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Episode # 95   Passion Peeps - Dr. Ray Blanchard

About The Episode:

Natalie Ledwell is excited to have former psychotherapist Dr. Ray Blanchard on the show. Dr. Blanchard teaches that you need to go inside yourself if you want to identify your passions. He explains how you can find out to what your heart truly yearns for.

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Episode # 95 Passion Peeps - Dr. Ray Blanchard

Natalie : Today on the show Dr. Ray Blanchard shares that to identify your passions you need to go inside and listen to what your heart yearns for not just what your general wants are. Now he also invites you to join him on May 26 to create a hug line across the Golden Gate Bridge of San Francisco so stay tuned to get over details.

Natalie : Hi I'm Natalie Ledwell and this is the Inspiration Show and today I am here with Dr. Ray Blanchard. Hi Dr. Ray, How are you?

Dr. Ray : I'm great. How are you today Natalie?

Natalie : I'm fabulous and this beautiful sunny day, you know right?

Dr. Ray : That's what I was thinking is how great, how beautiful, can we have a better place to be?

Natalie : I know. Not really. I don't really think so.

Dr. Ray : Yeah, this is it.

Natalie : Now, I am just jump straight in and ask you my questions. And the first of the questions is, you know, what is your story? What's your background?

Dr. Ray : Actually my background, professionally, is I was a Psychotherapist and I got an inspiration of sparks and musical 35 years ago to take my passion and spirited large of number of people and I found that I couldn't do with just seeing people one-on-one on a couch so I saw this possibility of expanding to large of number of people so I became a transformational leader in the United States and all over Asia to work for few years and since the Internets come out its easy for people to tune in to what I'm doing and for me to reach people at a largest scale because my real commitment is for people to connect with other people around the world by first connected to themselves and connected with people who they intimate with and ultimately to connect with their purpose on the planet and what they want to do with their lives.

Natalie : Absolutely, so where did you grow-up?

Dr. Ray : I grew up in a little country town in the south part of the United States and then spent most of my 10 years in St. Luis Masonry and my parents were farmers and so I really learned at a very early age discipline, hard work, and I also learned about sharing at a very early age. And one of the things that happened to me when I was about 7 years old, I had a spiritual experience in awakening in which I gave my life to the great spirit and I've been actually working on that, that whole time since I was 7 years old. But it went sort of door mat and it wasn't until I was about 24 years old that I had another major awakening and that was the beginning of this journey that I've been on and since that time and I think my parents, my family did the very best they could at that time to give me a really good education but at some point in time, it went beyond education. It went into what am I all about and what's my life's worth, so its taken off from then and here I am.

Natalie : Right. How long have you been doing this?

Dr. Ray : I've been doing this work, 36 years.

Natalie : Wow. Helping people for 36 years.

Dr. Ray : 36 years.

Natalie : I'll be sure living your passion.

Dr. Ray : Absolutely. This is the best game in town. There's no other place I'd rather be and there's nothing I'd rather do in my life, it even moves me, sometimes it brings me to tears with the gratitude that I get to do this with my life. And touch people, and work with people, and help people help other people. And I am so passionate about it, it brings me to tears.

Natalie : Right. So you know, we talked a lot about helping people find their passion and what they feel good about. What advice you have to people trying to identify what their passion is?

Dr. Ray : I think the first thing that people got to do is get quiet and listen inside. And get away from the noisy confusion of things because in this day and age, people are being influenced by so many factors around them. And being asked to do this and being asked to do that. And its their confusing from those people until they learn to quite themselves and go inside as a first step and then get in touch with the yearnings. So many people are more focused on what they want in life and usually its a material side of things but if you stop for a moment and go inside and what is your heart yearn for. I think that is the beginning of really discovered what is your life all about. because your deeper yearnings will not lie to you that your navigational tool or your compass. And that is the beginning of discovering a greater life.

Natalie : And I think too, if you ask that question first and you find what you feel questioned about then everything comes with it. Because once you have that foundation then all the ritual things can still come, you know.

Dr. Ray : The world opens up its as if the divine providence goes into play, wants you to have that. And I will really emphasize that again, your deeper yearnings, not your general wants but what is your heart longs for. As if you were longing from you whole lifetime and as if you were longing for from before your lifetime. You get in touch with that, you're on your way. And it all comes in a plain, life works.

Natalie : Now, did you have your own limiting beliefs that came up for you during your journey? And if it did, how did you overcome them?

Dr. Ray : Absolutely. I have so many limiting beliefs because I didn't grow up wealthy. My parents were looked upon as your land rich and money poor. Which mean we were great expenses of land, great land. But our economics were not working. So I grew up thinking that being a young black man and being from the countryside rather than the city, I didn't have what it takes to be a leader. Leaders to me were those other people up there. I didn't have the sense that that was me. And then I went through education and finished the Ph. D. but you know what, I still never believed at that time that I have what it takes until i went through some deep personal transformation work and got in touched with this some limning beliefs, beliefs that held me back, and some of these beliefs were invisible to me until they actually came to the poor ground and I began to deal with some of the deeper narratives and deeper conversations of who I thought I was and then discovering who I really am. But I think that was one of the greatest limiters of me and I'm sure most of the people have a certain conversations about themselves and their up ringing to and I'm sure you were listening will have some of the same thoughts about yourself but believe me its not who you are, those beliefs are not who you are, your so greater, far more greater than that.

Natalie : Yeah exactly. And I think to like you know, we don't realize we have this limiting beliefs which is so ingrained into our psyche and who we are and its not into were she stretched her cells and oh I can see stuffs that's coming up to me now. I think as long as your striving for goal that you're aware of the stuffs that comes of that negative shadow that comes out for you so you can sit down and address it.

Dr. Ray : Yeah your right, I don't think most people have a clue that they have this limiting beliefs because they just go along with whatever they have going on with their thoughts and they take that as normal and they self-chatter and their self-conversations. Most people don't have a clue that they exists until they become aware that there's a separation between what your self-chatter and negative limiting beliefs are and who you practically are. And once you find a moment to get into that separation, then you could do something about it but until you become aware of that you have no choice and choice is the distinction and the pin point where you move away from history and your already existing way of being to a new way of being that a support of your deeper and your authentic self.

Natalie : Absolutely. Now I have one of the common questions I can ask is you know how people could overcome procrastination? So what advice you have to people the watching the video today that maybe suffering from procrastination at the moment.

Dr. Ray : Well, the first thing that comes to mind for me is most people don't know why procrastinate if you really get into your deeper yearnings for one thing, you are already motivated internally. Most people are looking for motivation outside of themselves because they haven't found what deeply moves them inside but once you find what moves you deeply then you've got to sit down and chart a course and divide it into smaller steps and start taking one step in sequence. Most people get overwhelmed because they have a big goal but they don't know how to get there in one fell soothe. So i think they have to break it down into smaller steps and its easy for people to take a little step. So don't make it so hard for yourself, take a little step and one little step gives you motivation to go to the next step and if you got it sort of charted out you find ways. So you don't get into the top of the mountain in one big step, you do it in smaller steps and I think once you can get to that little one, moves you, motivates you, and gives you power to take the next.

Natalie : Exactly and you know what we always talked about especially this law of attraction is once you start those little steps and you keeping that focus and your working towards your goal then you're amazed of how things fully displaced for you, you know opportunities arise, you make the right people, you get the right ideas, and that all happens because you take the best whole steps.

Dr. Ray : Exactly. What we say that once you follow your passion the world opens up to you. You can see possibilities that you've never could have seen before, when you were at your already existing thinking process but once you follow that passion you begin to connect with people who have other little parts of the puzzle that you could not have thought of on your own and then that leads to another opening to meet someone else who has other piece of the puzzle and it goes like that. But I think that the first thing is to get started.

Natalie : 'Coz you know with the Internet we found the same figures like people know people know people. And the thing is normally when you get to in the result, all the planning in the world, the best planning in the world could never map down the way that's gonna happen because you know, i think its happen for you.

Dr. Ray : That's right.

Natalie : I have a hypothetical question for you. There is a genie just appeared in front of you, he's gonna grant you one wish, and that wish is to have an intimate dinner with one person of your choice from past to present. Who do you choose and why?

Dr. Ray : I would choose Albert Einstein, and the reason I would choose him is that he seem to have a wide of view of the working of the universe and at the same time he didn't seem to have his ego in a way about it. He seem to be able to leave his ego at the door, so he could explain to people and access what was possible. I think that if you look at most people they want to ascend to highest level of consciousness that they can and the highest level of consciousness is pure light and Einstein for me was a master of what was truly light and ultimately his description of light was spirit. So I would pick Albert Einstein because I think he had it together, I think he knew it all and I think you really search a little bit to penetrate what he really thought and who he really was. Because he was more than a scientist, he was a spiritualist as well.

Natalie : Absolutely. Wow. Awesome. Fantastic answer. Well, thank you Dr. Ray for sitting down with me today. It's been a pleasure.

Dr. Ray : I love it. I love it. Thank you. Its good to spend some time with you.

Natalie : I know that you already have something really fun happening on the 26th of May. Its actually something fun and very important. You wanna share with us what's happening in San Francisco on that date?

Dr. Ray : Yes. At 6am, May 26, we're gonna be meeting at vista point in San Francisco and were gonna celebrate the anniversary of the Billy-Nelly Golden Gate Bridge and we're gonna use that as a symbol for connecting people. And connection is what I think the world needs today, a connection with yourself, connection with other people, and connection with your greater purpose. So what greater symbol than the Golden Gate Bridge and we're going to be creating a hug line across the Golden Gate Bridge where people actually hug one another and we're gonna start with some people that are familiar this process already but we're opening it up to some strangers and we've done it once before and strangers start to join and before you know it people are lined up all the way across the bridge hugging each other because what we're doing is bringing awareness to a new human being, a new way of being a new human being and by the end of this year, December 21st this year is the ending of the Mayan Calendar and a lot of people are fearful of what's going to happen, some people are doing gloom but we transformationlists and transformation leaders are not doing gloom. It is about us generating a new possibility for how human beings can be on the planet and what we're gonna use that for is a true demonstration, heart to heart, people to people connecting. So that they can see that we are greater that all of our external concerns. Who we are is one body and we wanna bring awareness to that reality and everyone can do in their own way to exhilarate and escalate the evolution of humanity towards mutual respect and oneness because we're all in this together.

Natalie : Absolutely. So if they wanna find out more information about that can we send them some way? Do you have a website or something?

Dr. Ray : We're creating a website and the website is probably going to be connect bridge and people could also find us information on my other website, and we'll have information on that site and I hope that everybody is there. You should be there, everyone should be there and let's do this thing.

Natalie : I know. But unfortunately, we can't be there, my husband can't be there we're gonna be in Spain. We're gonna be there in spirit, but I really encourage anyone who lives in San Francisco, we are all looking for an excuse together in San Francisco. This is an amazing opportunity to be part of something so huge that's gonna make it a ripple. And we've talked about of same much on the show now the re birthing of humanity and why the things are going it would be really great participating in an amazing event like this.

Dr. Ray : This is a cutlass, this is the starting place and for all the people who are afraid of waking up at 6am and being there at 6 am, come at the 6 am at the starting point we're talk about it but we'll actually start the process at 7:15. So don't be afraid to come and even Glen can come and I'll have him there as well. Thank you so much for letting me share about that and for what you do is spectacular.

Natalie : Thank you.

Dr. Ray : Enjoy your trip in Spain.

Natalie : Thank you. Now guys please get the message out. Share this video and you can do that by clicking the facebook and twitter share buttons above. And if you haven't done so much leave your email on the box above there and we'll send you the six pre-made mind movies and we'll keep you up to date to our upcoming shows. So until next time. Remember to live large, choose courageously, and love with out limits. We'll see you soon.

Dr Ray Blanchard



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