to say that were all easy you know at changing but sometimes life has to throw us bombs on the roads and challenges to go through those changes. I would never gone down the path I'm down today for wasn't for those challenges. So, my advice to people is you gotta go forward first of all. I think inherently we all come here. We have a song to sing, that's our song. So, it's our mission source to express that aspect to our music so to speak. And for me I try to do that through my work, trying to be responsible and make money and all those different aspects but I can't find true fulfilment and I really, I come to realize the only way to find true fulfilment is to discover that music that's within you and to express it and to share it. so, you gotta take the leap, you gotta go for that in some point. But also the other hand realize is that every paradum that you ran your life by will have to be upgraded and my biggest advice is don't fight it. yeah I fight it, it can be kinda stubborn but I confess and still life goes okay. I will hit you by the 2x4 until you get it. And that's really what happened for me. So, a lot of my work is focused on helping people make that shift because the rules and the model we ran by the old days, they won't work in the new domain. When you shift from a career to fulfilling a calling, you're operating in a whole different banquet on a cosmic dial so to speak. And what worked at ADA.5 will not work at a hundred .3 that was really my biggest lesson. So, it really is about evolution in all areas and all finds and to come into this challenge so to speak with the willingness to change your beliefs, change you perceptions, change your thoughts about yourself and about the world that you're living impaired in order to make that shifts successfully.

Natalie: Now, you mentioned before how you use music to heal people. So, how does that work, how do you do that?

Mark: Well, on the journey you know it's funny and everyone wanted to play music in front of people or do of any kind of energy work. The first time my wife told me that I was a healer. I like, you know that's the kinda stuff in the backyard and they tie you in the tree and set you in fire I don't want nothing to do with that. And then of course go for your corporate guy marries a doctor major in physics she's all like you know I think you might have some like fishy's to resolve and of course that set me down to the whole always my arms freely. But on the journey I got connected to Tina Santos. That we're looking at hey humanity we put over 80 thousand chemicals in our food and water, we got all electronic technology and everything in this field are space is actually interrupting our connection with this most magnificent field of energy. That we are expressions of that literally put us on potential stage of stress, we compromise physical energy and physical health and well-being. We actually put ourselves into lower state of consciousness because of all stuff causing us annoyed. So, they were looking for things that could actually raise people above the static annoise and enhance our connection producing strength improving health and wellness and levers on consciousness and from by chance meeting they got a whole one of my CDs and discovered that I had the ability to transform energy through music. And that's really what started me on the journey. To creating music that could offset the noise in our lives so we really can enhance our connection through essence.

Natalie: so, what type of music that we talked about? Obviously it's not tuned like rock music. What type of music are we talking?

Mark: I kinda play a fusion of classical, jazz, flamico and of course there's a little of rock comes out every ones in a while but I mean it's not on string. It's a very soothing type sound and that's really where I focused my own passion for me. music is out on the genres and I kinda pick a fusion of those and express them out through my music CDs but also through the musical mantras I composed for my clients.

Natalie: and ahh, because the thing is, if you listen to music you can take into a whole new level and now that's why we find it simple to play music with a mind movie because emotionally takes you to a different place and vibrationally can take you to a different place. What if I do a sign off now? But can I finish up with you playing one of your songs if you don't mind.

Mark: That's great. Fantastic.

Natalie: So, Mark if people wanted to know more about you to get the hands into your music. Where can we send them?

Mark: you can go to that's Mark with the K ROM-ERO

Natalie: excellent. And if you click on the button on the side you could also go through to the website. So, guys please share this video and share the information in the video and you can do that by clicking the facebook and twitter share buttons above and if you haven't done so already make sure you put your email on the box above there 'coz we'll send you the 6 premade mind movies and we'll keep you up to date with all the upcoming show. So, until next time remember to live large, choose courageously and love without limits and please enjoy the music with Mr. Mark Romero.

Mark: alright.

Dwayne Klassen



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