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Episode # 99   Passion Peeps - DC Cordova

About The Episode:

Imagine finding the secret to happiness in business. Natalie Ledwell speaks with DC Cordova, who has been doing incredible work all around the world. Originally from Chile, she moved to Los Angeles as a teenager. She became a total party girl, and was making a lot of money, but couldn't shake a deep depression. After many trials, she found out the secret to true joy in business. She now sees that her life's problems have given her an immense wisdom which she uses to help entrepreneurs transform their lives and businesses.

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Episode # 99 Passion Peeps - DC Cordova

Natalie: Today on the show, DC Cordova for the Money and You explains how to raise your deservability, the ability to feel deserving on the life that you want and to do magnificent work and be paid for it. She explains what a healthy relationship with money looks like. So enjoy.

Hi, I'm Natalie Ledwell and this is the inspiration show and today I have with me the amazing DC Cordova, Hi DC.

DC: Thank you, thank you so much.

Natalie: So, that's a pleasure to have sat down with this, So as you can see we are in the same location when I was with Gabriel, we are in the ATL Meeting here in Ohio and DC has been doing some incredible work with the people all around the world, that specifically here in the US which is amazing.

DC: yeah.

Natalie: but what I want you to do, let's start with a little bit about your background, like who are you and where are you from?

DC: Originally I grew up in Chile until I was 12 years old, then my family took me to Los Angeles, grew up as a typical teenager in California and when I was 24 years old, I was in the legal system I was a top reporter and I have a very typical experiences as a young girl I have a lot of lost my first love was killed, I have miscarriages and life was very, very tough. So, I was a very unhappy young girl even though I was making quite a bit of money and having a lot of fun and I realize if I were to be the press, I might as well go to the beautiful place, so I moved to Hawaii and when I was 26 years old I have what could be consider a revelation, an enlightenment experience and I realize that I have not been put on this earth to be a party girl but I have a job to do and I went looking for what does that mean and of course there is a tremendous partition and conflict of ideas happening with my consciousness because I was so trained to be successful to be a regular, normal person that is going to have a fantastic career and get many children and all of the sudden I have meant to do something else besides that, being successful but being what I need to do. So, I went searching and I found some amazing teachers and one of the transformational developments in the world and called EST and I do EST when I was very young within I met a very wonderful woman named Sanderay who introduce me to the people created what I do now which is Marshall Perver and Bobby Perver which created the first transformational experiential business school in the world and he was an entrepreneurial like you've never seen before he was 6 feet long at that time and I've realize that this work have been actually created for me that all those negative life experiences had been created so that I could be ready, it's almost like a boot camp for me to be prepare for my passion for what I really meant to do and because I have this background with my family and with my and I really like business and I don't seem to have the same thinking about money that some people would do, I probably because I have a lot of death in my life and I realize that money cannot buy you happiness and very, very young. So, I never have attached that it would gonna make me happy that people connection having my beloved, having my and possibly my babies are there I suppose to having a lot of lost. So, my focus was always different and I ended up working for my mentors for the Berkline Business School for entrepreneurs, later I inherited the work completely by 1985 and change the name to Accelerated Business Schools and there was young men that are around us and get by the name Robert King that a lot of people know from rich to poor there, he had been volunteering and have worked with us a little bit and have been training to lead money to you and I looked around and saw that he is the most qualified, the most discipline in summering gentleman that could help me build my organization to next level, so for 9 years we were business partners and I had an idea that he could become a best-selling author, I didn't have the interest I'm a person on the background and the CEO and by that time we end up going to Australia and up until probably 10 years ago, Australia have the most money and you graduates because you know I am the CEO of the Accelerated Business Schools the Money and You program and it was fantastic to be in Australia for 9 years and it was just an amazing journey of teaching people about making money, building business, building empires, building legacies and on the same time adding tremendous value to humanity to society because the core of our work is based on the batman is the fuller, who is the greatest, the most fantastic scientist in many ways, he is a social scientist, if you Google him you will find how magnificent he is and pretty much I have been doing this one for nearly 34 years, Robert King when he first create, it was his first book which was a best-selling books in Australia called, If you wanna be rich and happy don't go to school. There was a question mark on the systems of education that we have around the world so my mission is to transform educational systems around the world to eradicate poverty and hunger. My purpose though is to really uplift humanities consciousness through business because we truly believe that business people really create the changes.

Natalie: So that's the thing, there is no reason why we can't have that canadian tooth, guys right now we are focusing on what are we passionate about how can we create an income for ourselves and how can we help the society and humanity as a whole and you have everything in your doing in two. So, when did you realize that this was your passion?

DC: it was a process of discovery and it was interesting because it was I got it like that even though when I saw my first school where I was attending I felt so happy and so joyous and I felt like this is something that I could do for the rest of my life and it is also a development, this is also for people to know that it is really a process sometimes and you have to go and serve and spend the whole years and really dive into that area, really become masterful at something and if that does not your thing you will know very fast but if it's your thing then you have to use and apply very sound business principles to make it work and this is what I think I really learned the integration of the metaphysical and the physical for me that we teach in all of our programs and so interesting we were in the Chinese world, now the reason we have over 30,000 people that have done money and you in Singapore for instance and many of them are Chinese and of course we are fused with china and one of the reasons is because the whole world is looking for because intuitively, inherently we know that systems in place right know are not working and that we are literally in the titanic we live in the place called spaceship earth and we can't ignore on what's happening on the one area of the ship, if you are in a big ship and there is a fire in the engine area, you can't ignore it and send that on the deck because sooner or later we're all gonna sink and it's amazing to see people all over the world, it is amazing because Australia has a lot of socially and responsible people, it is, I mean I love it and I ended up the day again because I love the basis and I really do and all the beautiful people and the little cafes in there de Caf Soile Lates.

Natalie: Poke there brooks.

DC: and their best, best cruises in the world anyway one of the things that occurs to people around the world and inherently know that it's about making money anymore but also making sure that not only your family but your community and the whole world need to be taken care of and do it while making lots of money that can be done has been proven over and over again millions have been using that.

Natalie: and which is the new way of living a business. So, this has been a challenge for you, so do you have some limiting beliefs that came not for you on this journey and how did you overcome this?

DC: well I have, well the first thing is really self worthiness and there is a word that I'd like to teach I do a program called money and me and we do some work online on that and it's called deservability and it's the ability to feel deserving, is the ability for us that we feel that we can do magnificent work and paid for and there is a I grew up a catholic in Chile and so that whole background had a little bit of process embedded in it. So, that particular chip have to be remove through the process that I actually teach now and then also one of the things that I need to do is I have to trust, if we're used to say trust the process trust the dance, inherently we all have a guiding system, we have an inside GPS, so if you just listen to that you would know when is the next lesson and life is a lesson, we are in a beautiful school and we have the choice to pick good lessons or bad lessons and most human beings know that what they are doing is high risk if this is something I really have to learn don't do things at a high risk because the chances that you're gonna lose all your money, lose your relationship, you'll gonna lose your health, you'll gonna lose the love, the respect and the communication with your children that price is really too high, so you have to really your life is like U ink, it's like your vices and so you have to learn how to navigate the waters of life and you have to take the weather of into your consideration and to the navigation, the equipment you have if you have any and what kind of equipment that you have, how much money do you have and how long are you gonna survive and what happens is that most people in traditional schools are trained to be like robots almost, like do these and then your life would work and so many people around the world are so disappointed and so Bachus Defully used to say that if every human being did what he need to do in this life then everyone would work because everyone could see what is need to be done and they would fulfill that need which is most of the time is serving others and you will be paid very handsomely with that. So?

Natalie: so when we talk about risk you have talk it about I think what you are saying is you don't want to risk the family, you don't wanna risk the everything, if you're taking a risk you can stretch yourself and you can say what is the worst scenario then I can't live with that and if I can't live with that let's choose something else.

DC: That's correct. And that could be, you can teach that to your young people about whether they use drugs or not and the consequence on that is you go to jail, possibly losing your life, your friends losing your life which is something I have to confront having to grow up in California in a very, very, dangerous time part of the reason that I left California and go to Hawaii and then I came back to California but it was a stressful experience that I didn't have the tools, so the greatest thing about life right now is that there are so many wonderful teachers and tools and we have the internet and we have programs and we have a wonderful people like you that are passing the word to all this masters and mentors that you encounter to master yourself because you're doing this work and so what it requires for you is to listen with brand new ears to see with brand new eyes and to really follow your heart and not to do or not to do things that not violate your sense of integrity and?

Natalie: just listen into that internal voice.

DC: and the money will come and it's easy for you to say that you have build this empire, you have this things happen into your life. Well I have together, pretty together when I was 40 and I have to give up a lot of things that was decremental for me, I kept on drinking when I was 38 years old, I love drinking but it wasn't good for me and it wasn't for my brain, I did silly things and so it was something I chose to be sober and I like the variety of every of my human being and one of the things that we teach also is to become a global entrepreneur this is one of or greatest teachings and a lot of people has a mindset that their homeland is the only place where they can earn money, create a business and create your empires, well my experience that the whole world and not only mine and experts that the world is not global and so you have to learn how to be a global entrepreneur and do businesses around the world so that when this part of the world is not going really well you still prosper on that part of the world even though pretty soon probably for the next 10 years we're all gonna become so connected that we have same rhythm and that still doesn't happen.

Natalie: okay, it's getting closer. Now I have a one last question for you, it is hypothetical. Let's say a genie appears in front of us right now and grant you one wish and it's an intimate dinner with person that can be anyone from past to present who do you choose and why?

DC: Gandhi, Gandhi it would be a beautiful dinner probably on a dirt floor and we would be eating chapatti and very simple food and I am so moved by him even thinking about him, I just feel like because of peace there is something I can continue to learn how to be peaceful within my own self and how to create peace in the world how key distance when to speak of peacefulness without he did not just fight he just, he inspire people and I would like to ask him is what were the challenges in staying in that peace because he is a human being, he had a lot of feelings, he doesn't want to see his people be murdered and killed he must have feelings and they have writings about it, there are things that I wrote and he wrote about it and everything else but how wonderful he would be ask that and I think he would tell me the truth and I think he would answer for me and I think if I could hear it directly from him it would create an impact for me and encourage me to always choose love and always peace because ultimately that was the language of human beings and everything else, all the works, all the competition all their hurting for each other because of this thing called money is created out of the fear that we have and it's called the ego, that I fearful and how did he manage his ego and that would be a magnificent simple with Gandhi.

Natalie: Awesome. Thank you so much for sharing that answer. Now, if people want to find out more about you DC where can we send them?

DC: they can go to that is money and that is the easiest to remember and we also have a site which is and also they can Google me and I think there is 50 pages in there and they just can click in many different places excited about, I really invite people around the world because we are just like a pod of a wonderful people in doing what I've done but also the will like a pool of obvious masters that teach a life being in service and to being billionaires which is really what people wanna do but just to know that we'll always back being observant which is the ultimate and happiest place.

Natalie: now click on the banner on the side there you can go to the website So, thanks again DC. So, guys please the information there is so much information pack in this video just click the facebook and twitter share buttons above and if you haven't done so already make sure you put your email on the box above me because we'll send you the 6 pre-made mind movies and we'll keep you up to date with all of the upcoming shows, so until next time remember to live large, choose courageously and love without limits. We'll see you soon.

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